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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EST

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dozens of syrian security officers reportedly killed in the latest attack in the conflicts torn country ourself or excuse split among the opposition ranks. inglorious infidelity and veteran general veteran general david petraeus as career as the cia is boss is over but rumors that there's much more behind his resignation than just an affair with his biographer. iraq councils i'm a multibillion dollar arms deal with russia suspicion of corruption and its own buying process but experts question whether it's washington's hand at play. and prayers prevented amid fresh violence in bahrain's dissent clampdown an activist explains why he and more than two dozen others have their citizenship withdrawn.
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good evening international headlines live from our moscow headquarters who watching our team with me lucy tough enough well dozens of syrian security officers have reportedly been killed in twin bombings in the country's south it's the latest spate of violence in the escalating conflict which has already claimed tens of thousands of lives are his middle east correspondent paula slayer hostile latest. now what we understand is that there was an apparent double suicide attack according to activists on the ground the blast went off near a branch of the country's military intelligence in daraa that the explosions were followed by clashes between regime forces and rebels now targets and security institutions have become quite commonplace recently in syria earlier this week
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there was an attack in the province of hama and now kind of a claimed responsibility for that attack dozens of a set were killed while this violence is happening in syria the syrian opposition is meeting quite far away in the qatari capital of doha now there are deciding their fate this essentially is a meeting that has been called because many of the international backers of the syrian opposition particularly the united states are unhappy with the deep divisions within the syrian opposition and at this stage it seems as if those divisions are going to prevent the syrian opposition from coming forward with any kind of a viable new opposition body the whole idea of these this meeting in doha was essentially to establish some kind of group within the syrian opposition in exile that would have more direct links with the opposition with inside the country that would be able to begin to distribute aid and funding that the group is being accused of not being representative enough this despite the fact that the main opposition by the the syrian national council just yesterday friday did elect
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a new head and they were also critics who complained that the new legislative body being put forward is not representative enough it does not have enough women in it so he does not have enough minorities the syrian army which is the main armed opposition group in the country need while has threatened the syrian president bashar assad that he'll follow the fate of the former libyan leader moammar gadhafi the first as assad said in an exclusive interview to our team that he has no plans to leave office the state media department head said that assad is doomed to take a listen. no he said he would not leave syria we know this very well because he will not be able to leave syria he and his people will not manage to leave the country the free syrian army will not let him do this he will not get out of syria line you'll be lucky if you reach the same fate as. so what we're witnessing is an increase on the ground in terms of the violence inside syria while the syrian
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opposition really struggling she trying for united group to try and deal with the situation. well the group that's been positioned itself as the rebellious political leadership has again failed to unite the opposition the syrian national council which operates in exile has been disavowed by the local syria based coordination committee is the president of the arabs a lawyers association says that western efforts to create a revolution from the outside and failed. since he has the only credibility it had was with the western powers we all remember when the us forced many countries to attend a meeting in turkey to recognize this as the legitimate representative of syria which was part of the political gimmick that the us and the western powers nato france britain were following because what they wanted is the changer for e.g. but this is a unique case where there is a true revolution within syria but those who are recognized by the us and others
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have absolutely nothing to do with it and so most of them have never been there and most of them have been out of the country for tens of years and the us knew that and the west knew that but they were still nevertheless recognized as the representative of the people now they have come to realize that actually that evolution is going on in syria there is the i mean there is the people who are revolting in syria and they have no links with the external. people who can they meet to represent them so i don't think they had credibility before i don't think they would have credibility at the present moment because this is an effort to create a better view sheehan order of addition anybody in the west created this something outside and they may call develop resent that. well for a head of intelligence it was poor judgment with unavoidable consequences david petraeus has quit the cia chief after admitting to an extramarital affair with his
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biographer it's a rapid fall from grace for the man who was the u.s. army standard bearer in afghanistan and iraq he had only been in charge of the cia for just over a year but the f.b.i. found that he was cheating on his wife of thirty seven years with writer paula broadwell which we suspicions of illegal attempts to dig into petraeus was classified the e-mail well it's discuss these developments with pakistani author and journalist. who has spent a lot of time in the areas where portray is used to lead the u.s. military campaign started thank you for joining us before we get to the international implications i want to focus a bit on the u.s. the general of course has a solid reputation in washington do you believe that this extramarital affair is enough of a reason to really end the career of the cia official. apparently general virtual child to resigned over his extramarital clear but i believe that piece of expensive nation is not as simple as that it appears to be in my personal
