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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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i mean it's just days they get all the compression if you get all the gold off. well the word of the day is banks the cocher see and that is a piece of art here by the very suspicious william bonds i seven as you see on the left that's a banking system gorging itself on a giant meal served by the government butler on the right is the people eating a bone and wearing very tattered clothing thanks to talk back staccato but you know you go to the hospital and you get infected by a back stock of virus comes into your trousers and works its way up through the are of various organs and causes you to want to for some reason give benefit of the doubt to various banks that doctors working around the world operating various corporations organizations and global institutions that are in the business oh and to global economy for their own personal gain leaving him with nothing but austerity and join the american dream oh it's awful oh
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if only i can get. by the banks to close the cockpit virus. well it's very important that one understands however that is only a select group of people who actually are fed by the government butler you know in a way that they are not suspicious because here is a headline max where a woman confused herself for banks to lloyds anti-fraud boss who stole two point four million pounds told police she deserved cash for long hours a former head of online security at lloyds banking group has been jailed for five years after defrauding the company of almost two point five million pounds so her job was to fight fraud so it's very typical of course she was the committing fraud that's the standard thing the bank regulators in america are actually doing the opposite of reg feeding the head of fraud anti-fraud is the one committing the fraud. shouldn't look to commit fraud. she blew the raided that money money was
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being held hostage by the bucks to cut up well her name is jessica harper and she wrote ninety three false and doctored invoices and she says i just saw the opportunity and i thought well maybe considering the hours i work in everything else i deserved it if i went to work at another bank i probably would be earning four times my salary she said the fraud took place during the financial crisis when lloyds itself was receiving substantial amounts of taxpayer money so again. this woman for some reason gets arrested and sent to five years in prison for doing the same exact thing that ironically or not her bank was receiving billions and billions of these taxpayer money out here to bail out for their own fraud it's a complete double standard is that but that's the way things get at the end of the organized talk talk are saying is that those who are actually doing something to benefit society as this woman is obviously doing to try to put lloyd's out of
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business and i see fantastically here the city of london that thousands of caucus stocker see bankers investment bankers will now be laid off this is fantastic this means that we are doing our job so to george osborne and david cameron i say that we're here we're on a mission to put the city of london completely out of business and so far the news is good all those people are being shipped out of this city they're being forced to get a real job shucking oysters down to cornwall and making course pasties for a living and that's the way it should be because there are just caucus talk with terrorists well actually as we covered a few weeks ago max they're all moving to wall street which is actually higher in these days and here's a headline relevant to that fed action may widen wealth gap one unintended consequence of another round of quantitative easing by the federal reserve is that it will likely widen the gap in the consumer sector between the recovered. from
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recession and the still struggling so here they call it the consumer sector not society at large it's the consumer sector and quantitative easing to infinity is going to widen the gap between those who are recovered from recession they never went into recession in fact and the still struggling absolutely quantitative easing simply reinforces the economic paradigm which has taken over for a legitimate economy it's one where the top one percent of one percent are constantly siphoning off cash for themselves and impoverishing the rest occupy wall street really needs to get more into its game they have not taken down a single bank which is a poor testament to how they've been performing so far you need some scalps buddy you need some scalps to claim as victories you need to take down one of these banks now the wall street journal says this wealth and income gap is going to widen because all the toxic mortgage backed securities that investors own is what is the
