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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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raging norms in libya and egypt stormed you as diplomatic missions killing one injuring another a u.s. made filled with said insults the prophet muhammad. may not verdict expected a german paul just said to rule on whether funneling money to aiding neighbors is illegal while the euro zone struggles to break free of the vicious that cycle. in washington denies there's a rift with a zero over iran's nuclear ambitions despite claims president obama rejected a meeting with prime minister and.
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international news and comment live from moscow this is us he was me your national thanks for joining us american diplomatic missions in libya and egypt have been attacked by angry mobs over a us made film set to insults the prophet mohammad sultan the neighbors city have been gaza left one u.s. stop member killed and another injured aussies merino partner has more. now you two film attacking the prophet muhammad triggered protests against u.s. missions in cairo and then ghazi in libya a u.s. official was killed and another was injured after an arm mob set fire to the u.s. consulate after storming it now three injured members of libya's armed forces were reportedly taken away in an ambulance and the majority of the u.s. building was reportedly destroyed now earlier on tuesday hundreds of egypt sions
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marched to the u.s. embassy in cairo to protest this film many demonstrators were seen scaling the walls to take down the american flag and replace it with a black flag bearing the inscription at means to protest this is the first time ever that the u.s. embassy in egypt has been attacked or reached now this the film that purportedly triggered this uprising against u.s. diplomatic missions was reportedly produced by an anti muslim group based in the united states to the prophet mohammad as a fraud and shows him having sex and calling for massacres reporting from new york r.t. . revolutionary libya and egypt will only see a further rise in extreme extremism and instability says another me an assistant
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professor of middle east and islamic politics at the university have done. people like this i think are looking for a reaction they're looking for precisely what we saw today in cairo and in being gassy they deeply are trying to promote a clash of civilizations and think americans are going to have to get used to the fact that as societies open up you are going to see protests such as the spike stream missed elements it's not just liberals and democrats and seculars secularists who have the right to protest but so do you know members of extreme fundamentalist groups they also have that right to challenge yours to keep them within the framework of the lost and to prevent them from creating instability in overturning and overthrowing egypt's democratic transition there is fear that we're going to see copycat sort of demonstrations. throughout the arab and muslim world and and let's hope that cooler pressure cooler heads can prevail egypt's new president meanwhile is walking to trade ties with washington to secure funds to
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help revive his country's economy but has also can explain such support comes at a high political price. needs money and the u.s. needs to preserve its leverage in egypt so how do you make those who needs meet without going back to mubarak style leadership which egyptians rose up to the polls earlier in september the egyptian president accepted a delegation of u.s. officials as well as the c.e.o.'s of some fifty u.s. corporations looking to do business in egypt many of whom already have billions invested in the country mohammed morsi told them what they wanted to hear that their investments were secure that he would help the companies expend in egypt by reducing red tape and last but not least that he would respect the peace treaty with israel as he's pretty sesar head in other words he said the hopes high with american officials and businessman the president is continuing the same old policy of mubarak but with the distance and some with poet and some symbolism the he
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enjoys popular support and he can do a lot of things that would serve the americans with cultural blessing and religious missing top president morsi scored another point with the u.s. when during a visit to iran he slammed the regime and called for an intervention in syria regimes about one point five six billion u.s. dollars in aid and on top of that back in august they received two billion dollars who qatar and of course the u.s. could talk to the leading hawks on syria so when you receiving got much money from the u.s. and the charts haag surprise to go to a summit and criticize syria it's not a big surprise really u.s. aid always comes with strings attached for instance much of the military aid money to egypt has been spent in the u.s. and weapons and services contracts with u.s. companies as for the rest is essentially a pariah hey are who are me tuning the treaty with israel washington is now
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negotiating another package of perks for egypt one billion dollars in debt relief and around four. one hundred million dollars to improve the business climate in egypt but for the uighurs business as the deputy director of one of the american aid distribution agencies said for every dollar they get eight dollars back in u.s. exports the u.s. policy on egypt apparently stays the same it could be phrased nothing personal just business the question for egyptians remains whether their new leader will ever pursue independent policies or whether he'll end up doing washington's bidding as he's pretty fessor did in washington i'm going to show. you watching are still to come this hour for you and nine's death of john tyner raises fresh concerns about detainee treatment and reviews calls for more transparency at the infamous detention camp. it's a day of reckoning for the euro zone's merry go round of germany's federal court to
