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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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it's nine pm moscow time tonight shocking video of alleged war crimes emerges appearing to show syrian rebels executing government troops. america's record military budget is off topic because the presidential candidates resume campaigning in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. and the u.k.'s deputy pm ones the country could become isolated inside the e.u. the rebel more makers vote to cut the brussels budget while polls show many britons want nothing to do with you. even from moscow where if you're watching around the world my name's kevin zero in
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this is r t and first this hour evidence of brutality by syria's rebel fighters has been branded shocking by human rights organizations and the u.n. says the killings of syrian soldiers if it is confirmed constitute another war crime online footage appears to show the summary execution of twenty eight syrian troops in the north this video can't be independently verified but it is seemingly of rebels beating and kicking the soldiers some of whom were wounded before shooting them dead meantime china is calling for a face cease fire and a gradual power transition in syria the united states is planning to get greater influence for frontline militants investigative journalist james corbett told us it's in washington's interest to silence the crimes committed by the rebels. the atrocities are definitely being committed by the rebel forces and and unfortunately that is being completely ignored because it serves of course the interests of the people who are backing the rebels. and who are against assad to try to portray them
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in the best light possible so we've seen over the months and numerous stock events coming out from different organization including amnesty including including human rights watch documenting summary execution of prisoners torture the use of children in these conflict on the part of the rebels but that has been conveniently buried in the headlines time and time again and even some of the reports that didn't know some of these atrocities being committed by the rebels were almost always prefaced by reports of government atrocities and that was buried somewhere down halfway through the article time and time again so it is of course and if it be hypocrisy that's underlying this and that's trying to manipulate public opinion certainly in the west to to be on the floors and on the side of these rebel forces the only real plan that's on the table that right now that's feasible is the one that china just put forth the four point proposal for the syrian troops which also does not include any language for assad to step down it does not in court include any enforcement language which is
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a political one starter in washington because of course those are the two key issues that they want to make sure is part of any type of proposal so once again we see that that washington is really absolutely keen to make sure that assad stepping down as part of any proposal and i think they're not going to accept anything short of that so i think they're content to watch these atrocities and and these murders and executions and torture pile up in the name of trying to get rid of assad and unfortunately the only real peace plan on the table at the moment isn't even being considered seriously by washington. britain's deputy prime minister is warning rebel lawmakers they could leave britain isolated within the conservative producer in the governing coalition sided with the opposition and defying prime minister david cameron by voting for cuts to the money britain hands over to brussels every year artist laura smith explains more with the cloud hanging over the houses of parliament could this be the beginning of the end of britain's membership of the european union pro europe deputy prime minister nick clegg certainly seems to fear
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so he's said that wednesday's rebellion by conservative m.p.'s when they voted in favor of cutting the budget the e.u. could leave britain either isolated inside the union all out of it altogether that would be music to the is of many who support leaving the e.u. the money brisson contributes has become a huge bonus contention while brussels encourages e.u. member countries to tighten their belt it doesn't appear to be tightening its own so in fact if the e.u. commission gets its wage substrate it will be forced to pay an extra one point three billion pounds next year in budget contributions on top of the eleven billion we already pay and we'd soon be handing over a staggering twenty two thousand pounds a minute to brussels david cameron has promised hill negotiate
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a deal that means u.k. contributions would rise only in line with inflation but that's proven not good enough this week with rebels in his own party to managing a real terms cards in cash going to the e.u. there's a summit in brussels to discuss the budget towards the end of the month and this could all push cameron into taking a tougher stance which could end in annual budget negotiations with the union and eventually what nick clegg fears. any support flight out of the e.u. altogether. the last time the british public voted on being part of europe was back in one thousand nine hundred fifty five when it joined up what was then the european economic community people not all says it's high time people got another chance now to choose. me realize. of britain actually out of the states which is in the currency we pay to the tune of around fifty million pounds
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a day just to be members of our club doesn't take into account the mega amounts of money the street tens of billions it costs us to comply with the e.u. to our actors and regulations so it's better than some of the british people it's something we know happy about it's something which we want a referendum on if you look at recent opinion polls eighty percent of people want a referendum around sixty percent of people actually want to leave the european union altogether so the people are certainly moving the way the political class started motherhood i mean the problem that you've got is the austerity doesn't exist in the european union that might exist in the member countries where we're asking to cut back on almost everything we have real estate is it out money doesn't make good money matter they spend more and more every single year the budget goes will understand including state to choose the support of the island wouldn't serious trouble will be asked to put their hands in their pockets and give more to possible that's wrong seventeen years it is now since the accounts of concerns of look if the european union was a company then the directors on the chief executive would all be in jail but it's
