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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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in the exclusive interview the syrian president says he won't step down and foreign intervention will spark a global disaster. president says parliament approved a new set of cuts in a bid to keep greece solvent and in the eurozone. president calls on china's new leaders to turn the country into a major naval force as beijing begins a once in a decade power transfer. international news and come on live from our new center here in. we've gained exclusive access to
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the syrian president who continues to govern from the fronts of foreign calls to step down. those calls and warned against outside intervention in syria and he said now we spoke to. interview the embattled leader in his capital. we had a chance to speak about fifteen minutes before the interview very educated very down to unst earth definitely not. contrary to what people like people praise him in the media very well informed he feels like i think that this whole thing that's happening is like a cancer that either he has to beat or he has to die of it but there is no other way out one would talk about western leaders telling him to step down i mean it kind of sounds ridiculous because he really has nowhere to go like when he were to step down where would you go we ask in that interview you can see various routes
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into it to a piece of the us that interview so if you speak to him about the push for foreign intervention i think the prize will be vision. is going. to be more than the whole world came before because if you have a problem if you're going to grow the flow through. a lot of the. ability in the region and coexistence. it will have a domino. to the pacific you know because you know. i don't think. we're going. to go but. nobody can predict what's next. do you feel like you were sitting and speaking to a man who was losing power losing control of his country i think is very well aware that he definitely isn't in a position in which he was like two years ago and a half ago or he's not crazy i understand like he's still going about his business
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i think it's more about the fact that he knows that he has no choice he has made a choice of having no choice and. he has no other way than to fight till the end and i believe it's not about staying in power for him and i do believe in start about. for his family because his kids still go to public school in damascus and his wife is still there and he told me no i mean. i'm the man i love sports i love life i could have just picked up and left lead it for example you know this is now for example and this thing that really marked me is how really how much more complicated situation inside syria from what we see in the media because i talk to people yes the country is divided and even the people who didn't like us before this conflict started are now so scared that fundamentalists will come to power fundamentalists who are fighting on the side of the syrian army and syrian people are not about that i mean this is like the only secular that had a lot of different religious groups always living in peace with each other whether
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it's sunni or shia are wired to or or christians so they're really scared that if the army will fall apart and then you know you'd have the sixty minutes muslims coming to them and asking them to basically be just like them basically they're targeting also famous people who don't want fundamental fundamentalists in power so it's not just about assad i think people feel like whether he goes or stays. it's only can get worse if it goes because it will get i mean the terror attacks will continue and the fundamentalists will come to play a very scared of that. bashar al assad regime and are to exclusive sunday on our to our to dot com. meanwhile first clashes reportedly erupted in northern syria just across its border
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with turkey placing its forces on a higher state of alert and now wants to deploy surface to air missiles from its nato allies amid a new wave of calls for a no fly zone over syria the escalation of border tension comes as the political leaders of the syrian opposition forge a new cabinet which they keep to present as a government in waiting but the syrian national council met in qatar. from the syrian frontlines where dozens of people were reportedly killed on thursday and the rebel factions remain split with some refusing to recognize the authority of the s.n.c. middle east expert jeremy salt says damascus is being provoked from abroad. but turkey wants to do more it's in that this is conscious wants to be more direct involvement and therefore he has a negotiations all the talk is nice to missiles along the east of the border now. upgrading and installation of this russian music some sense of this interest in coalition and that's includes britain france turkey saudi arabia if not the strait
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an inch from the time of destroying the syrian government what is the cost to syria . dismissed ignored sidestepped undermined. to a negotiation and once this process began to shake italy would be imposed. in syria and then the syrians would especially someone have. a new package of billions of euros in cuts in a sturdy measure squeeze through the greek parliament to be met by violent protests outside frustration over the disintegrating economy led to street battles between far but i'm willing demonstrators and wrought police armed with tear gas. reports from athens. well the greek people of continue to vent their anger against what they see on the fail story is being placed upon them by the government in this day evening here in athens we saw those tensions boil over into a nother round of violence
