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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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well with the. technology innovation all these developments around russia we've got the future covered. the largest u.s. protests yet unfolds in lebanon with hundreds of thousands of muslims marching against a film. and casualties mount as protests over the film grow and escalate elsewhere with. thirty countries. more than one hundred arrests reported in new york marking a year since the occupy wall street movement began protesters say the plight of the so-called ninety nine percent still isn't being addressed and they won't stop until it is. britain's armed forces minister as far he says for refusing to support and is ready attack on iran naval might join the largest ever war games in the strait
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of hormuz. internationally using colin live from the new center here in moscow this is by far the biggest protests of the past week has unfolded in beirut the capital of lebanon hundreds of thousands of muslims ranted against the united states which they believe is behind a huge film. reporting . who was in the thick of the rally in beirut and ending in. southern beirut thousands of people have turned out to protest the front. the first
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film that is said to have offended the prophet muhammad after the head of the cia the militant group hezbollah had multiplied his supporters to take to the streets and protest now we've seen thousands of people here the mood has been largely calm largely peaceful but again what so many people out on the street these kinds of events can take on a course of their own that we know that has called for additional rallies to take place throughout the week on wednesday on friday on saturday and on sunday as you can see their families people who have gathered here to express their frustration of what this movie is some of the chance that we have heard a word death to israel america is the greatest the devil we also heard some speeches where the speaker had insinuated that we really have to they have to this group has to focus on the true enemy and sitting waiting that israel is behind the push for these kinds of so-called islamic films would kill to put the.
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doctrinal just government and we. don't blame. we don't blame the american people an american mission well you told us we shall live in a peaceful. with us that's causes damage is to other people other atolls whether it's buddhism whether it's percentages whether it is whatever it is it should rest with jesus moses whatever you got the but that's what should be this is how we know about when you spoke a lot of people died some to believe this what is called human beings and human rights for us this movie was produced in the u.s. the u.s. government has also criticized it but we've seen a very violent reaction resonating across the muslim world again the mood here is really tense most of the people are calm their families. people of all ages and again this is really this is really expressing the anti anti. american fans are
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meant to find it in the if you are a fan of great moral character. support here people are trying to defend their religion the fans of the name of the prophet muhammad and again we really do have to keep watching to see how it pans play out but largely peaceful so far and the roots you see half an hour for our team beirut lebanon. let's get more perspective on these protests with muhammad. at the washington d.c. islamic center well many see that much of this is an overreaction muslims though say what they're doing is justified is it an overreaction and is it all really about the film. well to characterize it as an overreaction may be accurate in just a limited part of this overall unfolding scenario that is taking place across on tenants' this is actually
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a demonstration of the. penn tough feelings that the muslims have throughout all of these years harbored against. very hostile american policies throughout the muslim world and i think for anyone who is taking a very close look at this would realize that this is only the tip of the iceberg. i think this would should become a very instructive lesson for us diplomats and officials. to gauge the depth and the range of wrath and rage that the muslims have across the world towards the united states policies i don't think we could refer to any one policy that is positive constructive and progressive. emanating from
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washington towards anywhere in the most same realm that includes the whole. swath of countries extending from indonesia to morocco there's not one example that the united states can demonstrate in its far as goodwill towards the muslims so any event this was just one issue trigger this was like that that lit a few is in the muslim psychology and. i don't know what would happen if the united states demonstrates more in more concrete terms how hostile it is towards muslims can i just ask you though you say that the feelings of very much. against u.s. foreign policy that isn't necessarily understood by many westerners who see this as a religious issue and do you think that this could add to the islamophobia that we see throughout the west actually being strengthened this could actually compound the problem when we see a reaction which many believe is
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a religious reaction. well yes in a sense it could feed into the ever growing component of islamophobia in the west provided that people that could happen if people in the west permit their emotions to take over and give their minds and rational aspects second stage or position concerning these types of events i think if if the if western public opinion can liberate itself from the mainstream media and begin to look at the facts on the ground in reality then they will overcome this type of emotionalism and reactionary posturing that can take place in three spheres the islamic sheer the christian sphere and the jewish sphere all
