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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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tonight rage against america u.s. embassies come under attack by mobs in should busy in sudan and again an all in response to the u.s. made film mocking islam. meanwhile in cairo the violence shows no sign of dying down as clashes into the fourth day despite attempts by the country's most influential political group to calm the rage. washington scrambles for damage control sending in military personnel to protect its foreign stuff across the arab world this while u.s. diplomatic efforts continue to fail to appease the angry mobs.
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welcome you're watching r t with me kevin oh it is ten pm in moscow the main news tonight the wave of anti american protests is sweeping across the muslim world with unprecedented force this friday the u.s. embassies in tunisia and sudan are under attack and over in lebanon one person is reportedly been killed after a mob set fire to a k.f.c. restaurant clashes also continue in yemen that in egypt where protesters attacked a u.s. led peacekeeping mission with several deaths reported there is a poll a slayer. the violence is spreading across the region we know that. the protesters there have clashed with police according to eyewitnesses at the scene he was in gunfire hood and this as quote his to face fire to the american embassy now we also wanted to see reports that the houses of the military to sit by to marry from the school into his own by the road by the protesters in which it was
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a similar type of scenes on unfolding in sudan where we know that there was civil thousand protesters who stormed a good american embassy in the reports we have is that they actually managed to climb the wall all be able to see that that diplomatic stocks were evacuated and that no one was in fact injured we did see the same cycle seems unfolding in front of the british and german begin to seize and make to a lot of frustration we hear reports of gunfire and we going to continue in front of the german inference that there was a lot of fighting taking place in yemen and heard reports saw that there was tear gas and rounds of live ammunition fired by police for the second straight day that there has been trouble who funded the american embassy there yesterday tuesday because the women did manage to reach the perimeter of the interest in actually break through the poor much of the security fence now the united states is sending rulings to yemen to help beef up its security record free there's also been violence in libya on where we hear that at least one person has been killed in
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a similar gazans have been injured and this time to meet the woman in your biggest city of tripoli will be responding carry it seemed was on fire to ebb expression of anger against this american backed movie that insults the prophet muhammad the authorities here in egypt are certainly struggling to deal with the situation and student requirements the egyptian president mohamed morsi is currently in the u.s. where he has managed to secure one billion dollars in foreign investment but that is not well received back at home with people asking why is he more here to deal. the crisis certainly be worse state of mind this time called on to play the streets since morsy took office at the same time i have been on the streets in the last few hours and i can tell you the mood is incredible you want to talk about course in the crossfire between protesters on the one hand lifting up chunks of pavement and hurling it at security police who were on the other side of what they went to this morning which was essentially
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a concrete wall that put it up at six o'clock this morning five eight and making final rounds to get the protesters over as i was courting several of those to pass the time to let you back it's very very strong but just as running in all directions a lot of confusion the love of anger and really we'll meet him on the streets of cairo now the muslim brotherhood did issue a forward until this morning for a nationwide protest to be held two weeks chris dissatisfaction with this in a community that may talk with that cornyn said that there should be more money to these forces held that simply the muslim brotherhood is not at the forefront of the anger and the violence that we're seeing the youngsters on his feet and looking at will be something almost youngsters will be angry about this movie and they're not taking any kind of guidance over what the muslim brotherhood is telling them or not telling them to do was to go middle east north africa our correspondent there were reaction from british political activist john reseize with the stop the war
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coalition is on the line from london hi there john thanks for being with us what's your prognosis see your best prognosis how long do you think these protests will keep raging in the day what comes next then for american diplomats and u.s. policy in the muslim world when it dies down. well i don't i don't know i don't think anybody knows how long this will this will last but i do think it's clear what needs to be done if it's not going to recur and to try and bring it to hold as quickly as possible and there he stood rather than president obama a ringing up president morsi and lecturing him for twenty minutes by all accounts. about how his government needs to be more pro-american it would be better if we dealt with the people whose own country is producing this this kind of thing after all america has fought a war in two predominantly muslim countries in the last ten years three if you include his involvement in the attack on libya oh surely there should be a moment where a responsible leader of
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a country that has done that takes some action when a film is produced of this kind which in those circumstances but to result in anger across the middle east what is going to be the trigger that brings all that rethink you say. no i don't think there's very much sign that that's the case i mean it's quite remarkable that in the midst of this president obama should make a speech where he says that egypt is neither our enemy nor is it our ally that's a quite remarkable statement to come from the from the president of the united states when egypt is in the in the process of trying to define for the first time in thirty years an independent foreign policy know if the american state can come to terms with the fact that no egyptian government of any stripe is going to be as doglike towards the as the mubarak government was. it really is time for a rethink you are looking at the pictures we've seen out of flags waved by
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protesters have been storming some of these u.s. embassies in several countries how influential is that movement in the region right now and how big of a threat is it indeed to the u.s. still. oh i think it's it's tiny i don't think that represents a serious political force in society nor do i think it represents very much of a serious cause across the cross the middle east i can understand why. the kind of . back of the american some people might wave the flag thrown think that it's serious that they're serious political forces in egyptian society. the liberal and secular middle class is the revolutionary a left them the trade union movement the muslim brotherhood and the salafist those are so serious because. i hear what you say has to be done on domestic sol back in america when all this dies down what can be done in the muslim world on soil there how is washington going to try and repair some of it but badly very dented face at