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opinion the differences between america's civil and military leadership over the war in afghanistan are involved in this episode and. this we have seen recently president obama advocating us just and complete withdrawal need to push it from again it's time but general bradshaw's and many of his colleagues in the in the u.s. security establishment were not in favor of president obama's approval for a complete withdrawal from afghanistan this group led by general brant charles be the one to a long term stay in afghanistan so we do not choose resignation there draw. process of allied forces from afghanistan is expected to be much weaker than what we anticipated and i'm seeing that because president obama has sort of moved one of the major obstacles for his. war in afghanistan that's quite interesting so if mike morrell who is supposedly going to replace at least and
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temporarily petraeus at the cia if he steps into power i guess what depending on who the next leader is are you saying that the u.s. is going to have a longer more intense presence in the war in afghanistan. what actually does not what i said i said that president obama wants a week when people from afghanistan but you know for sure who was in we were all alone twenty two can be one. community mistreatment led by president obama removed so is it any wonder police in general don't trust i believe that the process to draw forces from afghanistan. we'd be weaker than what we were expecting. and of course the decisions that are made by the cia has implications all across the globe under petraeus in the cia we've seen a rapid expansion of the u.s. predator drone campaign in yemen and in pakistan as well which is where you're
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based right now talk a little bit about how you expect to see u.s. policy potentially change in the region where you're located as a result of this shift. whirl of president obama is likely to cause. a killer drone attacks inside afghanistan pakistan in german and of course this policy has its on sure you follow the fundamental drone strike in these conflict zones and some tactical advantage but the strategic followed of the strike is immense so i believe that if we're going to release it you're not very sure now will accelerate the pace of further build into a lot of nato forces from congress on what will happen if they need to force its leave again it's in a rough. i'd be understandable to plunge into a civil war that would be like sure that lead to what we saw after the return of the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred nine in that scenario but just on iran might be two to host millions of refugees from france the china
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must be concerned about losing billions of dollars into our oil and we've got such a look and russia must be a must be prepared to witness a resurgence of jihad these. in some of its area and i would also add that in a scenario where the funny stuff blundered into a single goal or this scenario can also have ratios ambitions to emerge as you issue in power well for us a dire scenario that as you rightly point out could have some serious implications all across the region thank you so much that was chronic ball author and journalist as well as co-author of the focus on terrorism around zero. well iraq has canceled a major arms of the elves with russia over corruption concerns saying that it will investigate the contract and a deal announced only a month ago moscow was to sell iraq more than four billion dollars worth of air defense systems and helicopters meanwhile sources say that it's iraq's own buying
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process that raised the initial concern now the details from r.t.s. sean thomas. but the timing of this certainly is curious considering the announcement of this deal was made just to back in early october and in fact this deal would have made russia the number two arms dealer for iraq behind the united states and that leads to speculation that this cancellation may have been caused by pressure from the united states in fact when this deal was announced it raised some eyebrows for people wondering what this meant for the u.s. was the u.s. losing a foothold in iraq meaning that they didn't have as much influence there now if you look at the iraq's foreign policy they're a little bit in a vulnerable position they have iran on one side they're in a hostile region basically and so their foreign policy has been all over the map so to speak they've been looking to iran for support looking to the united states for support as well also looking to russia so after this deal was announced they said
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that they were going to cancel this deal under concerns of corruption and that investigation is now under way now let's talk a little bit about the deal more than four billion dollars in air defenses specifically attack helicopters and missiles a spokesperson said that an investigation into this is underway again because of corruption now if you look at corruption in russia this is a concern here as well there where well aware of it if you look at the events of last week surrounding at the scandal at the defense ministry anatoly said to call that was asked to resign and because of this candle and also the chief of staff it was a replaced this week as well so russia working very hard to fight corruption within the defense ministry within the country and it looks right now that there is no comment from russia on the cancellation of this deal will stay on top of it as more information becomes available. well from stopping muslims praying on their holy as
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data stripping people of their citizenship while cranes efforts to destroy dissent are widening in the capital security forces. teargassed thousands of shiite worshippers trying to reach a mosque for friday prayers a sixteen year old teenager was killed after reportedly being chased by the police onto a busy highway public gatherings were banned last week to quell almost two years of anti-government action it's a crackdown that's also seen the citizenship revoked from thirty activists one of whom explained why. we had very strong position against corruption against. the budget of the country how it's being manipulated with and the fear of the will the family and do we put them in a standing question this fish that in the history of bahrain a position wanted to question the ruling family ministers when the uprising started in fourteen february we founded. more killings started by the government and.
