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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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well i'm tom are going to washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture. there romney doesn't care about forty seven percent of americans because he says they're too dependent on the welfare state around the so called off the cuff comments the nail in his campaign's coffin and all the proof needed to show you only cares about millionaires and billionaires also ronald reagan may be a republican hero but he's played the role of the villain to american workers for over three decades how has the american worker suffered over the last thirty years
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and how can we stop the war on unions that's been plaguing america and over the weekend a nato airstrike in afghanistan killed eight innocent afghan women guess what the mainstream media was mom about it all the attack the whole of the muslim world over middle east violence why are pundits the mainstream media ignoring the real causes of much of that violence. you need to know this mitt romney is elected president the united states he plans to only represent about half of us that's the gist of some of the remarks romney made a multimillionaire fundraiser according to a recently leaked video for mother jones magazine here's what romney said in his own words. were sober so. why leave them there. will be. there are. no here how do you pay for this.
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and they will do this. for you for. you shall. we say only forty seven percent over this. so are as close as. you know you guys are talking about. every four years. so i do not worry about. my job is not to worry about those people and that's mitt romney's approach to about one hundred fifty million americans first a few things to clarify one of those forty seven percent of americans that romney claims don't pay taxes actually do pay taxes most pay payroll taxes only seven percent of the nation is non elderly and doesn't pay income taxes and that's because they're working their butts off the jobs that pay so poorly they're at or below the poverty level and then of course there are those seniors romney says have
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the victim mentality because they paid income taxes their whole lives and they're not getting their money back and social security and a lot of pay state taxes and virtually all pay payroll taxes and sales taxes so again. and second if there's one person who shouldn't be calling others out for not paying their fair share of taxes it's mitt romney the guy's a quarter billionaire and pays a lower tax rate than most working americans with with checking accounts or savings accounts or some kind of accounts in the cayman islands and switzerland seat expect mitt romney to go to take back those comments and apologize right. check it out. you're going to go away from anything you said before you're not backing away from it and you were you offended this forty seven percent you mentioned well you know it's not elegantly stated let me put it that way i'm speaking off the cuff in response to a question and i'm sure i could state it more clearly and in a more effective way. than i did in a setting like that but it's a it's
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a message without which i'm going to carry and continue to carry which is look the president's approach is attractive to people who are not paying taxes the obama administration fired back saying it's hard to serve as president when your distain for when you've disdainfully written off after nation that half of the nation is referred to by mitt romney is victims and no ways right they are victims they're victims of a thirty two year war waged against working people by the corporate elite they're victims of a financial catastrophe in two thousand and seven brought on by that very same corporate elite brought on by the one percent at financial crash sucked seven trillion dollars of wealth of working people in america victimizing them in two thousand and nine working americans lost twenty five percent of the value there for a one k.'s the working people didn't get any help instead the banks in the top one percent those very same people in the room with mitt romney got lots of help the one percent the banks got a fourteen trillion dollar bailout and today they're doing just fine and lucky for
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them that in that they rely on food stamps to put dinner on the table for their family and in at the reliant unemployment insurance because their jobs are shipped overseas they don't at the use medicaid so the kids can see the doctor but those forty seven percent of americans who mitt romney says he doesn't have to worry about those who got sold out of corporate america got bailed out they do still need help and for a man running for president the united states of all of the united states to demean those americans to say they can't take responsibility for themselves that's outrageous these comments without a doubt should be the smoking gun the prove that mitt romney is nothing more than a clue is ludicrous at running to the bidding of the billion her class. now your offer his take on this is vince collin a senior online editor of the daily caller vince welcome back thanks very much some critics have me back it's good to see you again i appreciate what you have first of all romney said you know that was inelegant i would say it differently what he said what would he say well i don't think he'd use the fact he used to because he didn't
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really help make his point at all because the forty seven percent number he was relying on was for those americans that don't pay income tax but what he's the federal income tax that's correct federal income tax and the statement he's trying to make and he absolutely did make it inelegantly is to a group of donors he wants to say look those people these talk about poll testing of this but this point about who they've decided as a campaign they're going to pursue those people who are completely government dependent or for fur prefer government dependency are not the people they're going to help me win this election those are people who are solidly in obama's camp but shouldn't they be i mean traditionally they're. the republican constituency i lived in in rural vermont for ten years and it used to just boggle my mind to drive around and hear the people living in trailers in shacks making their living sharpening chainsaws during the you know during during the winter time i mean there might be living on six or ten thousand dollars a year when they got a bush cheney sign in their front yard the two thousand and four election the two thousand election i mean that's the constituency of these people are their kids are
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on medicaid there and people on social security i mean there's a lot of republican voters in their houses just blowing these people up i think that the case you're making is the case that the democrats are going to try to mean you've made the most extreme case for how this can be damaging for romney and this case the one that you presented tonight is the one that democrats are going to try to make and presumably the president after he does i think this is the one that susanna martinez made the same afternoon the gov the republican governor of new mexico she said you know we've got a lot of people in poverty here in the right to go right and why not write them off this is a that's exactly right and romney's me in a position now where he can explain that look if you're impoverished if you're realize struggling. you have a president that is not looking out for you i'm the guy who can get you from where you are to where you should be to make their case what i said but his case i was making to a room as we know while the donors is is to attempt to try and say to them look president obama is the president of the entitlement state they want people on
