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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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it's. here with our t.v. our breaking news story police in yemen reportedly fired tear gas and warning shots as protesters tried to storm the if you want some to see for a second day driving mobs have also attacked the german upon british embassies in sudan. meanwhile in colorado the violence shows no sign of died down a squashes enter their fourth day despite a tournaments by the country's most intellectual political group to call the old rage. washington scrambles for damage control after deadly anti-american demonstrations spread over the arab world but efforts so far failed to appease the angry crowds.
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though and welcome to our team friday here in moscow where it is five o'clock the wave of anti-american protests is gathering strength sweeps across the muslim world police in yemen have reportedly fired warning shots at another mob of protesters heading for the u.s. embassy all similar clashes rage in the egyptian capital let's go live to our teens call us lawyer for the latest paula take us to sanaa for the american mission there was raided just yesterday and now it's under attack again. that's correct we are hearing reports that the police have fired tear gas is one of the live ammunition that the fifteen colleagues that is trying to storm the american embassy in the capital city of yemen now we understand that these were the morning saw the effort to disperse the quality of what happened here so. which was essentially
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a breach of the baltic poor mission a security barrier a rock in the city building yesterday tuesday the windows in the in the city were smashed there were cars that were so one fire the same time the american flag was taken down this is all in reaction to that american sponsored film which marks off a comic book these scenes all being played out across the middle east we hear reports of humans for should not take place in the sun at the same time also reports of the theory that the kentucky fried chicken restaurant in the middle east capital of beirut has been sitting on fire and in particularly alarming reports coming from the sudanese capital of khartoum thousands of protesters there have stormed a local and pushed in the city's reports say that they have damaged and possibly set on fire the german embassy and that this firing taking place at the entrance to the german embassy the violence stops it back on tuesday night with the killing of the american ambassador to libya since then in the civil unrest maybe we are
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hearing from the libyan authorities as well as from washington that they believe that al qaida is the time this race is fine and the problem we can see and hear all of what's going on behind you the u.s. embassy in cairo has been under siege for days how are the authorities there coping with the assault. well this is the consequence of the day that violence has erupted on the streets of cairo behind me you see the square which is just a short distance from the american embassy here in cairo and in the vicinity have been blocked and secured by security personnel as i tried to reach this live position i have to make my way through these mobs that mostly youngsters on the street who are on the cheek turning the key farias as well as the stones are taking up off the pavement and the security forces that are standing in front of the american embassy now at six o'clock this morning those forces the great. barrier in front of the embassy the other the slightest. over the fire with the stones he
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pulled one way and the police responding with tear gas in the other direction isn't talking to them he stayed up to watch me here and as you walk around it's quite difficult to move if i'm not actually coming out with one of those against mobs well this is the worst state parliament to take place in egypt the muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi was elected he is currently with we need to win simple you would think he climbed up for his country he has managed to get some one billion dollars in many to him but he says he is all we find life to do the situation at home and at the same time. you know can i please move more people here in colorado see why it's nothing a lot of mine do with the situation needed oh yes today the muslim brotherhood didn't send out support for mass protests in all the public says a plus he took photos which showed our girl and was at the smoothly that's when the horse was born
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and the muslim brotherhood because it's more than symbolic politics to take place when you look at the anger in the face of the mobs on the street column it's if you see the muslim problem he says that at the moment the silence and that's what the high concept the arab spring was this is what it looks to me for. the latest developments live from cairo artie's paula slayer thank you. earlier i spoke to patrick having sent geo political analyst for the current affairs website u.k. a column of thinks that the muslim brotherhood's decision to back out of the nationwide anti-u.s. protests signifies how the movement is influenced by washington to canada lines between the united states and egypt is a very delicate one on one side but it's also very important strategically especially with regards to israel show you'll see a lot of pressure put to bear. on the power structure in egypt particularly right
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now israel the israeli lobby is very obviously very worried about the status of egypt they want it to be stable and also egypt is used as a political football in america so there's going to be a lot of moving in maneuvering in a very short space of time right now here with our team and coming up in the program epic efforts down the train we look at how president obama has been steadily building times without a country since he came to office only to see his efforts rolling in one fell swoop . the u.s. state department stresses that it had nothing to do with the film that the statement has brought little consolation parties going to cannes reports on the origins of the controversial movie. the anger over the same tired lamb it film has been growing like a snowball so has the confusion over who made it at the beginning our colleagues at
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the a.p. news agency reach to the person who posted the video on you tube someone named sambo silly by phone he confirmed that he had made the film identified himself as an israeli american the israeli foreign minister said there was no such israeli citizen and who ever had shot the film was and i quote an unspeakable act then our colleagues tracked down this embassy it was cell number which brought them to the home of someone named nakoula mr nakoula told them that he had produced the film and that he was a christian copt and whatever made the film it's trailer went viral after an egyptian american coptic activist from washington d.c. sent an e-mail to journalists around the world promoting this a climber eleven event and included a link to this fourteen minute clip in egypt journalists translated some of the footage into arabic and brought tested and then it all started when muslims in that part of the world believe that if the film was produced in the u.s. the u.s.