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our position was to be with the people when they demanded peacefully the seriously before and no positive answer came from the government we resign and they founded stiff opposition from the opposition against the ruling family mainly so they want to give. this we have to solve it with the ruling family and the rest of the content of the people of bahrain beyond that all of us will knows the government will lose the people of bahrain will lose a position will lose and even the super bowl as i many cares and britons and those opposed to the lose because it is very strategic location of the world here in the . gulf well britain's savings shy workers might find their pay packets a little bit later in the future. and that's because too many brits face becoming poverty pensioners as we report late on. i didn't vote i didn't really care
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why not. i didn't even know like what anybody stood for are just not something that interests me i just going to blow. that's right a tight race six billion dollars worth of campaigning but what for bring your to see whether it's a case of election enthusiasm or indifference. usually the police and occupy protesters are like oil and water but in atlanta they've come together to save the house of a former detective jacqueline barber unfortunately ms barbara lost a lot of money badly cancer and was facing eviction when she turned to occupy homes for help so far she's managed to stay in her home despite it being sold out from under her feet but the main thing is that her fight to stay in her home has become
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like a bridge between two groups who are usually at each other's throats the police and occupiers the thing is the cruel economic practices can affect us all even retired police like ms barber i know there are some irresponsible people who buy things they can't pay for and here the police have to do something about them but they shouldn't throw you out of your home that you've paid for for years just for getting cancer no one should have to live with the constant fear that their home will be taken away after years and years of payment just because they got sick and america i thought we believed in private property not eternally rented from big banks but that's just my opinion. browser's. sisters. made me sit him. take care of my daddy. a lot of. hope does
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a famous reuse then some play was oh my saved and does my mammy ransom business. welcome back you're watching our t.v. with me to see catherine up well with people living longer but not necessarily thinking about how they're going to pay for it britain's decided to dip into workers' wages and force them to save even if they're barely out of school well
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here's our to sarah ferguson why the seemingly good intentions could actually lead people out of pocket. cantons in retirement already things that you think about when you're young now if you're only twenty two or you might have to the government's new or so romans it's being billed as the biggest take up of the pension system for over a generation but it's how much of a burden is this going to place on people who are just starting out as you race through life it can be hard to keep the piggy bank for a planet with say many other things to fork out for pensioners seem like just another financial hurdle but not to worry the government's got a plan to get people saving their little piggy is called auto in rome and it's always something that can be left until tomorrow you always got something else to spend your money on it always seems a long way away and then when it gets closer you think was too late. automatic enrollment is to help you by basically saying look you're going to be put in your
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own decision to take is whether actually you think that that's the right thing and their families go with the flow and stay in whether you actually you think no unusual opt out brits have been spending like there's no tomorrow but they're around half the casework is paying nothing towards their future but with an aging population automatic enrollment will force companies to sign up every employee even though he's ending far below the average salary will be eligible a wage of just over eight thousand pounds a year is enough to make it apply but the first some will know about it is when they see less money already modest paycheck. there is golf course going to be a cost to it so he's going to cost people some of the hard earned income every month for having said that it's money is for the pensions campaign is warm that is an open door to mis selling and the money will be creamed off by schemes and huge
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management fees the government is trying to sell this is a winner with tax relief and making employees pay up as well but not everyone's. events about of them of my own finances rather than forced to by a government even. the safer tomorrow know your future i'm just one twenty to you can grab a pension i'm thinking about how i'm going to make rent next month gage whatever i'm up to my pension right now for the moment. i would be out. with many feeling we sing governments have made a pig's ear of the country's finances the unconvinced it should be sticking its snout into the savings column consider much it's all because i mean is this someone you can just replace all these days of so many things or whatever you know is just ridiculous i don't think you should have to pay for two now i want to finish with nothing in the pension pot and whilst the government's need does encourage saving in the current economic circumstances it seems that many people will simply be
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saying out. well washington has set up its first permanent military base in poland so soldiers stationed on the soil of the nato ally will help maintain aircraft as well as prepared joint drills with american warplanes now plans for that base were announced by president barack obama during his visit to washington last year poland has long craved for american fighter jets on its soil as well as backing the controversial european missile defense system now preparations for that are progressing in the country's north russia has been staunchly against the plan saying that they pose a threat to its national security and now author and historian gerald horne suggests a warsaw should rethink its foreign policy partner preferences. be very much concerned right now russia is a very powerful neighbor it has many allies across the globe it's