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rule whether the rescuing us economy is legal and whether berlin can join the new five hundred billion euro rescue fund meanwhile greek protesters try to summit fresh round of austerity talks as arsons crevasses demanded more belt tightening in return for continued aid. well there are cracks beginning to show in greece's ruling coalition government members of parliament of said that the country must avoid implementing further crippling austerity measures on the poorer members of society this comes after the coalition failed to agree on how to implement eleven point five billion euros worth of further cuts demanded by greece's main creditors prompting one greek m.p. to say greece's partners in europe must realize that the country simply can't take anymore a comment almost certainly directed towards europe's economic powerhouse so the
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greeks say that they can't handle any more cuts but a big decision being made here in germany on wednesday could mean that perhaps there wasn't going to be any more bailout money the constitutional court is ruling on whether german taxpayer money can be given to foreign countries to bail them out of the economic mire they going to decide whether that's a loud under the german constitution now if they say that it isn't it opens up huge problems not just for those countries that require the bailout money but also for the german chancellor angela merkel she supported this wholeheartedly and is running for reelection next year we are hearing though is that perhaps the court will rule in favor of allowing this under the german constitution not after a german euro skeptic m.p. try to have the court's decision delayed on tuesday the court said no we're sticking to our guns and delivering the verdict on wednesday which means that
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perhaps they have their minds somewhat made up however the version of this so-called european state billet mechanism might be a little different to what had been first invision they could be some quite strict conditions imposed they would make it difficult for it to be renegotiated should other countries slip into the economic crisis and require a rescue plan. in spanish come to lady a one and a half million people took to the streets of the regional capital barcelona to call for independence the annual running attracted a record turnout as catalonia struggles on the madrid's economic policies so if he's in spain the wealthiest regions aren't demanding a five billion euro bailout from central government saying that's how much the same has been forced to other paths on this comes as one hundred struggles to save his eighteen banking sector and financial advisers have yet to call a size a lot of regulations to buy. kitchens are trying to did to get out of the
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responsibility of looking after the banks especially in countries like spain as they would argue that perhaps the bank is overseeing other bank because east is perhaps not. the solution this doesn't address the fundamental problems with. which he's slightly economic but if there's an imbalance of between the different countries if it's of but give it to you there's too much government debt there's massive budget deficits. and it doesn't really get to the core of the problem really today the central banks government's done a steady job regulating the banking system i mean that's why we are still in a crisis that started back with a credit crunch didn't seven. the trouble bureau is also causing or has a for the dutch as the netherlands goes to the scenes it doesn't really matter if
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your party is left or right as long as it once out of the eurozone more in just a few minutes. the dust all in a plane crash in russia's far east has risen to at least ten after a child who was found alive died on the way to hospital reports say another child was on board but remains unaccounted for fourteen people including two crewmembers are thought to have been on board the flight they merge and his ministry says four passengers survived and also to be in critical condition the crew flying a commercial flight in russia's far east had to make a forced landing before disappearing from raiders and was later found lying on its side turn kilometers from their destination airport and didn't say and weather conditions are said to be the most likely cause of the accident. washington is denying reports there is a rift with iran's nuclear program saying they are both committed to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons this comes after claims that barack obama rejected
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benyamin netanyahu his request for a meeting in washington next week. the u.s. to threats have definite and red lines over the actions or wrong which have crossed would lead to an aggressive response including an american led a time washington has so far also plays a role to cool its rhetoric and give talks and sanctions a trance and writer and journalist afshin rattansi thinks as does calling for war and getting increasingly desperate. will never really seem out of touch at the moment even mitt romney obama's fellow contender for the presidential race has been strong this ridiculous comment from the israelis international media are interested in another war than together what you're about to mean suing destruction intel reports that repeatedly say that iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapons program or thrown in the bin just by the way in the past few days saying that enrichment has actually decreased not the right as an associated press
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in quite understand the machinations of what the nuclear debate in vienna actually is but no i think go on iran increasingly it looks like the third world war is some time off a little i mean they don't you know is increasingly desperate but i think the fact that mr dempsey himself his exact words i would not want to be complicit on an israeli attack on iran speaks volumes i hope dempsey tells a bomber to stop the sanctions to. and you can find more information on this story on our website it's also you talk home and while you are online track some of the stories as well like suicide bombing american style the u.s. on their paths some of that enemies talk takes planning to take on missions with cell guided explosive drugs. and a new decrease in the team a person puts energy giant gazprom on the strength protection that's faces and a probe by the european union get the full story at all to the.
