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tv   [untitled]    September 19, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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three. three. three. three. three blog video for your media project c.e.o. don carty dot com. back to watching r t here's a look at the top stories of ghana stamp pakistan are among the latest epicenters of anger against the u.s. while the stream astride of capitalize on muslim viewer by calling for more attacks on american diplomats. and u.k. prison system comes under fire as a record number of inmates died last year and the criticism that manny diaz could have been prevented. grows over japan purchase of disputed islands as japanese media reports that an armada thousands of chinese fishing boats and several patrol
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ships are to head toward the territory in question. amanda drone strikes have killed hundreds of innocent people in the middle east in recent years but it's more than just the u.s. behind the attacks and next we speak with carol grace and human rights activist who is traveling to pakistan to continue her fight against this lethal tactic. unmanned drones are lethal and seemingly indiscriminate increasingly used by the u.s. in pakistan as part of the so-called war on terror the pakistani authorities released a test in two thousand and nine alone drones killed seven hundred innocent civilians today i'm talking to carol grayson she's a human rights activist and campaigner who's about to go to was there a star in northwestern pakistan which is one of the most volatile and dangerous
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places on earth to continue her battle against drones carol thank you for coming to talk to us before you go tell me are you afraid i'm not afraid because i feel will be very well supported i mean i've been overwhelmed by the messages of support you know some really looking forward to going and i'm not afraid at all what effect does the use of drones have on the morale of people who are living in the us. they've got absolutely no security every day is an uncertainty. you know their child may go to school and not come home i mean for example i've i've had a video sent to me from a little girl called she keira who is now in the u.s. undergoing a whole series of operations because she was burnt in a drone strike she was actually left for dead and found by an ngo. and she's lost a whole family continued trace her family. i mean i was talking to a man who was telling me about his young brother who is nine years old who'd he'd
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been harmed in a drone strike and he said that his brother was seriously disturbed enough after this incident and part part of the debris from the drone had actually hit their family home and now the little boy won't even go out and play he's free to go outside his own home and of course the effect on children could have repercussions through the generations i mean do you think that that actually destroy or create more terror. yes well i think without doubt they radicalize people i mean when i've spoken to victims. i mean they want they want justice but because they can't get justice because their voices aren't they become very angry they don't even understand why or why they've been targeted i mean most of these people don't know very much about america they're just getting on with their day to day lives and they have no idea why they're being targeted the time their partner ministration defends these drains in part because they reduce the risk to u.s.
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soldiers of course because they have to go in on the ground they make it easier to engage in this sporadic warfare over long distances is that is that a good defense in your opinion no because the people they're targeting are alleged insurgents and i clarified that alleged now i was brought up to believe that somebody was innocent until proven guilty these are people that have not gone through any judicial system and afterwards the americans themselves often don't know who they've hit and there's huge discrepancy over the figures. we found find out that a lot more civilians have been killed but these are the people that the americans don't tell you about and they actually class these people over. so it's completely completely distance from the damaged. they also say the americans that they're holding themselves to rigorous standards and a process of review have you seen evidence of that you know and this so secretive
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that when we ask them questions about the process you know we get very little from them. and they're not accountable you know who are they countable to and no state should be above the law no state should be able to just go in and take out someone i mean they breaching sovereignty or going into the state and killing innocent people and they must be held to account for about do you think they're on the path . the u.s. the use of drones is a sign of strength or a sign of weakness i mean what does it tell us about this war on terror well i believe it's a sign of weakness i think they don't they don't understand the culture they don't understand that the people there. i mean they say they're looking for peaceful solutions i've not seen one person from from the american administration. ask is anything about peace march or even champion a peace march i mean i really feel at the moment that america is actually agitating
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to create a full scale civil war in pakistan is this being done with the agreement of the pakistani government i think it's a very difficult situation because basically the pakistani government is tied in to receiving aid from the u.s. and it seems that. publicly saying it you know it condemns drone strikes at the same time it's in a sense it's bribery from from the u.s. because. the suit is the stronger talk about taking action against u.s. drones then immediately america is threatening sanctions so it's a very difficult situation and when you talk about a peace march tell us tell us what you mean well this will be the first time to be historic because basically human rights activists journalists lawyers coming from all over the world and going into with zero stand and people haven't been into that region for many many years so the estimated we're hoping to get about one hundred
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thousand people. will be following imran khan and we're going to interview drone victims because people don't see the impact of drones on the lives of people in the tribal areas people children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder homes destroyed businesses destroyed what do you hope that this march will achieve i hope it will educate people and also with regard to our country. because we now have a drone program here and we're investing billions so we want to know where our drones are going we know that the strike in afghanistan we don't know much about pakistan we want the victims to be heard you know we want to find out the impact on their lives. i mean imran khan is the only politician so far that has really highlighted this. you know it's his initiative this this peace march so bringing people from other countries showing the press another side of his serious stand
