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here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that many americans call a dog and. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country use our own our school you know what kind is my other terror cells in your neighborhood i want to wish to defeat terrorism on the on the liberal and the christian public. can easily slip out of.
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everyone i'm abby martin so join us songs took center stage last night addressing a meeting of the u.n. general assembly and his speech a song challenge obama to live up to the same words that he had just delivered the night before in front of the entire world when he said those in power have the resist the temptation to crackdown on dissent check it out. that's why i'm so worried and there are times when action. the time for words has run out. it is time for the u.s. to cease its persecution over he waits to see if persecution about people and to cease its persecution over all lives sources it is time for
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president obama to do the right thing and join the forces of change not in following words in following deeds. thank you. i wonder if president obama is ever heard of the old idiom actions speak louder than words you know it's a good one to live by because a leader is not measured for his rhetoric but rather for his deeds so that's your challenge president obama stop your crusade against julia song it's time to lead by example lead by action. i. i know europe seems to be in shambles these days in spain thousands of protesters took to madrid's plaza de neptune to demonstrate against yet another round of controversial austerity measures just outside the parliament building crowds chanted for government officials to step down there were
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a number of tense standoff between demonstrators and police who formed a parameter around the building but eventually protesters poured into the square now similar protests are going on in greece were demonstrations were a bit more violent police clashed with young protesters during a nationwide strike against austerity cuts protesters threw molotov cocktails mash windows started fires and police shot tear gas and stun grenades to try to quell the demonstrations and there were dozens of arrests but the protests continue we're talking about thousands of demonstrators here in the mainstream media here in the u.s. has been eating it up take a look. streaming out of your right going in the clashes are occurring just across the street just another on spirity protest of a special crime we saw protesters hurling gasoline bombs at the police for now martha it has quieted down but the day is not over it's not and it's likely to
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happen again so what about spain amy what's the latest there police fired rubber bullets and used to be tons to fight off the marchers spain has introduced austerity measures and economic reforms in a bid to convince its european partners and investors that it is serious about reducing its low deficit so let me get this straight thousands of protesters taking to the streets are unhappy with the direction of their government they're facing occasional clashes with police. seems like an awful lot like the sort of discontent we saw with occupy wall street for some reason the corporate media didn't react the same way when protesters here in the u.s. were upset about high unemployment and government corruption. what started as less than a dozen college students camping out in a park near the new york stock exchange is now hundreds of protesters and it spread to other cities but one of the protesting nobody seems to know this shows you what a slow news day this is and to have you get on like that we've got good reviews we don't need this if i were you i would be sure of birth for your kid so what you
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have people nervous still married with their holy there more to. do there that you. know you know. you really are trying to you need for their talents. their you know they told you there's an ascot askew. or they down there it's interesting how american media outlets can focus on protests in foreign countries given objective informative analysis of the situation but when a real grassroots movement right here in the united states begins to grow it's a media blackout it took two full weeks before the corporate press figure out a way to talk about occupy wall street in a way that didn't hurt their bottom line they did this by polarizing what the movement is about calling the protesters unruly animals for smashing windows and clashing with police and instantly marginalizing and mocking the movement but is this not the same thing we're seeing happen in europe but there is
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a silver lining to all of this folks people are catching on and they're slowly starting to look away from the corporate media the corporate press can keep pretending that they have a monopoly on information but they don't because they see we need to have information and we shouldn't be throwing molotov cocktails just to get their attention. to the service. with no surprise to most the house of representatives voted just two weeks ago to approve a five year extension on n.s.a. electronic surveillance remember when it started eleven years ago well maybe you've forgotten it was the essential burden that our government told us we would all have to endure in order to ensure the privacy and protection from terrorism in a post nine eleven world but little did we know this would just be the beginning of an upsurge of warrantless wiretapping tracking and data mining and that would soon call into question our basic rights to privacy and freedom of speech here to talk
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to us more about the overwhelming surveillance state and the implication this is having on our civil liberties is gender mccall director of the open government program at the electronic privacy information center thanks so much for coming on thank you for having so they just extended for another five years is this just a blank check i mean it kind of similar to the patriot act where it's in state and it's just kind of expected that this will just continue to be renewed it doesn't allow for very vast surveillance capabilities on the part of the government we did see however this time some pushback from members of the house and the senate we hope to see more more pushback the next time around but this is the danger whenever you have one of these surveillance bills or a new social norm of surveillance that comes into society is that people then grow used to that sort of norm it's like the frog in the pot of water and they say you put the frog in a pot of water you begin to slowly heat up the water and eventually it doesn't realize that the water is boiling so we are the frogs but we need to dial that back
