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tv   [untitled]    September 19, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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the protest unfolds in london on it with thousands of demonstrators joining as full blooded anti-matter can rally in the quality of film deemed insulting to islam. prime a french prime minister defines the publishing of profit on the cartoons as freedom of expression all explicit photos of the british royalty are taken off the shelves . also moscow banishes of the u.s. agency for international development saying it's channeling money into russia's internal politics. plus the super rich in france threaten to pack their bags as the
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government considers taking seventy five percent of their earnings in turn to amend the national budget. hello and welcome to you are too young karen taraji with you it's eleven o'clock here in moscow and tens of thousands of lebanese have taken to the streets for their second massive anti-american march in the last few days organized by hezbollah's leader experts say the undertones are increasingly political rather than religious and i challenge to america's regional clout. but more on the rally and loved. as well as other islamic demonstrations all over
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the world. tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the southern lebanese city of tire this is in line with a call that went out earlier by the his but their leader way he called for his supporters to show their anger in the first shots and in their faces he says that this form is the worst attack ever on islam not so far the demonstration is peaceful if one is a demonstration on monday in which more than a hundred thousand hizbollah supporters took to the southern suburbs of beirut now and that's why there has called for staggered protests throughout this week we understand that the next protests will be on a friday in the east and lebanese city of baalbeck but at the same time we are hearing reports of an american food chain kate if seen that for the second time has been attacked in lebanon now this comes on wednesday as clashes erupt here between palestinian protesters and israeli security forces at least twenty people were injured when the clashes erupted near
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a border crossing in east jerusalem the protesters threw firebombs as well as stones at the security forces they responded with tear gas and rubber bullets we're also seeing again protests in the pakistani city of karachi hero hundreds of protesters have stormed a barricade around the u.s. consulate building we're seeing the same kind of banners the same kind of anti american read most of it focusing on calls for the american ambassador to pakistan to be expelled now hundreds of protesters also took to the indonesian city of medan here they are calling for the united states to be punished for allowing such a movie to be made also on wednesday there's a lot of attention focused on paris where a weekly newspaper by the name of sally has published a crude caricature of the prophet mohammed we understand that some of them are showing him naked now this has. a fierce debate over the whole issue of freedom of
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speech with the french foreign minister saying that they will be consequences with guarding this publication and he has condemned these caricature as being published in the first place but we are hearing from the french prime minister that the freedom of speech is something that is protected although it's something that needs to be used responsibly but nonetheless muslims there in this country have been organizing themselves for protest so far their protest has been banned but it is likely to go ahead we know also that they believe this is a cult move and that it has nothing to do with freedom of speech french police a position themselves outside the headquarters of this magazine it's a magazine that was firebombed last year when it published an edition that mocked radical islam at the same time at least twenty french embassies are on lockdown around the world for fear that there will be reprisals and revenge attacks. for more on the controversial publication in france and the resonance in the muslim
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world let's join paula for political analyst and founder of the brussels based think tank the foundation thank you so much for joining r.t. today now certainly this publication at such a controversial time will are in the french paper a lot of publicity but is this really the kind of publicity it waltz. well. i don't think he's a search for publicity i mean on one side of that is of course the freedom of expression and freedom of speech which is a bottom of the story but on the other hand when these type of publications sometimes are published the message. that they're for other reasons possible that intrigue other kind of political calculations all the middle eastern . negotiation is to place the publication now just recently a french court banned explicit photos of the british royalty from press does this mean the muslims in say yemen will now have to go to paris court to have their
