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tv   [untitled]    September 22, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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deadly fury in the arab world believe in the store islam is test which is in a backlash against last week's killing of the e.u.r. some by saddam while seventeen are killed in pakistan during clashes over the us made under islam fell. so people are taken into custody in georgia as protests over alleged torture and abuse in the country's prisons continue. thousands are said to march in scotland's top so to democracy the nation goes it alone independent of the u.k. .
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news from russia and around the world this is the with me you lash about our thanks for joining us thousands have taken to the streets of libya's second city have been ghazi to demand an end to the reign of armed militias three people have been killed and over twenty injured outside and islamist base professes a vixen several brigades are setting buildings and cars on fire while militia members shot into the air to try and disperse the crowds the killing of the you are some bastard to leave and three other americans are which one of the armed groups is suspected to be responsible for sparks the violence the deaths of the u.s. state department officials occurred one angry crowds bounced the american consumers to the ground in uproar over the u.s. made film that most of the prophet mohammad the islamist militias are a legacy of the. uprising that killed mommy khadafi they are accused of carrying
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out extrajudicial killings and journalists and meanwhile says the u.s. foreign policy has destabilized the reach. the cause of what we're seeing here today is many decades of foreign policy. interventionist type of occupation in countries around the world the middle east is just another region that has been destabilized as the us who really play the role as the front in the international spread of democracy on behalf of western intel the u.s. has built you know over nine hundred bases one hundred forty five countries around the world spreading democracy at the end of a gun barrel or with drones flying overhead forcing citizens that never asked for the and for the u.s. invitation to come to the envoys to come into the into their countries to democratize them is what is causing these these conflicts that you're seeing today this crisis is warranted because of u.s. foreign policy in the interventionist style the tactics that are you looking utilized in order to occupy these nations and create chaos out of which
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centralization is the desired goal. meanwhile in pakistan at least seventeen people were killed on friday in protests over the u.s. made on to islam fell the government declares the day for the prophet date but it did not stop violence from breaking out throughout the country and as tried to breach the u.s. embassy and clashed with police in the pakistani capital diplomatic area police used tear gas bottles and fired bullets into that to disperse the crowd and the northwestern city of bashar why around page and crowds set fire to cinemas pakistan has seen almost a week of violent protests over the u.s. made film the innocence of muslims crowds also riot in lebanon after friday prayers and for foreign policy analysts that name since the end to islam film is breeding extremism. this is to all extents and purposes jihadi. video. we've seen. the u.s.
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government has. in some cases successfully pressed you to you to suppress what they consider to be charges recruiting going years in the west even in parts of the us government there is a prejudice against muslims which is reflected in u.s. foreign policy and he contributes to the atmosphere which these events are unfolding on pakistan there's the issue of drone strikes that is that are overwhelmingly opposed by pakistani could pinion by. political party stands a bully by the government this is a tremendously resentment in pakistan against the united states unfortunately the military and the cia it had the whip hand to this policy even though many former and current u.s. diplomatic and political officials believe that the car that the drone strikes are counterproductive are causing united states more harm than good. still ahead here
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this hour i'll see a hero to some a terrorist to others while the former hamas prisoner becomes a symbol of palestinian resistance many in israel safe sending the wrong message to young people who have the details. do you was taxpayers are contributing more to the israeli defense budget than israelis themselves more details later in the program. georgian police have arrested for protesting as public fury flared after leaks of videos showed in mesa one of the country's prisons being tortured and sexually abused by guards despite the resignation of several georgian officials and the nation's interior minister demonstrators say they won't rest until every one responsible is held to account prison guards across the country have been replaced with police officers but inmates say they fear the baton is his work and some professors have already compared the case with the u.s.