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fed is planning on buying forty billion dollars a month and that investors own this but it will penalize small savers and this is a net another topic that we cover which is therefore very suspicious because we cover the sievers versus speculators the war going on in which the federal reserve bank and the central banks across the world are in fact enabling this heist all right well the central bank is committed to buy banks to cough up and they're buying forty billion dollars a month the banks to cock up they could just as easily pay off people's mortgages in real time and the economy would recover but instead they're going to pay off the people who created the collateralized debt obligations based on the derivatives based on the entrance of the existence of a theoretical value of a mortgage instead of actually bailing out the mortgage owners this levy effect of putting money into the pockets of the for authors of the banks to cock a virus that now rules the world and putting the people who actually have a home about the gutter starving to death which is the point you could just as easily give the money directly to the people who would then have the same. alban
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see in place to stimulate the economy by buying stuff the so called demand people say oh there's no demand there's no demand well if you could increase demand by getting rid of the fraudulent debt on the point at which it exists in the economy the toxic mortgages it makes no sense to bail out the toxic mortgages derivatives on the balance sheets of the banks and theoretical attempt to increase demand that's false that's false economics that's false keynesianism that's false monetarism that's false milton friedman ism that's just begs to kaka ism and it makes no for concoct a sense except if you're in the business of reintroducing male feudal times in the twenty first century which of course is the point which is a very smart people like george osborne's face it says neal feudalism if you look at it closely as little smile as you can see it spills out now you know. all your job or well that's a good point max is that in the united states obama was called
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a marxist marxist marxist when he pretended to do the fake we're going to help re modify mortgages when in fact this new federal reserve plan is buying up not the mortgage but the rehab pop the key to mortgage that's all fine like nobody seems to have a problem with that that's fine by wall street but that's very suspicious activity to me that's very suspicious why would a bank that supposedly and business by a real high public aided mortgages but really i profit caitiff from a banks the kaka and claim that there exists on their balance sheet for a hundred cents on the dollar well of course they have help don't pay the big accounting firms to k.p.n. genies the pricewaterhouse coopers they're in on the fraud the rain again to seize s. and p. and fitch they are and on the fraud wall street banks city of banks they owe our own. so the wall street journal follows up they conclude based on this piece about the fed accidentally widening the wealth and income gap. say quote this isn't
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a criticism of the fed just knowledge meant that monetary policy benefits those who have skin in the financial markets and this is another important term used in the united states by those who have a voice on the mainstream media the rich guys who are able to go on the mainstream media they say we pay the most taxes not by percentage but by a large amount we have skin in the game those poor people the people you saw in the banks the cocher see our work by william bonzai seven well they don't benefit from monetary policy and the wall street journal is pretending it's just accidental it's not intentional that over and over since this financial crisis was caused by the banks. every single freaking time they win from the policy to save the system well that's actually a comment is wrong for two reasons number one thing a guy like mitt romney came forward and said oh my tax rate is actually fourteen or
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fifteen percent that's only unreported income adjusted for all income including non reported non disclosed income as tax rate is less than two percent fact number one fact number two their sabers and the people who are living on pensions after working harder and harder lives have got a tax rate of ninety percent that's the equivalent of this financial repression of financial oppression of artificially low interest rates that means that all the people are the pensions are tax rate of ninety percent of meanwhile the bank serves on the folks on wall street carried interest to work on headphones have it just a tax rate of fifteen percent but that's only undisclosed income if you take into consideration all income including not disclosed income their tax rates are closer to less than two percent hello mitt romney and finally here max remember the banks jurors had the government butler well guess what the poor in australia get their own government wealth manager australia seeks to manage the poor while making them poor. so this is from firedoglake in there noting that in australia they're
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introducing income management program for the poor which will dictate how the poor should spend their benefits and fifty to seventy percent of their benefits will be placed under state control and that they must spend this quarantined money and government approved outlets that's the company store if you're born in debt you can always buy might the company start jumped out to interrupt the baloch of jumped on the road to go but you know it's no slavery of course it's back to the plantation you know it's so glorious below the top it's very suspicious that you even pointed that out max it is super suspicious all right thank you stacy herbert thank you max so you do it for the second half of the show we have a very suspicious guest for you frank braun in its first ever tell us an apparent state.
