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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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top story smarty tonight with me rage against america come under attack by mobs in . yemen as fury spreads across the muslim world in response to a u.s. made filled mocking his alleged al qaeda linked militants have also stormed american led peacekeeping mission in egypt several casualties reported and i. still cairo the violence shows no sign of dying down as clashes enter their fourth day despite attempts by the country's most influential political group to calm the rage
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. washington scrambling for damage control sending in military personnel to protect its foreign stuff across the arab world this while u.s. diplomatic efforts continue to fail to appease the. next interviews or third gerry van dyke who spent forty five days in taliban captivity he discloses to us what he thinks of the real reasons behind the u.s. military presence in afghanistan he's here now. eleven years ago america began its war on terror and today in afghanistan a u.s. war continues to be waged by current guest has a very unique perspective on what has happened in continues to take place there joining me now to talk more about this topic is journalist and author jerry van dyke mr van dyke wrote a book called captive my time as a prisoner of the taliban thank you for joining our team thank you mr van dyck as i
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mentioned the war on terror began some eleven years ago and u.s. troops according to president barack obama are expected to fully withdraw by the end of twenty fourteen is that a sign of victory or defeat in the so-called war on terror i don't think it's a sign of either one i think it's a sign that the u.s. public is tired of this we initially went in for one specific reason and that was to dismantle the government of the taliban and to destroy al qaeda now people ask why are we still there how many are there under president bush in the early part of the obama administration we heard the numbers fifty there maybe fifty left in afghanistan are we there because a fifty fifty al qaeda members know it is morphed into something far larger than that is it because the former soviet union the former what we'll call the
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stands it was because ten tajikistan because if. you could stand to have the largest untapped oil and natural gas reserves in the world if you talk to the afghans you talk the taliban they'll say oh that's why the united states wants to stay here people say it's because we want to surround iran we have bases in the gulf we have bases once before in iraq we certainly have them in afghanistan do we want afghanistan and pakistan not to go to war with one another neither the bush administration. no the obama administration has been straight with the american public about that and finally we are responsible long with other nations for creating the very people against whom we are now fighting these were all allies of the united states and its allies during the one nine hundred eighty s. we haven't been straight with the american public why what we have created which evolved in some cases into parts of which evolved into al qaeda and which are we trying to dismantle that can you tell me what the war on terror looks like through
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the eyes of the taliban. no one's ever asked me that very good question very interesting question when i was a newspaper reporter enough ghana stand in the one nine hundred eighty s. new york times when we were tied with some of the members of the taliban today we called them the mujahideen which means holy warriors the taliban told me that we are the sons and the grandsons of the mujahideen when i was captured by the taliban and when i was in prison i had to listen for hours and hours and hours to taliban recruitment tapes and suicide recruitment tapes they talked of or they sing or chant of pashtoon history question geography pashtoon poetry this is a nationalist movement in their view they are simply trying to free themselves of foreign infidel invaders exactly like their fathers and grandfathers in order to have what they feel is a proper islamic government the taliban have become somewhat different.