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religious feelings respected. will be there is a i think that the double standards that been applied in the presence of. confusion all the. messages to the rest of the world are one so the royalty has been now. on the other side of the moment to have been allowed by the strikes and that there was durations of these would be due to so this is a bit of a sort of hysterical reaction from the government and prince now hysteric might certainly be the word for it the french foreign minister is worried about the tension the paper stoking and understandably cell while the prime minister is defending its freedom of speech i mean is there no argument or rather agreement within the french government itself on how to react to the situation. i think he's miserable the difference of a sensitivity of these kind of letters on one side how to treat the relationship
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between the west of the world and on the other side is some kind of approach like the one of the foreign minister who was in the sun president didn't want to close down some of the cities and schools around the world i mean this shows that france's fears for what does not even recently in france who was involved in the military intervention in the square in muslim countries are not about now if the newspaper is allowed to publish islam marking cartoons and the police they say they're likely to block a protest against an anti islamic film in paris later this week why are they allowed to express their anger. because france is the largest muslim community and the president is of course very afraid that this may be generated into a strong. between this community and the police forces and he wants to
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avoid to be taken into a trap so he's trying to preventive measures like that one the beat it would be demonstration but in prayers i think this will generate more anger. find a solution for this better and i do want to add that the french foreign minister has expressed worries over the fate of the french abroad after this publication do you think our freedom of speech is more important than me citizen safety. with the two different things the freedom of speech should be granted all democratic countries are those who'll affinities should be taken to justice this is something that is. normal most of the western countries and into the usual this is very early to confront it seems. to him the freedom of the mystery is something new that may be put into danger the security of the state of the
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citizens so two different reasons to react to that in fact it seems that the french government doesn't have a common policy of these feelings all right joining us live from brussels pollard off on a strategic and political analyst founder of the brussels based think tank the cia p.r. foundation thank you for your time. well with the muslim world gripped by rage there is one big question that's being asked across america just what or who are protesting that well some are adamant it's all about the movie other artes granite city can reports no such illusions. the white house keeps saying it was just the anti islamic the. that calls the muslims wrath across the world this is not a case of. protest or wrecked it if united states writ large or a us policy in this is in response to a video that is offensive but that's a claim no one is buying the administration wants us to believe it's not the
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administration's policies that have generated this behavior it's this one idiotic piece of so-called film which is right out there for two months well it is you know you stupid film that nobody seen causes people to assassinate ambassadors to storm the embassy and the question the us media keep asking why do so many millions of muslims hate the usa but the answers they're getting are the answers very few in the u.s. want to hear if you're to point to one thing that makes some muslims hate the usa it would be. hypocrisy over democracy. while america the government now preaches democracy it has propped up authoritarian leaders but that's not the only accusation of hypocrisy that washington is facing there's also u.s. policy makers failure to condemn the violence when it suits their goals like the
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numerous terrorist attacks in syria washington seems to approve of them as long as they are targeting supporters of the government or another act of violence a rebel mob executing colonel qadhafi the u.s. secretary of state cheered at the news yes we came we saw that he died but that. washington's failure to condemn all violence equally has prompted radicals to take an even more aggressive course if most americans understood what was being done in our name in the stabilizing the middle east and north africa it would be absolutely horrified what other result can we expect these people they have no hope their economies are destroyed. they're calling for foreign invaders of course this kind of thing is going to to happen. when the tragedy in libya happened in the international community wholeheartedly condemned the attacks on american diplomats but the us for its part has been quite selective in condemning violence it could be that the white house thought by supporting revolutions by fostering regime change
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they were winning hearts and minds in the muslim world but that doesn't appear to be the case for now the obama administration constantly refers to the same type of logic film as the sole reason behind what's happening a reasoning which basically allows them to avoid addressing the deeper issues in washington i'm going to check out the video pictures and the full spectrum of opinion on the global islamic protest all at r.t. dot com there you can also find out more about the aggressive steps hillary clinton has promised to protect u.s. embassies abroad all that at r.t. dot com.
