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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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no news is bad news in greece media workers walk out accusing the government of targeting journalists trying to bring the powerful to account. barack obama and mitt romney refit their campaign buses to big disaster relief but are blamed now for jumping on the superstorm bandwagon for electoral gain. other majesty's secret service is suspected of covert tactics and racial profiling in taking british citizens off the radar under the war on terror.
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critics of moscow if you just joined us rev you're watching around the world nine pm here my name is kevin know it and this is our first greek journalists have walked out of their jobs angry at what they see as government censorship and changes to labor laws it follows the suspension of two t.v. presenters of the criticize the interior minister on air and denounced police for beating up activists to take during protests journalists gathered outside the parliament building in athens where they also vented anger at government to stare at the most is their joy in the deva residents of the northern town of florindo piled ice cubes into the road in protest of price hikes the heating oil prices parliament was debating new budget cuts party contributor renie's our computer explains what straining relations between the government and the media are now. clearly is that tension between their relationship with the government and the journalists let couple days ago we saw that mr vaxevanis who is that popular journalist investigative journalist in greece. was arrested because he was
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a keep up list the. very least the way to cold with more than two thousand. people who have money in debt was it's a nice recent bank this least it is sad that it was given to this then finance minister mr up on sunday no but he never gave it gave it to the government to the responsible to the responsible people to investigate what's going on so mr vaxevanis flung that police and decided to publish it and he was arrested for that reason so government was blamed for the same source it because it is not possible to have information for example and not been published many journalists even man simple people say that mr parker starting with the then finance minister to be are wasted and not this journalist who revealed the truth. comment to from
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sociologist part of the terrace he told us today's protest action could help free up reporting in greece's governments tightening its grip on the media these days. it's a very welcome sign there is today's strike by journalists. because if you combine government attacks and the fact that most major media outlets in greece are run by big corporations you have a problem and work on sense information in greece and i think also think that is that it is a necessary reaction and resistance that many lottery tarion from the part of the government can telling press freedom is one of the worst things still have in a country especially in a country where what we most need is male it's an acknowledged information and an open debate on identity if you don't have an open debate on those tentative to the current crisis then you simply have to follow whatever policies are being dictated by us bad the so-called troika meantime one e.u.
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countries found another way to get its economy back on track debt ravaged hungary is opening its borders now to those with big enough wallet soon then it hopes will buy into the struggling government more about ahead in the program. but next homeless without power or transport on a coastal disaster millions in the northeastern u.s. and counting the cost of that deadly storm even barack obama or mitt romney swapped campaigning to pitch in with relief efforts officially there at an election hearing was suspended but as you see catherine off reports it's not exactly how it looked. this was the tober surprise. and i think. hurricane sandy crashing on shore i've never seen anything like this i'm at a loss for words to describe what the storm could do but there is no loss for words on the campaign trail and on the eastern coast of our nation a lot of people are enduring some very difficult times the storm that wreaked havoc
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on america's east coast is wreaking confusion in the last critical days of a tight race for president so how do you run for office about seeming insensitive to a national tragedy the candidates are certainly doing all they cancel look like they are in trying to score political points but their actions tell a different story president barack obama canceled his election rallies and returned to washington to focus on the storm the election will take care of itself next week leaving vice president biden to campaign on his behalf. one of the perks of running for president while occupying the white house is being able to make high profile visits like this one america's whether we are standing behind you and we're going to do everything we can to help you get back on your feet it means coming across as a president on the job which certainly helps when it's a job you're reapplying for the president been in close contact with fema. and all the agencies of course obama is the president was his advisor say means he needs to
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focus on the crisis at hand in terms of how it affects the election i don't think anybody really knows obviously we want unfettered access to the polls but it's a choice that doesn't sit well with some political opponents you'll notice he's canceling his trips over the hurricane he did not cancel his trips over benghazi. and then those republican presidential contender mitt romney so far he stopped sending fund raising e-mail is in effect states used his campaign bus for relief efforts and put up a blog with weather related advice he's also scrap. schedule campaign events only it seems there are some fine print involved this may look like romney is campaigning in ohio a key swing state but his advisors say that's not the case the so-called victory rally was canceled out of sensitivity. instead of the campaign insists this is a hurricane relief event canned goods came hand in hand with anti obama t. shirts there was music and theme songs and those attending the supposedly