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and that is it's a result of their ties to al qaeda. which is comprised of foreigners primarily arabs gyptian zx saudis chechens specs those from western china and even some from europe so it is a different entity entirely it is strictly it's interested in international jihad but the taliban have become because of their ties to al-qaeda and because of the twenty four seven news cycle they have become far more international but deep down in their hearts they're interested in one thing and that is an islamic government and a pashtoon islamic government now i don't want to make this too complicated for viewers but for them the pashtoon are afghanistan and they were at war before we came up with what we call the northern alliance the tajiks these are different
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ethnic groups in the north so this is also an element here there's an ethnic war at play here as much as anything else but deep down more than anything else they want a unified pashtoon land they want an afghanistan that is deeply muslim their interest ultimately is certainly not to attack the united states but because of their exposure to the international world now they're far more capable of trying to go across to soviet central asia to expand the perhaps into iran yeah that element is there you were how hostage forty five things by the taliban. what was that experience like. frightening. thing. what did you learn that you didn't know about. i thought initially i would be killed immediately but what i learned and what surprised me was that even though i
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was a prisoner. even though i lived in constant fear. that i was also treated with respect and i was treated as a guest. because and this gets to the heart of your question ultimately. tribal law pashtoon tribal law called pashtun wally tribal codes take precedence over islam that deep down there they are members of tribes more than they are muslims and i think that's one reason why i survived. i'm not sure why i survived. and why did they let you go after forty five things i still don't know the answer jonathan is i'm trying to find out i get many i hear i get many what did they say to you once they were unlocking the chains from your arm
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they said congratulations on escaping death i daresay this i will that about a year ago i got a call from someone a foreigner european and he asked me to go down to an apartment in new york to minn there were questions from pakistan here by the invited by the state department on their way back to pakistan getting ready to catch a flight the very first question they asked me was. who kidnapped you. the taliban. or the government. my jailer said to me not a shot would be fired in afghanistan without the backing of the pakistani government so with the taliban in touch with the government did the government of pakistan know i was there did the government of pakistan in to intervene and ultimately save me. did jalali being the hook. any network. that we are at war with. and with which i lived in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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and his name i use constantly to try and save me and who i was trying to get to because i thought by getting to a colony i could find out about al qaeda did he ultimately hold on to that tribal law and say me i've heard so many different things that's why it's a very murky complicated place in the war is far far different from the way we are perceived in the media speaking of tribes what are u.s. intelligence capabilities among the tribes do you believe that washington has enough knowledge when it comes to the language and cultural experience of the particular reasons in afghanistan that need to be fully understood there was a general flynn i think his name was and this was about two thousand and nine two thousand and ten who was in chief of intelligence under then military general stanley mcchrystal mcchrystal who said and i quote we are flying blind
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in afghanistan how many pashtun speakers are there when you when you find out in the u.s. intelligence community when you look when you talk to for example interpreters you find out that there is a huge underground network of interpreters all of whom have to pay bribes before they can work with with the american soldiers who controls these interpreters well i'm not sure that they're going to completely free at all but television can easily infiltrate this is my own experience i don't think the u.s. intelligence capabilities are nearly what they're portrayed to be however. when you get to someplace like pakistan i think it's possibly a bit different we have drones overhead we're constantly under president obama we've ratcheted up the number of drone attacks to those drones and i've been under drones how do they know where to. attack you have to have the information on the ground what does that information come from it comes from working closely in tandem
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with pakistani military intelligence that they would choose to attack their attack there why after so many years were we had we not been able to kill the leader of the country network ormal omar or go beneath are the three leaders of the taliban or why did we have to go in and kill osama bin laden why didn't the pakistani intelligence tell us where these people were maybe they knew and maybe they don't know but i happen to think they absolutely know. but they have we have to have that intelligence on the ground and i think it's far better in pakistan then in afghanistan but it comes because pakistan works closely with these people and they work closely with the united states and who they want to attack they want to allow the united states to attack. i started this interview by asking about afghanistan but i want to wrap it up by asking you about something you said that because you recently said that you believe that your lesson and its allies are fighting a proxy war against. own with them together but that is at all without
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a doubt that that could create even more dangerous times make clearly and in that area of the world if they still don't know what they're doing in afghanistan can't figure it out rightly right is pakistan our ally or is it our enemy now the taliban and you take someone like former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen who says the county network is an arm of the pakistani i.s.i. pakistani military intelligence that we the united states have paid at least twelve billion dollars have given a different forms at least twelve billion dollars to the pakistani military since nine eleven but the pakistani military. former admiral mike mullen said every everyone else is backing the taliban so we are supplying money to the very people that are providing this money to the taliban to attack u.s. forces why would pakistan back to tell about what is pakistan's interest in
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afghanistan no single afghan legislature in the history of afghanistan has accepted the border between afghanistan and pakistan afghanistan was the only nation in the world to vote against pakistan admittance to the united nations in one thousand nine hundred seventy one single thing the borders in eight hundred ninety three the british when they ruled india created with this called the durand line they do not accept the fact that the land that once belonged to them that the british took away should belong to pakistan and this is deep down at the heart of this particular never ending war in the middle of which is the united states and its soldiers who continue to do. war that one started out of the against al-qaeda which is morphed into something far deeper far more complicated there's an old afghan saying it's going to stand it's very easy to enter but it's very hard to leave we're not leaving by two thousand and fourteen will still be there and we'll leave it right there jerry van dyke thank you very much for your time.
