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tv   [untitled]    September 22, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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theory against the u.s. in one country spills into another we can't libyan militia suspected of killing the american ambassador is targeted by a mob in bengazi. georgia police lose patience with protesters with the first reported around stands up to over a video showing prisoners being held were thickly of used by guards. dozens of peaceful demonstrators are arrested in bahrain as police take down a march by government promises to please come out repressing activists.
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and stepping out for scotland huge crowds gather in edinburgh for the latest in support of the split from britain. though and welcome to our team where we bring you the latest news from around the world twenty four hours a day seven days a week karen taraji well u.s. diplomatic missions across the muslim world are being targeted by more anti-american protests which are now into their second weekend tens of thousands of nigerian muslims have held a peaceful march in the country's north in the capital of bangladesh hundreds of protesters have crashed with police scores of people are said to have been injured in the violence fresh rallies are also taking place in pakistan where at least nineteen were killed on friday. and in libya nine security officers have reportedly
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been killed in clashes with gadhafi loyalists overnight demonstrators venting their anger at the bases of islamist militias suspected of killing the american ambassador to the country the prime causes cited as the u.s. made a video which saw hammad some observe their safety seats which so. the cause of what we're seeing here today is many decades of foreign policy that backs interventionist type of occupation in countries around the world the middle east is just another region that has been destabilized as the u.s. who really play the role is the front line using the international spread of democracy on behalf of western intel the u.s. has built you know over nine hundred bases one hundred forty five countries around the world spreading democracy at the end of a gun barrel or with drones flying overhead forcing citizens that never asked for the and for the u.s. invitation to come to the envoys to come into the into their countries to
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democratize them is what is causing these these conflicts that you're seeing today this crisis is warranted because of u.s. foreign policy in the interventionist style the tactics that are you looking utilized in order to occupy these nations and create chaos out of which centralization is the desired goal in georgia for protestors have reportedly been arrested as incensed crowds continue to rile against the prison abuse scandal it was sparked by a t.v. broadcast of footage showing the torture and rape of inmates by guards and a georgian jail protestors want the prosecution of several officers who resigned over the outrage in corpus christi over ports from the georgian capital. the protest in bill e.c. are continuing there are more arrests over the night still clashes with the police i know that a group of activists tried to break through a police ring around one of the government buildings and people are demanding the arrest of the former interior minister you resigned after these shocking videos went public but many here say that's not enough they want all the officials
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responsible to be prosecuted in fact the shocking footage of the alleged torture and sexual abuse of georgian rates by the authorities is widely complete here that from guantanamo except cows us terror suspects while here we're talking about ordinary georgian inmates that's why it's causing a huge wave of public anger on friday a group of journalists was allowed to enter the. prison one of the main ones in the country and spoke with some inmates and they say that they're still afraid that the abuse is going to continue even though president saakashvili has temporarily substituted the staff of all prisons across the country with police officers early argy managed to speak with the man who started all this going to be the belief these videos used to be senior staff member off the prison he claims to have filmed many of these videos himself on the orders of the head of the prison and he says that he didn't want to get involved in politics but he just wanted the whole world
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to know what secretly going on across the whole country also says that the interior minister himself shot some of this video and showed it to president saakashvili either god also released some of the details about how the inmates were chosen for this abuse he says that sometimes they were just random people but often they were the ghosts in opposition to president saakashvili all of this is a major blow to the georgian authorities afterwards to create this image of a transparent and western penitentiary system and it's also a blow to their personal image as well since the voluntary election is coming up on the first of october and according to some polls we counsel. really and truly for you have already lost up to twenty percent off potential voters. with the fall interview with the man holding that disturbing footage demand a bit of concert online now. anti-government arrests and bahrain are sparring activists to call for more demonstrations after twenty nine people
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were detained in a rally where police used tear gas and rubber bullets grain shiite majority have been pushing for better theme and rights from the ruling western backed sunni minority center of a two thousand and eleven more than fifty people have died in the crackdown since key opposition figures have been jailed including movement leader not the overtop or attending marches and balance support bahrain this week accepted most of the un human rights recommendations pledging to go easier on the testers and improve the treatment of political prisoners but inter-national fares analysts liars are still fears koreans only cooperating to show. i believe that they are going to continue with their repressive measures and if they appear that they are going to cause the those issues that's just got to be cause may take it we don't receive i believe. the worst particularly if washington strategic ally of the united states.