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government is responsible and part of the obama administration's damage control work has been to make it clear that they too find this film despicable in hillary clinton's own words disgusting and reprehensible she also said this let me state very clearly and i hope it is obvious that the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video we absolutely reject its content and mass. but the words apparently did not make it to the right ears and the rage went on in egypt in libya in tunisia and in yemen people stormed u.s. embassy despicable violence became the price the leaders of those countries of paid for letting the mob vent out this initially but the u.s. appears to be in a difficult position now they can't really lesh out of the. so are the people there because washington cheered so greatly for the changes that swept the region of the
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current levy and government essentially old its power to the united states also there are still questions as to whether it was just the angry mob which attacked the u.s. consulate in libya or whether an organized terrorist group jumped on the bandwagon of this film hysteria and perpetrated the vicious attack the chaos the influx of arms into libya during the war against qaddafi created perfect environment for extremists of all kinds so there's still a web of questions around what happened on nine eleven this year they release of the notorious movie online rapidly diminished years of efforts by the u.s. government to refresh and to stablish friendly relations with nations in the region marina porton explains. anger is rising rage is spreading and american flags are burning throughout the arab world this isn't exactly the type of relationship washington envisioned after barack obama became president i've come here to cairo to seek
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a new beginning between the united states and muslims around the world the new u.s. leader promised to turn the page and mend relations tarnished by george w. bush's war on terror he even granted his first foreign television interview to al arabiya an arabic language channel my job to the muslim world is to communicate with americans are not your enemy washington invested huge resources in building a massive social media presence comprised of nearly two hundred different accounts to spread its message of friendship by the end of last year the u.s. had spent seventy million dollars assisting foreign citizens with the resources to bypass online firewalls and censorship. the bitter irony is that a you tube clip posted by one american instantly buried massive efforts made by. the u.s. government as americans were being held hostage by a small group of extremists people here in america think when they put their views
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on you tube and now that technology is such that it can be seen all over the world i think people in egypt and libya and some of these places don't understand this is not the view of most americans this is not the view of the u.s. government according to many experts a large majority of the arab world has grown too familiar with the anti muslim sentiment america is accused of cementing the policy of the americans towards this part of the world is inadequate and doesn't call for dialogue doesn't call for development doesn't call for progress it calls for the moving of those units because it puts american interests and some western interests a cause for war and invasion of iraq as we have seen destruction of afghanistan no progress on the peace level in pakistan thinks the spark for it to you know all come out in violent forms as we can see now on the screen and this is what's happening within forty eight hours the fury that began in egypt spread to libya yemen lebanon and iran in afghanistan due to push shut down but tensions in the
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muslim world seem to be only increasing there has been a lot of simmering nancy american feeling right across the entire world it's their worst in. all show that over ninety percent of pakistanis americans the primary enemy america's never loved blunders and it's made a lot of enemies in the arab spring countries america helped revolutionize the line between friend and foe has blurred despite all the time and money washington has spent using the internet to promote its islam friendly foreign policy the world wide web has also served as a platform that enabled one american extremist to infuriate millions overseas and darrelle. years of progress marina port ny artsy new york we're also closely following developments on dot com and we want your thoughts as to who you think is
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to blame for the anti-american violence in the world right now more than half hold washington responsible saying it's a blowback for america's foreign policy just under a fifth claim irresponsible american islamic folks are fueling unrest slightly fewer think radical and western muslims on the calls while the remaining believe the violence is being orchestrated by arab regimes had to archie don't call know and cast your vote. and while you're there we're tearing a lot of footage from where the current anger erupted which have flowed across north africa in the middle east and also a timeline of the violence as it's been unfolding. all right to other news now britain is suffering its worst housing crisis in modern
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history but the number of new households increasing faster than the number of homes it can built over one point seven million families are waiting for a place to live. has the story. begins the usual issue facing breaks in today there's a chronic housing shortage and an increasing need to laugh today to housing stock that isn't being replaced it's to do with the recession but a crisis was looming even before that house building had school and by seventy percent maybe the last fifty years while the population has grown by twenty percent and so the prime minister has pledged to unleash one of the biggest home building programs this country has seen in a generation but his opponents own convinced by those words especially coming from a government that slashed believe in power. and this from investments in affordable housing shortly after its election affordable housing building starts have