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nonpartisan event were treated to a video about romney getting america stronger that's what american president has to do. asked by a reporter whether this blurred the line between storm relief and politics romney's top strategist replied i agree i don't know how it happened people over politics or politics over people it's certainly difficult to tell now we may be impossible to completely stop campaigning in the middle of a closely contended race but then why make the pretense of doing so it seems that both candidates could use a little bit of this age old advice say what you mean mean what you say and do what you say you'll do lucy caffein elf r t moscow. well when we tell you go out so you don't come for the latest updates on what's happening in the areas affected by superstorm sandy we mean that we're covering the election to talk in which next monday the eve of a crucial vote will bring you another live debate between the alternative third party candidates choices for the white house. governor romney and i we both agree
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we agree we have to bring the tax rates down i felt the same as the president did governor romney i'm glad. you agree let's come back to something the president i agree on and the tube you agree that the voters have a choice perhaps are you wondering how to vote for whatever romney and obama agree on so many things remember you do have other options come november sixth tune in to see the second round of debates between the major third party candidates right here on r.g.p. . and the regime demonstrations have reportedly continue to borrow. despite a ban or mass public gatherings their societies impose restrictions on choose day to try and hold the ongoing protests against the ruling family they claim the pro-reform rallies are the national unity and been cracking down on dissent with tear gas and mass arrests international human rights groups have demanded that bahrain immediately lift that ban saying it's a complete violation of basic basic freedoms put aside she have a from the bahrain freedom movement who says the al khalifa ruling family though
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well listen. i believe that the ruling family is in a mood to uphold the values over human rights i think they will continue as they have been doing for the past. month or so and. they have been doing so for. this regime simply is only for normal because it is built on a very shaky ground and feel that if they give up any degree of sovereignty of probably. the whole structure would collapse because it does not. mean elected by the people it has been because of the support of the americans and the british and the west because of the support from people who look to be elected they do not believe in it actually they do not believe in democracy we are always struck by was this is the kingdom the. position they don't want to.
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do to allow me to a lesser extent. they are only interested in actually ridiculous syrian regime against relief of one thing because they believe this is their own cedar tree it is them who are really this country and they don't want the war. britain's revoked of citizenship for refusing to spy on fellow muslims not a few minutes to my first white racism a community fears the war on terror and i was being uses an excuse for racial profiling embarrassment or poor are coming up for you also updating it to on israel backtracking pollies claims that a rare is close to developing a nuclear bomb but the apparent softening of tel aviv's hard stance may only be the political rivalry among the top politicians in the country i'll take you on that little.
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invented by the famed soviet author peter is good for you is there of in the nine hundred fifty s. these frames for initially used to treat fractures in deformities by cutting bones and slowly pulling them up or therefore stimulating tissue regeneration it was out of was able to receive arms and legs and people who thought they were crippled for life about a third of patients admitted to the it was out of center nowadays seeking serious jury focused magic reasons most of them a man and most are not what you would call vertically challenged professor nor because who operated on many of them it usually comes down to man's pride some of the first patient to turn to us with a leg length in the request to meet is fifteen centimeters to the want to surgery because it's panos to than him we like to say that we need to break their legs in order to fix their head like lengthening surgeries abound in many countries and
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even the out there press here but really expensive in russia the entire course costs eleven thousand dollars about one tenth of the similar package in the united states financial considerations were one of the reasons they brought this washington state native to western siberia yet his main motive for the surgery had to do with how he fared in others in america. overtype is one seventy five i was one sixty seven or one sixty eight and so one eight centimeters would have brought me right to average for women height isn't so important girl can be short and it's not a big deal i think a guy is like expected to be taller just before the operation most this matter a russian girl who found he's a regional hide quite in dealing yet he still would want to have had the surgery adding seven more centimeters to his self-confidence she took told me the whole time you're crazy you're normal you're perfect. so now or should i call you so what
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a compliment for somebody who's used to falling short of his own expectations. this is our team for years british intelligence has been working to safeguard national security against such threats as terror is terrorism and espionage but the secretive nature of their work sometimes gives rise to suspicion of extreme tactics targeting innocent people. reports no one claimed that intelligence agents have resorted to persecute rather than protect. somali born mahdi hashi had grown up in the u.k. from the age of five he was a british citizen until this summer when the twenty three year old went missing and his family found out that the home office had stripped him of his passport for allegedly being involved in islamic extremism his parents are distraught they say
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that maddy is an innocent victim of a british intelligence plot all because he refused to work for m i five all i can see is that my the he's a muslim and believe and he's a practicing muslim but being a product muslim is not being an islamist that's what i can see that's why that's always been victims. so this is the quiet north london community center where mehdi hashi worked back in two thousand and nine it was then that he and four of his muslim colleagues say that they were approached and harassed separately by security agents it's came that m i five threatened to label them islamic extremists if they refused to become informants for british intelligence campaigners raising awareness for maddie's plight said that the constant threats made by british intelligence made life so unbearable that he left the u.k. they were trying to offer him
