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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2012 1:30pm-2:00pm EST

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and he's with us very much in the background. once in a decade the ruling party gathers to select the next generation. today on the party doughty dot com. coming up in just a few minutes heads clash over the billions will become poses for the european union's new budget is deepening the cracks in london in relations. it watching on t.v. live in moscow and it's time for business with katie i'm reporting about it every day worries for europe and even more worries i know it's hard to believe isn't it is just getting worse and worse and right now the european commission they have updated their economic forecasts and it's not looking for a seat belt by citing rising unemployment as one of the problem so another tough year ahead another tough year ahead that also criticizing the slow progress of
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dealing with the debts and that's one of the things that quite critical of song to be our allies in all of this and that business about ascetic ok thanks a lot. wealthy british style. time. market why not. why not what's really happening to the global economy with max conjure the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our. lead speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on our team reporting from the
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live. live live. live .
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a warm welcome to business now as we've been reporting there is more bad news for europe as a european commission has confirmed another year of weak economic conditions and rising unemployment for the concent now the e.c. has lowered its growth forecast for the euro zone by ten fold from one percent to a near recession or eight point one percent but most importantly now the main economies of the currency union are facing difficulties caused by neighbors for
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example the new forecast expects germany to grow by only halls of previous estimations. cyprus has started another round of talks with international lenders aiming to secure vital financial aid but the cash holders all rushing to help out and stay with some of them fearing the bailout money could go to taxpayers in other countries such an uptick all the details for us now hello there tahlia so why are all these concerns about that well ok so there is actually a russian secret behind the story and probably the reason why the bailout is taking so long before the. song before that will be finalized which is why the frustration for cyprus as they hold the mahdi will be negotiated by next week ok a russian secret tanya explained well germany's
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foreign intelligence agency issued a report this suggested that a bailout would mostly benefit to reach russians are who have been stashing their black money in cyprus banks for years but cyprus is notorious to be in a tight haven for rich russians i'm thinking of all agog such as well dash of and that excelled. that i right yes and maybe more than that but we have to understand that there are legal shores as probably the case with these businessman and illegal ways to loads of money which we are speaking about so the interesting thing is that the reports suggest that eight to russian oligarchs have obtained cypriot nationality which means more freedom of maneuver in doing business in russia and in europe but how much money are we talking. well the german reports that this so-called russian black money in miles to twenty six billion euro is which is much
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more than the cyprus does a pier imagine this huge amount of money is a part of this cyprus failing banking system and i don't suppose times pies and other countries simply germany would be too happy about this and saving russian billionaires isn't exactly a top of the gens of i agree but at the same time cyprus is a hold by these german intelligence report its government rejects this article they say there was an attempt to tarnish the contras reputation as an international investment center they also said that cyprus elected a very effective to money laundering mattress that actually plaudits from the international monetary fund ok so your argument statements on your let's say doesn't get any idea of these allegations surely the repercussions would be much worse for europe right. it looks like they will have to save this little contrary
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many russian oligarchs alongside otherwise cyprus might become the first domino to topple. all right thank you so much indeed for that great. elsewhere rich russians have become a cause of competition between european countries like the media says france and italy on the. russian investments become trees all mostly interested in sending elite rid a state that lacks demand in the current economic downturn i do this year russians spend over twelve women year on property in europe that's why small pre-crisis two thousand and seven however brush and percent and investment in europe on not limited to read a state for example by france honestly would like to sell over two hundred rises with the russians are the most likely. to shake out the
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markets will start with wall street it's been another bad day at the office to wall street traders following the biggest selloff in a year for the dow jones apple is one of the biggest loser is the european union official saying that they have come to a decision on unlocking phones for greece apparently this may not happen until now so with that in mind it's check out the european markets and see what happened that . it was declined schoolboy's london and frankfurt you can see that to try and really counteract all the negative news depressingly rated at the moment european central bank unveiled an aggressive but yet to be implemented bond buying plan but as you can see invests is remain an enthusiastic about all about. the european currency then continues to drop against the u.s. dollar meanwhile the russian ruble managed to finish up. against the bosky of cars here in moscow check out the russian markets then the act is it was a sea of red here as you can see. prices taking their toll on the domestic
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markets falling to the lowest level three months not since the u.s. budget deficit now takes center stage of the election. as i mentioned russians a. billionaire a man she reportedly considers investing in australia's cold bison. ethics still produce a link and a date the doe won't be cheap want us to teach you can best is estimated the company at two point five billion dollars or eight times higher than its market price from a vet's know the australians or vo any additional details meanwhile the company has dumped six percent on the news while the boulder market was down one percent. mitt romney may think himself on lucky when it comes to running for president having just lost the us elections balts on the bright side he won't be out of
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business his consulting firm and company has won a tender to develop a new strategy for russia's nano technology corporation. speaking about the future strategy of us not his head on a wholly supplier says the company aims to find private investors prefer a break in silicon valley. what we're doing is we come to the next stage of the development of the company and it was this company which we all know the company four hundred percent belong to was when we want to raise capital for his private capability and we decided to go the private placement of ten percent of his most here and we're now in the final special negotiation and we board the russian who are in private the worst of them institutional school related to invest in those. by the end of this your beginning of next year as the least of the ministers. from the first of the board one point five. united states mail instead of going to area
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so we already know there will partners but by attracting new investors in those moments we'll want to expand the geography and expand the markets represent again. and finally for those who are interested in alternative investments and jewelers have recreated the symbol of the russian monarchy the imperial crown the precious hardware is made of white's gold encrusted with more than eleven. and diamonds the makers of them all supposed to not disclose the price of the crown adding that it can only be found is not a no seven. i definitely want what are these crowds more news coming your way often so stay with us here.