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collapsed by sixty eight percent council house building starts have collapsed by ninety seven percent we've not seen before. in our history and it's the responsibility of that failed set of government policies and desperate times call for desperate measures one council is reportedly considering asking people to rent out rooms in their houses to solve the shortage of accommodation meanwhile more than half of social housing in some areas is under. in hartford north of london there are more than three thousand families languishing on the housing list while five thousand seven hundred homes are under you and the problem isn't just with social housing decades under supply i have seen house prices birol out of reach banks where the lenders to first time buyers and paying high levels the rents on able to save up for the huge deposit lenders now require means the average age
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spent buying your first home is approaching forty years old and many will never be able to afford their own home demand for iranian oil is on the rise despite american sanctions and an e.u. ban on the country's crude the international energy agency assessed half ounce crude sales are rising now edging over a million barrels a day here a piano and u.s. sanctions were imposed to pressure iran over its nuclear program which maintains it's purely peaceful but iran's resources are still a hot commodity across the region with turkey china and india currently the top importer political analyst chris bambery says blocking oil trade with iran could harm other economy. they always ball goes essentially implemented by united states and as european allies are now having great difficulty in even getting their friends to implement this in boggle for instance japan is desperately getting a waiver trying to get
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a waiver from washington in order to continue. imports it needs iranian oil but more importantly iran is discovering new markets china is continuing to take really an oil so as india the americans are desperate to try and israel that somehow sanctions are working in order to see if sanctions are going to beggar arounds economy just like they did in iraq and therefore we don't need to attack iran around a moment like netanyahu or to do iran is a major world economy a world player and actually of europe. economic trade and economic contacts in these new other economies are going to step in who feel the breach and therefore in europe there is a fear is going to be excluded from the iranian markets as a result of these sanctions and i think that is actually what's going to happen for russian tourists have been killed in a bus crash in greece a russian consulate has confirmed the deaths and also says thirty people have been
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injured some of them severely their bus crashed on the highway from the region of. to the city of the sunny and initial investigation says the driver lost control of the vehicle on the slippery road and the bus overturned the russian tourists were headed for thessaloniki airport to fly home. all right some other world news and brief for you this hour weeklong clashes in turkey between kurdish fighters and security forces have killed at least seventy five militants and four soldiers in the southeast the military claims it's a part of a large scale offensive which has seen over seven thousand troops deployed to the area kurds make up the majority of population in the volatile area and have been fighting for autonomy since one nine hundred eighty four with hundreds of militants believed in hiding in neighboring iraq. the new un envoy to syria has held top level meetings in damascus including one with an opposition group ahead of time talks with president assad lock down brahimi is expected to call on
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nations with political clout to weigh in to stop the bloodshed that has now killed over eighteen thousand people on thursday syrian government forces carried out airstrikes on the commercial capital aleppo after rebels once again trying to take over the city clashes have also been raging in western and southern parts of the city and in several areas of the capital. the japanese cabinet panel has called for the phasing out of nuclear power over the next three decades the move comes as the country struggles to make the shift in its energy policy after an earthquake and tsunami devastated the fukushima nuclear plant in two thousand and eleven the government closed down all atomic plants after the accident however some of them have since reopened to cope with the country's power demand around one third of japan's energy is currently generated by nuclear power plants. a bus has crashed with a fuel tanker in eastern afghanistan killing fifty one people as the vehicles
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erupted into flames it's not known why they collided in a separate incident in the country a nato service member was reported killed in a militant attack in the east by lands has recently surged in afghanistan with most attacks conducted by taliban insurgents. later this hour we'll talk to a man who spent forty five. days in taliban captivity he shares with us his unique insight of what it's like on the other side of the war on terror. when i was captured by the taliban and when i was in prison i had to listen for hours and hours and hours to tell about recruitment tapes and suicide recruitment tips they talk of are they seeing merchant of pashtoon history pushed in geography pashtoon poetry this is a nationalist movement in their view they are simply trying to free themselves of foreign infidel invaders exactly like their fathers and grandfathers in order to have what they feel is a proper islamic government. all
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right back to today's breaking news story on the aggression against western diplomatic missions in north africa and the middle east reports say the british and german embassies in sudan have now also been attacked we will be joining our london correspondent sara for. and in the meantime it's time to talk business with dimitri and the markets seem to be booming today isn't that right that is absolutely correct that's on the latest moves coming from federal chairman ben bernanke he of course we're talking about a new wave of quantitative easing or q e three well it's been long anticipated for months now the markets have been talking that a new wave of government stimulus is absolutely needed for the markets but as data was coming out more or less positive from the u.s. markets this was not really the case to act but now that we have seen over the past