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and we did see some progress on it this time and hope to see more next time the proverbial frog in a pot of boiling water before boils over we need to really confront these issues and you guys had issued a four year request with the department of homeland security with their monitoring of social networks what are they doing with the information do you have any more information about that program we know that the monitoring is quite extensive they were monitoring for very broad terms like pork or exercise they were also monitoring services. leave for dissent reports that would reflect adversely on the deal for the government we saw a follow up hearing and congress on that we'd love to see more action in congress on it because we saw some statements that the d.h. has made in that hearing that were contradictory with the documents that we received where they. claim that they weren't monitoring that they were going to sweep in any first amendment protected and activity and that certainly isn't true based on the documents that we saw we wrote a follow up letter to congress and again we'd love to see more action on the part
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of congress yeah like you said pork cloud mexico i mean just really bizarre words that they would be sweeping to surveil and it really does call into question how what else don't we know that they're doing and what are they doing this information and what can people do to really protect themselves from this surveillance i mean it's so so roni is these words that there's survey and what can people really do to protect themselves online i don't know that there's necessarily any way that you can avoid being surveilled online at this point really what we need to see again is that political groundswell we need to see people we need to see public opinion sway in favor of privacy rights in favor of civil liberties instead of this idea of security that isn't actually security and security theater. and let's talk about the n.g.i. program the next generation identification program facial recognition software we just covered a story yesterday about cops using facial recognition technology on cell phones to monitor crowds and also track fire the wiki leaks cables that on the veil of this
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extensive data mining serbians operation that really scales across the entire nation are what you guys have you guys done anything about if you uncover anything about that what do you think about this program we have several freedom of information act requests out for information on each of those programs really the public needs to see more information about what the government is up to there needs to be more transparency the government expects the people to be surveilled all the time to give over all of their information to the government but the government government doesn't. to let the people know what the government is up to on the other side and is this what we can expect now living in the twenty first century with the advancement of technology advancing every second day by day is this just i mean should people just expect to be surveilled and tracked and their faces that are recorded on cell phones every time they step out of the house if you look over the course of history in the united states oftentimes we have periods where civil liberties are being curtailed but then there's a groundswell and there's a change and the pendulum swing back to civil liberties being protected and that's
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what we need to see here we need to see people create the groundswell in favor of privacy in favor of favor of civil liberties but what about the people who are just like well that's just the way things are i mean i'm not doing anything wrong so why should i care well this is the difficult thing about civil liberties and about privacy as these are sort of intangible rights but i really do believe that when people start to see the ways that this affects their lives tangibly and we talk a lot about privacy and consumer protection privacy regarding social networks and i mean nobody seems to care that facebook is collecting all of this information or that they're pushing this information out into the public realm until suddenly it affects people's job applications until it starts to affect their applications for college until it starts to affect and implicate all sorts of things in their lives that they never would have imagined and at that point people start to care about privacy and i think we're starting to get to a point in our society where people do care more about these rights where they're starting to recognize that far from being intangible ideas these are actually very important core principles of democracy and what do you think about as we saw at the
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trial where cables that was actually extended to directly fed to the l.a.p.d. and might be scotland yard i mean we're talking about a police agency that's across continents here and also the n.y.p.d. spying over their jurisdiction in new jersey to muslim american communities what do you think about just the overreach i guess even outside of what's already legally protected with the surveillance operations then of course we know that nothing ever came out of that it's very troubling because the way that law enforcement thing. about it if you don't want to have a particular surveillance technology then you know people on the other side the privacy advocates we have to justify why this technology isn't reasonable but really the justification should be the burden should be on the law enforcement side the government should have to justify why it is reasonable for the government to spend billions of dollars on surveillance technology that massive amounts of people's information and doesn't really deliver that many tangible social goods while an upswell of dissent be the only thing that actually does put the burden on
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these agencies i think it will be that and government transparency groups that fight for open government people within the government who are whistleblowers i think those are the things that will help to create this groundswell rulz stuff we hope about happens thanks for coming on join them a call from epic things. if you like what you've seen so far go to our youtube channel at youtube dot com slash breaking the set and subscribe to our new facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash breaking the set now i know the nature of the internet is that i hate is going to hate and troll i'm going to troll but if you're the more intelligent minded if you're different feel free to write me and let me know what you think and if you're wondering about what i'm doing when i'm not on air follow me on twitter at abby martin take a break from my preaching for now but stay tuned to hear about the uncensored history of the anthrax attacks.