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the moment well i think that's an incredibly difficult difficult process i would say that there are a number of things that should be done immediately first of all the troops should be withdrawn from are going to stand immediately that would be a huge signal in the muslim world that america didn't intend to continue the neo conservative foreign policy of earth the last ten years or so they could immediately withdraw the covert assistance which they are they are giving in the syrian in the syrian conflict they could immediately withdraw the sanctions on iran these would be very very serious signals that there. john are so north and we've lost the line to. john server that we've lost the line if you still can here is john reese there from the stop the war coalition in the u.k. thanks. us politicians of why they condemn the handy islam film at the same time
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distancing themselves from any responsibility to gun a teacher cans in washington is more on the reaction coming from across the atlantic. obviously the obama administration is trying to somehow contain the blowback that this same type islamic film had in the muslim world and their way of doing that is to say again and again that the u.s. government had nothing to do with the production of the film that they had to find it disgusting but the words have done nothing to put out this flame of rage sweeping the arab world one of the first comments that secretary of state made with regard to the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi was how could this happen how could this happen in a country that the u.s. quote unquote helped to liberate us the u.s. officials are now carefully calibrating their response to what's happening all across the muslim world but there is clearly a sense of shock about what's going on and their damage control words mainly focuses on the film but now it's clear to pretty much everyone that it's not just about this film this rage against the united states has been brewing for
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a while now and it just needed a spark to blow up and it seems the film became that spark from the statement that we hear from the administration in their speeches about they always meant a force for good the u.s. has been for the region maybe they thought that by supporting the revolutions in the region people there were going to fall in love with america but that that's not what's happening we don't hear open criticism towards the leaders there in those countries who obviously have not done enough to contain this public actually led the mob doubt their anger and it spiraled out of control muslim brotherhood after all called for open for nationwide protests and we see what it spilled into yes we don't hear much criticism from the administration but we do know here that frustration expressed in the media the administration is in
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a difficult position now they can't really openly criticize those leaders or the people there because washington cheered so greatly for the changes that swept the region responsible. for the video that inflamed the arab world reportedly rests with los angeles filmmaker nicola purcell in a cooler a cup to christie an american and convicted fraudster most of the actors claim all the insults to islam in the video were added later by the film's producers while some american bloggers claim that a full movie might not even exist at all what is sure though is that the video has left us policy across the arab world facing a deadly blowback when of course explains. anger is rising rage is spreading and american flags are burning throughout the arab world this isn't exactly the type of relationship washington envisioned after barack obama became president i've come here to cairo to seek a new beginning between the united states and muslims around the world the new u.s.
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leader promised to turn the page and mend relations tarnished by george w. bush's war on terror he even granted his first foreign television interview to al arabiya an arabic language channel my job to the muslim world is to communicate but the americans are not your enemy washington invested huge resources in building a massive social media presence comprised of nearly two hundred different accounts to spread its message of friendship by the end of last year the u.s. had spent seventy million dollars assisting foreign citizens but the resources to bypass online firewalls and censorship must. grease the bitter irony is that a you tube clip posted by one american instantly buried massive efforts made by the u.s. government as americans were being held hostage by a small group of extremists people here in america think when they put their views on you tube and now the technology is such that it can be seen all over the world i
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think people in. some of these places don't understand this is not the view of most americans this is not a viewer. the u.s. government according to many experts a large majority of the arab world has grown too familiar with the anti muslim sentiment america is accused of cementing the policy of the americans towards this part of the world is inadequate it doesn't call for dialogue doesn't call for development it doesn't call for progress it calls for the moving of those units because it puts american interests and some western interests a cause for war and the invasion of iraq as we have seen destruction of afghanistan no progress on the peace level in pakistan thinks the spark for it to you know all come out in violent forms as we can see now on the screen and this is what's happening within forty eight hours the fury that began in egypt spread to libya yemen lebanon and iran in afghanistan you tube was shut down but tensions in the muslim world seem to be only increasing there has been
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a lot of simmering nancy american feeling right across the entire world it's there it's worse in pakistan where all showed they were ninety percent of pakistanis americans their primary an enemy america's middle of blunders and it's made enemies in the arab spring countries america helped revolutionize the line between friend and foe and this blur despite all the time and money washington has spent using the internet to promote its islam friendly foreign policy the world wide web has also served as the platform that enabled one american extremist to infuriate millions overseas and darrelle years of progress very important artsy new york. we're also closely following developments nazi dot com we want your thoughts as to who you think is to blame for the anti american violence in the arab world right
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now more than half oldest washington responsible this is what you're telling us you see on the screen there saying it's a blowback from america's foreign policy just under fifty played responsible american islamophobia still feeling your breasts like fewer think radical anti western muslims are the cause while the remaining few. peavy of violence being orchestrated by arab regimes you can head to r.t. dot com any time you like that focus open or no it's always good to hear from you. while you're there to current life footage from the current anger erupted which is spreading across. the middle east we've got a time line it with the violence that has been unfolding party dot com. britain's ordered a probe into the scandal involving oil traders the city speculators who allegedly rigged markets to hike pump prices the high cost of fuel in the u.k.