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a crowd of around one hundred thousand people had gathered here it's just in front of the building and not to the very quickly we saw police and protesters fights running battles through the square itself in the streets surrounding it. thrown rocks throwing the police responding with flash bang grenades and of course the tear gas it's become so synonymous with the violent demonstrations and violent clashes we see in athens in recent times now over one hundred just over one hundred people were detained by police the majority of those were released straightaway five people being arrested involved in last night's violence and also hearing that there were some injuries on both sides both the protesters and to the police well the reason that this took place on wednesday evening was because the pall of and just behind me was voting on the latest round of austerity measures now
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that has been written into greek lloyd by the slimmest of majorities one hundred fifty three m.p.'s voting yes one hundred twenty eight saying no with eighteen stanchions now what that means for the greek people is they will have to point five billion euros worth of savings forced upon them now the savings will take the form of raising the retirement age going to see some people seeing as much as fifteen percent cut from their pensions they'll also be cuts to wages both in the public sector and the minimum wage as well being cuts and it's also going to be new laws that will make it easier for employers to fire them for. all of this is. causing great anger in greece they say that this is being dictated to them because this thirteen point five billion euros worth of savings was demanded of greece its three main creditors the so-called troika and the reason they demanded that the reason it
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greece is push this through is because if they didn't they were told they wouldn't get the next round of the bailout money now with give greece doesn't get that money essentially it's out of the eurozone and it faces an incredibly painful the fault. on the bad news for greeks figures showing unemployment a record high journalist charlie mcgrath believes the country is spiraling into total chaos we already have people killing themselves in front of parliament in greece you have people that are losing everything losing home the last thing to go i think is going to be their sense that they have anybody representing them with so far whatsoever you have this tyranny of the technocrat majority inside greece one hundred fifty three out of three hundred vote more austerity on the people i think it as they continue to lose all hope that they have any control of their own financial destiny whatsoever how can it be anything but you don't digress into but
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potentially civil war the financial health of the country is not going to change for the better until they realize that they are in default they're bankrupt and they tell the banks that are holding their debt and the european union and the e.c.b. and the trail they are going to default this is what happens in free market cap and there their prospects for a return to a healthy economy it has to start with them realizing that they are completely and utterly broke and start from scratch. meanwhile greece's mediterranean neighbors are on a quest for foreign financial aid. as will find out from our business. with us in just over an hour but the island could face some hurdles on the way deeds yeah and they are actually in danger bill of isolation from other european countries and that's due to the island's popularity way. all i'm going to be out and about six thirty g.m.t. with the business thanks a lot katie see you later what are some other world news this hour at least
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eighteen people have been killed in three separate bomb attacks in afghanistan the deadliest blast was in the southern helmand province when a minibus hit a roadside bomb killing ten civilians including four women and two children the second attack killed three policemen and we did two others in the southern city of kandahar and in the east a military convoy struck a landmine killing five local troops. according bahrain is denied a release request for prominent human rights activists an appeal regime these cases been adjourned until next month of job serving time for tweeting and participating in the legal gatherings and hopes to appeal his three year prison sentence the country's crackdown on the opposition has been going on for nearly two years with up to eighty people killed and thousands arrested. four people have been killed and many more wounded in a series of car bomb attacks in iraq the blasts hit residential areas in predominantly shear towns south of the capital baghdad insurgent attacks often aimed at undermining the sheer led government or a frequent occurrence as the country struggles to find stability after years of
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foreign occupation. in just a few minutes here on our heads clash over billions look at our proposals for the european union's new budget is deepening the practice in london the burden of relations we get a lot of reaction on that very shortly and. china's communist party begins a week long change of leadership and it calls to root out corruption and make the state a major power on the high seas. recently protests and demonstrations of any kind were banned until further notice and by train a curfew as in you can't go out of your home when the government doesn't want you to has already been in effect in the country since two thousand and eleven many of the protests which are now totally forbidden were related to members of the public
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demanding the release of political prisoners four people were also recently arrested for insulting the king over twitter wow a middle eastern country that has totally shut down any form of protest and hud's you down if you tweet about the leadership so it's pretty undemocratic to me i think nato is already fueling up ready to take action some freedom into warmer right well not really if nato really cared about spreading democracy you'd think they'd be more consistent with their targets but that's just my opinion. well. it's technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered.