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not it's corrupt and that's another reason why the british people want that referendum and want to leave paul nuttall as america's eastern seaboard works to get life back to normal after superstorm sandy so both barack obama and mitt romney resume electioneering in the final days before the vote damage done by that deadly storm though is put in about fifty billion dollars but the callate is ready to dip into the massive military budget to help pay for it out is what import my looks at the cost of such policies. our military spending has gone up every single year that i've been in office we spend more on our military than the next ten countries combined china russia france the united united kingdom you name it america has a responsibility and the privilege of helping defend freedom we've got to strengthen our military long term i will not cut our military budget in a post nine eleven america the pentagon's budget has grown to more than forty percent averaging half a trillion dollars per year critics say
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a new party or presidents in the white house won't change the policies firmly cemented in washington reality is that both of these men are very much continuations of the military industrial complex is domination of our political system in our democracy so when they keep talking about how they're going to supply jobs increasingly that's where the jobs come from. both foreign interventions and also this giant so-called homeland security department price of defending the homeland critics say continues to come at a grave cost to civil liberties this war on terror in the last lead that we discussed or the n.d.a. now you have a military police police you know cracking down on protesters now you have this massive empire and an order just saying there you need to have that peacekeepers. to make sure that the war machine reaches our earlier this year the
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former cia director applauded president obama for closely following the controversial policies of his part assessor and despite a campaign that was based upon a very powerful promise of transparency president obama and again in my view quite correctly. has used the state secrets argument in a variety of courts as much as president bush more than six and a half thousand u.s. soldiers have been killed fighting america's post nine eleven wars and nearly fifty thousand have been wounded in action a reported quarter million americans who have fought in iraq or afghanistan have been diagnosed with mental health injuries from combat service even as america's wars wind down the suicide rate among troops has surged to a thirty year high according to the pentagon this year's total may reach as many as one suicide per day it's not just what happens in war like the deaths and injuries or what happens afterwards you know you have these there are ways better is coming
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home you know to too broke you need families with broken bodies and broken moms and this is in terms of the society is that something the wants you know do we want as a society where we have important members of our communities in the coming coming in moment with problems and that's the reality of war in the two thousand and twelve fiscal year payers funded a u.s. defense budget of five hundred forty four billion dollars it's estimated that some could provide two million military veterans with free medical care for thirty five years talking about national defense has been almost sacrosanct you know sort of like the defense department wants something. to question that is to question. something that is unquestionable and that has meant that the largest purchase of
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the u.s. government spending has been beyond analysis beyond public scrutiny in four days americans will elect a leader for the next four years regardless of who wins the legacy of war cemented under the past to us. presidents indicate that the roots of the largest defense budget will continue blooming this causing many to ask if hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent to increase security or even road stability or anything we aren't enough we're not our team. obama and romney have laid into each other's views on cash for the military and how to maintain the armed forces but some observers say this money would be better spent elsewhere there's no more important issue in america today and how much we're spending on our military our military industrial complex that's where most of us tax dollars go most americans know that this is wasteful spending here it creates a few jobs but there's so many more jobs that would be created if that spending
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that governmental spending was done on a whole bunch of other things like publicly utilities like a whole other range of areas so it's really destroying our economy in a lot of ways besides creating a lot on this is sort of violence around the world that seems like the legacy of us being involved in all these illnesses wars over these last several years is going to be the same legacy that happened to a lot of other. empires they're just they just spent themselves out of existence it happened to the soviet union in their own this is very wars that happened to you know it happened to the british you know it happened to a lot of other societies that these military industrial complex takes over nobody stops it and before you know it you know your whole country is like an overwhelming debt. ending wars and slashing military spending on cause you can hear from the democrat and republican campaigns but there are of course presidential candidates that are making those calls that the third party candidates who is shunned by the mainstream but given a voice say the final round of
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a live debate is on monday. we should not bomb iran. to bring troops home we should end the war in afghanistan. that's monday but back to the present very soon said i greece goes gunning for journalists who know too much we tell you about a reporter who says he's cold day till the deficit got arrested because of it was about to just ahead we'll tell you how he's getting on and push the rug failed to get the clothes into comfy right in the wake of they can see through stuff. to make big bucks from the brands thrown out again we've got the details just ahead.
