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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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three broadcast quality video for your media projects free video dog r.t. dot com. militants take the forefront of islamic protests sweeping the world killing ten more foreigners in afghanistan as revenge for a us made film mocking islam plus. the muslims are rising royalty to the rim of the west who want to see some of the of the sharia hardline islamist step into gear across europe drumming up rhetoric in the hopes of using the tensions for their own means and. also the territorial route between tokyo and beijing escalates off the chinese patrol ship briefly into waters around disputed islands which japan considers its own live reaction to this story short here on r.t.
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. and deaths in u.k. prisons reached the highest level since records began with the official watchdog publishing alarming statistics including shocking suicide figures. international news and comment live from our new center here in moscow this is. the number of dead over an amateur filmed the rioting islam is now more than fifty one weeks since protests began the latest victims were a dozen people in kabul killed instantly when an afghan suicide bomber rammed a car full of explosives into them any bus. reporting now from the region is covered with more on that. in afghanistan and the
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latest protests. turmoil in the muslim world over the controversial anti islamic film continues to spread with the deadly attack before that in a van a stand a suicide bomber had reportedly targeted a minibus caring for an aviation a big fish at least twelve people have been killed and we're seeing reports that there have been of those who are foreigners now an insurgent group in afghanistan claimed responsibility for that attack is b. islamiyah this is the second largest armed group there after the taliban and the spokesman said that this was in retaliation to the film that has been perceived as being very offensive to the muslim world and in neighboring pakistan neighboring turkey ghana stand in pakistan possibly changed with at least two people killed in the in the mile uncertainty in the clashes between demonstrators and police now in lebannon on tuesday the largest protest so part of the mood in the largely it has been controlled shiite territory tens of thousands of people took to the streets no
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mile in support of there but it does look like these kinds of protests will continue to spread throughout lebanon on what strikes us scheduled in the southern city on a wednesday as well as on friday saturday and sunday now we also know that the clashes have to new day in indonesia and other places across the muslim world and it remains to be seen how long they will continue before calming down lucy cough no reporting in beirut r.t. . and joining the fray is thailand where rank upon rank of rock police formed the perimeter outside the u.s. embassy hundreds more protesters marched on the compound waving banners and chanting against america embassy was put on lockdown ahead of the protests and all non-essential staff were sent away for safety similar protests have now spread to more than thirty nations around the world. just a week since it all began demonstrations involving. struck across four continents and vonage episodes have been on the rise to. with militants and terrorists seeking
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to capitalize on the anger large scale demonstrations are now planned in iran and lebanon the former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament load for new says told r.t. that decades of hard life have left people with a lot of pent up anger. the thing is if we just look at did this so-called spark for these revolts this does film i mean this is it is far more than that these are people most of these protesters are people without a job without any economical perspective having seen the humiliation of having lived under dictatorships mostly supported by the u.s. by britain by the european union for decades and basically what it is is this is this is an expression of anger of humiliation of frustration that this anger is always there this is always happen whenever there's revolved whenever there are protests people will use that as a as a vehicle for their own agenda dishpan is perfectly clear that what's going home is partly anger and frustration of many people and on the same time this is being used
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by extremist movements that's absolutely clear and this is also what happens even for you do not consider the deeper frustration most of these kids that you saw on the street are jobless didn't don't have proper diplomate cetera as long as we're in the long term we do not look at these deeper causes these things will reoccur in europe and elsewhere. well with passion burning across the religious divide there's no shortage of provocateurs a national far right german group in berlin says it wants to stage a screening of the film that began it all and that result is no smith reported something to worry the e.u. . it started in the middle east. but now the protests against a fill muslim say it's an insult to islam have spread and they've arrived in europe . at least one hundred twenty muslims were arrested at a protest in. it's no longer about burning down u.s.