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i mean so the only city in europe i'm the host of the twenty fourth seed with through the pick a. c. thank you you. thank. the life here in moscow the news continues now a major transfer of power has begun in china the country set to appoint his new top leaders next week as part of the communist party congress which is now underway president hu jintao is called on the nation to fight corruption improve its
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military and keep the economy growing beijing based journalist henry morton reports . president hu jintao begins to hand over the reins of power so the next generation of chinese leaders vice president xi jinping widely expected to become the next head of states the president who is going to stand down as general secretary at the end of this week paving the way as i say for she to take over as general secretary and then as head of states in march two thousand and thirteen reform has been a buzzword around this congress it's been mentioned a lot in state media in the build up so you this week experts and analysts and analysts saying that china if it wants to continue its economic growth its economic engine it really needs to start implementing long stalled reforms you speak to people on the streets they're extremely concerned about the economy as well and people around the world generally will also be watching what the new leadership is
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doing china of course a growing economic power it's now the second biggest economy in the world and also turning into something more of a world superpower. now reports. lighting the flame on the international stage building to new heights on this world. and soaring beyond its limits whether it outer space the arctic outer continental shelf or on your local store shelves china is making its ambitions known let's see this is made in china. made in china china for cheap economic goods have translated into massive profits for china as well as criticism you know this comes amid growing concern that china is using its economic clout political leverage. different. china a very promising country. you hear. twenty try less
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than five the i.m.f. says china could surpass the us economically in real terms by twenty sixteen it may not help the countless. chinese who live in poverty but it sure makes rivals nervous china's economic clout has grown it is now the second largest economy in the world it's the second largest manufacturing exporter in the rimini the trainees currency is playing an increasingly important role in the world economy so there is a shift in relative economic might in the world that might has been threatened by the economic slowdown and it will be up to china's new leaders to try to reverse the trend for now they seem to be getting their way china is inching into europe to snap up ailing businesses this french vineyard is just one of the casualties. with these people they come here in the buy learn just like they buy a castle or jewelry on iran u.s. sanctions against oil trading with the islamic republic don't apply when you're
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america's largest banker. in africa china is using cash to buy clout beating western rivals in the race to exploit the continent's vast resources in its efforts to buy influence through investments have been met with an intense public backlash in countries like pakistan and building infrastructure instead of military bases has made china the preferred superpower among locals. born into thier ok. other countries that does not like. it or that like america. still it has an abandoned its military the country's new leaders are expected to continue to pour billions into its defense budget the second largest in the world this may worry pentagon planners and beijing's asian neighbors but so far china's economic might has proven more powerful than the sword there are two nations which are fighting in the word what is america what is china so america is using which is
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water and there is a lot of losses and china is using up these. and civilised to be the head of the it is not a loss and if the strategy is working well why change it chinese leaders understand the importance of soft power. and yet understand that is economic development humans to some extend has made it a certain more dough to be studied if not to be followed complete for now a growing red dragon means that china's version of a new world order is here to stay you see catherine of r t moscow. london remains worlds apart from the e.u. as paymaster on the debated seven year budget after crunch downing street talks with his german counterpart the british prime minister reaffirmed he would not accept any proposed hike in spending is sort of further the deeper look at britain's widening riff with europe and the support for splits at home. prime
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minister david cameron and german chancellor angela merkel are probably feeling pretty food today after the downing street dinner last night on the menu is mushroom and spinach tart venison finished off with a traditional german putting beneath the smiles and the friendly handshakes you can imagine that probably have been some quite awkward dinner conversation on the surface of it the german chancellor is here to discuss with the prime minister the upcoming budget meetings that will be taking place in brussels but of course there are much bigger. state most importantly the discussion about britain's position within the european union itself now the end of the meeting bayside says said that they were on the same end of the spectrum but is that really the story because of course in recent weeks here in britain we've seen the talk of a possible referendum in or around referendum or whether britain should remain within the european union really kicking up again you wouldn't have been the one to want to break that needs to angela merkel she doesn't look like
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a woman who suffers food gladly unfortunately the prime minister hasn't like the strongest leader in recent weeks we feel that humiliating defeat in the house of commons with tory backbenches calling for real term cuts to the budget now we know when those meetings take place britain is going to be asked to contribute even more to the top there's going to be some tough negotiating taking place what you have here at the moment very much is a big perception problem when it comes to the european union at a time of austerity in the midst of a double dip recession many british people feel that the european union to be asking for even more money is simply on reasonable and you seen a very very strong reaction to that here in the coming weeks ahead of that budget meeting the topic of britain's role within the european union itself is very much going to be on the top of the menu. well let's discuss this battle over the new