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i every day we're reminded about nine eleven but not much is said about the subsequent anthrax attacks which occurred just weeks later now this week marks the eleventh anniversary of the anthrax attacks which shut down a senate office building and cause a nationwide panic immediately in the wake of nine eleven five people died of inhalation and twenty two more were infected from the deadly spores some of those notable people that receive letters with anthrax in them or senators tom daschle patrick leahy and russ feingold some of those outspoken opponents to the impending
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patriot act several media outlets also received anthrax letters including the sun new york post and the seas tom brokaw now the letters that were sent out appeared to be from muslim terrorists saying phrases like death to america death to israel all law is great however soon after the attacks occurred the government acknowledged that al qaeda was no longer a suspect because the anthrax was in fact a highly weaponized military grade that could have only come from two bio defense facilities in the u.s. doug when you tell or fort dietrich in maryland but of course that didn't stop the bush administration from continuing to peddle the propaganda that it was perpetrated by muslim terrorists think for a second about what it was that shifted our focus away from al qaeda and on to iraq remember this. a teaspoon of dry anthrax a little bit about this amount this is just about the amount of a teaspoon less than a teaspoon full of dry anthrax in an r.v.
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shutdown the united states senate iraq declared eighty five hundred liters of anthrax but unscom estimates that saddam hussein could have produced twenty five thousand liters it should come as no shock then that since saddam hussein forced out the last inspectors in one thousand nine hundred eight we have amassed much intelligence indicating that iraq is continuing to make these weapons we know that iraq has at least seven of these mobile biological agent factories. oh yeah all those mobile weapons labs that just didn't exist yep it was the anthrax attacks that really tied saddam to nine eleven laying out the justification for a preemptive invasion of the country also a.b.c. news reported that anonymous high level government sources were saying that the bentonite in the anthrax and directly tied to saddam's mobile weapons labs and john
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mccain went on david letterman to ratchet up the fear and further perpetuate that lie. the second phase is iraq. there is some indication and i don't have the conclusions but some of the stands are actually may and i have said may have come in from come from iraq is that right if that may be the case and that's when some tough decisions are going to be they and tough decisions were made weren't they mccain ok so the bush administration knew that the anthrax attacks were an inside job at this point and that the strain could have only come from their bases but they never held a private public press conference apologizing to the american people for promoting such a dangerously false narrative about muslim terrorists being responsible and even worse that saddam hussein was somehow involved so who was responsible well for years up to. the anthrax attacks the f.b.i.'s main suspect was steven hatfill a member of the government that helped develop a biological weapons facility at fort dietrich maryland but instead of pursuing
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a criminal investigation based on actual evidence against him then the i began a witch hunt surveilling harassing and stalking him for five years and one interview hatfill said that he contemplated suicide multiple times but that he knew if he did that he would be killed in the court of public opinion and he couldn't let them do that to him well after five years of this harassment hatfill was awarded a hefty five point eight million dollars settlement from the government to say hey sorry dude we ruin your life by telling everyone that you were the anthrax perpetrator sorry about that. the next suspect was bruce ivins a top anthrax researcher at fort dietrich for eighteen years he was working on vaccinations for anthrax and also helped the anthrax investigation interestingly hatfill along with other anthrax experts came out in ivan's defense saying that he wouldn't have been able to weaponize the anthrax undetected the process is an extremely complicated one that takes hours in
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a special lab well during the investigation the f.b.i. tried to bribe sun with two point five million dollars to rat is father out and also attempted to turn his hospitalized daughter against him by showing her photos of dead anthrax victims wow really going for the juggler there and then bruce ivans died he's alleged to have killed himself by overdosing on tylenol which is one of the most painful ways that someone could choose to kill themselves considering how it takes two full days for your liver to talk so if i if otherwise healthy now after i have died the f.b.i. had a press conference saying that they would soon present the case against ivan's to this day we're still waiting for that evidence needless to say some lingering questions remain about the anthrax attacks so let's continue to ask them. i i. directly out of the nation
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was in a paralyzed state of fear from the attacks of nine eleven the anthrax attacks happened terrorism was no longer localized it was now something that could happen to anyone anywhere now eleven years on and with the main suspect dead the case is closed or is it do we really know the truth and why are these attacks significant tell me break it all down i'm joined by robbie martin journalist for media roots dot org hey robbie thanks for coming on if you know you know. so robbie we hear almost every day still by the media and political establishment nine eleven the threat of terrorism we don't hear that much about the anthrax attacks anymore why is this and why why were they so significant and what do they really do to the american psyche . well nine eleven was an isolated incident you know it happened in new york city it affected you know three dozen people and a lot more lives you know has repercussions from that but the anthrax attacks took