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treatment of detainees at guantanamo bay is going off reports i can't see. i the stories continue to unfold here in georgia oh the interior minister has resigned and our team has to meet with the battle started all this the former staff member of the guy the prisoner who released this shocking foraged georgia authorities still claim that they didn't know what was going according to the grads this is not the case at all saakashvili was fully aware of what was going on the ball when uncle i was appointed minister in two thousand going to a system was very far from european standards then saakashvili appointed the fertilizer minister which is alive started taking very tough steps he would change security forces to prison he would break into prisons and beat up him. even himself would often be there with a camera filming everything and i think he should use videos to saakashvili in order to show him what kind of person really have built. it was going to be look as
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though in belgium he's asked for political asylum when he claims that georgian authorities are still looking for him while he says that for anyone who wants to work in the security services be police or the jail system in georgia no criticism of president saakashvili is allowed he just did it for entertainment if you knew me and had something to do with politics if he was saakashvili as enemy he would pick him up with this system is extremely politicized if you work in the prison system or in the police you must be loyal to the psychiatry regime no criticism is right you should either leave or they were here he enjoyed torturing her helpless people here in town this one c.t. you could see prison here and nobody you have to concede this is why these videos caused such an outrage in georgia this is why all those young people are protesting
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because also says that president saakashvili is purely an american project and washington will do everything for him to remain in power here in georgia the crowd themselves says that he decided to show this footage to the world for everyone to see how the georgian leader really treats his citizens. thousands are said to march for independence in edinburgh this weekend with people flocking to the capital from across scotland while the nation's leaders says the deal on the referendum to break away from the u.k. could be hammered out by nate october make a career surprise the event taking place in edinburgh is being chanted as a stepping stone to the referendum to be held on independence in two thousand and fourteen the organizers of all similar demonstrations take place on the annual basis building up to that vote it beats china game some momentum on the issue was also stress not going to be supporters of the scots. national party in attendance
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also like see those who normally vote for the labor party for liberal democrats or conservatives any issue indecision when it comes to independents likely to be thrashed out here in the building behind me in westminster and here is where alex town the head of the scottish nasa party just this week met david cameron the prime minister he also though sam received you from the work and pensions minister he said and the scottish national party wouldn't be able to handle the welfare state independently as something that sounded supports as a said is a soul thing and attitude that really few calls for independence are top of the hour on the main issues it is fueling the fire when it comes to independents has been handily in westminster finances on the back of the financial crisis something has received a lot of criticism and underpinning all of that off shore north sea all revenues
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expected to earn about thirty four billion dollars on an annual basis and that's something that scotland and its populace seem increasingly wanting to get their hands up and gail only the guy who's campaigning for scottish independence says without the u.k. a nation can make decisions based on his. so with independence one of the biggest advantages is the ability to create feed of society the ability to do is to design our financial system the ability to design our own welfare system in scotland we've gone down a different path we have the education we can see the prescription charges we are full the same are far more on construction and job creation and investing in in the economy scotland has massive potential in the new renewable industry and in fact the scottish government has just invested a lot of money in the green industry so in scotland we're choosing to do in a different path and we've done really well in the areas where we come from so we
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have to. go with what westminster do and about to be one of the biggest advanced independents will be able to do so so the different virtues in all the other areas of competency which we don't currently have. and our online news team is keeping you up to date with a bounce in scotland on altie dot com and while you are online check out some other stories about. american media losing the trust of the people as in my drawer a sea of americans i have stopped expecting mainstream news to be objective. and say here pays this punishment that became famous for blushing and nineteenth century france looks to cash in on the fiasco. in bahrain security forces have fired tear gas and stun grenades at anti-government demonstrators at least twenty nine were arrested shi'ite protesters are calling for
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an answer what they call discrimination by the sunni molokai on wednesday bahrain's leaders agreed to accept most of the u.s. human rights recommendations pleasuring to suppress violence and improve treatment of political prisoners more than fifty people have been killed and the rest which has been ongoing so every time i don't ashcroft as an defense analyst i also fear they. at the bahraini government is called prating would be your question. i think he felt they were going to continue to repressive measures and if they appeared that they were going to cause people so choose that's just got to because we don't risk i believe. it was a particularly if washing. your feud i think states your heart there as well in where the headquarters of the fifth u.s. fleet if the persian gulf located the bowery i don't think that the hero for barry
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these two with this is to try to coax. people christine freedom of speech or the shia by your. peers like yes they are called to see the. their equipment they should we need of course that they are going to try to follow them try to relax their repressive over the majority of the bahraini population but it's just for the media for public upbeat the old for the west. while greece is a land finalize the details to convince global lenders to release more cash police are investigating thirty two politicians for embezzlement it's part of the government's tax evasion crime down to raise vital funds and social and political philosophy lecture panicky autistics here is billy's a new initiative will do little to help the country's economy. a large parts of the political class here in greece are in very strong ties with the business elites was