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welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max keyser time now to go to frank braun security consultant and a libertarian for bit coin the peer to peer crypto currency frank is part of the team launching shadow life dot cdc he also gave a fantastic talk at the recent bitcoin twelve conference here in london which is why i invited him on the kaiser report brought welcome to the kaiser report thanks for having me all right frank first i'm sure the audience will want to know why the mass. privacy is necessary for liberty. privacy is not granted it needs to be taken therefore in times of extreme surveillance i think we need extreme cold to measure us for example they're coming with snow everywhere and they can identify you personally and take all of whom movements that's why you became a pro the extremists and mosque and public. right so you're talking about extreme
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privacy as being necessary in a world that we live in now of extreme of extreme surveillance where you've got millions of cameras everywhere cameras now in people in institutions inside in schools you've got surveillance of people on the internet you've got incredible twenty four seventh's you made a comment on the conference frank maybe you can follow up on it but. somebody suggested are we headed towards something like east germany and the stasi and your comment was we're long past that it's got much worse can you talk a little bit yes i mean i think east germany there many depended on human intelligence tools to some people but no days we have all this technology makes it that much easier to basically trick everybody and then when you become suspicious at some point they can look in the post and see what you did before and trick you don't so basically the notice everybody's
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a suspect until proven otherwise. right so people looking at you right now and seeing the mask they have the glasses they'll say that seems a bit extreme but the point is that there is something extremist going on right now and that's the extreme surveillance that people are being subjected to let's move on to your i libertarian and you support bit coy now many on the kaiser report audience will consider themselves to be libertarian and yet they hate big point they'll say that only gold and silver are money why are they wrong to dismiss bitcoin frank bronze sink money as i was saying people agree on voluntarily to use . so the method of accounting or media mix of exchange it's a libertarian on very much in favor of gold and silver as money but it lacks some critical properties which we need in everyday life things like divisibility into very small amounts or the military to transfer money over large distances. because maybe not the perfect system but it can be used very roe as
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a replacement for fear of money and a very nice properties thinks like there is no inflation in bitcoin there is no central authority issuing bitcoin ok that's fair enough i mean the comparisons are are actually to be made with gold and silver they have a lot of many of the same attributes but as a medium of exchange right now there is something i think you could call the encrypted public domain that big supports and expands and now you've got a whole group of people around the world serving that encrypted public domain frank broad tells a little bit about the counter economy what is it how big is it what is it going got to do with it well the counter economy is the global black market and it has a size of ten trillion us dollars and when you combine all black markets in the boat together it makes it the second largest economy in the world only second to the united states and. the counter economy is growing very fast especially in
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developed countries in this country in developing countries in these countries. it's going faster than the girls to most domestic product and even more increasing regulation we need to the traditional banking system bitcoin fits very well into the nice. right so this counter economy or or black market economy is now over ten trillion dollars of the size second only to the u.s. government but growing unlike the u.s. economy is actually stagnating the only economy that's actually growing in the world today is this counter economy in a black market and bitcoin is definitely feeding into that and allowing that to grow so it's really a growth story is unlike other economies around the world that are in decline and now another thing you mentioned that your talk about going twenty twelve frank brought was the over the counter or ot see market for bit for those who don't know explain what this o.t.c. market is with bitcoin going o.t.c. exchange with bitcoin is to people meeting face to face exchanging bitcoin for cash
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or gold with super coins right and i appen to have an example of that i have this big coin which is actually a hologram that's attached to a piece of metal to give it portability but it's a whole gamut inside the whole ram is the actual encrypted code that would allow me to go online and on lot the bitcoin which has a current exchange rate value with the american dollar of roughly twelve to one so this has roughly twelve dollars worth of a big coin on this particular point but this is needed frank right to give a back up system if in fact the internet were to go down or the various control mechanisms were to come into the internet this over the counter market or physical market give the users a bit coy a way to in the physical space keep the currency alive correct yeah i think the even more important thing to consider if the bitcoin. when it becomes very successful threatens the state because the state depends on fear and money to