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e.u. budget with david campbell bannerman he's a british conservative member of the european parliament joining me live in london where prime minister cameron basically seems to have given in to euro skeptics i know you're among them you're a prominent former member of the u.k. independence party is that the only reason for his tough stance. no i salute the prime minister cameron for his tough stance on the budget he's done this before he's made it clear he wants a freeze in the budget others want carts i would like to see the fifty three million pounds a day that the cost britons would be actually prepared to the u.k. but i'd salute his position it's the right position i think others have to bear not david cameron he's in a very difficult position though isn't he what happens if there is no agreement over this budget running out of time only got what two weeks now before the e.u. summit one of the consequences for the u.k. . well i think it's ridiculous proposition to be raising the budget
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that's what the commission wants up to six percent even more at a time when everyone is seeing cards all around europe especially in greece and spain a real pain in those countries so what's an earth as the e.u. doing trying to raise the budget and spending money on things like film prizes and a museum of european history which starts after the second world war was a strangely there's a lot of waste in the system and there's no excuse for actually increasing the budget freeze is the minimum we can expect and overcome is right to push for and you wanted to push for that because he's intransigent could lead to what a pathway for the u.k. to leave the european union that's what you want isn't it well it is what i want my my view is we'd be better off britain we're better off with a swiss style free trading arrangement with e.u. that's my personal view rather than full membership i think what's happening i mean
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a hundred merkel is quoted today's saying that she wants the commission european commission to form a government but it will take time persuade people is what she's talking about well we don't need the time we do not want to be part of a political union or a federal union. planning we want just a trading relationship and i think it's going to force the issue i think the choice is going to become do you want the full political union do you want to trading relationship might switzerland and that's what the referendum should be about but wouldn't there be a negative reaction from e.u. member countries towards britain if it didn't even actually trade would be affected and that's surely not what the u.k. can afford during these tough economic times. well the u.k.'s economy is actually showing signs of recovery fact thankfully it's not great but no one's great but it's better than the average and let's not forget we're a huge importer of goods and services from the e.u.
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with their largest customer it's three billion pounds every month more english and services being imported into the u.k. and export it to the rest of the you so i think we're in a strong position for a trading relationship and we really don't want to get into this political union which is totally against what the british people want what sort of supporter you getting amongst the british people with your stance. well it's very warm i mean i represent i represent to go to the polls a majority of the british people regardless of being left or right it's not a left right thing is about democracy. polls indicate about fifty three fifty four percent of the british people want to actually do all for you it's two thirds of my own party the conservative party so it's a very strong feeling we need obviously a trading relationship to be put in place but you know under the list when true to you under article fifty it requires the actually have an agreement with any member
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state it might be britain that actually leaves e.u. and that's probably means a free trade agreement david campbell bannerman british conserve and then he joins me live in london thank you very much indeed. this is all t. live here in moscow more news in thirty five minutes from now in the meantime capital account with lower lister from our washington studio. it is a way of life traditionally the people are. also highly skilled and organized. depending. on the day we found this particular camp they were settled near the
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coast of the. families worked together to manage nearly a thousand. people in. almost every single part of the. year is a means of transportation. with. the life in the tundra is harsh. many of the children are the center of the. boarding school. students learn different languages utilize modern technology specialized grant programs and even learn skills all within. the school was found a. scientist who wanted a better way of life for his people but even with the most progressive ideas in
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education. i have returned to the tundra and i actually like it here. there's fresh air fresh water looks at the site you can see deer it's a joyful sight. a sentiment that hopefully ensures that russia's nor the reindeer will have caretakers for generations to come. good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm more in lister here in washington d.c. vizier headlines for wednesday november seventh two thousand and twelve u.s. president barack obama won the election last night and after he did he said this is . what makes america exceptional or the bonds that hold together the most diverse
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nation harbor. bonds that's right treasury bonds that is what makes america exceptional the ability to issue all of these bonds in exchange for the global reserve currency that allows the government to spend despite running trillion dollar deficits but what happens when that bond holding us all together is no longer exceptional lot of gas and gold and silver prices rallied recently ahead of the elections we'll talk about why and also is this stock of gold over estimated by thousands of tons with a nominal value close to nine hundred billion dollars well according to an essay published by the gold money foundation the answer is yes we'll hear from one of the authors james turk gold money founder and chairman about it and why it matters plus exxon mobil and johnson and johnson borrowing for less than uncle's.


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