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of these are in intertwined these types of events what is what is needed at this particular time is a liberation from the emotionalism which translates into fanaticism in these three spheres and for a cooler minds to prevail and look at exactly why this is happening i don't see how history has merit in europe is that what you are doing there in the states are you calling for restraint and reasoning over this now. well yes of course i am calling for reasoning so that we can look at these facts in a calculated manner when no one is calling for any type of violence or anything like that i think it's the fanatics in the extreme an extremist all over the place who will feed on these types of things and this is not the time for that this is not the time where we recycle the fanaticism of certain segments of religious
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communities to serve hostile policies around the world this is not the time for that this is the time to arrest this type of fanaticism with rationalism and a rational approach to this subject once the mind is placed in this context whether it's belongs to a christian or a muslim or a jew then it will take these wild american policies that have been a process in the muslim world for the past at least sixty seventy years mohamad i'll see them at the washington d.c. islamic center thank you very much indeed for joining us live here on r.t. . the feeding on global muslim fury over the film new protests hot spots are appearing cocktails and chanting for death thousands of police in indonesia and afghanistan protesters burned cars and surrounded the u.s. base just a week since it all began unrest and violence has now spread to more than thirty
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nations around the world. with the details. police and protesters have hatched in the indonesian capital of jakarta and classes took place when hundreds of hard line is in front of the american embassy they took the police by surprise when they stopped to pulling them because until now all the demonstrations that have been taking place across indonesia which is the world's most populous muslim nation have been peaceful the police responded with tear gas and by firing warning shots to disperse the crowd but not before protesters had the chance to throw molotov cocktails to the entire and also to stiffle explosives also on monday there have been clashes in time to stop this happening in the wake of the country where at least one protester has been killed hundreds of protesters six wired to a government office building as well as to a police office and this is allegedly because they were complaining that the
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demonstrations in pakistan until now have not seen big enough media attention this one of those clashes in pakistan over the weekend that happened in the cities of pitch a laugh as well as a collage we saw protesters marching holding up banners and mourning for the american ambassador to be expelled and for a boycott on american goods and services now also there has been clashes in the capital of kabul where we've seen more than a thousand protesters to fire to cars as well as stories contain is american military installations not the united states has been standing additional security has been standing the reasons to beef up security in various cities around the region and this is only inflaming tensions on the ground with many people i'm talking to asking the question whether or not the united states is not benefiting from this violence as it now has the excuse to save some of the troops on the ground. well many wonder just who is stirring up the muslim world that's one of the
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issues we discuss with a former extremist no on the trail. against radical islam that interview with author to become it is coming up in the next hour here on r.t. . sati life here in moscow dismissed for refusing to support israel in a preemptive strike on iran former british minister for the armed forces nick harvey alleges he was fired for his objection to a military attack on iran he believes the government is closing its ranks to get rid of opposition to such a strike the surface reports a fleet of british naval power has massed in the persian gulf in an unprecedented
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show of power and the press is one of twenty five countries taking part in a twelve day exercise in the strait of hormuz and the largest wargames ever undertaken in the region now this comes as fears grow that israel is preparing to launch a preemptive strike against iran's alleged cave or nuclear weapons program now israeli prime minister netanyahu has said that the rounds six to seven months away from having ninety percent of what it would need to create an atomic bomb now these are claims that iran very mentally denies and they've also warned that they will retaliate across the region were they to come under attack nonetheless the war games are continuing and britain's contingent of both full british minesweepers and well fleet auxiliary cardigan bay a logistics vessel the hague diamond of one billion pounds type forty five
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destroyer one of the most powerful ships in the british think they'll be joining other ships of various they. the powers from the other countries in this twelve day exercise now here in britain at the same time the former liberal democrats the defense minister nick harvey has claimed that he was fired in the recent cabinet reshuffle to avoid a damaging coalition split aver a preemptive strike on iran that now he's reported to have told friends that he was fired in that region for to allow the deputy prime minister says sign up to an israeli u.s. preemptive strike and his criticisms of israel's actions could prove embarrassing for the coalition well this comes on the back of continued concerns here that these war games and the recent statements are all signs that israel and iran edging ever closer to the brink of war. arcee london well coming up later in the program. a conflict tokyo clings to powerful allies such as the u.s.