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trading partner us will it where the headquarters of the fifth u.s. fleet in the persian gulf located the bowery i don't think that the hero for barry has the least through with this to try to keep it like it was for people kristie freedom of speech over the shia but you're. appears like yes there are. a sceptic there equipment patients that need of course that they are going to try to follow that implement them try to relax their we precede over the majority of our a.b. population is just for the media for public appeal for the worst. and there's our love. the story of two former hamas prisoners freed early after committing atrocities and how their lives have changed in contrast to
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the destruction they're left behind. the scottish push for independence is seeing about five thousand supporters gather in edinburgh and there's more to come as nationalists try to convince fellow scots that being in burns a drain on their success here is artie's check agree the event taking place in edinburgh is being trumpeted as a stepping stone to the referendum to be held on independence in two thousand and fourteen the organizers want similar demonstrations to take place on the annual basis building up to that vote trying to gain some momentum on the issue any issue indecision when it comes to independence likely to be thrashed out here in the building behind me in westminster and here is where alex down the head of the scottish national party just this week met david cameron the prime minister he also though sam received a bitter rebuke from the work and pensions minister he said that sound and the scottish national party wouldn't be able to handle the welfare state independently
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as something that sounded supporters the said is assaulting an attitude that really few calls for independence are top of the hour on the main issues it is fueling the fire when it comes to independents has been the handling in westminster of finances on the back of the financial crisis something has received a lot of criticism and underpinning all of that off shore north sea all revenues expected to earn about thirty four billion dollars on an annual basis and that's something that scotland and its populace seem increasingly wanting to get their hands on. independence campaigner gail lythgoe scotland needs to break from the u.k. to achieve its political and so. goals so with independence one of the biggest advantages is the ability to create a better society the ability to do is to design our own financial system the ability to design our own welfare system in scotland we've gone down
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a different path we have the education we could free prescription charges we're focusing mark far more on construction and job creation and investing and in their economy scotland has massive potential in their new industry in fact the scottish government has just invested a lot of money in the green industry so in scotland we're choosing to die on a different path and we've done really well in the areas where we have come since you are so we have different parties you know what westminster do and about and we want to the biggest advanced use of independents which will be able to the different parties in all the other areas of competency which we don't cut and we haven't. suit some other world news in brief for you this hour finding between a government forces and rebels continues throughout syria with most of the pilots reported in the country's financial will love meanwhile the military claims its border and all the city of hamas' writing also continues on the country's border
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with turkey where opposition fighters seized an important crossing on wednesday on qatar has evacuated the area and deployed military personnel in response. ecuador says it's ready to transfer julian assange to its embassy in sweden so he can respond to sex crimes allegations spacing there however the move would require authorization from the u.k. it working weeks editor has been holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london since june he was granted asylum last month the son fears that if he was sent to sweden he would then face onward extradition to the u.s. to stand trial for espionage. a senior iranian military commander has claimed a war with israel it will eventually happen stressing about it would only lead to destruction of the jewish state the statement comes during sacred defense week which is under way in iran the two countries have exchanged multiple threats over talk wants nuclear program but just claims it's completely peaceful.
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afghanistan has declared a ban on all printed media coming from neighboring pakistan saying it serves as a means of propaganda for taliban militants all pakistani newspapers in eastern afghanistan are to be confiscated by the police as tensions run high between the neighboring states after kobol demanded a stop to cross border attacks pakistan however says it only targets militants that escape its territory. still ahead are you worried about your cyber safety. or what the brothers see very. many people would raise you know in the. there's too much public interest in everybody's private business it's more like a cultural thing i think everybody just wants everybody's stuff our resident sets off to discover just how far people will go to protect their profit from this story and much more coming your way after the break.