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a media elite and the business and so i'm not i'm not this sort of that this i suppose the crackdown on bronson will bring back sound confidence in most. citizens do they have been of their own governments to deal with terror and problems i think that most of the plants from the bottom that got government to deal with the problem. well again increased taxation on the group who are actually paying taxes lot is a wage earner and that has been the most of the one of the german tax reforms made in place i think they will also raise taxes and on the professional classes that means doctors lawyers etc but the very big problem of legitimate science or reduced taxes and for big business for example so this is being industry interest will remain in gloom or over the cure and problem with public revenues in greeley as much need to do with the recession rather than with actually losing. the harsh
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reality of the financial crisis echoes now in another european country portugal thousands of demonstrators rallied in portugal to protest their government's austerity measures police shot rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd three people were arrested during the clashes with no injuries reported it comes a week after more than one hundred fifty thousand people took to the streets to protest the new cuts. some three hundred twenty six turkish military officials of officers i should say have been found guilty of blotting a coup almost a decade ago three top ranking generals have received twenty years turns out they denied the charges among which were blowing up historic mosques in the capital and sparking a conflict with greece the trial was being closely watched as to why they'd encroachers on turkey's secular principles i wish the military is seen as the main enforcer. the right means have to be called into a suburban dash time when around four thousand party goers turned out to teenagers
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birthday party they threw stones bottles and even bicycles at police who had been put on standby out of the party in the station went viral on facebook the girl forgot to market event as private and had to flee her home after a one hundred thousand jesus said they'd attend. the us taxpayers contribute more to the israeli defense than israelis themselves that according to the country's former defense head america spends over three billion dollars a year which is eight million a day on israeli defense despite the fact that israelis one israel is one of the thirty richest in the world but you are senator mike gravel says the majority of americans are simply unaware of the way their money's being spent. i don't think that the american people are fully aware of this level of commitment involved with israel this concept that they've got to put a red line for iran iran is not
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a threat to israel never has been employed in fact mitt romney is being backed by getting you know because mitt romney has said that he would go to war with iran the moment he's elected and loves to say that iran is a existential threat to israel these are warmongers these are unstable people with . their approach right could project the world into a world war there is no reason to attack and there's no reason in point of fact to to foist these sanctions on iraq iran has not done anything to harm western europe or just armed united states and so yet we retaliate in the end this with sanctions which are essentially war by another means. after hamas prison
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a home to me was released in a political deal with a zero and she became a symbol of palestinian resistance and how on land and how recent waiting to find a prisoner same landing a job as a t.v. host but as always point to see a cruise critics are lashing out saying her rise to stardom is sending the wrong message to put a scene. if we find a few is across the aisle or blown into this talk show to me it's prison time for them to me as a human a symbol of palestinian resistance against these radio keep ation cost on the hamas affiliated al could stevie it highlights the fate of palestinian prisoners in israeli jails one of them a topic close to the heart of its young present back in two thousand and one on this busy intersection in downtown jerusalem was one of the most popular pits of restaurants in the city. it was just after two o'clock in the afternoon when atlanta mimi say goodbye to a suicide bomber and left him to his mission it was the busiest time in the summer
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holidays and the restaurant was packed with schoolchildren and their parents fifteen people died that day in the suicide bombing had helped plan another one hundred thirty wounded one is still in a coma we want to mutal i will. listen i know that you are liz. see the both sides see what it's happened before many do close the. this is what. to do to fight. was sentenced to sixteen life terms for her role but in the end a hum served only ten years of her prison sentence in october last year she was set free doing a deal between israel and hamas in which one israeli soldier gilad shalit was exchanged for one thousand and twenty seven palestinian prisoners yet you must not dismiss the one all of us one hundred fifty women prisoners were crowded around the one prison radio i knew they would read out all of the women's names first when i
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heard my name i was extremely happy but it was mixed with sadness for the women who were not being freed that i couldn't sleep for forty eight hours until we were least. excel to jordan where she received a hero's welcome much to the chagrin of the family she'd helped kill she was able to pick up her life and wait for the man she'd meet only once one in prison and fall to marry. i remember every single detail of our first meeting she came to visit me in the prison and when she saw me she started crying because jenkins i will never forget she said finally i did the second dream of mine the first was to come back to palestine and the second is to see you in his own was serving life for killing any israeli settler the two are related and are had grown up hearing stories about her imprisoned cousin he too was sick freak in the same prisoner exchange deal. no i was not surprised she was part of the