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sealing anti missile defense deal with washington made an escalating row with china over disputed islands. but first over one hundred occupy wall street activists have been arrested in new york marking a years since their corporate movement kicked off in new york before snowballing across the whole country abroad now the occupiers want to regain new momentum with mass rallies on the first anniversary. or is it the epicenter. most of the arrest came when the occupy activists that stumbled here in lower manhattan in the early morning on monday what stormed the streets it's whenever the activists mode for the most part tried to get onto the streets and participate in civil disobedience to the n.y.p.d. not even hesitate to to gather up any of those on the streets and arrest them while the the movement itself has died down ever since the activists were removed from their encampments just two months into the the movement but the frustrations are
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still the same they still remain there the hundreds of activists that we've seen out on the streets are still speaking out against the economic inequality in the u.s. speaking out on behalf of the ninety nine percent talking about and raising issue of corporate influence on u.s. politics raising issues about unemployment and the erosion of the middle class so while a year has passed the occupy movement believes that it has reached a successful point because this is become part of a national dialogue to the issue of income inequality and how wall street has too much of an influence over the u.s. politics the argument being made by the occupy activists and this is what's bringing hundreds of them back onto the street we should mention this happening this is happening just seven weeks before the u.s. presidential election to give our viewers a little bit of that problem of how this began what has happened over the past year we turks who are to you of course by now honest us to check it out. triggered by
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wealth inequality inspired by the arab spring occupy wall street a movement of the people bringing up real dialogue over the need to improve the way america runs. spilled onto the streets when the thing bankers the economy were bailed out by our taxpayer money that provoked occupy wall street what we hope to do with that outrage outrage about very basic issues that most of. akins intuitively understand. the big apple became the birthplace of the occupy movement just one week into the protests all hell broke loose. police brutality was brought into the spotlight protesters often confronted by tear gas and pepper spray even war veterans injured. faces bloodied demonstrators beaten with but tons and dragged journalists abused and arrested. camps in major cities eventually
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eradicated by officials one after another remembers a comedy park in new york's financial district it was here that the first occupy camp was set up hundreds of people made this their. thousands showing support in the fight which eventually got cleared out and stands largely empty today occupy up to the same change the format not going. well critics say occupy did not bring the change and accountability it fought for few would argue that the economic and social issues that triggered occupy have been solved about one third of the american public is either in poverty or on the cusp of poverty that's one hundred million people and yet you hear virtually nothing about poverty in this election closing the gap between the rich and poor eradicating sky high student debt bringing accountability to wall street all major issues yet to be tackled in the us
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two thirds of the u.s. senate are millionaires forty five percent of the house of representatives are millionaires we have the best democracy that money can buy an actual democracy made a little more possible with the seeds sown by occupy and stacy churkin or r.t. new york. occupy austin activist ronnie garza has told me that the movement hasn't lost momentum join the policy or is just on the gun evolution. i think that when the camps disappeared it had the appearance that occupy somehow went away but occupy is just sort of the next phase in a long progression of movements that have been addressing the same sorts of issues whether be education or police accountability or banking practice government accountability once the council in a way we still continue to organize around these efforts and hold demonstrations and try to go to our legislatures and and try to push policy we continue to try and
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push move to a man. and reverse citizens united so i think i think that we have sort of changed direction maybe changed phases since the last of the encampments but i don't really feel that it's gone away. well we'll have plenty more on the one year anniversary all. throughout the day here not including interviews with activists and those involved in the movement. spread worldwide. the ninety nine percent versus the one percent with all the money. are they getting equality into the economy. with the recession ahead can we afford not to miss. the occupy movement. on our take. and the japanese protests of hit
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china as the volatile dispute over who owns a series of islands escalates the fallout over the archipelago dispute has been widening between tokyo and beijing since japan decided to bypass china and buy the territories from private investors well this comes as washington and tokyo agreed to put a second anti missile defense radar in japan claiming it will be focused on the tearing north korean aggression or russia's already expresses concern over the latest a.m.d. plans deep inside i'm now joined by chris kanyon co-founder of space a piece well japan's strengthening of links with powerful military allies not the u.s. coincides with those aggravated tensions with china what signal is tokyo sending han. clearly the u.s. . working her. tensions in the asia pacific region. just in the past year or has announced his. u.s.