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nearest to the. reason used to listen with the role of false to deceive to be delving into the facts which are. on the internet and we've got to give especially welcome to all the ladies and agents from the n.s.a. a few of them i fiberglass are listening in because it is all about signals and i would spring from the streets in small movements as we speak to being trusted to be written in to implement ways of changing the expanse of distance nit picky to say we told. her what
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she would trust the government if you. got. in. brighton if you knew me. from plans to. start on t.v. dot com. this
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is also the welcome back grant on the road detainee who died at the detention center over the weekend of a known cause and should have been released in two thousand and nine yemeni citizen undone latif was cleared with evidence of his links to al qaeda and the taliban deemed unconvincing but he remained in the prison as they do us stopped returning prisoners to yemen or the country was considered unstable and attorney cabriolet questions the legality of the project. we've long known that the detentions are on time our political detentions this is not about a lawsuit or to news detentions most of the men remaining one hundred sixty eight men who remain are young age and reason they remain to change and reason that remained was because of the fact out of his citizenship he was a yemeni citizen and president obama issued a moratorium on transfers to yemen in two thousand and nine that day and continues
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to insist it would block the transfer of yemenis who have been cleared or have been cleared by the administration to lead fifty eight yemenis like when tom all right now in cleared by every person in the robin hood ministration mistaken matter to leave the prison and the reason they remain is because of the fact of where they are not anything other they have actually been alleged to have done so it's very clear at least with respect to the yemenis it's clear it's respect they get their intentions are purely political and it is really a shame it should weigh very heavily on the united states and the courts and frankly the broader international community. and i think we need to. graduate this moment at least and be energized and mobilized for the final words so that more men do not. say you are debating is of the forefront for voters in the netherlands as
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they go to the polls to choose whether country will be headed the center right on center left policies on neck and neck both are expected to stick to deficit reduction policies but people in the country have tired of austerity where the euro skeptic policy is ready for last minute gains testosterone in her poll. it was back in ninety ninety two when a treaty was signed and vicious to win maastricht in the netherlands establishing the economic and monetary union later paving the way for the creation of the single currency but today mounting a euro skepticism has spread to even countries considered poor eurozone nations including the very one where it all began and the dutch are taking their discontent to the polls so i don't know at this moment what is the best is for europe i have my dogs because of greece. and the shelf and the netherlands it's a pro european country of course it shouldn't come to the stream level that we see with greece now in a repeated fashion this annoyance among the dutch at having to bail out greece
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again and again has reached a point where some dutch customers refuse to pay the bill of greek restaurants because well they've already paid with bailout money taking on a euro skeptic and anti brussels stat has become a popular campaign strategy from the far right freedom party which is called for the return of the dutch guilder to the once fringe leftist socialist party openly challenging the german led a steady strategy for europe well we are protesting against our liberal government you know made to distinction between the rich. much much bigger gap part of the problem is you know did europe brussels has a lot of power now and people feel like they have nothing to say about what's going on with their money or we cannot make our own decisions anymore about our housing projects about our social system about their pensions people do not want to say a united europe is ok you know but you only need
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a united europe to make sure this piece we can do together and there's no borders it's all right but you know having just a small group of people over liberal people in brussels making up how we how we spend our money the socialist sort of popularity in the past weeks and all those support has waned slightly they're still expected to increase their seats in parliament we can see in europe. voters. are becoming less convinced of the rationality of continued austerity policies and begin to vote for parties who oppose the logical for stereotypic we've seen it in france we've seen it in regional elections in germany which makes america very worried about the elections next year and how the dutch vote could very well tip the balance of sentiment among citizens of the so-called core of the euro zone
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tesser sylvia r.t. the netherlands. let's not take a look at some other stories making news around the world country finds that two major pakistani cities have killed at least eighty five people and wounded dozens more the thought is the blaze that claimed dozens of lives at a shoe factory erupted when employees were trying to turn on a train or a set during a blackout the second fire occurred at a government facility where twenty people were killed the blazes have angered the public over the oil storage and its failure to address energy issues in the country . more oil services have been held across the stream over the eleventh anniversary of the nine eleven tragedy the terrorist attacks left more than three thousand people dead and injured and michelle obama acknowledged today with a minute's silence at the white house so it was find for the moment one hundred passenger plane crashed into the north tower of the world trade center in new york and of and years ago that spurred washington to invade afghanistan where al qaida
