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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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whether they only meant and what the world calls a civil war. we have to look at it from the first aspect is the constitution and through the constitution according to this or to this or throw it into the constitution have to be able to solve the problem but if if we mean it that you will i don't have any other syrian who can be president no anything could be president we have many syrians who are eligible to be in that. position you cannot . link the whole country only to one person always but you are fighting for your country do you believe that you are the man who can put an end to the conflict and restore peace i have to be the man who came to that and i hope so but it's not about the power of the president it's about the whole society we have to be profitable this president cannot do anything without institutions and without support of the people so the fight now is not presidents fight the syrians fight every syrian is involved in defending his country no it is
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a lot of civilians are dying as well in the fighting so if you were to win this war how would you reconcile with your people after everything that has happened and just be. again the problem is not between me and the people i don't have a problem the people called the united states is against the west is against me many countries including turkey which is not of course against me if the peoples of the syrian people are against me how can it be so nothing against you here nothing against you if the whole would list a big part of the world including your people against you are you surprised that you are just a human being so this is not political so it's not about the call siding with the people and if not the bob the conservation between the syrian and the syrian don't have to feel it's about terrorism and support coming from abroad to support terrorist to destabilize see. but this is a war you still believe it's
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a civil war because i know that there's a lot of except for terrorism which everyone believes takes place in syria there's also a lot of confession based strife for example we all heard about the mother who has two sons one son is fighting for the government forces another one is fighting for the rebel forces how is this not a civil war you have division but division doesn't mean civil war is completely different civil war should be based on if medical problem or sectarian problem. with physical pain and tension doesn't mean problem so if you have division in the same family or in a bigger tribe or to avoid the same fifty three group this completely different and that's more you can you should expect that when i asked about reconciling with your people this is what i've learned and heard you say on many different occasions but the only thing you care about is what syrian people think of you and what you are people feel towards you and what you should be president or not aren't you afraid
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that at the end of the day because there's been so much damage done to the country that they won't care about the truth but they will just blame you. because this is a political question because what the people think is the right thing so what they think we have to to ask them but i don't have this information right now so again i'm not afraid about a lot for a vote would be think about me and my country we have to be focused on that. you know for years there has been so many stories about almighty syrian army only cotton syrian secret services but then we see that you know the government forces aren't able to crush the enemy like. people expected it would and we see terrorist attacks take place in the middle of damascus almost every day. where the myths about the syrian army and about the strong syrian secret services usually when you have for me when i have to click into you know the things which. focus on external
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enemy not the internet any even if you have been doing internet maybe like terrorism. you have society that could help you at least not to provide terrorists with you could be in that case it's a new kind we have a new kind of war terrorism through proxies either syrians living in syria or foreigner fighters coming from abroad so it's a new style before this is first so you have to adapt with this new started it takes times not these days and to say this is the normal or let's say traditional regular war no it's much more difficult think and the support that they've been had that's been offered to go through with every aspect of once money political is unprecedented so you have to expect that it's going to be tough for you and difficult for you don't you don't expect a small country go through your defeat all those countries but been fighting us
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through proxies just in these or weeks because when you look at it i mean on one hand you have one leader with the army he tells his army go straight go left go right and the army will be on the other hand you have fractions of terrorists who have no one to unify them no unified strategy just like you so how does that really happen when it comes to fighting each other it's not aspect of the problem but those thirty with fighting from within the cities in the cities you have civilians when you when you fight these kind of terrorists you have to be aware that. you don't you should do the minimal minimum damage to the infrastructure and minimal damage to civilians because you have civilians and you have to fight you cannot leave there is just killing and destroying so this is the difficulty of these kinds of for. the infrastructure military infrastructure economy suffering it's almost as if like syria is going to fall into decade. and the time is against
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you in your opinion how much time do you need to crush the enemy you cannot answer that question because no one claimed the answer about when to do to end the war unless we have the answer when they're going to stop smuggling foreign fighters from different part of this world special to the middle east and the word and we're going to stop. sending armaments to those terrorists if they stop this is working i can answer your continuing weeks you can finish everything if the big problem but as long as we have continuous supply going in and out moments and everything else and logistics is going to be. and also when you think about it you have four thousand kilometers of loosely controlled borders you have your enemy that can at any time cross over jordan or turkey to rearm get medical care and come back to fight you exactly exactly where no country in the world came feel the border
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sometime for you with this world which is not correct even the united states cannot see this border with mexico for example maybe the same for russia which is to become true so not completely to the border you can only have better situation on the border when you have good relations with your neighbors something that we don't have at least thirteen our. support more than any other country the smuggling of our room an interest can i ask you something i've been in turkey recently and people there are actually very worried that war will happen between syria and turkey do you think a war with turkey is a realistic scenario rationally no i don't think that's god for it for two reasons the war needs public support and the majority of the turkish people don't need this war so i don't think any russian. official would think about. going against the will of the public is going to be the same for. the syrian people so it's not the