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military policy. where the pentagon will move sixty percent of its military forces into this region and it's not to worry about north korea surround north korea it's about surrounding china and controlling china as it will. most importantly of all you have access to resources to fuel economy this is the way that washington invasions that it's going to be able to control china's economy long term is by controlling its access to oil and other resources that it needs for its economy so this military expansion is part of that this military expansion means it lady needs more bases and so places like j.j. while out in south korea fishing in farming community of gang john four hundred fifty year old community is being torn apart so that a navy base can be built there for these u.s.
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warships that are going to be part of surrounding china have the same time home could now in guam or soon the expansion of us bases and even the philippines and vietnam united states is now negotiating to go back into those countries to have its navy porting again or that again there are places like can't run bay and also subic in the philippines so clearly this is a part of u.s. expansion into the region just cannot just a war isn't that excuse that the u.s. and japan put forward that north korea is a threat why is that not a founded reason. but it's not a threat or north korea has an ancient military technology when you stack it up against what the united states has today. the u.s. is annually wargaming the u.s. space command a first strike attack on china so all you have to do is follow the industry reports
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from the aerospace industry the military industrial complex and you see that north korea. public statements really don't hold water the united states is war gaming a first strike attack. so how does see beijing responding to this breach just just briefly we're talking about this huge build up and this is heating up of tensions from the u.s. point of view how will beijing react. clearly china has to expand its own military it's putting more satellites in the sky so it can look down on the earth and watch what the united states is doing it's moving it's very vulnerable twenty nuclear missiles that are capable of hitting the west coast of the united states they're moving them off the ground and putting them into a submarine so that they will have a survivable nuclear deterrent clearly the united states is intending to jack up the arms race in at the same time it must be said the u.s.
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is also doing the same thing to russia expanding missile defense throughout the. europe and into into central asia and clearly the u.s. is looking for trouble now just briefly talking about trouble what about the tensions between japan and china at the moment how seriously could escalate now just briefly i think they can certainly or. in a bigger way but i think in the end both japan and the united states are using these tensions to justify in the public's mind and to get the people in their countries their respective countries to support expanded expanded military budgets and expanded military escalation in the asia pacific region founder of space for peace don't thank you very much indeed joining me live here to do. one of europe's biggest bank goes under the hammer daniel is that our business that people in that
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story for daniel yeah i believe the government study by the public over explains it could become a good investment. the tree has been waiting for almost to sleep for the first time take a. little considers itself a little trip to the potential of. the world like the banks and those people like to be the old previous records this year even so down to five billion dollars it's a big enough offering that the market conditions have to be as favorable as possible to ensure that recent decisions by the central banks in europe and in the u.s. have to turn on printing presses have given their children their arms to the mob how the central bank holds widespread demond plans to call first their banks the divorce all over the world and also reserves ten per cent of the offering to get laid only might think hard to rush on. to the goal of getting this thing
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not to raise capital probably close to the number of private improved heartbreak done to make their bank a competitive company and of course none of this is guaranteed and even after the sale this tape will remain the law just said hold on let you keep all the cards. the traders didn't like the news but was the worst performer on the minus six today which a slightly to the jurors floats on the greenback as economies both sides of the atlantic keep disappointing and the. holders of the new i phone five in the days growing up with shares in new york both wall street is down off the last week's rally and drop today you can find more news interviews on our website daniel thanks very much and day but after a recap of our top stories we'll be back with cross talk lifting the lid on the ugly antics of presidential politics in the usa stay with us for that.
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