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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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tonight rage against america u.s. embassies come under attack by mobs in chief. and yemen or in response to the u.s. made phil mocking islam. in cairo the violence shows no sign of dying down as clashes enter the fourth day now despite attempts by the country's most influential political group to rage. washington scrambles for damage control sending in military personnel to protect its foreign staff across the arab world this while u.s. diplomatic efforts continue to fail to please the. good
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evening thanks for joining us here in moscow tonight my name's kevin owen you're watching r.t. it's no less than pm moscow time the main news the wave of anti american protests that sweeping across the muslim world with unprecedented force friday the u.s. embassies in sudan are under attack and over in lebanon one person is reportedly been killed after a mob set fire to a k.f.c. restaurant clashes also continue in yemen and in egypt where militants attacked a u.s. led peacekeeping mission with several casualties reported there is north africa middle east correspondent paula. the violence is spreading across the region we know that in to this the protesters there have clashed with police according to eyewitnesses on the scene who was that gunfire hood and this as coaches to fire to the american embassy now we're also watching to see reports that the houses of the
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military to set fire to marry from the school in choose. by the nose by the protesters who choose a similar type of scenes unfolding in sudan we know that there were several thousand protesters who stormed a good american embassy in the reports we have is that they actually managed to climb the wall i'll be able to see that that diplomatic stocks were evacuated and that no one was in fact injured we did see the same type of scenes unfolding in front of the british and german are going to see the link to a lot of frustration we're hearing reports of gunfire and we can go to canadian front with the german inference that there was a lot of fighting taking place in yemen and heard reports saw that there was tear gas and rounds of live ammunition fired by police for the second straight day that there has been trouble in front of the american embassy where yesterday tuesday the crowds in yemen did manage to reach the perimeter of the embassy and actually breakthrough the poor mature security here and now the united states is sending
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rulings to yemen to help beef up its security record free there's also been violence in lebanon where we hear that at least one person has been killed in the city gazans have been injured and this comes to me more than your biggest city of tripoli really respond to carry it he was on fire this two and expression of anger against this american backed movie that insults the prophet muhammad the authorities here in egypt was looking struggling to deal with the situation and student requirements to be egyptian president mohamed morsi is currently in the u.s. where he has managed to secure one billion dollars in foreign investment but that is not well received back quickly with people asking why is enough here to do. the crisis certainly the worse fate of violence town called on to his feet since morsi took office at the same time i've been on the streets for the last few hours and i consider the move is a political one a tough course in the crossfire between protesters on the one hand lifting up
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chunks of pavement and pulling it out security police who were on the other side of what they went to this morning which wasn't into the concrete wall that put it up at six o'clock this morning five eight and making final rounds to get the protesters over as i was courting several of those to pass the time and it is very very strong focus is running in all directions a lot of confusion a lot of anger and really we'll meet him on the streets of cairo now the muslim brotherhood did issue a point in this morning for a nationwide protest to be held two weeks chris dissatisfaction with this in a movie they took with the move that court and said that they should be more money that his face is held that the muslim brotherhood is not at the forefront of the new and the violence that we're seeing in egypt the youngsters on the street and looking at the base and almost a young still really angry about this movie and they're not taking any kind of guidance over what the muslim brotherhood is telling them or not telling them to do
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. a course for to encourage tonight let's go to london now where we're joined live by author and journalist ocean returns the ocean i know where the american diplomatic relate where our american diplomatic relations rather even going from now from here on when these protests eventually subside what's going to be the picture do you think it's interesting that they kept saying it was the first ambassador to die in office since seventy nine got his al gold daubs killed by maoists very different killing of that ambassador this time around and now twenty different countries terrible do you hear about the deaths of people that are sensibly over this ridiculous film that has to be a diplomatic relations. why any of those governments twenty countries is the man who were boarding violence on the streets the leaders of those countries will be telling washington if they indeed have relations with washington. it seems like the chicken is going home to roost could this situation have been averted there was no
