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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EST

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but they fear moscow time dozens of syrian security officers are reportedly killed in the latest attack inside the war torn country just hours after a key splits among the opposition. in glorious sim for the l a t veteran general david petraeus is career as the cia's boss is over as rumors swirl but there's more bad is resignation that an affair with his biographer. iraq's defense minister denies that the country is canceling a massive russian arms deal that will review claims of internal corruption. and prayer is prevented amid fresh violence in bahrain's dissent an activist explains why he and more than two dozen others had this citizenship withdrawn.
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hello a very good evening she futures choice kevin zero in here at r.t. tonight with the top stories for you and first dozens of syrian security officers have reportedly been killed in twin bombings in the country south it's the latest spate of violence in the escalating conflict that's already claimed tens of thousands of lives artie's middle east correspondent paula slee is called the latest. now what we understand is that there was an apparent double suicide attack according to activists on the ground the blast went off near a branch of the country's military intelligence in daraa that the explosions were followed by clashes between regime forces and rebels now targets un security institutions have become quite commonplace recently in syria earlier this week there was an attack in the problems of how men are kind of a claimed responsibility for that attack dozens of us were killed while this
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violence is happening in syria the syrian opposition is meeting quite far away in the qatari capital of doha now there are deciding their fate this essentially is a meeting that has been called because many of the international backers of the syrian opposition particularly the united states are unhappy with the deep divisions within the syrian opposition and at this stage it seems as if those divisions are going to prevent the syrian opposition from coming forward with any kind of a viable new opposition body the whole idea of these this meeting in doha was essentially to establish some kind of group within the syrian opposition in exile that would have more direct links with the opposition with inside the country that would be able to get to distribute aid and funding but the group is being accused of not being representative enough this despite the fact that the main opposition by the the syrian national council just yesterday friday did elect a new head and there are also critics who complain that the new legislative body being put forward is not representative enough or does not have enough women in it
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so he does not have enough minorities the syrian army which is the main armed opposition group in the country meanwhile has threatened the syrian president bashar assad that he'll follow the fate of the former libyan leader moammar gadhafi versus as assad said in an exclusive interview to our t.v. that he has no plans to leave office the state media department head said that assad is doomed to take a listen. no he said he would not leave syria we know this very well because he will not be able to leave syria he and his people not managed to leave the country the free syrian army will not let him do this he will not get out of syria lying you'll be lucky if you reach the same fate as market duffy so what we're witnessing is an increase on the ground in terms of the violence inside syria while the syrian opposition really struggle in china for former united church group to try and deal with the situation policy on middle east correspondent there was
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a group has positioned itself as the rebellions political leadership is again failed to unite the opposition meantime the syrian national council which operates in exile has been disavowed by the local coordination committees now based in syria meantime the president of the arab lawyers association says western efforts to create a revolution from outside a failed. there since he has the only credibility it had was with the western powers we all remember when the us forced many countries to attend a meeting in turkey to recognize this as the legitimate representative of syria which was part of the political gimmick that the us and the western powers nato france britain were following because what they wanted is the change of three g. but this is a unique case where there is a true revolution within syria but those who are recognized by the us and others have absolutely nothing to do with it and so most of them have never been there and
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most of them have been out of the country for tens of years and the us knew that and the west knew that but they were still nevertheless recognized as the representative of the people now they have come to realize that actually that evolution is going on in syria there is the free army there is the people who are revolting in syria and they have no links with the external. people who are claiming to represent them so i don't think they credibility before i don't think they would have credibility at the present moment because this is an effort to create a group of you shin ordovician everybody in the west created this something else that and they called it the present that. now if you don't call it already over the last twenty four hours i can let you know too that r t is got a full exclusive interview with the syrian president president assad it's airing again in just over an hour's time also available online any time an r.t. dot com here's what's ahead than a five thirty pm g.m.t.