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makes the financial strain for many struggling citizens even less tolerable these days laura smith's got the story. the city is under fire again this time it's traders and speculators in for a grilling as the energy minister announces an investigation into breaking the petrol price it's meant fulls in the oil price on pulse on to consumers making petrol and diesel more expensive in real terms than they've ever seen pump prices are quick to fill when the oil price rises but very slow to cool when it goes down petrol price campaigners are calling on they found guilty of breaking the price to go to prison the scandal follows a huge rise in the price at the pump it's gone up ten feet. to around one pound forty in the. high price builds is down in the entire economy ninety percent of everything we have in our homes is delivered by lorry and with fuel
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prices so high school it's companies are full of to post that expense to consumers making literally everything food clothes domestic appliances more expensive it also impacts on labor mobility so how far people can travel to get to work and whether they can get new jobs that require travelling some distance to the fuel price can even ever on the unemployment rate which is hovering around eight percent at the moment wants to know what the alternative is speculating on what is the price of one of the consequences of free market capitalism which often results in corporations getting which sometimes at the expense of ordinary people so imprison the perpetrators they might use but it's unlikely to change much what it will do is divert attention from the government after all sixty percent of the price consumers pay at the pump is tax the highest in europe. well let's keep talking about all of
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the mom for a rainy an oil is on the rise despite american sank. on the country's crude the international energy agency says two rounds crude sales indeed are rising now edging over a million barrels a day european and u.s. sanctions were imposed to pressure iran over its nuclear program which to run maintains is purely peaceful but around resources is still a hot commodity across the region with china and india currently the top importers . policy director of national iranian american council is on the line from washington d.c. general evening why isn't the oil embargo on a working well you know it is it is working if your definition of working is to restrict or reduce the amount of oil that iran is exporting i mean iran you know there was a little bit of an increase from the most recent figures to the month previous to about one million barrels but that's down from about two and
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a half million barrels per day. year ago so that's a significant decrease still not the sparkling policy that america hoped for there was it well i mean that's the thing you know as you know demand for oil increases you know if some of the economies in the u.s. and the e.u. around the world recover we're really we're the world's at its margins right now the amount of oil that's being pumped out of saudi arabia is you know at peak capacity and with the turmoil in libya we've seen that there is actually potentially a move by the u.s. to release some of the oil from the strategic petroleum reserve because we are working at the margins so really the question is is this sustainable are we going to continue to be able to block iranian oil from being on the market or are we running out of time with this oil embargo and is there going to be a push to take new measures let me put it another way it's around really suffering . you know the people in iran are really actually starting to suffer i don't know
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that you could actually look at the lost revenues from oil exports and say iran has taken away money from its nuclear program or reduced money for military spending because frankly with the threat of war i think iran is probably continuing down the path that has already already has been on regarding that kind of spending but as far as the people there's reports of medicine being blocked and shortages of medicines that medicine at iranian hospitals and a lot of suffering sort of on the ground i think that's going to increase and that's really what the net effect of this embargo has manifested itself and of course many european banks have continued to do with the run despite the threat of being from the american banking sector while they toeing the line you think. well you know it's a question of how much pressure the u.s. is willing to put on them and i think that. the trajectory is that they are decreasing their cooperation with iran but with sanctions you know there's no perfect sanctions regime there's always going to be
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a whole series always going to be loopholes there's always going to be this game of whack a mole where iran responds and then the u.s. tries to ratchet up and you're never going to get a perfect embargo. so i think that the question is the question is ok now you have these sanctions what do we do with these are we going to leverage these or is this a repeat of what we had with iraq where we did a great job of restricting oil sales and then doing oil for food but at the end of the day that didn't actually yield anything but massive humanitarian suffer suffering and then eventually this movement for disastrous invasion you talked about iran's a top importance within the countries to a key india china begs the question can the u.s. ever seriously consider a military strike on iran when to run supplying those regional power. that's a excellent question and you know canada the u.s. consider even imposing sanctions on those countries because while these sanctions are indeed in place the u.s. has waived sanctions on just about every importer of iranian oil so it's really the