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entitlements they want people dependent on the government because it begets the type of voter that support all of resident in favor that isn't and i don't i mean go back to eisenhower's letter to his brother edgar where he said you know there's a small number of texas oil guys who think that they can do away with so scaredy their number is small and they are stupid verbatim quote from the presently as he was a republican. but in this case mitt romney has made clear throughout his campaign that i would presume that he's not going to be an entitlement president i thought he did he wants and he wants to have a tie so it's really like all there's there's i think there's a lot of things he wants to do and you say privatized but the reality is of their plan ryan's plan because by the way as we both know romney hasn't truly embrace ryan's plan for the campaign he hasn't stated any plans that ryan's plan is over a long period of time to move to a system that's fiscally solvent where people can actually opt in to a plan that's like what you're mentioning the private private is a gradual private at will as of on his own social security. and he uses the example chile were a pinochet came in in a military coup as the dictator of the barrel of
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a gun forced everybody to privatizing social security and it was wiped out what i'll say about this this whole gaffe will say i think that the reality is that the media has is it does get into an echo chamber and plays something up to a degree that it believes this is completely damaging to the candidate well it's i don't know to what extent this will resonate with people because it involves an argument of a good many many conservatives already sympathize with is not enough people are paying income taxes sort of something that's that's resonated among conservatives and finally what it's done is it's revealed romney in this case for his conservative electorate it's given them a actually a lot a springboard for enthusiasm because as he says in the. same video he mentions that he's you know he's going for the people in the middle he doesn't want to tell people that obama is evil he says in the video he says he wants to tell people that they should be disappointed in their president that he's in over his head because he believes that his focus testing is shown that the only place you should be looking for votes from an electoral strategy is that narrow like a percent band and well and in fact on the radio that i was talking about this in
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you know it limbaugh is praising him for saying hannity is praising him for saying this michael savage which probably is as we speak the right wing echo chamber the at least the electronic one in the us and from what i'm seeing on the internet as well they're saying yeah you know he didn't say right but this is the this is the story you know you've got people who are feel intitled to things but this is the result much about why romney hasn't been throwing red meat to conservatives is because what he planned it he did but by by car i started to have a hidden video that's right yeah you know which by the way that's the reason that obama banned cell phones from any of his fundraisers like this obama last year they be the campaign banned any cell phones from being allowed to be brought in to these high dollar if he's going to do that but i would hope so i mean that as we have it ok so the question fans we are the richest nation on earth you know one of the thirty four o.e.c.d. countries the organization of economic cooperation of all of the thirty four most developed countries in the world that goes all the way down to like. lithuania or
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something like that you know it's i mean costa rica's for the bottom of all those thirty four countries we're the only one that doesn't say health care is a right not a privilege shouldn't we be a little bit more of an entitlement society well the consumer i mean isn't that a human right the kids or the right to entitlements i don't think that they're all right to health care well i mean to what end right the mean when you start talking about if you don't die if you get sick absolutely and in the united states you're not in a position where that's happening if you're if you're sick and you know and you're uninsured if you go to emergency room you have to be treated if you go to an emergency room and say you know i think i've got a lump in my breast they will not treat you if you're bleeding they will well you are you a fan of planned parenthood there's obviously this. obviously places that people can but by the way i don't think you have aren't as many screenings like this when current actually refer to somebody else but the advisory but the reality is there are there is civil society has created this where government hasn't created places where people can go to get this type of testing and in the united states and very in your own wishes i mean you know when the well of my apparently asserts
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a little bit well i'm sorry that planned parenthood doesn't annul bankers every absolutely absolutely so so not every problem is resolved fine that that's true so the conservative argument is or at its core you're saying that you needed not have any into it was a social security medicare that health care that these things should not my personal opinion religion for one doesn't matter but also i'm not sure on that issue i mean that's sort of up the electorate and they've made that decision over time i mean f.d.r. brought in a huge wave of entitlement programs the united states people who were never seen before absolutely they love them and that's why are they fighting against that's and that's what democrats rely on they rely on whether or not something is enduring lovable well rather not something is great i get this check regularly but what does it do there is the can sort of argument and realistic argument we see statistically that it's a disincentive sometimes depending on the type of entitlement for actual productivity in the types of things that create wealth and i don't you know well ok we'll have to continue this conversely anytime i get the last word vince thanks a lot for being with mr collins on another take on that romney's comments by the
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way in my daily take later. after the break the daily ronald reagan the day we're at ronald reagan took office the american worker was doomed dust in the face thirty plus miserable years of lower wages and bad working conditions or reagan may have started the war of labor who is keeping the steady stream of union misinformation flowing today. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call. i don't know. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot but you sir are a fool you know what that is my terrorist cells in your neighborhood all want the usa to feature in the me on limbaugh and the christian. can see your beliefs about
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the people. you know the corporate media distracts us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that sells the sensationalistic garbage because that breaking news i'm happy martin and we're going to break that. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charming welcome to the big picture.