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a job saying that you know effectively you're an extremist we know you're the only way out of this is for you to come and work for us to come and help us these will become tactics that were being used because somali origin this is a purely racist profiling policy of the british government and particularly the security agencies marty had been living in somalia for the past two years taking care of his grandmother and raising a son of his own but several months ago he disappeared leaving his family in despair my son is missing this summer this summer but i don't know if you know if you live. here. we are very wooded although. the only information the hashi family have now comes from a man who contacted them to say that he'd been in prison with matty in djibouti and he told us that he had been fingerprinted and d.n.a. has been taken from him and then. contacted. found out that he supports this in
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the conduct of the british consul and the british consul so that we have a good movie. and then the americans took him to. somewhere we don't know they don't know but they fear he's being held at a camp in djibouti and a tourist us anti terrorist base where. he may be the victim of an american rendition program in which suspects are taken to third party states to be illegally detained and tortured the family want on says to simple questions like what the allegations are against mahdi where he is located and whether he's even alive but when it comes to matters of intelligence they're faced with a wall of silence lawyers acting on behalf of the hashi family have received just this response from the government. it has been the policy of successive governments
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nizer to confirm nor deny speaker lieschen allegations or assume in respect of intelligence matters these policies mean teenty into could only the secretary of state can neither confirm nor deny examinations made on behalf of your client and by these cases a classic case of where profiling and kind of almost ludicrous policies within this war on terror have resulted in an innocent individual helpless young man effectively having their life ruined campaigners say that by stripping maddie hashi of his passport the british government has effectively washed their hands of his case leaving his family to continue the search for answers about their now stateless son polly r t london. while british spies are in trouble in the real world they're proving popular at the movies james bond say james was appalled to find out online why the vatican has given his blessing to the latest film featuring the famous super spy. and america's drug dogs get hounded by
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the courts as to whether the nasal now says i'm qualified enough to legally sniff out suspects. is a story of citizenship for sale around three hundred thousand dollars is now enough to buy yourself a passport the country's new your citizenship to wealthy investors is no answer to its financial troubles away at a recession let's talk to dr helen some relief from a group group of britain's leading euro skeptics think dr thank you for your time thanks for being on the program tonight what do you think of this move until there's a big enough queue of people wanting to be home gary and help solve the country's financial troubles are for us what is it about in the end of the day. how doing it is about being hungry and it is about possibly acquiring again citizenship i mean i think it's a little early to start worrying about it it's a proposed legislation that will offer that actually hasn't gone through parliament that will offer in the first place rights of residence and various other rights in
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hungary and then possibly and we'll have to see what the final bit of legislation will have possibly citizenship but that isn't actually being hungering just in case people think about revolving doors but. the point of it is of course is that people who become high gear in citizens. could see that it will actually be a question of details because what is being proposed is a very special kind of citizenship for people who will die by government bonds and it's obviously being aimed at wealthy asians particularly chinese. thousand dollars needed this point is near. yes which actually isn't a huge amount if you are particularly wealthy but it's a question of how much you're going to be able to spend the sort of carrot that is
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being angled apart from gary and citizenship it's also of course that if you're again citizen you are an e.u. citizen which is what's. sort of sounding alarm travel around the rest of the universe not to go down well i guess with countries like france and italy they're not wanting to keep foreigners or. oh well i'm not sure they want to keep wealthy chinese out i mean this is the point i mean when people talk about they want to keep foreigners out it isn't necessarily the few wealthy chinese who will. hey paulo still working on new world the. but the world the chinese who might buy. government bonds and i rather suspect they can travel around the as well but of course they don't have the various rights that e.u. citizens do and that's where the whole thing is going to arise whether the other e.u. countries will be able to say that the very special category of citizenship that
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will be offered once the distinction is passed. will also mean the same as any of the e.u. citizenship and there is something to be said for getting prepared for this in the other countries so you show doctress normal lawbook share but taken to a sixth year if you will for a second. if people were prepared to pay enough could it mean seeds of parliament. simple been given hunger in parliament. well i suppose if they have become citizens they can stand for the nigerian parliament yes but i want to remain a british parliament well anyway. i mean the thing is in a sense you pay for citizenship anyway because you have to pay when you're live in a country i mean there are all sorts of other rules as well but in the end you do actually have to pay to get your home your british or your friend or your german citizenship as well it's not going to be quite as much as buying government bonds will have to be to the chinese. and will they then be able to star in other