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georgia's president suspended the country's entire prison stuff you know after the thousands of people took to the streets over t.v. reports which showed footage of inmates allegedly being tortured and raped in prison massive rallies are now entering their second day one former prison worker said the authorities knew about the horrific events the president was forced to admit the incident was an affront to human rights and dignity at least tan a prison guard suspected of the crimes were arrested on the first day of an investigation because he has recently implemented highly praised police reforms aimed at getting rid of prison violence guards brutality and corruption you can follow the latest developments on the story at our tees you go to this. twitter screen of underscore our team. to syria now where two bombs have reportedly exploded near a school in damascus suburbs causing heavy casualties that's after the u.k.'s foreign secretary said it's quite possible london will start to send arms to rebel
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militias and markoff a member of the syrian social club thinks it's the civilian population that parity . every single state has sought in the syrian conflict a sort of opportunity to go in and try to influence the outcome so that it would be to their fair advantage and we all know that certain countries in the u.n. have certain economical problems and they would want probably a more favorable government in damascus and seal off the middle east as an economic region in probably hear what they see as a lot of rivalry that is heating up with the brics countries for example but actually all this has led only to destruction bloodshed and so on and so forth president assad being less popular he would have been ousted long time ago. a lot more still in store for you this hour including down block over a sign. ups between britain and the door remain locked over the whistleblowers
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asylum bit while critical sexual assault happens is discredited by expert analysis . top earners in france are thinking of making a run for it should a new seventy five percent income tax limit for the super rich be agreed the idea met a warm public response but the most successful entrepreneurs majors are at the country just when the slowing economy needs the most part he says are silly of reports. when the world's fourth richest men a frenchman bernard i know asked for belgian citizenship some of his compatriots took offense with one left wing french newspaper publishing this image with this headline the mayor of this area the brussels capital region is confirm that there has indeed establish residence here for the french tycoon denies his move had anything to do with french president francois laws one to impose a seventy five percent income tax on those earning above one million but many
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suspect otherwise and the rich have become the subject of much discussion up of their quite responsible for this crisis they should pay more than the rest since they have more me and. the people who are responsible for the crisis. so that. it depends on the rich bankers who contributed to the crisis should pay as well. along to set to soak the rich even more as he struggles to raise the money to fill a thirty billion euro hole in the country's finances the tactic of use to our own doings appreciation against president sarkozy was to say that sarkozy was the president of the rich friends of yours the income tax rates going up but on top of that where stocks and then the top tax thing went and on top top top of that we had the seventy four percent tax that's where really thinking about moving outside
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friends started but the move did go down well with everyone including some french taxpayers who fear having to foot the bill if the tax the rich strategy fails all their fears are well founded as businesspeople consider losing three quarters of their income across there simply unable to bear like thirty year old entrepreneurship in the lift that he hasn't made the jump just yet but he says he may find himself with no choice is clearly that the course. it that's that's that's found. that's found a haven in france. which was basically promotes stigmatize a sharing of success wealth and so on and france is definitely worth its taxes to a certain extent. if the don't work in my head anymore. create more value for others than i do for myself with the implementation of the seventy
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five percent and so on clearly i will relocate as an individual and become a tax it is an a for another country like belgium for example but belgians of already taken to the streets to protest against what they call a lack of morality of the rich who come to their country to avoid a certain taxes in francis case this super tax may affect as little as three thousand people out of sixty six million and if that elite minority continues heading for the door the deficit hole will only grow and a lot it may be forced to embrace the one policy he rejected throughout his election campaign stared. at us are still here r t brussels. still have for you this hour tokyo goes all in japan continues to rock the boat in a territorial dispute with china putting billions of dollars from its economy on one line. another tough break for julian assange after reports that britain and
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aqua door have had an impasse in talks over who's a bit now consoling me was a blower are the results of a recent d.n.a. test which appear to undermine a critical piece of evidence against him in sweden sarah ferguson latest. it's been three months julian assange is arrived at the ecuadorian embassy in london will send. the wrong to wiki leaks founder the person have refused to grant him safe passage saying. the rest to reach his condition if he steps out by those rules then nineteen he's remained behind those and out of the reach of the british police but the sale makes you a should continue with the pinky one year old arrived at the i could do it and the seeking asylum he did all his legal appeals. in britain now he's fighting his extradition to sweden where he thank you for shooting the section the
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so allegation now that case is being called into question recently when evidence of the present it to the prosecution in the. found to be thinking cliche rich that have been handed a the by want to feel in the phone is. found by a number of forensic scientists not to have any d.n.a. evidence linking it. to there was no conclusive evidence that the man himself had ever worn the palm dog so the case continues then healy innocent and his legal team have maintained since the very beginning that this is part of the why they can't pay again and again wiki leaks in his work with wiki leaks the whistleblower web site a fool having relief. secret u.s. . military documents will hear him burson and foreign secretary william hague has said that with that could go over the fate of julian songs remained locked in say
