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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2012 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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market why not canada. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines and tune in to kaiser report on. an early september morning in the seoul town the center for. some the best fighters the greats were on time. the local branch of the radical right is meeting for an early morning raid. the militants some members of the ultra nationalists lucky don't attack and have their own sense of humor nothing funnier it seems than to put on arabic rhodes before heading off for you so. that's what people will call show shiva id. and ten nationalists meet up with
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a bad you're the leader of the blog. just as if i'll tell you when to raise the order across. germany and luigi you take care of sticking up the those posters. talk of a final check before starting. a song comes out what it doesn't say anything you're going to like us to do now and stay behind mine because right when i play with you but i don't follow because you know no one likes behind him no talking. it's unlikely but if someone does open their shots as you apologize very politely and don't insist ok let's go. good all right let's follow that car that slowly we don't drive too fast. the aim of their mission is to oppose the building of a new mosque in this town of forty thousand inhabitants. the
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pamphlets are typical provocative cooked up to. a megaphone blasts out the words in school to muslim prayer. despite the nationalist claims there are no plans to be broadcast outside the mosque. in front. of so supposedly the pamphlets. well it's to explain what we want to apologize for the. people that this is what they can expect in a few years time. careful because. everyone has a part to play the streets in the neighborhood have had their names changed now it's a street and mosque claim. the image is everything and everything is filmed photographed by the militants as soon as the operation is finished the nationalists
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will spread the word eighty five books ok i'll download it now obviously. the. last barely fifteen minutes. of. them by the loudspeakers. to the nationalists the mission and symbolically at the sites of the future mosque. where the most will be hero when it will be here we will stop just for a few seconds and this is. the message is simple wake up before it's too late. but if the wake up to what the people here won't. important.
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places like. history.
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a little flame.
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two thousand and eleven claiming to defend western values murdered seventy seven people in norway. from england hungary germany who are these new minutes and radicals. what do they base their beliefs on. film takes you into the heart of europe's new extreme right. we begin in the center of europe in hungary. here the nationalist target muslims but the estimated eight hundred thousand gypsies to live lived here for centuries. it's a minority that was off by radical movements we met one of these groups in the small town of. bergen says these ultra nationalists like to be called.
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this is the headquarters. of the spokesman none of the soldiers of the army of wants to show his face on camera. the movement has about one hundred members that common aim over the past few years has been to terrorize the gypsies throughout the country. ok. trying anything on all that. more numerous that filtering through the filtering through. but right. you. know. when there are so many of them arriving respect and.
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brigham's are an army of heavies come by train. they spend two to three hours every day working out not everyone can become a brilliant minimum ages twenty five may have to know martial arts. they see themselves as soldiers serving the cause of a greater hungary the country as it was before the first world war. provides a history lesson. this is our flag our plane is flying around the. people at the. pantry of good men who took up arms to defend our land. and i'm also is part of more than that
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you'll be sorry if you watch i connery we have a court of it's a symbolic message to those who may want to control. it symbols also the way we all be a burden this is not a political party it's a militia that occasionally raids gypsy ghettos has no memory of how often. we should have to go patrolling in the villages what someone needs to maintain. our aim is to protect the inhabitants they want us here. that might be before it was. last spring the bergen's traveled three hundred kilometers attacking the roma. invaded the village of. today all access to the villages controlled. papers but is. ok even though. it's a. possible to enter or leave without showing some form of id. two thousand eight
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hundred people living. four hundred of them roma. gypsies all live in the same area on the fringes of. it's like hundreds of other gypsy ghettos across hungary. discrimination has led to an eighty percent unemployment rate. a criminal some people who the state benefits the gypsies throughout history have always been the perfect scapegoats. as a community leader during the attacks he was on the front line for you to see that house with the white lines down there was the closest extremist group to us and not house. but in the village they had several houses. down there. a basement but i start with that right next to my house. the
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extremists are in the village for several long weeks a show of force video by the gypsies themselves. paramilitary groups paraded in front of the gypsies houses often carrying whips like this. we're going to press charges i'm going to the video on the internet. what you do cut. out all. the room here. to reassure the community but he doesn't want to brush the weeks of terror. at home he's made a clip reel of his video an indictment or proof of most of the extremists and. this is how the nationals went through. these. extremists may be
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onto different groups. and they can see some of them carrying axes make them a good there's been watching. from six in the morning they would wake us up with our song. and they want to make sure that we knew they were outside the trouble shot i still remember the sound of the boots lined up like soldiers. fighting to get to. make my wives cross like me trying to provoke the japs isn't. going to let this photo go threatening our children. here they've put the symbols on the dog got the bill with chuckie and. this shows they call what they do. and the gypsies cannot count on me outside help to meet these threats in march last
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year when the police finally arrived they clamped down on the gypsies. one woman was charged with slapping her neighbor a friend for twenty years people both filthy broke. the trade from one day to my. piece about and stop shouting all take you to the police station. but you can shut my house. by me for. my present in my house.
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blind rush is going to be soon which brightened if you knew about sound from funds to freshen some. news from stunts on t.v. dot com. the french invasion of russia has started again after two hundred years up at the. sub journey the emperor napoleon has arrived from overseas to lead the army i
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have to really take my time to prepare myself to get it right i know we. the bloody bottle near moscow is going to start over. james brown will reveal the victor the soldiers are back to do it all again. but as you know version twenty twelve on r.t.e. . culture is that so much i'm going to get which of course you might want to call them so here's a list how influential is the israeli lobby of the us to what degree does it impact american foreign policy what about the rift that now divide. the evening news if to feed the. elite.