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i mean. i'm the host of the. winter the pic. you. saw. this. is it. it's so. good luck. to build
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a. mission to teach me. why you should. only. rage against america u.s. embassies come under attack. as fury spreads across the muslim world in response to a. peacekeeping mission with several. shows no sign of clashes. despite the country's. washington scrambling for damage control now sending in military personnel to protect stuff across the arab world this is u.s. diplomatic efforts continue to fail. the news continues in full with me fifteen
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minutes now. thanks for joining us this is indeed sports today plenty ahead over the next ten minutes including all that. been nice the clock continues to run john as any h.l. bosses employers seek to find a compromise and save the upcoming season. king of the canvas bringing a legend in the mix a rare public appearance to receive humanitarian award in philadelphia. mothers the stars of tomorrow sure their skills and mosque with the fourth annual international backyard football championship. negotiations over this season's n.h.l. campaign appear to have hit the rocks once again with the prestigious north american league all on the verge of
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a third lockout in its history on saturday the commissioner of the legal annoyance if the season will go ahead or not r.t. takes a closer look now at how it may affect the ice hockey world in particular its second biggest leak case. millions consider ice hockey the world's greatest game and the nation know how to lead the number one stage it's played on although this wonderful spectacles now on this thread a closure of the year long suspicion happens it will be the third jump in though it's history and team owners and the players association a currently tour over the new collective bargaining agreement essential how profits are shared you can see big expiring in september fifteenth in the meantime hockey lovers great pieces like this currently one of you tube's most popular fan made videos as the wait continues fans is going to be on our side because back seven
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years ago they got what they want so they got everything they want. you know again making money or even making money money so everything was good and it's not a good enough and now they want to start paying going to recognize it going to be on our site players love to play the game being up there to. make those rules and propose them to the owners they only defending negotiations are in full swing over most experts players and fans alike expect n.h.l. commissioner gary bettman genomes the lookout this weekend then the european wide kontinental hockey league will become and major options for unemployed n.h.l. herbs show is making a progress story because getting back over it is getting better and better and. the competitor levels are higher so i think playing that's a good thing about playing on a high level it's obviously not
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a good prank i think i would advice everybody to play to get ready for the turn so nothing american lending for a gay child has worked out special rules no more than three n.h.l. players can be signed per team only one corner is allowed on two russian clubs last year. on top of that at least one of the four we. must be met blair has to be a stoic winner. and a cio words winner has played at least one hundred fifty games in the n.h.l. over the last three years. has represented his country at the two world and world junior championships or winter olympics and why only those who had played in the game before are welcomed i think in the chillers you there are the russians or international where six north american boys will increase the level of the game
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here i certainly looking forward to that. as far as i prefer obviously i prefer russian when a child stars. a common thing in a play. on a large chance going to have a chance to see. their stars and a show look out would benefit the kids many on both sides of the atlantic everyone associated with the game is a waiting with bated the outcome of the talks but there were the decision life will go on either here or there as it will take something more than just money to hold the weight gain but for our team. and one man you saw in the piece a surrogate has joined fellow n.h.l. all star. of course for a spot of training the joule going back to the russian roots they wait and see if
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they'll be kitchell players by sunday or not that you play together for the pittsburgh penguins for four years winning the stanley cup in two thousand and nine they also share the ice in mike made of course during the two thousand and four hundred five rushing campaign thirty eight year old gone sharp lies his trade with also a currently well. still a penguin at least for the time being. to moto g.p. now where the sports elites have paid tribute to marco simoncelli who died at last year's malaysian grand prix the riders completing a special up ahead of this weekend some merino race former world champions volunteer aussie and jorge lorenzo amongst those taking to the renamed world circuit marco simoncelli to honor the italian the twenty four year old's life ended in a crash in supplying last season going into this weekend's race lorenzo sits thirteen points the on top of the ryder standings ahead of spanish compacted down the. well you're very much