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. paula who thought about. leaving the contribute thief or not. but we've been fighting as i think for the president to still to leave if the popular is not both. the only way to define. through the ballot box thought it's not about what we hear it's about what we get through that box and that box with any president to stay or leave the bush are our side didn't r.t. exclusive friday through sunday on r.t. at r.t. dot com the big story today the iraqi defense minister is denied that the country has cancelled a major arms deal with russia it's in response to the prime minister's spokesman had earlier said corruption concerns cause the scrapping of a deal that was sealed only a month ago to sell or more than four billion dollars worth of military hardware the details now from r.t. shaun thomas. certainly it has been
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a very curious and confusing as information and details have been coming out about this story throughout the day regarding in the arms deal in the cancellation of this arms deal now r.t. has spoken with the iraqi prime minister's media adviser who says that there is an investigation to this deal regarding concerns of corruption on the iraqi side of things now this deal is on hold pending the results of that investigation now the timing of all of this is extremely curious as well considering this deal was just announced in early october which the deal itself is about a four point two billion u.s. dollars which would make a russia the number two arms dealer behind the united states it is specifically geared towards air defense systems attack helicopters and missiles and it gives you a little bit of a look into the internal politics of iraq there in
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a very vulnerable situation they are neighbors. and they've been looking to the united states for support they've been looking to iran for support as well as russia for support so kind of trying to play all sides of the deck if you will to gain some support in fact moloch he has said in the past that he doesn't want to be one countries a pawn when it comes to an arms monopoly is one reason why he went to russia as well not to rely on the united states has raises some speculation that the united states might be losing some influence in the country and also some speculation that the united states itself may have put some pressure behind iran to cancel this deal now when it comes to this particular deal iraq has said that they are not canceling it at this moment in time things are just on hold until they can review this investigation pending the results at that time they say that they are going to be sending a new delegation to russia to review the deal pasta. we resigned the deal saying
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that some of the original negotiators on the iraqi side may have been the sources of this corruption which started this whole conflict in the first place thomas reporting there let's talk samantha knows how these kind of big deals are dealt with government is good solid crystal holsters on the line now joins us live from berlin christophe good evening to you where the stories go around so many circles today first off after conflicting reports how credible are the corruption allegations the media jumped on the bandwagon when they had corruption they are a lot of media outlets said russian corruption and i think the case what do you know about it. well if that is corruption given then i go out of business the real reason i think is merely political and we call into a memory that very clearly the us have been high corruption in this case in the last thirty years and iraq knowing just a little bit about the iraqi people in general and the prime minister maliki in
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specific it is very clear that you know using a word like corruption in this kind of business means kicking the dinner table set off the table diplomatically that is very unusual there's only one power in the world which can you know put pressure on a government head that this kind of language and this kind of rationale for calling off a deal comes on and that is the united states of america and that is very regrettable it is very unwise and we must see the size of weapons dealers of the u.s. in the region is fifteen to twenty times higher than this you know relatively small deal and that this is now under this kind of international political pressure that means how much freedom of the united states must be about this kind of the well absolutely kristoff if this deal does come off of it does go ahead and of the
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day russia will become iraq's number two arms supplier wanted what some going to do to the balance of regional security that. you see. if this deal head gone through there it would have meant for the iraqi people a kind of you know starting a balanced situation of dealing with east and west sort of sea and that would be healthy for the iraqi people because this is in line with the geographical very simple geographical situation now putting this on the pressure you know that means that the u.s. insisting on a monopole in the region and let me tell you that just yesterday we had a big story on e.d.s. you know the biggest european company big corruption story on their company and they are in effect competing for an american sellout and it is quite interesting
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that they are too under this pressure so if mr maliki would now turn to the europeans to cut the deal there he would face the same kind of pressure on his european partners so this is a very interesting global situation right now mostly a big senate as well when this deal was signed the iraqi prime minister said he doesn't want his country to be part of someone's binocular he what message was the sending out there it is it is very clear you know it is not mr maliki who is calling the shots in the iraqi policies that is the u.s. right now and that they are not able you know to allow a little petition just a little you that is a very sad story for for washington and it doesn't bear good side so we just get this straight christopher as you've been as we're reporting this isn't done and dusted this information's been going around all day it isn't definitely off the
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vats what iraq saying let me just clarify your understanding you telling me that you think it is off. i'm not sure whether it's off but if it's off it goes into this direction right now and then of course that would be regrettable if it can be saved are the better then this is may be due to the international reaction which will follow this kind of hubbub about this. christophe thank you very much christopher of course the much pressure as a government a business consultant on the line from berlin best regards to moscow thank you. now for head of intelligence it was poor judgment with unavoidable consequence david petraeus has quit as the cia chief after admitting to an extramarital affair with his biographer so rapid fall from grace them for the man who was the u.s. army standard bearer in afghanistan and iraq he'd only been in charge of the cia for just over a year but the f.b.i. found he was cheating on his wife of thirty seven years with writer paula broadwell
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which rates suspicions of illegal attempts to dig into her tresses classified e-mail pakistani author and journalist believes a major clash at the very top is behind the resignation. i believe. of krystal's ignition is not as simple to be as to be in my personal opinion the difference between america it will end. the war in afghanistan are involved. in the branches and president obama if you were critical matters were going to war in afghanistan so now people bomb our. election he wants to expel you into complete withdrawal or need to who shoots from a canister and demand pressure was pulled up was due to his policy to end the war in afghanistan such a manner don't want it long presence of american forces you know running start to president obama has removed one of the media obstacle for his.