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reference to care of see it it's difficult to see how it could have been averted the people who made it easy designed this to happen. we don't have fire in a gravity as in the crowded theater is in effect the arab world the global south countries that have been devastated by centuries of colonialism of those decades of us imperialism and more particularly bombers policies in the past five years that have been so. debilitating to so many millions of people so it's ridiculous see how watching you respond the idea that obama's. loss is a do you hear that marines and drones are targeting. action we've lost lives are temporary but think about it with us now let me just pick up with another question for you yeah i can hear as well me during last year's western backed arab spring the protests we saw the masses there were trying to break free from authoritarian regimes we hear now those same nations that washington supported are turning
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against it where does it leave the region's new rulers tonight well i was just saying about the drones in the marines in libya at the moment but you're quite right the united states belatedly supported the arab spring but of course the millions on the streets particularly the urban poor of all these countries remember very well obama's vice president. for going to leave it there disappearing barak to stay on in egypt. it is breaking up a little bit will try one more question we'll give a yes scope once just just a little bit breaking up the number of people have been killed in violent clashes in the past couple of days is reporting tonight no sign of the anger letting up as we are again reporting what do you think ultimately these activists are trying to achieve. well is it really activists i think it is the general fury over these people is that so far in twenty countries against u.s. policy over so long so it's not a case of activism as such it was a broad array of people that detest us imperialism and there we can expect more and
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more to follow and more catalysts whether it be a crazy film or a other one of the president obama or who knows president romney's crazy foreign policy ideas because. he will not be the only diplomat presumably there will be targeted and it's not a good time now for u.s. diplomats around the world washington of course critic and then material that offends muslims but was also responsible for let's not forget promoting the use of social media cross the arab spring in those countries which gave the offensive video of course this time around an audience in the middle east north africa wonder how much the u.s. considered its policy could backfire like we're seeing now well in the u.s. i mean it was not the u.s. government made this film they were very quick to say they condemned it but it just goes to show that there is no easy way out now for the united states as was the easiest way would be if china and russia called for an emergency u.n.
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security council resolution if the fighting doesn't cease in these are twenty countries thirty countries it is the entire global south i mean there will be demonstrations in bolivia let alone the pakistan nigeria right up to bangladesh and so forth so washington is facing a big problem so he was like a bomb will benefit to a degree and stand the past few minutes it was unprecedented during his time in office meeting with he will benefit why why. why would why well what why will obama benefit. because somebody the swing voters may say wrongly doesn't have a foreign policy credentials. any credentials difficult with romney but their. people do presumably see that their obama has a great a reg raster foreign policy all these are going to. ideas in the liberal media in
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the swing media the media that swings those votes that are all important to who wins the next presidential election but of course it could get much worse in which case. benefits in the u.s. elections but as far as washington is concerned more generally there are attempts to just send drones out and these were u.s. marines last teams out of libya the f.b.i. cannot even get. a team to the u.s. embassy in libya where their ambassador. just can't and that's a number of days since the assassination we're going to leave it again then sort of a communication problem not the best line here but we got the gist of what i'm saying actually returns the author and journalist live from london thank you. u.s. politicians are widely condemned the anti islam film while at the same time distancing themselves from any responsibility garniture cans in washington with more on the reaction coming from across the atlantic. obviously the obama administration is trying to somehow contain the blowback that this same type
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islamic film had in the muslim world and their way of doing that is to say again and again that the u.s. government had nothing to do with the production of the film that they too find it disgusting but the words have done nothing to put out this flame of rage sweeping the arab world one of the first comments that secretary of state made with regard to the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate the zazi was how could this happen how could this happen in a country that the u.s. helped to liberate us the u.s. officials are now carefully calibrating their response to what's happening all across the muslim world but there is clearly a sense of shock about what's going on and their damage control worst mainly focuses on the film but now it's clear to pretty much everyone that it's not just about this film this rage against the united states has been brewing for a while now and it just needed a spark to blow up and it seems the film became that spark from the statement that we hear from the administration in their speeches about they always meant a force for good the u.s.