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threat of the sanctions that have caused these countries to decrease their imports but they're still looking for ways to get around this through bartering through other you know dealing with private entities in iran and the idea that we would either sanction these countries and threaten sort of economic warfare against powers like china or you know potential partners or go to war with iran in which case these countries would also be punished and the world oil market would be so tight as to drive oil prices up to you know seven eight dollars a gallon at least here in the united states i think that these are just untenable options and there has to be a third way that's considered and that's to use a diplomatic option use some of the leverage that may or may not be in place to actually try to get a deal that backs out of this game of chicken that we're engaged in is one of course know how he's still trying to convince the u.s. to draw those red lines over iran's nuclear program washington though it seems still to be resisting the cold why isn't the american listening not so many at the
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moment at least it seems to its longstanding. well this notion of drawing red lines sort of what i think is arbitrarily is ridiculous why would the united states limit its maneuverability and. impose what netanyahu wants which is an artificial timeline for military strikes and commit itself to that path. the prudent approach is i think what the administration has taken which the obama administration is taking which is to say that they will not allow iran to get a nuclear weapon i think that does sort of tighten down a little bit and probably you know it could be dangerous but to say the time is not now to start limiting our maneuverability we are open to diplomacy we're open to negotiations and we don't want there to be a military salute situation and i think when you are who wants is a guarantee that if diplomacy doesn't yield instantaneous results in the next six months that we're going to end up in a war and that's a guaranteed way to block
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a diplomatic solution from actually materializing from some smart she thought from the national iranian american council on the line so that you keep it very with all the latest developing news tonight twenty four seventh's. as well the main headline is of course the wave of anti-american protests sweeping across the muslim world u.s. embassies and choosey in sudan under attack tonight also clashes in yemen and egypt will return to that with a headline update shortly let's get across the business now don't visit the business desk dimitry it's twenty four minutes past ten at night rally in full swing on the markets today russian gained seven percent. that's right it's a fantastic day especially for russia but it's a global rally that's after ben bernanke indeed came ahead with a new wave of the stimulus wave of quantitative easing q e three and that means buying up assets for state money or launching the printing press to purchase shares
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bonds other financial instruments it's an open ended program of the previous wave q.e. two was around for six hundred billion dollars this could be up to one trillion but jacobson from saxo bank says this will not cure the economy in the united states. short term of course what happens fundamentally here is staged you make money cheaper and as such you will want to see tangible asses like all the gas gold overall to go off in order to have the system to reset itself so yes it will create an increased appetite but you have to remember this is almost like science they finished enough insanity which is state you keep repeating the same experiment expecting different results what i'm trying to say with that is of course this is the third time we do quantitative easing included and then also we have operation twist so if they actually this is going to do nothing to the unemployed and saw
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them do it is going to do absolutely nothing to the growth of the u.s. the major obstacle still remains in place. for a secular got the numbers say in the states after one alpha cent growth in the previous session as news broke we're seeing a continued rally dow jones is slowly but going forward still up a point three percent nasdaq is also helped by apple shares officer it's a recent rollout of the i phone five over in europe missing from the fed's latest move is also coupled by a recently announced a bond buying program by the e.c.b. so it's more optimistic i would say than nine states even with the footsie up on the backs one and a whole percent now over on the currencies market there's a big change over the past month indeed dollar euro rate as you can see that one point three one more than glad to put this out just a month ago was one point two one on the back of european economic problems but
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that apparently is changing with all that stimulus flowing in the russian ruble is gaining massively against the both currencies notably against the dollar to our officer and that's on the back of pile boiled prices so what we're seeing right now was light sweet and brant up well more than a dollar almost all of britain's up well but i don't know and that's on the back of the hopes that this stimulus would in turn increase demand for energy resources more difficult and this has been supporting the russian markets which have well of course always traditionally reacted with much more hype when dow jones fools percent russia falls four percent the same applies for an opposite situation on this route so the r.t.s. is up almost seven percent you can see that now performing the markets worth several of financial stocks like d.t.b. the second largest bank it was up more than six percent electricity shares were also doing well and were a skater as you can see. shirts of have t. performances but investment funds to stem of course worst markets on of course the
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expectancy which results. europe is still a man being equal prices for all. european countries from gas now european commissioner says russia quote knows the rules but doesn't accept the europe's europe cannot accept the fact that gas in some member states especially percent cheaper than other nations the move comes amid the anti trust probe into gazprom activities european commission is investigating whether gazprom resorted to unfair competition and price fixing however gazprom maintains that its business practices comply with the law of all the countries it is present. all right one final of friday update from me in fifty five minutes all right thanks to me treat every show look at the other side of the so-called war on terror in afghanistan from a former taliban hostage this is a live from moscow very good to have you with us.
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