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trimmings in this tree even for specialists a voice can produce several sounds it warms. the art of throat singing comes naturally picked up like a language. a language of communicating with nature it said that's where throat singing originates from. believes not only animals but also surrounded objects like reverse
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forests and even stones of souls imitating the sounds they believe can capture the power of nature. there are special instruments that accompany the singing guinea says there is even a legend about his instrument a gill it says once there lived a poor shefford who had the best horse that won every competition but jealous people killed the horse was revived as an instrument. of so pitiful is goes. of the horse came to his dream he said make an instrument from a tree the sounding board from the leather of my face the strings. and to remember me make an engraving of my head of the instrument he did so i called the instrument again which means come back and this melody on the instrument is called craw you
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began. to fly as one of the most famous groups in the republic their next goal is to tour prove what they say for you or opinion since difficult to pick up and sing so i ask them to teach me r.c. if i can do it little you cheerlead of the. cerro you share their order that was sure they can out to was you think gang are all. but now it is only and woody part of the song and not the actual throat singing which i wouldn't even try to refute. so maybe you have to be born here to be able to sing like this i thought so until i met mall she looks like it to vini and i don't
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even speak their language but she is from japan. most s. to modern mindset that you come from two hundred years ago until sappy here she's not planning a professional singing career but she keeps practicing just because it's become part of her nature. well. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. this is r.t. with the latest news from around the world on charon terror. from serving time to primetime thanks the story of a former palestinian prisoner who was jailed for her part in organizing a slaughter yet today she's hailed a t.v.
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star and hailed by our viewers while others are worried about her rising fame sounds the wrong message to other palestinians our middle east correspondent paula slayer reports. every friday viewers across the arab world into this talk show to me it's presented them to me as a hero a symbol of palestinian resistance against the israeli occupation broadcast on the hamas affiliated al could stevie it highlights the fate of palestinian prisoners in israeli jails a topic close to the heart of its young presenter back in two thousand and one on this busy intersection in downtown jerusalem was one of the most popular pits or restaurants in the city it was just after two o'clock in the afternoon when atlanta mimi said goodbye to a suicide bomber and left him to his mission it was the busiest time of the summer holidays and the restaurant was packed with school children and their parents fifteen people died that day in the suicide bombing had helped plan another one
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hundred thirty wounded one is still in a coma it won't to me till i will. listen know that you are released. see the both sides see what it's been for me to. understand that this is what the right way to do to fight. adam was sentenced to sixteen life terms for her role but in the end i hum served only ten years off her prison same terms in october last year she was set free during a deal between israel and hamas in which one israeli soldier gilad shalit was exchanged for one thousand and twenty seven hundred prisoners yet any of us know this is about all of us one hundred fifty women prisoners were crowded around the one prison radio i knew they would read out all of the women's names first when i heard my name i was extremely happy but it was mixed with sadness for the women who were not being freed i couldn't sleep for forty eight hours until we were least.
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excel to jordan where she was seized a hero's welcome and much to the chagrin of the family should help kill she was able to pick up her life and wait for the man she'd made only once when in prison and fall to marry but. i remember every single detail of our first meeting she came to visit me in the prison and when she saw me she started crying the sentence i will never forget she said finally i did the second dream of mine and the first was to come back to palestine and the second is to see you. was serving life for killing any israeli settler the two are related and i had grown up hearing stories about her imprisoned cousin he too was sick freak in the same prisoner exchange deal. no no i was not surprised she was part of the exchange because i knew how much would never sign a contract without her name i was guessing too that i would also be released but
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even after i heard my name read out i couldn't believe it. a few months later the two married in freedom and unlikely waiting because of the bloodshed that haunts the past. the right way to so it's most feel but they feel that it's not a food it's more. it's a message it won with such poor before the thing in the whole people that want to be a truth. and these are this is a love story that stood the test of time but to the families of those they killed it is an enduring insult to the memory of those who died police here r t m i n. n r t you don't come right now iran's quest as to why looks to the south pole to extend its presence over international waters. was a real game. after the party invitations accidentally went viral party dot com
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has the details. britain's poorest are likely to get another hit from the treasury chief who is trying to rein in spending millionaire george osborne wants to freeze welfare payments for two years archie's polly boy has the story. it's areas such as this one london's tory on a state that have been bearing the brunt of the british government's austerity drive already more than one in four children here in the u.k. live in poverty and sadly that figure is only projected to increase even so the coalition government says that they need to lash. out on the welfare bill in order to cut national debt by twenty fifteen now the british chancellor george osborne is reportedly considering freezing the working age benefits in order to hit that target we're already talking about groups of people who are squeeze
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a struggling have had their living standards affected over the last couple of years because of what's happened in the global economic environment and what's been nothing to i said to him if this change or something like it was to go through we would see those living standards further affected for the worst at the moment welfare payments are linked to inflation and that is increasing much frost of the wages back in june prime minister david cameron said that it's unfair that the names of the people that do work in the u.k. are increasing much more slowly than the benefits of the eight percent of the british population that is currently out of work now analysts see another group being dragged into this and that's the so-called we used middle that are currently struggling with being creasing cost of food fuel and clothing almost seven million working adults here in britain struggle with the basic cost of living and it's
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areas such as these where the trickle down effect of stretched pay packets and a benefits freeze are going to be devastating. with crowds of people eager to get their hands on the new i phone five if you are aware that apple is now researching new ways to know precisely just where you use your device but some are fighting back computer gurus from around the world are now teaching people how to protect their privacy artie's resident laurie harmfulness found finds out if people in the big apple know how to keep their secrets safe. security professionals unhappy around the world are holding classes in cryptography to teach people how to protect themselves in the digital world how concerned are you with your virtual privacy this week let's talk about that are you worried about your privacy online or on your computer or privacy very.