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in this remote siberian village people still seeing the signs which russians saying to me ladies and they cherish the practice will set up church before the seventeenth century the old believers here is sign bierria are a conservative community they're known as the simi steer the word which refers to family. believe me there yet again i feel right. now i'm the first to tell you that. people here are happy to show their way of life to tourists and teach them how to dance in the local star. use of prayer and the girl needs to watch her legs don't go up too much during the dance she must be a modest. yet. seventeen year old nanda is from the same village she now studies in the city and
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dances at a club. she puts on her costume and the traditional amber necklace only when she comes to visit her grandmother. i didn't ask on time per day i'll say this because i want to keep up to date with this morning world but still i. i would like to have camp my very ground how my ancestors layered and this is my treasure their attachment to the church brought this and sisters to this remote land east deflate by call more than two hundred fifty years ago they were exiled in persecuted for not agreeing to the orthodox who forms introduced in russia in the sixteen hundreds they wanted to maintain their time honored rituals the old believers still borrow and cross themselves with two fingers not with three as they do in modern orthodox churches in russia and never knew when praying but this father said he says it's not so much the rituals they
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cherish as the moral principles he does not approve of what ninety's doing is accrue to the old believe a woman must never show her naked legs and because this things started to spoil during the soviet union. was more and more young people leaving for a big city it's this here is the all believers culture could be imperiled nowadays young people prefer herbalife to devoting their lives to agriculture but it's not necessary to leave it inside israel has to remember that and try to keep their . plans to continue her studies abroad the grandmother says wherever she goes as long as the queues are fresh in her memory so is the culture ok.
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if you just joined is a very warm welcome aarti here in moscow london remains worlds apart from the paymaster on the debated seven year budget after crunch downing street talks with his german counterpart the british prime minister reaffirmed he would not accept any proposed hike in spending this or a further the deeper look at britain's why being referred to europe and support for specific home. prime minister david cameron and german chancellor angela merkel are probably feeling pretty food today after the downing street dinner last night on the menu is mushroom and spinach tart venison finished off with a traditional german pitting beneath the smiles and the friendly handshake you can imagine that probably have been somewhat awkward dinner conversation in the surface of it the german chancellor is here to discuss with the prime minister the upcoming budget meeting that will be taking place in brussels but of course there are a much bigger issue at stake most importantly the discussion about britain's
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position within the european union itself now the end of their meeting bayside says said that they were on the same end of the spectrum but is that really the story because of course in recent weeks here in britain we've seen the talk of a possible referendum in or around referendum or whether britain should remain within the european union really kicking up again you wouldn't have been the one to want to break that needs to angola merkel she doesn't look like a woman who suffers food gladly unfortunately the prime minister hasn't looked like the strongest leader in recent weeks we feel that humiliating defeat in the house of commons with tory backbenches calling for real term cuts to the budget now we know when these meetings take place britain is going to be asked to contribute even more to the point there's going to be some tough negotiating taking place what you have here at the moment very much is
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a big perception problem when it comes to the european union at a time of austerity in the midst of a double dip recession many british people feel that for the european union to be asking for even more money is simply unreasonable and you seen a very very strong reaction to that here so in the coming weeks ahead of that meeting the topic of britain's role within the european union itself is very much going to be on the top of the menu. now is an inappropriate time for e.u. leaders to be hiking the budget says david campbell bannerman a spectrum alleles a british conservative member of the european parliament here's what he had to say i think it's ridiculous proposition to be raising the budget that's what the commission wants up to six percent even more at a time when everyone is seeing carts all around europe especially in greece and spain the real pain in those countries so was an earth as the e.u.
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doing trying to raise the budget and spending money on things like film prizes and museum of european history which starts after the second world war was a stranger there's a lot of waste in the system and there's no excuse for actually increasing the budget a freeze is the minimum we can expect and overcome is right to push for that and you wanted to push for that because his intransigence could lead to what a pathway for the u.k. to leave the european union that's what you want isn't it well it is what i want my my view is we'd be better off britain we're better off with a swiss style free trading arrangement with e.u. that's my personal view rather than full membership what sort of support you getting amongst the pritish people with your stance. is very warm. and i represent to go to the polls a majority of the british people regardless of being left or right is not a left or right thing is about democracy. polls indicate about fifty three fifty four percent of the british people want to draw from the e.u.