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embassies in muslim countries in europe they're calling for holy war. london saw similar scenes demonstrators outside the u.s. embassy following friday prayers and up to a thousand again on sunday tempers flared and flags were burnt. analysts point out the small scale of european protests compared to those in the middle east but they say local islamists are using this to recruit new members a worrying sign. as i say mainstream extremists who want a better world groups are looking to exploit this in order to encourage young men to come and join them and try and get into a habit of protest a habit of extremists demonstrations and that's always there it's be concerned about and it's already prompted a backlash as u.s. embassies all over europe come under siege from angry muslims fall right
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islamophobia group in germany says it wants a place on a screening of the controversial film the innocence of muslims the pro-choice line citizens movement say it's a question of arts and freedom of expression but germany's interior ministry has accused them of recklessly whoring oil on the fire it's a fire the radical muslims in the u.k. are all too happy to fan the flames of the most of the rising to the rim of the west we want the strawman. people hate the american allies and i think this is a very good. cutting points for the process was sparked by the film but they've taken on a why did i mention that also about foreign policy of america and its allies the fact of the matter is the americans feel a responsibility. they had troops inside. of killed most of the occupied land and
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life unfortunately is only an insult to blame and what started as a conflict between east and west threatens to become a domestic struggle inside. r.t. . well there's a lot of attention now on how this unrest in divisions with the muslim world might impact the insurgency in afghanistan and for more on that i'm not joined by a british m.p. george galloway who's just tabled a motion in parliament demanding british troops be home by christmas well with afghans angrier than ever the taliban bolder than it's been in years more british soldiers dying would you say you finally have a chance of getting the troops home earlier than planned. well i think there's a critical mass developing in the country in westminster today both in whitehall and inside the parliament building itself there was a kind of collapse of war and more of going on a kind of sense of panic both the unpredictability of american decision making the
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decision to stop patrolling with. security personnel which doesn't seem to have been communicated to the british before the americans announced and of course undercuts the entire strategy that the british government says it's been following these last years the afghanization of the conflict. was collapsing because it's clear that the insurgency is the resistance in afghanistan is winning the war it's everywhere it's setting up courts it's collecting taxes all of which will be familiar to russian viewers of this program because of course this is history repeating itself the second time as tragedy as the first wars you talk about moral collapse in parliament but what about the efforts and the calls for an early withdrawal would that not demoralize the troops and undermine their efforts. well the troops are coming home in boxes two young soldiers from yorkshire where i represent the city of bradford just this week young men coming on in boxes for no
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purpose they died in vain the war will end on exactly the terms that it could have ended last year ten years ago and i think more and more people in the country are seeing that this is an absolutely futile exercise it was wrong from the start i said so at the time and indeed i framed my motion today deliberately saying that the troops should be home by christmas not just because that's what the british government promised the start of the first world war but it's what jack straw the british foreign minister told me in two thousand and one in the house of commons he said that the british forces should be home by christmas but of course eleven christmas as have passed since then what about the afghan people though do they deserve to be abandoned now when the security situation is so dire. well foreign occupation of afghanistan has never worked it didn't work when alexander the great
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tried it it didn't work when leonid brezhnev tried it and the current crop of world leaders are certainly no greater than those the reality is the afghanistan cannot be successfully occupied the people of afghanistan will have to find a way of organizing their own society without foreign interference and occupation we have a right to be concerned if afghanistan is harming us we have a right to be concerned for example of those extremist terrorism going on inside afghanistan but the way that afghanistan is governed is a matter for the afghans and moreover may i say that only of our wars international terrorists inside afghanistan because britain and america are in the 1980's to fight the red army on the principle that my enemy's enemy is my friend what sort of support do you hope to get for your nation where you want troops back home by christmas not just support in parliament but also from the british public what is
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the sentiment that. well the british public were against this war right from the beginning and against it in overwhelming numbers are no vast number of serviceman's families the wives and children and fathers and mothers of the young men being sent out there to die for no purpose lions led by donkey sent by donkeys into the deaths in afghanistan there's a huge number of those and many serving service personnel just want this idea that we are there because we were there because we were there this belongs in the mindset of one nine hundred forty eight the great war what about the consequences for world wide security if the troops do leave the taliban return everything has been a failure all in vain but what about the future consequences. well this wasn't about worldwide security this was from the start