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a lot fall is firmly in the driver's seat at the rally of wales the finn winning four straight stages but was followed closely by ford stablemates petter solberg twenty seven year old fellow overcoming plenty of adversity along timing to the top from fourth place after going off the road at one point he would eventually storm to a very solid advantage over a dozen seconds a time defending champion sebastian loeb is currently third in his citron the thirty eight year old has a hefty fifty four point question in the overall standings though with three other races left on the calendar. just about every sports fan is aware of mohammad alys legendary achievements in the ring but the seventy year old has also for plenty of buffalos for humanitarian causes the legendary boxer this week receiving the liberty medal for his contribution to parkinson's research and the list although he . himself was constantly at the forefront of social issues famously refusing to enter the military due to his opposition of the vietnam war the louisville lip
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devoted to his post boxing life to worldwide chargeable missions i was given the presidential medal of freedom in two thousand and five one of the highest civilian award in the u.s. . from the greatest fighter of the next generation of boxers after alley has been praising the man at the top of the tree today vladimir klitschko a former all disputed world heavyweight champion mike tyson also giving a little preview of what his next career move into a. very good guy. good friday but we want to see it mark brewer are and the particular you have a professor about that particular you know population is five you know so we have a funny feeling toward. violence in the way for when i hang out with entertain there i want to dance i think i'll give a billy madison moment show me if you have. plenty
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of energy anyway how to finally the fourth international backyard football tournament house concluded right here in moscow with kazakstan topping the charts the tournament which aims to promote support among children going from strength to strength as michael cup chant go reports. in twenty live in as many as twenty nations to parts of annual international backyard football tournament and this year's event was no less successful despite only fourteen teams taking part but the drop in the number of teams was more to do with organizers deciding to branch out the tournament into other areas of sport rather than just football tournament has become more multidimensional if we started with just a football tournament back in two thousand and nine we now realize we have a project under the premise of children of the world to sport we want to include other aspects of interaction between the teams this year included a chess tournament and a third to competition in which all teams were involved no doubt they'll be even more diversification in the coming years but football is still the main catalyst for the children teams from all over the c.i.s.
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countries including belarus and moldova were battling it out while teams like israel and iran who resolving matters on the pitch even if the adults of these countries still cannot seem to find common ground but it was kazakhstan and host. russian who eventually made it to the final home advantage had clearly helped the russian side reach the spot but it was has expand that stole the show putting five unanswered goals past the home side and taking the trophy the tournament also attracted a few prominent figures including to. need suits i was invited to take part in the trophy presentation and i think it's a big thing because in the past backyard football was one of the main producers of footballers we see playing professionally and with this tournament i hope we will see more such talents come through when asked about whether he had spotted any future stars he was optimistically. it's of course tough to gauge because the kids are still young but on the whole the level of the tournament is growing every year and those kids i saw in the final left a very good impression. but of course this event is ultimately meant to allow
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children from around the world to meet and mingle while playing the sport they love with their ultimate goal of continuing to push for a healthy lifestyle among the young so that law and international backing. has come to an end and seem to have been a rousing success. in the next years probably even now most of the kids behind me will eventually engineers in the future and some of the miserables in the world did start off playing in backyards at times so who knows maybe some of the guys behind me that will follow him there for the. party. is a sporting rapper era whether is next here in twenty four hour arctic. me heat. you.
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believe. culture is that so much of the feminine there is a huge percentage of our minds talk to friends from arab spring arab blowback what accounts for the rise of violence across the entire arab middle east recently was the killing of the american ambassador. i mean so can only a city in europe and the host of the twenty fourteen winter olympic games. sunset. thank you although a. saucy. thank you although some way a. dog days are. the fridays it. limits the comment
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of no. saucy it's so true.
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