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what's the difference between a samurai sword and a blind guys walking stick well known if you're one of the cops in northern england an elderly blind architect with taser in the back because his cane looks like a sword that was used in a nearby crime honest mistake because sorts are often tubular and use this walking sticks more and more we hear stories like this like the handcuffed youth who is shot in the back to death or the unarmed guy in a wheelchair who got blown away by the boys in blue i understand that being in the police is rough everyone lies to you and i any given day you could be shot dead so i get it when after a long police chase someone just snaps and in all honesty fire when the police.
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might do the same thing but it takes a certain kind of person who enjoys abusing their uniform to make the helpless suffer you can't tolerate sadists or those with the pollie and complexes in the police and you know what they aren't that hard to spot in the shower because if you like to tase the elderly or shoot wheelchair bound people then you probably don't have much of a certain something but that's just my opinion. two parties keep us politics a one way street. or will new voices disrupt the power of power and. what is america changes. to a selection of those guys monday november fifth on our team.
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today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world. can. change corporations are rude. well again the people of greece to its knees should be held to account by leaders but one journalist who tried to do just that remains under arrest right now spirit corrupts the ferris was swept into custody straight off for appearing on t.v. saying he had proof that the deficit data that led to greece's bailout was fabricated and nother journalist was tried for publishing a list of alleged top tax evaders he was quickly acquitted in an apparent blow to the government investigative journalist government says whistleblowers who strive
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to reveal the truth have been persecuted by governments around the world. i'm very concerned about seeing a greek journalist arrested it's a disgrace and much has to be done by our own international organization to protect him and to protect others like him we have problems also in serbia and bosnia herzegovina many places where journalists are at risk against organized crime in italy a reporter is at risk a newspaper simply won't publish things so we have a problem of the fear and during the iraq war here one journalist want on the b.b.c. radio early in the morning a man named gilligan and he said a few things about what actually happened which we know now to be entirely true and he has his career was destroyed the b.b.c. board of governors had to resign the director general of the b.b.c. left the b.b.c. and that's like a happening in some latin american country but it's a brit and that's the degree of pressure there is a journalist not to say things the way they really know them to be journalists are
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at risk politically all the time and it's our job to support them. israel could learn the hard way that friends are always there when you need the most is being warned that if it does attack don't expect the world's biggest military machine to come running to help the reporter with an online fight r.t. the can also where israel admitting the tories assassination of one of yasser arafat's key deputies with a declassified insight into the raid that happened back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. the jailed punk band pussy riot santy putin stunned landed them the global headlines but know their potential to cash in on that famous old battle commensurable copyright you see catherine off reports. pussy riot the members of the band themselves may be toiling away in hard labor as a result of their anti-crime land protest stunt behind me at the price they were cathedral but that hasn't stopped some people from trying to cash in on the pussy riot brand shockingly enough that the wife of one of the pussy riot attorneys has
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applied for a permits to essentially again ownership of the brand rights in order to put out t. shirts and other various items this application has been rejected today we just learned that information so that's not going to happen but that hasn't stopped people from expressing outrage over the commercialization of this situation the band members themselves had said that this is supposed to be a political protest a nonprofit movement they're not happy with the fact that this is a turning into a profit venture we've even also heard reports of there's a thirty thousand pound contract to put a full feature movie about pussy riot into works now the band has come under international attention over there stunned at the cathedral there was a high profile trial here in russia where they were queues of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred and as a result they got sentenced to labor in the end in a work camp one of the members was released on october today actually prime
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minister dmitry medvedev spoke out about this issue and said that while he personally doesn't necessarily agree with their tactics and thinks that they have served their time and it's time for them to end the sentences for the remaining two members now as for the commercialization of pussy riot we've seen a lot of high profile celebrities coming to to the pussy riot because madonna apparently is selling t. shirts in support of pussy riot one thousand bucks a pop unclear where those profits are going and we've also actually seen the pussy riot turn into the punchline of a comedy show called south park that across costs in the u.s. the episode was essentially making fun of people who rallied towards various causes without actually understanding what those causes are all about. and in it jesus christ came down and yelled at a bunch of the characters for wearing out various protest bracelets saying that people shouldn't be expressing their political opinions are not bracelets but instead on t. shirts that he revealed is their jesus christ robes to show every president right