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couple of months we have seen especially on the jobs market a worsening of the situation the fed has decided to go ahead with its stimulus program it's going to be buying up not just bonds but basically all around assets and we're talking about sums of least forty billion dollars a month including in mortgage backed assets of in order to support the real estate market let's listen to a commentary from a scene jacobson from sex of make. short term of course what happens fundamentally here is staged you make money cheaper and as such you will want to see tangible ass's like oil or gas gold all to go off in order to have the system to reset itself so yes it will create an increased appetite but you have to remember this is almost like a science definition of insanity which is state you keep repeating the same experiment expecting different results what i'm trying to say with that is of course this is the third time we do quantitative easing include and then also we
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have operation twist so effectually this is going to do nothing to the unemployed in southern europe it is going to do absolutely nothing to the growth of the us may just obstacles still remains in place. my will is take a look at the reaction than does i have been saying the markets have been waiting for this for months now and the spine may happen so the markets will just be bullish about it with a full sea up one point three percent of the x. one point super bustles all leading the gains and markets i mean banking shares a close second of what's happening on the currencies market in the ball is losing value of massively almost one hundred points we could to the euros you can see that this is basically based on the fact that the fed in order to fulfill this system of this program which actually the previous wave was well around six hundred billion dollars it needs to keep the running of the printing press and therefore weakening
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of the u.s. currency so that all these massively so is the. it's losing against the russian ruble is stronger against the basket of currencies it's either fifty four kopeks against the euro one of the percent and that's based on a high oil price with light sweet reaching for a second one hundred dollars but bell is now below that slightly but still as you can see there a gain of four almost one full of a barrel for both. leds this is logical would serve pretty much backed by the fact that the us stimulus means better conditions for the economy and therefore higher demand for them. by let's now move to be metals markets and today we're also seeing a continued rally for gold it's been going up massively over the past week on this speculation. financial problems are making you more americans lose faith in the banking system a fresh report from the federal deposit insurance corporation says that the so-called on bank population has grown to eight point two percent of u.s.
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households instead of banks these americans rely on check cashers and payday lenders to manage their finances they're not only more vulnerable to high fees and interest rates but also their can tell from the credit to buy a car or a home or to pay for. find their circle of what's happening in russia and now if everything is a rather there's definitely in moscow as you can see there the r.t.s. gaining more than six percent of the my six is a bit weaker but that's based on the strong the ruble and let's take a look at the market movers of federal bridge company n r s k is up more than ten percent d.t.b. among financials are performing the market almost five percent higher and one exception is a of cases demand vestment corp which has reported poor results for the previous and for the second. as the way the markets are going to care and i'll be back in about oh right thank you very much to me. and as promised we have sarah first here
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live from london sara tell us more about the developments you have going on there. u.k. foreign office has confirmed its embassy has come under attack in that there are these at the scene that's happening at the moment in sudan say the british embassy in sudan coming under attack this being linked of course to the wave of attacks meeting taking place. across the middle east and north africa in response to the n.c. islamic film trailer that originated in the u.s. of course the recent attacks are seeing taking place on the u.s. embassies in egypt in libya and yemen and of course as we've just reported it seems that that is having a much. as long a fact and it's the british embassy in sudan that has come under attack now here to day about an hour's time the demonstration being organized outside the u.s.
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embassy so i mean really it's very concerning that we are seeing this continuing now as it has throughout the week in focus and is a lot of concern obviously that this is going to continue all right tara furthur live from london sara will be keeping people posted on twitter sarraf earth underscore r t. and on the way as promised we talked to a taliban captivity survivor about the u.s. agenda in afghanistan.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. i've had to make a kitchen dates in believe me oh just having one or two the execution date isn't enough for anybody to go through your life and if. you know more than fifty percent of the people who are if you didn't action or not. why you know live in north darfur is like. this it's like you know we execute our convicted capital murder
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we have the highest execution rate in america we're not afraid to do it we do it well this becomes a point where death becomes. oh i have a new hope. i will get a letter your dad is going to be executed next week then as appears scary moment for you to know. you can loose here one of your periods with the in a manner of me saying that's when it's time to go. and i would lead him into the to the best chamber. counts trade till after they were dating.


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