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has been for the region maybe they thought that by supporting the revolutions in the region people there were going to fall in love with america but that that's not what's happening we don't hear open criticism towards the leaders there in those countries who obviously have not done enough to contain this public actually led the mob doubt their anger and it spiraled out of control yes we don't hear much criticism from the administration but we don't hear that frustration expressed in the media the administration is in a difficult position now they can't really openly criticize those leaders or the people there because washington cheered so greatly for the changes that swept the region. sponsibility for that video this inflame the arab world reportedly now rests with los angeles film a can of cola person in a cooler a coptic christian american and convicted fraudster some of the actors are no claiming all the insults to islam in the video were added later by the film's
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produces while some american bloggers claim that a full movie might not even exist at all what is sure though is that the videos left u.s. policy across the arab world facing a deadly blowback when important explains more. anger is rising rage is spreading and american flags are burning throughout the arab world this isn't exactly the type of relationship washington envisioned after barack obama became president i've come here to cairo to seek a new beginning between the united states and muslims around the world the new u.s. leader promised to turn the page and mend relations tarnished by george w. bush's war on terror he even granted his first foreign television interview to al arabiya an arabic language channel my job to the muslim world is to communicate but the americans are not your enemy washington invested huge resources in building a massive social media presence comprised of nearly two hundred different accounts
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to spread its message of friendship by the end of last year the u.s. had spent seventy million dollars assisting foreign citizens but the resources to bypass online firewalls and censorship must. destroy the bitter irony is that a youtube clip posted by one american instantly buried massive efforts made by the us government as americans were being held hostage by a small group of extremists people here in america think when they put their views on you tube and now the technology is such that it can be seen all over the world i think people in. some of these places don't understand this is not the view of most americans. this is not the view of the u.s. government according to many experts a large majority of the arab world has grown too familiar with the anti muslim sentiment america is accused of cementing the policy of the americans towards this part of the world is inadequate it doesn't call for dialogue doesn't call for
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development it doesn't call for progress it calls for the moving of those units because it puts american interests and some western interests a cause for war and the invasion of iraq as we have seen destruction of afghanistan no progress on the peace level in palestine i think the spark for it to you know all come out in violent forms as we can see now on the screen and this is what's happening within forty eight hours the fury that began in egypt spread to libya yemen lebanon and iran in afghanistan due to push shut down but tensions in the muslim world seem to be only increasing there has been a lot of simmering nancy american feeling a right across the entire arab world it's their worst in pakistan we're all show that we're ninety percent of pakistanis americans their primary home enemy america's middle of blunders and it's made enemies in the arab spring countries america helped revolutionize the line between friend and foe and this blur despite
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all the time and money washington has spent using the internet to promote its islam friendly foreign policy the world wide web has also served as a platform that enabled one american extremist to infuriate millions overseas and to rail years of progress very important r.t. new york. well also closely phone developers course on the web site are to dot com we want to know what you think as well as to who you think is to blame for the anti-american violence in the arab world thanks for voting if you have so far this is the latest even telling us more than half of you hold washington responsible as you can see there fifty eight percent saying it's a blowback for america's foreign policy just under a fifth of you blame irresponsible american ism of folks for fueling the wrestler the future of you think rather cool and the west and muslims are the cause six percent again this remaining few believe in violence of being orchestrated by arab
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regimes so plenty of time to employ graphic arts dot com you can cast your vote now what is there to instantly occurring like footage from where the current anger erupted and which is now spreading across north africa and the middle east we've also got a timeline of the violence as it's been unfolding at r.t. dot com. the demand for a rainy in oil is on the rise despite american sanctions on an e.u. ban on the country's crude the international energy agency says to rand's crude sales are rising now edging over a million barrels a day european and he u.s. sanctions were imposed to pressure iran over its nuclear program which to ram intense is purely peaceful but iran's resources are still a hot commodity across the region with turkey china and india currently the top importers as told to chris this is a former director of international petroleum exchange is joining us on the line via
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skype from jamaica. despite the oil embargo china south korea india as we mentioned they are expected to increase their imports of rain in crude this month looks like the sanctions aren't really quite working as the u.s. plan no. well oil sanctions have always been pretty dumb. basically oil is always going to find a home at the right price what's going to happen. there's been this really just a price the iranians have not been good to accept the low ball bits coming in from people like the chinese and the indians and people who will do it with them and they've been putting oil into tanker instead but there's a limit to how long you can do that and i think we're now seeing a little been reached in relation to the oil price and that's why we all begin to flow again the international energy agency says this growth we're witnessing of iran's all export it won't last long because washington's likely then further tightening sanctions what's the picture here is the u.s. really worried about iran's nuclear program or is it more trying to curb the
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country's economic influence in the region do you think. is it my personal view about. the nuclear issue that it's been a non-issue to see considerable time and there will be no attack by the israelis without a u.s. commission and there will be no u.s. permission without chinese consent so i'm probably in a minority thinking that. how can the u.s. . both punish iran for its nuclear program and work on keeping the region thriving economically grafter all around is one of the main driving forces there good question i guess and well you've put your finger on the problem it's mutually incompatible. i mean don't forget that last week the smart sanctions the u.s. a bit applying it to the economic sanctions cutting off the. bank from the dollar says. of course i think the five percent inflation in the stake ifans in in toronto