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many people are crazy you know and i know that he's he's only just signed up for it in a banking because he was always concerned that someone was going to steal is money but i mean it comes out of convenience it's easier just to go online and check everything but. it's a bit scary did you use a password that is your pet or your street name or something like that or just. because that's an easy one to get yeah what do you think is the biggest villain out there in terms of invasion of privacy is it the public at large the government hackers. i'd say not so and not enough is being done on the part of the government and there's too much public interest in everybody's private business it's more of like a cultural thing i think everybody just wants everybody's stuff you know yeah and it's weird that companies are making money off of people's private information that's to be expected if they can make money they will i don't give me information and just give my name maybe if. that's all what about on your computer though do
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you have sensitive files. that maybe better think about it yeah i think about it but. you can encrypt it would you take a class to learn how to encrypt and you don't care that much. do you keep any personal records on your computer yeah no one would you take a cryptography class to learn how to protect it more. probably not no. the study is good why do you think people don't do more because i think. maybe we expect it's going to happen to other people and never to ourselves the same reasons we eat poorly and don't exercise at the same reasons we don't protect ourselves are you suggesting whether or not you're concerned about your digital privacy the bottom line is the virtual world is swiftly becoming what the real world says
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a place where big brother and bad forces might be watching you. coming up shortly on our t.v. from war with iran to being surrounded by muslims here every fault lines on the mayor of jerusalem over israel's our attitudes that's after fair short break. this is day starts at five am in the winter tending to his flock of story hundred sheep in the mountains. thirty five years old it wasn't the life he dreamt of having studied accounting but you just unfamiliar he dictated that he would take on
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the care of these on and off to his father. he's just made camp at their winter farmstead setting up his ute the traditional two fenian round tent made of disc ins his p.c. back amongst his family as his job is a lonely one and tough going out in all weathers braving extremes of plus to minus forty degrees celsius is that i'm with them there are certain difficulties there's not enough time for everything i'm almost alone my sister works with my mother my mother is seventy five she's very old and i miss mountains when i'm in town and i spend a lot of time here probably most of us simply carrying out the work that his father did and his father before him nothing has changed over many many centuries and that's half the problem it's hard work and many people don't want to come into the industry now and it's really fit there could die out altogether. it's difficult to manage everything alone i used to have people who helped me but they
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were no good they didn't take care of the sheep with all their heart they hurt the cattle. with people leaving them coming to the countryside the region's government is having to act making the life of a herd and more attractive than promising largest. and livestock and organizing cooperatives for the sale of de products to ensure the herder gets a high at fair price i asked sympathizes with those youngsters leaving for an easier more profitable life day in their publics capital because ill but he no longer wishes to join them he enjoys his pastoral way of life and looking for a helper who shares his enthusiasm with more time on his hands he says matter of fact he can start to look for a new wife. morning news today violence is once again flared up. in these are the images the world has
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been seeing from the streets of canada. china operation. download the official. language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from. t.v.'s no required to watch on t.v. all you need to. watch are seen any time. hello again the welcome to spotlight show on our same time algorithm.


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