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because it's also very positive side the people are very warm very welcoming. sharing information with this is far as they can. trying to give us a picture of what the situation is there we talk a lot about drone strikes by the u.s. but not really a told by the u.k. why is that as. initially a drone operators from britain were going over and operating out of the u.s. recently they were relocated to a lincolnshire air base the program again is secretive there's questions being asked of our government at the moment but we don't know where you know where the drone strikes are going we don't know necessarily who's been killed and it's also some people think it's a positive to have the drone industry here in terms of goal create jobs but creating for jobs creating jobs for sume and destroying the lives of others you've also made a film about circle collateral damage in iraq which you would knowledge was made
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possible by wiki leaks and its release of thirty seven apache helicopter killing and wounding civilians in two thousand and seven it was bradley manning who is the soldier accused of releasing that first you said he deserves a nobel peace prize how do you feel about what's happening to julian ourselves at the moment. quite disgusted at the way julian has been treated and i'm sure a lot of that is because of water. he was released after close contact with wiki leaks or fully support the organization i think that any campaign or speaks out on controversial issues is a high talker. a high target for. discrediting no person. i mean i understand the swedish government given over options of how to do with the situation but i think there's a big effort to to basically get julian extradited to america and i believe this is
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very strongly related to what he's been doing in terms of releasing the cables you had a vigorous and successful history of campaigning tell us a bit about that and how you came to take on drains as your latest calls basically my husband was born with a condition called hemophiliac where his blood clot and as part of his so-called treatment he was given blood from american prisons and i researched this area and what i found out was that prisoners were actually being injected with deadly viruses for reduction of their prison sentences because they were seen as the lowest of the low then key american pharmaceutical companies actually bought blood and exported it around the world. it was used in n.h.s. hospitals treatment so my husband was infected with hiv hepatitis b. hepatitis c. and later exposed to variant c.j.d. so my my brother in law died when he was twenty eight died
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a horrific death and i had this very long fight against the state and basically what i've come up with over these years is government trashing documents withholding information so you've discovered cover ups all through the system basically and then you want to draw well basically i came into contact with an investigative journalist in pakistan called. and rushing and socio political issues and one of the issues who are rushing on was drones and i realized very quickly that these people were also collateral damage and i thought and empathy because i knew what it was like to try and take on the state you know the how difficult it is to be heard and unfortunately i know a lot of the press really very very rarely see an interview with a drone victim so there's nowhere for people to have their voice heard so i thought
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it was really important to stand in solidarity and go out there and just just you know so we could both share experiences and learn from each other grace and good luck and thank you thank you very much thanks. it was the shame of it if you finish. a project like that. should the protests and even the middle east against the west make washington completely rethink. the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada after. operation.
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well. science technology innovation all the list of melanin still around russia we've got the future covered. that.
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free. downloads. freeboard you no longer videos for your media projects street medio dog r.t.e. dot com. data stand pakistan are among the latest have a centers of anger against the us while extremists try to capitalize on the muslim period by calling for more attacks on american diplomats. the u.k. prison system comes under fire as a record number of inmates died last year amid criticism that mattie death could have been prevented. china's anger grows over japan's purges of disputed islands and japanese media reports that an armada of a thousand chinese fishing boats and several old ships are to head towards the territory in question. so they have lights only back at the top of the hour in the
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meantime here's the latest sports news. hello there thanks for watching and here's a taste of what is coming up shocking star big spendings any to crash three nil by mouth open group game of the champions league. last we can win spotlight coach you know i am mary says the red and white pass alone at the nou camp tonight. welcome back scarse we rushed right off the start will shoot as the n.h.l. lockout starts to buy. but first any coach he says he takes full responsibility for his side shocks three of the feet to malaga in the champions league last night the russian club spent over one hundred million dollars the new signing token axel bit earlier this month but although the latter wasn't playing hold was all those anywhere to kneel down in the first thirteen minutes in spain here and. finding the
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net and east coast guard is second to make it three towards the end of the game. while in the other game in group c. and a leg finish told us that puts their meet some of their table. well i'll swear christiane i will now they had a last minute win it to give real madrid a three to victory over manch the city at the burn a bad result putting rio top of their group after dortmund beat dortmund beat i-x. by a single goal however despite the win we are. still had a swipe at his plays for their current poor form in the league. real madrid can lose matches locomotive wrong with can lose a minute she was fighting like animals to be honest i mean the cloak. room with. the mention good. matches like the mention. interviewer.