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in the last week or so. so you know hyperinflation is a serious issue but also actions are done. because the basically what happens is the more successful the actions are the better the bargaining power of people who do not go along with the sanctions and all that will do reduce the aggregate bit in the market in quite sanctions and reduce the effects in the in the people at least reduce in the plot and factor into it i know just yesterday the i there g. watchdog appeared to run for not being transparent with its nuclear activities it was a raft across the knuckles world around take no notice. i'm not an expert on these things but i really. do. have a great deal of issue with. i'm not an expert on my given. your
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i see here chris we prefer chris cook former director of international trolling of change on the line from jamaica very nice or over the internet line wasn't quite so good but nice place to live thank you sir. ok let's catch up the business now it to me to move and has got the update for you it's not exactly twenty one minutes past eleven. but here is thanks kevin we're seeing a very successful day on the markets the days of full fledged rally actually on the markets that's on the back of the latest moves from ben bernanke has agreed he agreed to go ahead and launch a new wave of quarter to easing more stimulus buying up basically not just bonds but all around shares on the market in other financial instruments and that's something investors have been waiting for for quite a while it's been months in the making but as we've seen a batch of negative stats coming out of the past half a year this is exactly what the fed agreed to do well let's now hear from stephen
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jacobson sacks of. short term of course what happens fundamentally here is staged you make money cheaper and as such you will want to see tangible ass's live oil or gas gold overall to go off in order to have a system to reset itself so yes it will create an increased appetite but you have to remember this is almost like a science definition of insanity which is that you keep repeating the same experiment expecting different results what i'm trying to say with that is of course this is the third time we do quantitative easing included and then also we have operation twist so if they actually this is going to do nothing to the unemployed in southern europe it's going to do absolutely nothing to the growth of the u.s. the major obstacle still remains in place. well the previous wave of for q e q e two that was worth around six hundred billion dollars this is an open ended program
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so it could be worth up to a really you know at least the same as the previous program and so the markets are reacting very much for that simply with thousands of point two percent after growing one half percent in the previous session so there's a continued rally there elsewhere in the world european markets are also showing positive dynamics this news coming out from the united states is also coupled with the recently announced a buyback program and this has been pushing markets forward very much so we're seeing another one off percent in london and in frankfurt at the end of the day. now over on the currencies markets the dollar euro rate has been changing massively of the past month as you can see there go from one point two one to the a dollar to one point three one which is an extremely big change actually for such a short time now the russian ruble is also strengthening against both currencies notably against the dollar two and a half percent there and that's on the back of the oil prices take
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a look at what's happening there at one point lights we've actually breached one hundred dollars per barrel throughout the day now it's come back a bit getting around the dollar service brands at this hour and this is on the hopes that basically this new wave stimulus would create to get them on board energy and these high oil prices have been pretty supportive to the russian market today as you can see their big rally the r.t.s. gating almost seventy percent of my sex liking behind slightly if you could call a gain of four point two six percent like in mind and that's on the back of the stronger ruble cycle what's happening on the my sex outperforming world financial stocks would be to be gaining more than six percent in line with the global trend tomorrow's k. was showing electricity shares could be. showing a hefty form and served during these times of bradley gave them nine percent and
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investment holding systemic which it owns the m.t.s. of mobile phone brand number one in russia is down three percent on the back of weaker than expected second quarter. price europe is calling for unique gas prices for every nation now european commission's energy commission. has said that russia knows the rules but does not accept them europe cannot accept the fact that gas and some new member states is thirty percent cheaper than for others but the move comes amid the e.c. and t. trust probe into gazprom activities the european commission is investigating whether gas from resorted to unfair competition and price fixing and meanwhile gazprom says its business practices comply with the law country's president that's it from me and the business team for today and this week have a nice weekend i just heard him say as your birth is your birth or just maybe i did
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not make that up it was my birthday last week and i was i'm glad it was actually. the late than never thank you dmitri on the way people of his across talkers talk of the origins of the wave of violence that we're witnessing now continuing to overwhelm the arab world's coming up shortly.
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i've had two next question dates in believe me. just having one of the execution date is enough in a day to go through your life and. you know more than fifty percent of the people here if you didn't texas are not. why you know living nordoff through a snag. is a smack you know we execute our convicted capital murder we have the highest execution rate in america we're not afraid to do it we do it well this becomes a point when death becomes. our ever new hope. our get a letter your dad is due to be executed next week then as appears scary moment for you to know you can loose here one of the appearance at the end of a manner of me saying that said it's time to go. and i would lead them
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into the to the best chamber. comments trade till after they were dating. wealthy british. older. markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name to cause a report on our tea. leaves. if. you. believe.
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