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it's two thirds of my own party the conservative party so it's a very strong feeling and we do not want to be part of a political union or a federal union. planning we want just a trading relationship and i think it's going to force the issue i think the choice is going to become do you want the full political union do you want a trading relationship might switzerland and that's what the referendum should be above. other world news this hour here on r.t. at least eighteen people have been killed in three separate bomb attacks in afghanistan the deadliest blast was in the southern helmand province when a minibus hit a roadside bomb killing ten civilians including four women and two children a second attack killed three policemen and wounded two others in the southern city of kandahar and in the east a military convoy struck a learned mind killing five local troops. according bahrain is denied to release requests for prominent human rights activists. his case has been adjourned until next month he's serving time for tweeting and participating in illegal gatherings
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and hopes to appeal his three year prison sentence country's crackdown on the opposition has been going on for nearly two years with up to eighty people killed and thousands arrested. four people being killed and many more wounded in a series of car bomb attacks in iraq the blasts at residential areas in predominantly shia towns south of the capital baghdad insurgent attacks often aimed at undermining the sheer led government are a frequent occurrence as the country struggles to find stability after years of foreign occupation. while barack obama celebrates his presidential victory there is lukewarm reaction from washington's top ally in the middle east israelis openly back to bomb his rival mitt romney during the campaign and many are disappointed at the democrats' reelection could lead to an unprecedented rift in u.s. israeli relations as artie's reports. from this.
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to this it was never a secret who the israeli prime minister wanted in the white house the often public spats between his government and the obama administration over palestinian peace talks and iran's nuclear program did nothing to advance american israeli relations and only a mask the two leaders personal dislike for each other. if you both want to succeed you. will succeed. i think it's not it's not i mean some of the real challenge for the neo to fix the relationship but he has some fixing to do relations between the two countries are at an all time low and most his radio americans were also hedging their bets on the republican candidate of the roughly eighty thousand voters from israel four in five voted for me these few got up early to watch the results obama can be harsh because this truth is real because he doesn't have to worry about reelection anymore and the time euro has to do with
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obama's tells the truth in many aspects because israel is dependent on america for allies and for supports the middle east in the international arena the pressing issue now is what is a bomb is victory mean for israel's foreign policy after all netanyahu saw in mommy and i someone he agreed with on most issues including what to him is the most urgent stopping iran's nuclear program netanyahu is trying to convince the world to strike iran a position that until now obama has not supported the question is will israel go it alone in order to destroy completely destroy iran's nuclear weapons capability i think you need. many many strikes over an extended period of time only one country in the world that is capable of doing it. and i don't think he will do it this is the united states of america and without he was
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backing netanyahu is in a corner with the risk to strike back down from his warmongering neither position it puts him in a good light netanyahu took a gamble by so openly favoring romney welcoming him in israel during the election campaign and appearing in a public in a campaign ads that roll of the dice could now backfire as these radio elections quickly approach and netanyahu himself will be fighting for another term in office . to saddam. americans have largely ignored allegations of irregularities and fraud journey but as their reaction to voting issues in other countries has been very different and upon a researcher and writer sorer suppose that the mainstream media audience is gullible even almost every state every state that was very important and there were irregularities there were a problem with the polling which scenes that worked out well with people being directed there was even suggestion of voter fraud yet how they can america has not
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been educated they also tested this suit just to get their own media that if they read something in the same new york times they don't question the accuracy and it gets repeated c.n.n. in the mainstream media so they are used to being compliant in a sense that last two minutes had to be critical thinkers they simply don't question it anymore and that's why they really don't take to the streets in two thousand and nine in iran there were rumors of fraud but there wasn't any fraud they could actually prove to the people and observers here that education from america with the funding they had before hand wanted them to get on the streets and protest it was simply to undermine an election there for the first time there were over eighty percent of people participating it was a deliberate act it's. not a dot com right now taking responsibility suspected whistleblower bradley manning might plead guilty to supply and we can leaks with classified material go online to
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find out the conditions of the possible deal. also work for russia's abogado artist for stealing convince he is said to be recorded kristie cell in new york on the website to find out how much he made. it up today for the moment a recap of the headlines and more news for you in full in just a couple of minutes away stay with us this is r.t. in moscow. do we speak your language or not at the. school music programs and documentaries in
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spanish matters to you breaking news a little turn to angle kid stories. or you hear. detroit altie spanish find out more visit. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. and. and.
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and. and. live. place. ok. i mean so no new city in europe i'm the host of the twenty fourteen winter olympics . say. thank you.
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