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create money out of thin air and find its operations and its threatens the banking system so these two play a very big player with very. large interests will try to take bitcoin and we need something to protect the bitcoin economy from these attacks and the only way i see to do that is the over the over the counter exchange market right and you talk about the state of course these days of talking about the state with corporations in this global fascist model that has emerged but how important is the actual internet structure itself to the success of big oil many viewers ask this kind of a follow up to this over the counter market because the internet itself of course is come under tremendous pressure from or the fascist corporate government. state slash fascist corporate government controls how important is that right i mean the free of the internet the better for bit cohen and if they try to limit
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your freedoms on the internet they're not only limiting freedom for bitcoin and so if but also all the other but still if they would do that there are still other methods to use bitcoin and you could run bitcoin over mesh notes for example or we could even one bitcoin over sneakernet that means people exchanging u.s.b. sticks. so it's very hard to close that down completely especially without closing down the entire internet all right let's talk about critical mass for a second because for going to really take off you're going to need a certain critical mass you need a certain number of users that are on the system using that this currency of exchange is encrypted currency exchange and it's all that happens it's going to be not the threat to the fascist state corporate monopolist that we hope it will be but i'm thinking back to the egyptian revolution i'm curious what you think about this going back to the egyptian revolution the arab spring. it was for men thing or for man thing in the cairo for months and months but the arrogance of the
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leadership of a barack i believe that their arrogance prevented them from seeing what a facebook or social networking could do that no way could some online software package threaten the state of the barack and yet what is certain critical threshold was met that's exactly what happened are we saying maybe a curiously thing about this the ultimate friend to the bitcoin revolution would be the arrogance of the entrenched corporate banking kleptocracy your thoughts well i think you're right that they have a certain arrogance and they move very slowly but they also have a lot of poll means once they realize the potential of bitcoin to destroy the profits and to weaken their position impose their will it was all what they got so i assume mentioned with the with the revolution in egypt you have this critical
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mass at some point where it's very hard to show up because i don't but before that point is supported by the state and the corporations we're live with the threat of bitcoin we have to make sure that we get through this period between these two points and the only way to do that a thing is to have a flourishing over the counter exchange economy for bitcoin so we don't depend on the traditional banking system all right so this is then going to be a combination of both the age of all social networking phenomenon as well as just people meeting up in physical space to make sure this market remains robust now clearly frank ron the surveillance state is here hence your face mask but what about the security of any online transaction going forward including big calling so i guess this is kind of a follow up question to what we've been talking about in terms of what can people do a few techniques were mentioned it. calling twenty twelve but what are some of the
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basic things people should be considering now that we've entered this permanent police state surveillance state you have two areas and which you have to improve the first one is digital security and second one is trade for digital security means everything like you should in truth to email you should encrypt your heart she should learn how to use internet anonymizer that's why you are we starting this showed a lot of folks who see project to teach people how to do that because many people don't know ho ho they would actually go about that and the second area is trade craft is this all skills which acquire through experience and to be clear on this time trade for example over the counter exchange ok finally let me ask you get your thoughts on something that's been in the news and right at the heart of how big a point is on the bleeding edge of the revolution against the fastest out there we have a situation where joining us on wiki leaks he was shut down from all the pay processing
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services from the visa master card pay pal where into the vacuum step big point big going allowed some funds to flow to julius oz who is obviously the standard bearer for journalism in the world today is this we see an application of bitcoin and is it best to get of journalism potentially one of the greatest uses a bit going going forward especially in conflict zones where moving money around would be completely difficult for any number of reasons or thought yeah i agree totally that this is a very nice property of bitcoin that you cannot have charged x. as a system so the state cannot. you know preventing journalists like julian from receiving money but it's also very important for online businesses because when you don't have charge backs you don't have the risk that somebody received the goods and.
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charge them money back and you with a merchant you just sit there with a loss frank brought her out of time thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thanks so much for having me well it was a pleasure and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i want to thank my guest frank braun who is working on shadow life the dot cdc if you want to give me an e-mail please do so at kaiser report at r t t v are you guys are saying by a. mission . critical three. four judges three. major months three. three. two three.
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