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exchange because i knew hamas would never sign a contract without her name i was guessing too that i would also be released but even after i heard my name read out i couldn't believe it. a few months later the two married in freedom and unlikely waiting because of the bloodshed that haunts the past for me it's difficult to hear this. if the right way is to say it's lost. but they feel that it's not sure if. it's a message. to all the fullest in the world people that want to be. to us and there's our this is a love story that stood the test of time but to the families of those they killed it is enjoying insult to the memory of those who died here r t i'm on. here with r.c. and coming up later in the program are you say following. not enough is being done
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on the part of the government and there's too much public interest in everybody's private business it's more of like a cultural thing i think everybody just wants everybody's stuff assays resident to head the streets of new york to find out even numbers being done to keep our online bank and shopping accounts safe from happening. the case plans to freeze social support is causing alarm among the growing number of people in the country who are finding it hard to make ends meet welfare payments are set to stay of the same level for the next two years despite inflation. explains. it's areas such as this one london's tory are no a state that have been bearing the brunt of the british government's austerity drive already more than one in four children here in the u.k. live in poverty and sadly that figure is only projected to increase according to the charity save the children it's the u.k.'s households that live in severe
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poverty that have to struggle on under fifteen thousand pounds a year to feed and clothe a family of four even so the coalition government says that they need to lash. out on the welfare bill in order to cut the national debt by twenty fifteen now the british chancellor george osborne is reportedly considering freezing working age that. if it's in order to hit that target working age benefits they cover everything from unemployment allowances and other financial support for families that live on me go wages but critics say that it's a devastating blow to britain's poorest families we're already talking about groups of people who are squeeze are struggling have had their living standards affected over the last couple of years because of what's happened in the global economic
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environment and what's been i think i said to him and if this change or something like it was to go through we would see those living standards further affected for the worst at the moment welfare payments are linked to inflation and that is increasing much faster than wages back in june prime minister david cameron said that it's unfair that the awnings of the people that do work in the u.k. are increasing much more slowly than the benefits of the eight percent of the british population that is currently out of work now analysts see another group being dragged into this and that's the so-called we used middle that are currently struggling would be increasing costs of food fuel and clothing what we've seen recently is that he has increased. for everyone but particularly for families that are in work so this isn't just a problem that we see. for a particular group within the population actually we're seeing this creep across working on workplace households where seven million working adults here in britain
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struggle with the basic cost of living and it's areas such as these where the trickle down effect of stretched pay packets and a benefits freeze are going to be devastating. both crowds of people eager to get better hands on the new i phone five just few know that apple is now researching new ways to how precisely just the way you use your device but some are fighting by computer groups from around the world are now teaching people how to keep the privacy of our hands off these resident lower half of his finds out if people in the big apple know how to protect themselves. security professionals in half around the world are holding classes in cryptography to teach people how to protect themselves in the digital world how concerned are you with your virtual privacy this week let's talk about that are you worried about
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your privacy online or on your computer or privacy very. many people are crazy you know and i know that behaves he's going to just signed up for it in a banking because he was always concerned that someone was going to steal is money but i think it comes out of convenience it's easier just to go online and check everything. it's just a bit scary did you use a password that is your pet or your street name or something like that just. because that's an easy one to get yeah what do you think is the biggest villain out there in terms of invasion of privacy is it the public at large the government hackers. i'd say not so and not enough is being done on the part of the government and there's too much public interest in everybody's private business it's more of like a cultural thing i think everybody just wants everybody's stuff you know yeah and it's weird that companies are making money off of people's private information
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that's to be expected if they can make money they will give me information in. my name maybe if. that's all what about on your computer though do you have sensitive files something. that maybe better think about it yeah i think about it. you can encrypt it would you take a class to learn how to encrypt and you don't care that much. do you keep any personal back on your computer yeah you know what would you take cryptography class to learn how to protect it more. probably not no. the study it yeah why do you think people don't do more because i think. maybe we expect it's going to happen to other people and never to ourselves the same reasons we poorly and don't accept that the same reasons we don't protect ourselves are you suggesting whether or not you're concerned about your digital privacy the bottom
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line is that virtual world is swiftly becoming what the real world says a place where big brother and bad forces might be watching you. and in a few minutes we'll talk to a former u.s. governor wrestler and navy seal was hoping to run for the white house in twenty sixty.
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download the official publication so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch on t.v. any time any. party is sitting down with jesse ventura former governor of minnesota former navy seal former professional wrestler ops are and best selling author it's very nice to see you back in our new york studios great to be here now jesse you've recently announced that you are considering participating in the presidential race in the year twenty six do you as an independent candidate because of course you believe that the two party system was crippled and corrupt so watch what better timing than now why not do it this time around well because it would take too long you have to build for this seat.


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