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a military power as well as an economic power in that part of the world and quite frankly doesn't make that much sense for warsaw to dump its nose at such a powerful neighbor and i would hope and imagine that there would be a reconsideration of their foreign policy sooner rather than later this is all very ominous and very dangerous particularly in light of the moves in poland which obviously brings into question the reset with moscow which had been tell it so heavily by administration spokes persons but if i were in berlin i would also be concerned because there is rising competition particularly in europe between berlin and washington. well and did barack obama soar in the election or was the phrase tibet ever closer call in new york laurie harshness checks on the president's popularity in reality. the u.s. presidential election is finally over now what this week let's talk about that
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did you vote are you happy with the outcome yes i mean what do you expect to change in the next four years. i guess i was. expecting for you me because. it was going to change i didn't vote i didn't really care why not i don't even know why quite anybody stood for just not something that interests me i just go with the flow so you don't think it affects your everyday life i'm sure it does. i'm sure it does but do i have much control over it and it really feel that what voting is the only way that you can control i still in feel like i had that much control no i didn't why not i was torn between the two. to get to be in my own interest but there were more than two running you could have voted for someone else. there were more the people that were running for the presidency and you didn't even know it. those parties are too strong and they're
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entrenched and i don't think you can change that but what about if we start really trying to separate money from politics or put solutions like that on the table. or we'll have the right to vote. these people out do you think that there might be room for a third party come two thousand and sixteen. well whatever of. hoping they can do something but it's you know it's a tough road to go you know what's it going to take for the american people to wake up and realize there's more than two parties. i'm not sure i sometimes think we put a lot of pressure on the president and a lot of the change has to come from with us as well you know we can't rely on him one hundred percent you know you've got to you've got to get up in the morning and you've got to work for your country yourself you can't rely on one man to do it all for you oh i. i think the only people in this country that have ever really been able to make a difference usually end up dead. that is so sad sad but true but. do the
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middle ever change. i would hope it would i don't know what the catalyst for that will be but do you think you and i can be a catalyst don't you think that people can demand more and make a change. i'd like to think that so do you think that we can make people more aware in these four years that we have until the next election i think so how do we do that. that's a good question we're doing it right now we are whether or not you expect anything to change in the u.s. the bottom line is real change is probably not going to start with the president in visioning it it's going to start with the people demanding it. well up next lauren lyster takes on the big firms who failed to come clean about going under capital count as a next after the break. tucked
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in between the russian mainland japan and the suckling island is the island of minute on named after french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the pride of the sakhalin region we'll take a look at what's in store for us here. until two thousand and four the island was part of the boarders own and was completely restricted to visit is now the speak choice place is open to tourists unique plants and animals are its top attraction. treaty has been exploring the deaths on the world seas for several decades but it's here at morn your own island where he has finally found what he'd been looking for . the water here is very clear the visibility is very good and the underwater world here is extremely rich i've been to many diving locations across the planet
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including the island of bali but mine are on top of my list while some go to the cycling region to enjoy the sights others convert the islands nature's riches into a healthy dollar it is home to the biggest seafood processing factory in russia the tonight shock hundreds of thousands of tons of fish get caught in the nets too late to produce delicious salamon caviar and necessary attribute of anything in russia the owner of the enterprise says a good fishing season can bring in more than a hundred million dollars net profit. and to a large extent this is old to do what succulent offers environmentally the tonight show operates in only and natural habitat and mild climate unique natural sights and delicious seafood succulent can offer a diverse holiday for those who are not afraid to travel ten thousand kilometers from europe. the question is whether the blonde would ever be able to become a major tourist destination.
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good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm lauren lyster here in washington d.c. these are your headlines for friday nov ninth two thousand and twelve bloomberg reports u.k. prosecutors are ready to arrest traders and rate setters within a month for questioning over their role in the library scandal these are folks that u.b.s. r.b.s. and barclays so will we see bankers in costs for their war against a price mechanism will discuss and resulting the fiscal cliff. i outlined a responsible parent forward to avert the fiscal cliff without raising tax rates were serious about reducing with up to. half to combine spending cuts with revenue
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. that sounds pretty opposed to good luck with that grand bargain guys so maybe we'll go off the cliff and what that really be so bad well you can decide mike maloney of gold silver is here to weigh in and c.b.l. was out with a view of what a plunge would mean as far as a recession and unemployment goes and it's not about what the demographic that wakes up and says this is going through. there's a tightening. of the woolly nike's demographic that realizes they have no savings this is according to mike maloney he'll tell us all about it let's get to today's capital account.


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