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a western military adventure george bush thought he'd be on a roll first afghanistan then iraq maybe syria then maybe iran he was on a. roll and it's all gone sour because of the resistance of the iraqi people which drove the american soldiers and the british under fire out of that country and now they're being driven under far out of afghanistan i think myself but it's a good thing in america to realize that they cannot for around the world invading and occupying other people's countries whenever they feel like it that's the empire strikes back no i'm against international terrorism islamist terrorism or any other kind we have a right to be concerned about where to go back to afghanistan but of course the law in afghanistan anymore they're in syria where britain and america have said next they were in libya last year they're in syria this year and lo and behold their
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allies just as they were in afghanistan in the one nine hundred eighty s. . of britain and the united states the very people who mock the american ambassador in benghazi well the people that we sent into libya and bombed libya so that they could come to power there so that they could force there and everybody knows the americans now acknowledge that the al qaeda is inside syria in very significant numbers george galloway british m.p. joining me live there in london thank you very much indeed for your perspective on all this.
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r.t. live here in moscow the news continues now almost two hundred thirty inmates died in u.k. prisons last year alone according to shocking statistics issued by the country's official watchdog and it's also reports one of the reasons is inmates reportedly being refused basic medical care. the highest number of deaths ever recorded in u.k. prisons what stands behind the scrim statistic last year alone seventy one prisoners committed suicide by hanging themselves shockingly that includes the deaths of three miners while in custody all the deaths among prisoners have been attributed to natural causes as well as an aging prisoner population but critics say many of these so-called natural deaths are entirely preventable just this month the u.k. prison service came under fire for allegedly refusing medical treatment to daniel hole a prisoner with a rare degenerative condition from which scrubs the prison behind me the thirty two
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year old man's complex medical needs met even though the governor of the prison had given assurances that he would be taken care of he ended up on a life support machine and hospital his family are now campaigning to keep him out of prison in order to safeguard his health prison reform groups here in the u.k. say that the government is focusing on saving money rather than lives also it emerged this summer to three u.k. prisons suffer from severe overcrowding detainees are held in cramped accommodation in cells that are meant for much fewer occupants and then adding to the criticism of the country's top prisons inspector a man who's no doubt seen many a harrowing image he said he was kept awake at night by scenes that he had seen in one women's jail in london where there were up to seven incidents of self home in one day he said the government should be quote a cost under shamed at the shockingly high levels of self mutilation within women's
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prisons in the u.k. . who is more in a website or. something what you can find there roy no discover how to be treasured corpus rights in the us cannot be legally sidestepped by the authorities. health over security discover why a controversial full body scanners have to be banned from. this and much more. dot com. the sheer extent of america's cyber warfare operations could soon be revealed by the findings of two of the world's leading antivirus developers symantec. say they've identified three more super viruses modeled after these talks network that infected iranian nuclear facilities government sources have admitted washington was behind that worm. has more on the new revelations. i must say this looks very much like a classics store you've got an awful infiltration of state borders of classified
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information and more but we're not talking about people what about computer programs like the one which attacked the iranian nuclear program in two thousand and ten and now antivirus developers from russia and the united states have been investigating servers which connect to computers infected by this spyware program very similar to the one which attacked iran back in two thousand and ten and they reveal traces of totally new and still clearly unknown programs which are the same time very active especially the one called named speedy and they say what's very interesting about it is that unlike traditional spy ware which in fact thousands or even tens of thousands of computers a verse particular program has in fact only a few dozen all in the middle east in countries like iran saudi arabia and palestine and they say that it's very awake to you that these computers have the most interesting information on them and this software is none other than cyber weapons if you will so these viruses are used not to kill for money as cyber