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it out of a local isolated incident and made people feel as if they could be attacked in their own home so you know someone who lives in a remote area in the mountains could be sent a letter with anthrax in it and basically the idea of terrorism escalated to the point where. you know it could come at any time to anyone basically yeah and that really did and as i said before you know the whole iraq invasion the biological weapons the duct tape on the windows better duct tape your windows otherwise you know the biological weapons are going to come in and your home as if that would protect you anyway but based on the evidence that we know robbie about the anthrax attacks that the government has admitted that the media has uncovered what is the best case scenario looking at what we already know to have really happened well the best case scenario is a good and that's and that's the disturbing part of the best case scenario is that
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the people in power during the bush administration wanted to push through the iraq war used the fear levels at the time to basically slant the seeds for the propaganda of the iraq war by leaking to the press through a.b.c. through the wall street journal john mccain went on david letterman talking about how the anthrax came from saddam hussein saddam hussein's suppose a biological weapons program. it's i mean yeah i mean you know so the best case scenario is that they used it use it to ratchet up the fear to really get everyone on board with their iraq invasion and using that threat and they never really did come out and say that the anthrax was not the muslim terror is that they said it just kind of went under the radar robbie but now that we know that members of the bush administration were on separate and also the targeted members that voted they were opposite to the patriot act i mean what do you think the worst case
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scenario is now that we know these kind of damning facts. what was the worst case scenario is that i mean the motive. the motives there are questionable i mean why would someone who's a terrorist who wanted to you know muslim terrorists why would they want to send anthrax letters to people who are opposing the patriot act. i mean you have to wonder you know i can only speculate with the worst case scenario is that someone who sent those letters wanted to shut down the senate they wanted to get the patriot act passed and i want to ratchet up the levels of fear so high that people feel as of terrorist attacks will continue and the nine eleven was not a singular event that it would continue indefinitely and who benefited though i mean if this is so if it really was a conspiracy or are just a cover up i mean at the highest level of government who did benefit from the ambassador tax. well i mean the people who are behind piñata benefited immensely
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from it i mean they got their dream they were able to invade iraq centrally based off of this the idea that saddam was behind the anthrax attacks and the term w m d's became a household term because of the anthrax attacks colin powell would have been able to go to the u.n. and hold up that bible and convince all of them are you know i don't know if they were convinced that he you know managed to make the case at the time that iraq was a threat and not you know and another side of it completely is that it restarted a bio weapons arms race that went in the face of a treaty that was ratified in i think the early seventy's any bio weapon development and now since to nine eleven we have fifty billion dollars being poured into this new bio defense industry and who knows how many people are making weaponized anthrax now because now private industry the private sector is making
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and weaponized anthrax on behalf of the government. great point robbie to release them in. to take into account as that other side of the profit making industry about this but ivan's is dead bruce ivans is dead case is closed the f.b.i. said that they would present their case against ivan's have they done that and are is there any evidence really against ivan's here. i mean the evidence is flimsy at best i mean right after he you know supposedly committed suicide the f.b.i. went and did a press conference presenting their case to the american public and you know the guy who presented this case he's sweating he's studying while the press is asking him questions and the best evidence they came up with is that bruce opens had a history of mental illness i'm sorry but one in five americans suffers from mental illness that's statistically show so that's not proof of his guilt that's a smear campaign and then on top of that the physical evidence they say that they
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have is a flask that was found in his home that contained anthrax spores the same stores that were out for dietrich maryland well if you work with the anthrax in your bio weapons lab technician i mean the chances of you having traces of the same force that you're working with your place of employment at home are pretty likely that doesn't it still hasn't no bearing on his guilt or anything like that it's completely baseless it is definitely baseless rob we haven't seen that evidence yet and you know like obama said the case is closed thank you so much for coming on and break it all down i know you've been researching this for a while robbie martin media roots dot org. so what motives what ivan's have to send anthrax the most vocal opponents the patriot act or why are members of the bush administration and the press on the anthrax antibiotics before the attacks occurred why were the people who died in one sect did important enough to also be born to
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take separate when it could have saved their lives most importantly that so many unsolved mysteries why did obama not only or the investigation to end but threatened to veto any more funding to examine the truth that's the question we should all be asking. more news today violence has once again fled up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are ruled today.
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