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t. shirt. off more world news who briefs not an insider attack on police in southern afghanistan is left four officers dead the killings were carried out during a shift change a security post by four government who came in to relieve their colleagues around one hundred local and foreign troops have died in the so-called green on blue attacks just this year the instance cause serious doubts over local security ahead of the shared withdrawal of foreign combat troops in twenty fourteen. an activist in bahrain has been sentenced to six months jail for insulting the gulf nations king on twitter three other people are awaiting verdicts on similar charges next week barring banned public protests on tuesday resulting in clashes and harsh criticism from the un in the us the island shiite muslim majority wants greater rights and freedom in the sunni. rallies in cities across around with thousand chanting anti american british an israeli slogans they marked the anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy nine hostage crisis when revolutionary students
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stormed the american embassy in tehran and held fifty two staff but incidents severed relations between iran and the us which have never recovered since. for chinese patrol ship survey into disputed waters around the archipelago claimed by both beijing and japan the vessels have sailed through the area for the fourteenth straight day now ignoring constant warnings from tokyo the small chain of uninhabited islands said to hold vast reserves of natural resources territorial followed previously sparked mass protests in both china and japan. germany is trying hard to ditch its nuclear energy these days but the result is that electricity prices in the manufacturing powerhouse are getting shocking and as people of the reports the other sting in the. that the country is having to go decidedly on green to fuel its future. it was a resoundingly no to nuclear from the german chancellor the animal abandon nuclear power completely step by step until the end of twenty twenty two as a country within that we can become pioneers on the way to create an age of
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renewable energy the two thousand and eleven meltdown at the fukushima power plant in japan the worst atomic energy disaster since chernobyl is the key motivation for rushing through nuclear decommissioning is a hard aspect security concerns are very strong this is the main factor in the decision to begin reduction of nuclear energy in germany potomac energy accounted for just under eighteen percent of german electricity in two thousand and eleven can renewable take up that slack government figures show that for every wind farm built to generate three thousand megawatts the amount needed to power three million homes the only expected to deliver one hundred megawatts to the national grid in reality though over the last ten years they've only been getting around half of that slightly over sixteen percent the original three thousand which is force germany back into the arms of fossil fuel with nuclear power taken off the table by angle of merkel germany is building
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a new fleet of coal fired power stations this one me it's a cologne with its doors an ogress of this year and it's up to these new power stations to provide germany with the electricity it's crying out for electricity prices for the international competitiveness of the non-ferrous metals industry if the electricity price increases power once and total cost increases by one hundred eighty millions per year industry is already feeling the pinch the steel workers in north rhine-westphalia went on strike to try and save their mill from closure it didn't work they may not be the only ones germany is importing more and more electricity from abroad. which will mean higher prices some plans have closed in germany threaten to close the companies off thinking to relocate. to countries germany's neighbors don't share in safety concerns over nuclear power
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france uses atomic energy to generate the vast majority of its electricity whereas to the east poland is set to invest over fourteen and a half billion euros in the construction of eight new nuclear power plants one of them around one hundred kilometers from the german city of dresden peter oliver r.t. me. coming up in just a few minutes for you is that we show you rather not ask really we're showing in the late sampson a couple of calvin loyalist drug of words right i am kevin owen thank you for showing up to moscow. you can tell an ordinary russian and a siberian appalled in the blink of an eye one thousand century anthropologist in those days siberians were different clothes a different food. different animals. but what about now my journey
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began in two men but the big city was all shiny all funded skyscrapers and shopping malls much like any other prosperous russian outpost. so i decided to travel to. a small town just outside. many these humble me dumplings came from here to dominate the russian cuisine but only in siberia to put them in soup all filled with cabbage and making sure you can have many as a starter main dish. although it may drawled a lot of. most people in siberia see nothing wrong with hunting their own if you decide to participate.
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when you look upon mountain iska. as in the middle of a swamp only accessible by in the summer months and winter a fall. it's inhabited by siberian a large muslim minority that migrated head before the russians. and this. israel siberia maybe not the stuff of stories approaches but distinctive enough to show the oldies yaz siberia still not quite like anywhere else.
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good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm laurin lister here in washington d.c. these are your headlines for november first two thousand and twelve u.s. president barack obama returns to the campaign trail for the first time today post sandy but does it matter as we head into the last few days before the presidential election on tuesday will the next president whoever it is preside over an empire of debt that is past the point of no return well bill bonner best selling author and a bore if a natural founder is here to tell us what he thinks and improving better the next estimated u.s. economic data pushes stocks higher today at least so say the headlines initial jobless claims and consumer confidence are included in that batch of numbers out today but what exactly do they mean what is in these numbers calculated by economists that supposedly show the economy.


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