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criminals usually do but rather to bill for information pursuits and national interests and what makes it very difficult for the specialists to identify these programs is first of all the a very sophisticated and second of all the control servers that we move around and the geography is really impressive i must say since it's europe the middle east and asia they do see they have an idea of which western state on the other side of the atlantic could be behind it but they say until they are one hundred percent sure they won't disclose the name of the country. huge naval war games are under way in the strategically important strait of hormuz off the coast of iran well ships from britain the u.s. and almost thirty other allies are taking part in exercise comes in the wake of terror promised to close the major all shipping routes. should have been. israel's prime minister is rattling his saber on american t.v. using scare tactics about iran's nuclear program for a middle east expert early believes that israel will never be able to strike if it
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isn't backed by western powers to work. your whole being. is not something new he and various members of his government are up there with similar number of questions but key thing is is washington and its vassal state soon europe going to back in is really a joke on iran without washington's green light this attack and not take place because american interests are very directly involved in the entire region so if for no doubt it's due to clear so it will long be no two no it will be the united states giving him the green light certainly will be temperature in jerusalem is high in nature meowed or and his foreign minister have been threatening iran quite seriously for the last four months and the west of course has let them get away with it i mean just imagine if any other country were threatening another sovereign
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state there would be some here wouldn't cry in international waters not in looking a severe stroke so the very notion that israel has the right to invade another country because it has nuclear weapons when israeli israel itself is the new clear but is slightly grotesque. and the three chinese patrol vessels briefly entered waters around disputed islands japan considers its own tensions between the two countries escalated after tokyo bought the territories from private investors bypassing china political analysts from hong kong professor joseph change things that beijing ascending japan a clear sign. it is basically a show that you ought to some the bolts certainly would like to demonstrate on the part of the citizens that the items belong to china day's considerable ngo and the chinese people with what they see as
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a kind of. trade a kind of provocative answer one of the japanese government to put these islands from a private owner of both the chinese government and its chinese people he believes that they have to respond and to respond strongly certainly in the threats of kind of rising nationalisms involved countries. for japanese business is billions of dollars are at stake after outraged protesters in beijing literally destroyed their shops along with their plans for a short term prosperity the country being plagued by tokyo sentiment stephen clemons from the atlanta magazine believes that the whole situation is a snapshot of the future relationship between the countries. and what we have both sides doing is probing weaknesses of the other china feels that it's do more respect and it's using issues like the island issue or using. some skirmishes over
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japan just having consented to place another ballistic missile defense system is essentially two powers squaring off and while it looks like china japan and there are certainly deep historical grievances this is really about china testing the united states and its alliance with japan and to some degree i expect these kind of skirmishes to continue for a long time be we it's games of brinksmanship it will continue to look tense intense and dense and then you'll have moments of relaxation so what we're seeing today is a snapshot of what we're going to see for the next decade or more. business now and big demand by europe's biggest lender sperm bank daniels out of business desk so what is the story though yeah this week. in the company has been twice oversubscribed from. time to move right. there it's got the ties for the financial sector is getting really strong and russia specific diet is is improving so basically we think it's a great time and i think very bank is going to be the first one of the russian
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companies that plan to appear to i.p.o.'s in the near future and i think the bank is going to set a good standard it could have played itself three three to eight percent higher i think it's very reasonable and smart to give investors some room to for appreciation of shares full force that can be. closing raise those you see all too. the really awful day again federal express this morning said profits fell that should go blaming people trading less in the crisis on the choruses the euro's still shifting to the greenback and there are two protests in europe continue writing off two percent of north korea's eleven billion dollars which goes back to the soviet union in return to invest in north korean energy and health care russia also wants to build a huge gas plant to energy hungry south korea for the north however the multi-billion dollar project is unlikely to take off while the north and cells of
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still at war. thank you very much indeed for that man in the business room daniel bushell now a recap of our headlines is coming up very shortly followed by a dose of no holds barred financial analysis from max kaiser stay with us for that .
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more news today violence is once again fled zero for these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are today.


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