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of the. moment. and screw news take a look at this chart the blue line shows the rise of corporate profits since reagan took office in the one nine hundred eighty s. the red line shows the decline in the share. a business profits go to workers c.e.o.'s and shareholders are doing great working people since reagan are screwed of course the story behind this chart is the thirty two year war that's been waged against labor unions beginning with reagan breaking up patco the air traffic controllers union all the way through today with wisconsin governor scott walker's
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attack on unionized public workers and the teachers strike in chicago reports indicate that the strike is now over by the way the chicago teachers union has approved a new contract with the school system teachers and students are set to return back to school tomorrow on wednesday but one thing we've seen during the strike is an enormous amount of misinformation out there regarding organized labor and in particular teachers unions here and talk more about this is bill fletcher director of field services of the american federation of government employees activist and author of numerous books including his latest there are bankrupting us and twenty other myths about unions bill welcome weatherby on the program great to have you with us unions if we look over the last fifty years or so we can and we track. income worker income and the rate of unionization you see it steadily going up until the reagan presidency and then wages and unionization both start to collapse and they they are they they always seem to follow each other is there any country
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is there any history of anybody developing a middle class without unions. not to my knowledge there's there are countries that of developed their economies. quite substantially without unions but there is a significant polarisation of wealth in those countries the the country is referred to as the five tigris and asia you have author of terror in development but you have no. nothing comparable to what we develop here in the usa or as the greatest in the greatest separation of wealth in the world we're number two there is no ok the chicago teachers strike has shown much to my dismay some really serious cracks in the democratic party can you enlighten us about that well let's start with the good news of what was fabulous about what happened is that contrary to the predictions that the teacher's union would receive very little support and be isolated they receive tremendous public support if the parents were backing them
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and i think that that spoke to a certain kind of unionism that the new leadership of the teachers' union represents so i'm i'm just ecstatic about that but you're right there are cracks in the cracks revolve in part around general issues the economy the other has to do with education there are different views about how education reform should take place in this country there are those who believe cooperation should be driving it and there are those that believe that parents and teachers should be driving those a clash and you see that within the ranks of the democratic party the other piece tom is this that round this country the failure of governments mainly republicans but also some democrats to deal with the revenue issue. this has led to a focus on how do we suck whatever's left out of the public sector how do we take away from public sector workers in order to deal with deficit so the teachers and i'm getting blamed for in this case they did quite well but scott walker turned
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that into an art for absenting and bragged about it to a billionaire donor and in a candid moment they got caught on tape right where he said that the first thing he was going to do was divide and conquer between public sector unions and private sector unions between government employee unions and corporate employee unions three did he succeed he did very well and and even though there was massive resistance as we saw in early two thousand and eleven and even in the recall he wasn't able to be defeated and i think that it's it's shameful but i think that we in the union movement we have to assume some of the responsibility that we have not spent the time and effort that we need to focusing internally on building up and helping our members understand what's really going on and then further we have dropped the ball in terms of really leading the fight for economic justice so what happens is a lot of nonunion workers say you use
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a good for union members but they're not good for the rest of us well that's actually not true but part of the problem is that when our movement is not out there fighting for people who happen not to be in unions now it's understandable that people would come to that conclusion in the reality is that when in a community there is a substantial number of unionized workers it energises economically the entire community there's a whole knock on effect not just employers competing with union employers to. a rising it wages but also there's more money circulating in the economy this rise in the living standard the unionization that we saw in the one nine hundred thirty s. and forty's was the greatest example of the rise of the living standard of a population basically on its own efforts through self organization but. bill the first president the united states to use the word strike in public was abraham lincoln and prior to his presidency whenever the word strike was used in a newspaper it was in quotes i mean they were that rare and this was in the hundred sixty s. or as a lincoln uses the word they stop putting it in quotes by the eight hundred eighty