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conflict or the difference is not between the syrian people and the turkish people who support the government and the official green between official and their own fuel because all the politics so i don't see any war between syria and turkey in the horizon when is the last time you spoke to at the ground and how did they talk and. may two thousand and eleven after he won the elections so you just congratulated him you just that was the last time it was the last who is shelling turkey the government forces or the rebels in order to help you to find the answer you need to joint committee between the two armies in order to know. who goes on the borders you have a lot of terrorists who have. mortars so they can do the same or you have to go investigate the bomb itself the police and so on and that didn't happen we asked the turks or the turkish government to have this committee refused so you cannot
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have the answer but when you have these terrorists on your border you don't exclude . them from doing so because the syrian army doesn't have any order to kill the turkish man because you don't we don't find any interest in this and we don't have any meeting with the turkish people we consider them as a brother so why to do it a list that happens by mistake you need the investigation so far we don't have the answer because you accept that this may be mistakenly from the government for those that could happen disposability in every war you have and think you know in africa and build the forgotten we always talk about friendly fire if you can kill your soldiers so that in every war that could happen but we cannot say it's time something why has turkey that you call the friendly nation become a foothold for the opposition. not the not turkey only government. only just to be precise not the turkish people to people needs
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a good relation with the syrian people this is a i think he believes that if muslim brotherhood. take over in the region and especially in syria you can go to to his political future this is one reason the other reason. personally think that he had been useful part of the autumn and he can control the region as it was during those many. different rates. which is. climbing but not gotten him in by not to be fully for but in his heart you think that it's hard for me these are the main reasons for him to change or to shift his policy from zero frames a sort of view of problems to zero friends but it's not just the west that opposes you at this point you have so many enemies in the arab world and that's to say like two years ago when someone heard your name in the arab world they would straighten their ties and on the first occasion they betray you why do you have so many enemies in the arab world they're not the enemies some of them the majority of the
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arab governments support syria in their heart they don't. do that explicitly under pressure by the waist sometimes under pressure by the pay top dollar and dollar board who supports you know from the arab world many countries supported by the whole but the truth here that explicitly but first of all york. it's very active role in supporting syria during the crisis because it's neighboring country and they understand that if you have a war room inside syria you will have war in the neighboring countries including iraq. i think of a country. they have good position. mainly in those other countries and other countries. can't all of them but. they are they
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have a positive position but without taking action. the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster. had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution or the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution spread to. more than hundred thousand.
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five hundred dollars. unpunished. the emission. free. free. free. free. free. free. play.
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list. looks. to emulate. the air.
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the. way it. was. saudi arabia qatar why are they so adamant about you resigning and how would an unstable middle east fit their agenda. let's be frank i don't her i cannot go on their behalf they have to answer that question but i would i could see the problem
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between syria and many countries in the world. or in the west but we keep saying no when we thing but we have to say no the problem and some country believe that they can control syria through alders or through money or petrodollars and this is impossible in syria so the problem then maybe they want to play a role we don't have problem they can play a role but they deserve or not they can play a role but not to play a role that they experience or interests. that is it about controlling syria or about exporting their vision of islam to syria. you cannot put it government policies sometimes sometimes you have institutions in certain. countries sometimes you have personnel who try to promote this but they don't. policy told they didn't ask us to provide all the. extremist attitude of the institution
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but that happens in reality that happens whether through in direct support of the government or through the foundation for the institution of the person and so this is part of the problem but when you want to talk about the government you have to talk about the. policy not policies like any other policy. interests because both playing a role but we cannot ignore what you mention. iran which. is a very close ally also exposed to economic sanctions also facing the threat of military invasion if you were faced with an option cut ties with iran in exchange for peace in your country would you go for it there's no contradiction i don't help you control you can option why because we had good relations with iran since seventy nine till today and it's getting better every day but at the same time we're moving toward peace and we had peace process we had with negotiations iran wasn't a factor against peace so this is. information to try to promote in
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the west but if we if we need peace we don't have to have good relation with your own business relation it's completely two different objects your unsupported syria . supported our cause because of the occupied land and we have to support them in their calls the simple iran is very important country in the region for looking if we are looking for stability we need good relation with iran you cannot talk about stability while you have bad religion with iran with turkey with your neighbors and so on this is it. do you have any information that the western intelligence are financing rebel fighters here in syria no so far what we know that they are offering the knowledge support of the terrorist through turkey sometimes in lebanon . mainly. but we have the other intelligence not the with in the region some of them are very active what i couldn't do with a lot of this provision. you western intelligence what's the role of al-qaeda in