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countries parliaments well actually as things stand no because if you are a citizen of another member state in the you can stand for say the british parliament. will they be able to stand for the european parliament yes they will. last quick thought not entirely unique this whole scheme is it something you countries offer easier immigration schemes to wealthy investors that the u.k. has been talking about the u.k. partly cause some five hundred thousand dollars that you get a fast tracked a ticket if you like to become a british citizen begs the question the overarching question why would the mega wealthy want to live in the at the moment especially as early a tax or even as it well that's the outside of course the biggest question will they be living in the you or will they just become having become easy it isn't will be them become experts in other countries or a place like hong kong where the taxes are considerably lower so you could end up with a curious situation of chinese millionaires or billionaires even becoming citizens
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only to decamp to hong kong doctor and some relief from a bruised group over the program tonight thanks so much we thought. israel says around the steps away from its alleged pursuit of atomic weapons to france was to explain the to run it used some of its rich to redeem to make fuel rods for medical research and that's in contrast to cost for a minute yo statements at the un last month the round was on the brink of creating a nuclear bomb or middle east correspondent paula sleep has got the latest for you . such comments are certainly part of the political game that has intensified here in israel ahead of the early general elections that are now going to be held next year until now barack has stood firmly in the same campus his prime minister binyamin netanyahu both have repeatedly warned against the nuclear capability of iran and have warned of an impending israeli strike we saw an attorney on who not so long ago at the united nations general assembly drawing
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a red line but what many experts here in israel say is that that was a red line by which israel would strike iran rather than a red line in terms of a good line by which tehran would acquire nuclear capability but rock heads up his own political party and certainly what he is trying to do now is distance himself from netanyahu on the whole iran question he is trying to appeal to voters who have not yet decided and this division between them does seem to suggest brock saying that netanyahu may not have been completely truthful around the rein in nuclear threat certainly there is a division not only on this level but in the greater political elite here in israel although the question is still unanswered whether or not israel plans to strike iran and if indeed it does win policy r.t. jerusalem about twenty five minutes past nine o'clock at night moscow time thank you for being with us and good evening dimitri would like there's no so the shoulder conflict of the world's largest nickel miner could be our last coming to
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an end year it couldna versus a very happy about search basically the two main shareholders in the company are apparently in negotiations right now to come to some kind of resolution and sort their differences now we're talking about russian billionaires elected it past her and then they own around a quarter of the company each for years they've been arguing over dividends and other issues concerning management of the now commerce and daily reports that they're looking to for sign a new shareholder agreement and this could result in either time in buying more shares or maybe that it pasco could invite a new independent head to norris nickel with another metal psychoanalysed show a smile if we see at the bottom right corner of your screen as a likely candidate. or end nor cynical shares today were some of the best performing on the market which was actually moderately gaining with the r.t.s. gaining a half a percent to almost half a percent for shares and it up more than one percent because this shareholder
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conflict basically for years has been dragging in the development of the company every decision was argued and disputed by the other party second to what's happening elsewhere in the world in the united states the markets are finally started this week straight after two days they were closed because of the it's super storm sandy and with the assessment of the damages dow jones and nasdaq you can see the declining facebook about being one of the biggest drags in the u.s. market and in the european markets this is the closing picture we've had the dropping more than one percent of the opening of the u.s. markets not really much to look out for with the dax up thirteen percent on the utilities companies and in the currency markets not much going on with the russian ruble barely any changes you can see there while the euro is slightly gaining continuing into gains rights and now it's over to our washington studios for latest addition of capital account.
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do we speak your language or not a day of. school music programs and documentaries some spanish matters to you breaking news a little too negative angles kidneys stories. destroyed all teach spanish to find out more visit. wealthy british style. markets. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our government no longer represents the fate. of the people we're going to take such as. we. speak at least in the traditional. the way our economic system currently is not going to. play.
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good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm lauren lyster here in washington d.c. these are your headlines for october twenty fifth two thousand and twelve c.e.o.'s are ringing the alarm on deficit. there were some of them ringing the bell top execs including those but eighty of them total from big u.s. corporations sent congress a letter asking for a sin symbols type approach to reigning in the u.s. deficit the budget deficit three dollars in spending cuts for each dollar of tax increases what would be the impact of this or other possible scenarios for dealing with the u.s. debt and deficit simon mccaleb edge of ideas capital is here to talk about it and speaking of deficit.


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