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s. eight hundred ninety s. were seen serious attempts at unionization you know some and then you know in the one nine hundred twenty s. again well in the one thousand nine hundred really another big effort at unionization and then the whole thing falls in in one nine hundred twenty nine and and out of the thirty's comes the great flint sit sit down strike and successful union efforts that that brought about the wagner act the national labor relations act in nineteen thirty five and and then the the backlash in forty seven would have hurt but the point is that literally from eight hundred sixty to nine hundred thirty five it took that long for labor to make that case took three or four generations to make their case to the american people to the point where it just became conventional wisdom of course we're going to pass the wagner act you know and then then then people on the right who are fighting it were the crazies and are we kind of at that point again where the american people have have lost that information they they don't understand it and this might be more than just a one or two year educational process it might be
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a generational one absolutely but let's step back for one second it was less the issue of making the case. for unionization then incredible resistance by employers and governments to unionization ludlow massacre for machine guns i mean we're not so much people throwing darts or rocks workers were machine guns so it's been a long fight we are at this moment at a point where it's not just about the pendulum swing you're right we have to remake the case but we have to remake the case in the very different way i continue to argue we have to remake unionism so that regular workers look to the unions as they have in chicago and say i'm with you guys yeah this is this is what we need and we're in this together that you know even if we're not union members were as together let me show a graphic up here on the cube you take
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a look at the the red line is union membership the blue line is the middle class share of aggregate income the green line is the amount of money that is going to the top one percent that's and surprise surprise as union membership goes down the middle class income goes down and the one percent gets richer and richer so to what extent are the one percent now that we you know in eighty two reagan stopped in force and sherman act so now you've got a media that is basically controlled by half a dozen corporations you've got basically every sector of the american economy is controlled each one is controlled by five or six major corporations if those corporations represent the green line they represent that one percent how are we how are we the people going to break through that and communicate the message or break through the resistance to unionization i mean it's a two billion dollar a year industry or a union busting. through realize it's a huge question and we just have one minute from cancer i'm so cancer through the kinds of movements we saw with occupy wall street through the mobilization in
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wisconsin i think that we have to realize this is not about convincing the one percent to be nice. it's about mobilizing the millions of people who are getting cleaned every day to recognize that they have to take their future into their own hands and unions are a major instrument to do that and i'm actually quite optimistic we can pull it off i think so and i think that the chicago. chicago strike has as awakened a lot of people in america and it's remarkable bill fleisher thanks so much thank you so much and for for your great writing and your great work thank you very much like you. just. it's the good the bad of the very very human nascent asli ugly good medical
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marijuana california and jason david had tried everything to help his son jaden who suffered from a severe debilitating and even fatal form of epilepsy jayden was unresponsive to numerous prescription medications and then his dad heard about medical marijuana and its ability to control seizures and other neurological medical conditions after using c.b.d. a chemical extract from marijuana jaden when seizure free for the first time in his life and continues to improve however medical marijuana dispensary where he gets his marijuana is now the target of a department of justice investigation a federal investigation and could be shut down jayden as proof of medical marijuana is beneficial in treating health conditions rather than condemning it we should be creating the sensible drug policies that america desperately needs the bad eric bolling and yes series episode of fox so-called news is the five talking head eric bolling said that president obama has about as ration and sort of
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a koran for islam across. surprisingly that gem of a statement came after bowling continue to push the news the live from the. right arguing that the obama administration's repeatedly apologized for america to the muslim world is not true never happened ever zero after bolling's outrageous remarks fox's token liberal back home slammed his fist in anger saying the bowens are marks of the most outrageous state but he never heard. could agree with the bill and the very very ugly congressman steve king king is introducing a bill in congress this week which we're moving nutrition standards and calorie counts from high school lunch for all school lunch for he thinks that health and nutrition standards in this nation's schools are making our kids starve so they should be entitled to eat whatever they want first this isn't surprising coming from a man of stuff his wallet with donations from big food who thinks pink slime is just fine but if the congressman ever stepped foot inside a school he would see the nearly twenty percent of children in the u.s.
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are overweight or obese obesity has become an epidemic in this country which is why the federal government has tried to improve the nutrition standards of school lunch programs but congressman king just doesn't see the problem and wants to keep our kids fat just a tad his bottom line and that is very very old. coming up after the tragic events in the middle east last week conservative talking heads took to the airwaves to blame the entire muslim world for the sins of a few crazies but they neglected to ask the real pressing questions like why do islamic radicals really hate america so much and why is the mainstream media ignoring the truth behind that question.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you limp something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.


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