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syria at this point are they controlling any of the rebel coalition forces no i don't think looking to control the look to have your own military kingdom or the moderate in their language but merely try to scare the people through explosion assassination suicide bomb goes something like this do. pushed people toward this position. to accept them reality so they go through both to but they are finally able to have this with the islamic emirate in syria where they can. promote their own ideology and the rest of the water from those who are fighting you and those who are against you who would you talk to. who talk to anyone who was genuine really to help syria but wouldn't with our time with anyone who wants to to use our crisis always on personal interest you know you've been
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many times not you but the government forces have made tens been accused of war crimes against their own civilians do you accept that the gun forces have committed war crimes against their own civilians we are fighting terrorism. implementing our constitution. by protecting the syrian people is go back to what happened in russia more than a decade ago. you faced the terrorism in chief and other places the people in theaters schools and so on and the army in russia protective of people would you call it. a crime you know you wouldn't few days ago misty internationally recognized the crime but the that was committed few days ago when they captured soldiers excluded them and human rights watch. more than once about the crimes all those terrorist groups and it was described if you do school as. a crime
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this is the first point the second point if you have committed a crime against its people this is devoid of because the syrian army is made up of syrian people if you want to commit a crime against your people the army would defy it would disintegrate so you cannot have strongarm unified on me while you are killing your people so the army cannot with a stand for twenty months in these difficult. without having the embrace of the public in syria so how could you how could you have this embrace moment while you're killing your people this is a contradiction so this is a dance. when is the last time you spoke into a western leader. before the crisis it was before the crisis. where there any time at which they tried to give you conditions that if you left the coast of presidency then there will be peace in syria or no no would mean politically no but whether they propose that directly or indirectly it's
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a matter of sovereignty only the syrian people would talk about books who ever talk about peace in the media in a statement that feeling that we have no meaning it has no we. in syria so we know but you know do you even have a choice because from what it seems from the outside even if you wanted to go. you wouldn't have anywhere to go if i were to go if you wanted to move to syria. or to see that this is the only place where we can leave i'm not pop it i wasn't. me by the west to do with twenty other countries i'm syrian i mean. maybe in syria and i have to leave and see them going to school do you think that at this point they could be talks or diplomacy or we've reached a stage where only the army can do nothing i always believe in diplomacy i always believe and i will be always believed even with people who doesn't understand who doesn't believe in dialogue you have to keep trying whether you succeeded or not think of it all with have. success you have to look for this particular success
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before you look for the good before you to the complete success but you have to be realistic you don't think that only they can make you achieve something because those people who commit these acts they are two to two guys one of them doesn't believe in the extremist. the locals who have been convicted by the court years ago before the crisis and their natural enemy the government because they are going to be detained if you had normal situation it's the other part of them the people who is being supplied by the outside and they are only good they can only be committed to the people or to the government to spend the money and supply them with all of them and they don't have a choice they don't have a decision they don't own their own decision so you have to be realistic and you have the third part of the people whether he is. militants or politicians who can
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exclude the title that's why we've been in for months now even with militants and many of them give up their armaments and they went back to their normal life. for an invasion is imminent i think the price of this invasion if it happened is going . to be more than the whole world came before because if you have a problem in syria and all this last stronghold of secularism and stability in the region and coexistence it's a it will have a domain or fate that affect the world from the atlantic to the pacific and you know the implication or put it on the list although i don't think. worth going. to god but you do so nobody came here what's next. mr president do you blame yourself or anything. normally you have to find mistakes you do it with every different decision otherwise you're not
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a human what's your biggest mistake i don't remember to be right now but we will always but i always even before taken the decision to go to court to consider that part of it will be wrong but you cannot tell about your mythical sometimes especially during crisis you don't see what's right and wrong until you overcome the situation that your in so it's. i wouldn't give a talk about mistakes because you're still in the middle of so you don't have regrets yet. not now as it were when whenever things are clear you can talk about your mistakes but you definitely have to think because if today was fifteen so march two thousand and eleven that's when the protest started to escalate and grow what would you do differently what i would do what i did exactly that is exactly the same to start to ask different parties to for to have dialogue and to stand against the terrorists but i always thought if you didn't start it the cover world
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umbrella was marcia's but within bill's marshes you had militants who thought that the civilians and the army at the same time maybe on the tactical level you could have done something different but as president or not they could take the decision or strategic level which is different present us how do you see yourself in ten years time. through my country i cannot see myself i can see my company in ten years time but i can see myself. in syria differently i have to be in syria is sort of all the position i don't see myself or the president or not despite my interest i could see myself and this country have come through their company more prosperous country person bashar al assad of syria thank you for talking to r.t. thank you for coming through i can.
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