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the ielts hartland is the town of illusion fifty kilometers north of london. an old working class town now plagued by a common point in two thousand and two when the car industry learned some thirty thousand workers were laid off. its two hundred twenty thousand residents including a large number of muslims so he five thousand of them live in a neighborhood around the grief road when actually all the shock so hard. and all the women wear veils. tommy robinson the founder and leader of e.t.l. lives in luton and agrees to meet us in a. somewhat unexpectedly it's
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a beauty some of his clients come to college to hail top off that thailand's. the movement's headquarters is temporary it's a squat and a construction site. the following day there's a protest. rankest the rallying point just how i am but it's one of london's most difficult areas the messages are nothing near. being without love it or leave it for example. because socially. what if we were free to kill files about where this. fifteen hundred. maybe more two thousand. people everybody wants to go to have it because the first of all it. would show. as you know. the people. we can tell how
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it's so how to do. how to do. so how much was badly hit by last august's rioting but spread across england. for days of chaos also and looting. two years ago some violent attacks like this one that shocked the country thanks. to all of the citizens movements take to the streets to restore order. but what does. go for it how much of it said all of. them and over to. the pace might i now know and yet the writers include people who
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do. africa asia and europe you. respond to usages these movements are all from being directed by the huge decides to make a business. while i wait for the place they will rise the place else complete control of the streets at that point with members of our community who are terrified in the houses. houses again the place on. fire and so on and. the community to come out and defend the community to stop the loose to stop the bunny and scum from the people who are destroying our country and on that point they would not look like a child strata see so when they come down and start attacking the police and smashing everyone chase them away and then still somehow they trying to cause us for that the government wrong for that so maybe they are placing it in communities . and their own communities. peace is being restored with the e.o.
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continues its fight its motto is no surrender its final preparation for the demonstration tommy robinson comes to the violence. from protest. nevertheless he's determined to be of tell him it's the next day and has made all the arrangements uncommonly on the conditions i'm allowed to promote them are not sent a fax an email or text. in any demonstration so i am going to reach them all so i'm going to squeeze my face and then once i get into the demonstration. on stage i'll give a speech and the consequences probably will be i'll be put in. a disguise in order to be able to. ministration. stops and nothing. you know. everything is now in place for the next day's protest the targets of those on this plaque are alleged islamic traits of what
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a scum bag his little town this town. that. scumbag. tony robinson is aware of the risk he's running. the demonstration a pretty good job. for us what's a guy. about to see my kids and say goodbye to my kids. the next morning e.t.l. activists meet outside a pub on the outskirts of illusion. but a few women turn. videos organized into divisions including one of those women early. that will be angels.
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shaved heads tattoos and big. bosses are being hired for the one out trip to london. is a run for it before they get. to avoid being sponsored tommy robinson takes a different route in the two years since he founded the movement has grown to include tens of thousands of supporters who sympathize with his racist view. is it is it in a. place forces to tackle the problems is long brings with it. years and years of frustration. so when it happened which is.
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a phenomenal country there's a reason because people have been feeling the same towns and cities no voice painting all countries been destroyed from within. the black caucus. he's discovering our country and the people who've been feeling the same sorry. the signal it across the whole country. what happened inclusion in march two thousand and nine is the reason to be. then british troops were returning from the war in afghanistan. the welcoming committee included radical islamists and agitators who insults the soldiers and denotes london's bosses a patient in the conflict. down on one side and go the other.
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confrontations introduce. him as he tries to rip down the islamist tommy robinson comes to symbolize the fight against islam. was born to begin with its members who did what there's no kissing to. communities where every single every single woman down there is wearing a book. is all and they stand in the bank next to. the media begins paying attention and the e.t.o. begins playing for the cameras. accused of being. they are not says they show off with a flaming swastika. and want to appear as country it's they could be stopped we're trying to cram. two thousand seats nancy to day.
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to save the sleet. and. israeli flags being carried in the protest evidence c.d.o. is quite happy to hijack any coups and in its fight against islam the organization claims to represent different minorities. black go against. black people the jewish people and all threats to this country then all french much older than all french culture is obviously. we can carry people off the guests and avoid having to establish a proud of our culture. and you respect it. by the percentages within these not creating a constantly disrespect to take you live a constant living. with culture with all when
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it's all been invited just coming back in right in. our state. a paranoid and hate filled speech and aimed at an entire community. a declaration of war on the two and a half million muslims who live in great britain. like the food supply the way to women but no one here is going to escape. on the thing. that it's time for the protest and around fifteen people have answered the english defense league school. as always the atmosphere is tense as lots of police presence . the more excitable and drunken elements are rested. as always and she raises militants i'm waiting for the.
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lie of the nazi salute. to d.d.l. is a mixed bag that tries to give itself a mirror of respectability so as to better attack as long as. its ranks there are feminists the rainbow colors of the gay community. and the star of david on some of the flags it's a mixture of old salts and people. slightly apart from the clowns there's even a rabbi. but it's not a real rabbi. it's actually tommy robinson in the disguise he chose to fool the police who remained incognito for as long as he could. put it down them head down put it down. just in time for the fake rabbi to do his bit playing with the shipping capable.
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of the plane take. effect on the crowd is remarkable tommy levinson's gamble has paid off. the leader of the vo can speak to his troops. now we'll need to blame closer to the budget to first live than in east london to tell everyone if you're from the government to please we will allow you to take away the maclachlan lights. culture is that so much i wish i could. right on it so here it is just how influential is the israeli lobby of the us to what degree does it impact america paul what about the rich but now divide.
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would be soo much brighter if you move out songs from fines to pressure these. stunts on t.v. don't come.


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