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and its base of operations is will become the longest war in u.s. history. south african politician julius malema has called for a national mind strike encouraging the escalation of the labor that has already hold production of two platinum and gold mines his speech was punctuated by the truce of thousands of mine workers meanwhile thousands more strikers marched on hospital in maracana was some miners are being treated they claim they were tortured by police then write stories sparked last month one police twenty four striking. let's now see how investors had told the verdict on europe's rescue fund marina is there a sense of optimism or pessimism on the markets well for once yellow there is actually optimism we can see that reflected in the numbers lots of the day if we start by look at that age which is the only one trader right now up also. both the
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nikkei and the hang seng are out in the neck a almost one and a half percent in the black this hour and five exploiters there are among the top gainers now again what are we talking about what are the key events well today germany's constitutional court the set to rule on the legality of the rescue fund and also when though that some analysts are saying that it will be there were there will be legal and they will say that they were imposed for the conditions on the future news but with that look of all sort of the performance there overnight because it has a major effect on the markets it was optimistic there as well and also on thursday the u.s. federal reserve has had some analysis the latest policy decision and many investors are hoping that we will see another round of points for the easing but again we see it often isn't so perhaps there right there the dow added a half a percent of the nasdaq was i want to stay with us and talk about something else because apple is set to unveil its latest i phone in san francisco later in the day
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and it's not only gadget lovers who are excited about this but he called while i phone five could create a huge revenue not only for the company but related firms as well such as the wireless carriers suppliers and accessories sellers j.p. morgan estimated that cells could boost the u.s. fourth quarter gross domestic product by three point eight billion dollars there is already huge demand for the latest smartphone that is expected to be a big upgrade featuring the largest screen and four g. connectivity and analysts predict that apple could sell as many as ten million i phones in the first ten days and as many as fifty million in the holiday period. and currencies now the euro is strengthening against the u.s. dollar when it comes to ruble a mixed picture from tuesday's session again against the u.s. dollar bad weekend against the euro another set to look at the russian markets which will open in a less than two hours from now we saw him expect charts he has gained about
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a quarter of a percent from my six flights a negative again and that's just you're also waiting to see what will happen in the u.s. and in europe today of course now let's take a look at oil prices because they are definitely an indicator of what will happen to the russian markets right now is there a mix but there's still a threat in there and we call i says there's a war hope that china and the u.s. will boost their economies and add fuel demand now i want to talk about the global stock markets a little bit further because we might see a move that's never been seen before and i'm talking about triple headed measures well i want to explain that we spoke to a man who knows everything that's about and that is the fun one year from swiss bank lumbar all of the year and he explained water it's all about i won't we might expect to see. we are in a process where the three main economic zone in on the world the united states china and iran are having very accommodative measures this is the thing that we
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have never seen in our life before and a consequence of that is this kind of monitory relations will push the price of. commodities and it will be quite good for comedy currencies and we're recommending our clients to invest in emerging debt in local currencies because it will benefit from that trend about russia so russia is a country that we are very positive on because it will benefit from the strength to leave the current valuation of the ruble does not reflect properly the price of oil and we expect the russian ruble to appreciate in the coming weeks and months we are very positive on russia in the sense that this is a country that has a very low government debt less power just about ten percent of g.d.p. and it does a very good fiscal situation. all right next hour is when that all kicks off the
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russian markets will open followed by europe so we'll get a clearer picture of what is happening and their mood of course ok thank you very much for that update marina and i'll bring you the headlines in a few moments on top of that we'll have to russia's on the big things here to stay with us. i mean so to know your city in europe the hosts of the twenty four g.
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which are the biggest. thank you. so much. thank you. these. days. it's so. nice today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are old today.
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