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three months and the wiki leaks founder is still saying it's doing really. artsy london. scandals flaring up between moscow and washington after russia's decision to end the work all the u.s. agency for international development in the country moscow says the decision was prompted by u.s. aid attempts to influence the political process side russia parties renegotiate has the details. yes it is going to zation which is being sponsored directly by the u.s. state department and it is if its primary goal is to promote u.s. interests abroad now in russia has been operating for the last twenty years to it is known that the organization has directed two point six billion dollars towards its operation in russia has been financing various n.g.o.s for example one of them is a polish school top level have said already that they will have to seize up relations in the country they have been receiving at least three million dollars annually the
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problem of these problems if you would say right now a zero zero it is important to know if that's just in all goes to the russian parliament has passed a law this so-called foreign agents law which specifically says that organizations which are participating actively involved as internal politics but are being financed from abroad have to be thoroughly investigated laws similar to this one also exist in the united states and in europe so really a whole lot of thought at the observers said that they no surprise that such a law has been found in russia and likewise in this particular circumstances of course you also have cause some human rights activists in that in russia for saying that this will provide an enormous blow to the human rights situation in the country where is also there are people for saying that this particular development is actually beneficial to the country. to be just really sure russian government is doing what it's meant to do according to the constitution namely protection the
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country's interest and sovereignty is the first of may become another stumbling block in relations with the u.s. but washington only respects strong partners to this stop or others like it will make the americans be more attention to russian interests. not being you know it's important to know the minister of foreign affairs have said that they're ready and willing to work with the usa i see it and it's after a few minutes here in capacity that is to provide aid to third countries in all matters to military and as long as the. agency respects rational why it does not meddle in russia is a trait of politics dozens of and pam protesters in china have surrounded and attacked the car of the u.s. ambassador to the country during a demonstration the other chap and his embassy the diplomat was left on harmed and an investigation has been launched into the incident on monday u.s. to plan secretary leon that i think in this style defense plan with japan which will host a second u.s. radar the deal comes in the wake of violent protests in china after tokyo disputed
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islands beijing considers its own from private investors shoot geneal a professor of economics at the university of nottingham says the us military are fanning the flames. although it's called differences between china and the united states chinese don't believe all the american music doing you try to make trouble for time and because of her take on the car is probably just depression. time is mine. for a very serious rise in the us a just particularly a moment to talk to bear nobody. tom plays newsies way you get very angry made me actually talk about it here not the time when trying to educate him he's not doing a very intensive situation. you can embody. cajun in another term it may reduce it to aging is not intense. look at some other international
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headlines in brief for you this hour and how sarah the anger has spilled out onto the streets of athens once again retired military officers and orthodox clergy marched on the country's parliament to protest the government's economic policies they rally comes after a wave of strike which saw judges and doctors stage a walkout interaction is also planned by labor unions next tweet. face shuttle endeavor has been seen in the skies of florida for the last time as it embarked on a cross-country farewell tour before retiring to a california museum the shuttle is riding piggyback on a carrier doing low level fly overs of several nasa sites the space agency formally and to the shuttle program two years ago with the remaining spacecraft to be given to american technology museums. he's close to saying it's
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russian interest details in our business to ask what's the story and yes rush is all major roads now closing in on t. n. k. b.p. the state funds reportedly barring fifteen billion dollars to buy the british french or from b.p. president vladimir putin held a surprise meeting with b.p. rosneft executives late tuesday in sochi talks focused on expanding b.p.'s presence in russia with the british firm still eager to have some lucrative foothold here the euro swung into gains of the recent losses the ruble also close to the single currency as you can see there in new york heading up there after an op and dell week that's better than expected us home sales prices some three dollars this hour on saudi production rises that russian energy stocks in particular as you can see the obvious have a sickly or fall day russia second biggest lender v.t. b. has announced plans for a two billion dollars secondary public offering it follows rivals which successfully privatized another stake this week putin has hailed burbank's
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profitability. position as. we have finalized the sale seven point five eight percent in spare bank sure over five point two billion dollars it's one of the most profitable returns in recent times after companies like apple every one hundred dollars invested in spare bank a decade ago have brought the main shareholder the central bank three thousand seven hundred dollars that's a very good profit and shows the high potential of russian financial institutions and their investment attractiveness. also attractive to invest in a supermarket joint magnate which is still its sights on catching britain's tesco by selling its first form did over a year that will fund continuing rapid expansion the russian retailer recently overtook france's call for as europe's biggest growth second only to tesco virgin markets growing much faster than the west euro zone retail sales fell another one percent in july that. the latest news and interviews on the web site all right
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thanks for that update on al cross talk is up next right after the headlines. culture is that so much of a given to each musician are you trying to close it when times the time comes to leave should the protests and even violence in the arab middle east against the u.s. make washington completely rethink. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. download the official application to cell phone use your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch our team any time of the.


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