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wants. to pay more attention to you. because you. should be. a three time when a sports i want to. encourage big spending paris and your man russian army here for one in the french capital with. thiago silva both scoring. performers like his group for hours people from. really happy for this. obviously parties are a very good team and it's true today they are probably the best team against which
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we could play it is true that we did not sure capabilities not being very successful but i would say that it's on the set pieces they scored the first three goals. in green bay arsenal came from behind to beat french champions montpellier. failed to put my head from the spot but two goals in three minutes. gave arsenal victory because top of the great german side got a two one win over a. great. spot at moscow have the daunting task of taking on barcelona in spain rather white spot. says it will be difficult but the former valencia and are merely a coach has never beaten in twelve attempts although he is optimistic that could change tonight. when you. go in there we've come with an idea that is to win we know that barcelona are the favorite team in the group but we also want to make our own way in the group and we will not waste any opportunity to achieve that
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tomorrow we start in what is possibly the most difficult stadium of this fourteen group that comprises six games but our mentality is to win against barcelona. and last part arc's form has been erratic in the russian premier league barcelona going to the match in a rich vein of form their top of their league after winning all four of their games so far although boss are wary of the russian fit and their manager. and they are the ones i've got as a coach marie's brief and has always put us under pressure i think you'll do the same with spartak as you did when he coached valencia so this is a new team and he has known the players that long the champions league you don't usually know your opponents where well but this isn't the case with so the surprise factor doesn't count for this part of our game. meanwhile chelsea start the defense of their title with a home tie against italian jiangxi ventus the blues are currently top of the english premier league while their opponents are on an incredible forty two game unbeaten run in syria and chelsea boss reverted imitators says they are one of the
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best sides in the competition. and. some quality within the team experienced young players players. probably one of the most difficult pictures you could have picked will be drawn against this champions league. and it all trafford manchester united host turkish side gala tass writing group h. full bag could be fit for united after a covering from a minor knock watch striker robin van persie is set to make his champions league day before the red devils united have lifted europe's top club trophy in three. but were eliminated at the group stage last season and manager sir alex ferguson has failed a strong side to prevent an early exit. we don't want to be as killers who are wise you. think. for the
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past few years. the group stages has been really shameful for those opportunities for young players. future more. now and i psaki the star couple should have returned to russia to play his hockey during the n.h.l. lockout the new jersey devils forward and signed a deal with k h l side scarse and petersburg the twenty nine year old russian wing is expected to play in the game against an arm in moscow on sunday and is one of several n.h.l. stars that have decided to play their hockey in the k h l until the lockout is resolved others include you get e-mail kin and sergei gonchar and under k h l rules each team is allowed to sign up to three plays from the north american league and culture is looking forward to the experience of going to richard mills for example the main reason for choosing sky was to get pleasure from hockey to play in
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a wonderful atmosphere and to play in a team that fights for the top places and the fact the team is located near my home town to visit it is also very good as my children now have an opportunity to spend time with their grand mark. which are all now the organizers of the next winter olympics in russia's black sea resort of sochi promise that games will be the most innovative in history and have unveiled their new cutting edge lympics stamp the stamp q r or quick response technology so one quick swipe of your mobile phone across the official logo will take you to the game's website the stamp is worth twenty five russian rubles around seventy five cents and is the first of forty five which will be dedicated to the winter games. and we started where we finish with football because it's time to look back at all the best strikes in the russian premier league last night although gloms any fans might want to give this one a miss it is god's goal.
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eleven . eleven. eleven.
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eleven eleven eleven eleven eleven. eleven eleven. eleven. al al. al .
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live so that's the sport for the one couple nicer.
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