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war in afghanistan. bahrain unleashes its police force on protesters after a day of heavy violence on muslims sacred prayer day. scott assumes a night out because deals with its best rights are spent as a form of bahraini m.p. explains why he's on the citizenship reporting his story also britain saving shy workers might find this salaries a little lighter in future since too many brits face the coming poverty pension is reporting on that they spray. recently protests and demonstrations of any kind were banned until further notice and buck rein a curfew as in you can't go out of your home when the government doesn't want you to has already been in effect in the country since two thousand and eleven many of
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the protests which are now totally forbidden were related to members of the public demanding the release of political prisoners four people were also recently arrested in bahrain for insulting the king over twitter while a middle eastern country that has totally shut down any form of protest and hugs you down if you tweet about the leadership sounds pretty undemocratic to me i bet nato is already fueling up ready to take action some freedom into warmer eight well not really if nato really cared about spreading democracy you'd think they'd be more consistent with their targets but that's just my opinion. wealthy british science on. the time. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial. headlines tune in to cause a report on r g. three and. maybe a few of you have. been bashing our allies i didn't r.t. exclusive friday through sunday on r.t. and r.t. dot com. mission. critical three. for charges free. range and free. free. free. download free broadcast video for your media project free video down to r.t. dot com.
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bahrain's efforts to destroy dissent a widening with more heavy clashes saturday activists said the national guard's been deployed to back up police as authorities try to quell rising political violence the latest wave of unrest began friday after security forces tear gas thousands of worshippers trying to reach a mosque for prayers a sixteen year old boy was killed in a traffic instant during a class and there was fresh violence too at his funeral on saturday more public gatherings were banned last week to try to quell almost two years of anti government action it's a crackdown that's also seen the citizenship revoked of thirty activists one of whom explained to me why. we had very strong position against corruption against. the budget of the country how is being manipulated with the fear of the all the family and do we put them in a standing question this fears that in the history of rain a position wanted to question the ruling family ministers when the uprising started
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fourteen february we founded that more killing is started by the government and. it was to be with the people when they demanded peacefully the serious reform and no positive answer came from the government we resign and they found it for the stiff opposition from the opposition against the ruling family mainly so they want to give. this we have to solve it with the ruling family and the rest of the content of the people of bahrain beyond that all of us will lose the government will lose the people of bahrain will do so positional moves and even the superballs americans and britons and receive the support or the lose because it is very strategic location of the world here in the. gulf. the people living longer these days but not thinking of where they'll pay for it britain has decided to dip into workers' wages and force them to save even if they're just barely out of school is
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out he sarah further on why the same really good intentions could leave people out of pocket. cantons in retirement already things that you think about when you're young now if you're a twenty two or you might have to the government's new or so romans it's being billed as the biggest take up of the pension system for over a generation that is how much of a burden is this going to place on people who are just starting out as you race through life it can be hard to keep the piggy bank for cleanish say many other things to fork out for pensioners seem like just another financial hurdle but not to worry the government's got a plan to get people saving their little piggy is called in rome and it's always something that can be left until tomorrow you've always got something else to spend your money on it always seems a long way away and then when it gets close you think was too late. automatic enrollment is to help you by basically saying look you're going to be put in your
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own decision whether actually you think that that's the right thing and their families go with the flow and stay in or whether you actually you think no unusual opt out brits have been spending like there's no tomorrow with around half the case workers paying nothing towards their future but with an aging population automatic enrollment will force companies to sign up every employee even those earning far below the average salary will be eligible a wage of just over eight thousand pounds a year is enough to make it apply but the first some will know about it is when they see less money in their already modest paycheck. there is going to cause going to be a cost to it so he's going to cost people some of the hard earned income every month but having said that it's money was for the pensions campaign is warm that is an open door to mis selling and the money will be creamed by schemes in place huge management fees the government is trying to sell this is
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a winner with tax relief and making employees pay up as well but not everyone's. events out of out of organized my own finances rather than forced to by a government even doing the wrong or the same for more or less know your future i'm just turned twenty two i'm not particular about my pension i'm thinking about how i'm going to make rent next month more whatever i'm up to my my pension right now. i would be out. with many feeling we sing governments have made a pig's ear of the country's finances the unconvinced it should be sticking its snout into their savings so i can consider much at all because i mean this there's so many things just to pay for these days taxes of so many things or whatever you know it's just ridiculous i don't think you should have to pay for it you know what want the fairness with nothing in the pension pot and once the government's need does encourage saving in the current economic circumstances it seems that many
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people will simply be opting out. world news in brief with the military helicopters crashed in southeast turkey has killed all seventeen military personnel on board but whether the blame for the likes of the aircraft has been deployed into the country so that province which is recently seen a surge of kurdish rebel attacks over forty thousand people have died in the conflict between turkey and kurdish insurgents who've been demanding autonomy from was three decades now. your budget talks of collapsed after member states failed to agree on extra funds demanded for the rest of the year there's a huge gap in what's known as the emergency funding and recovering education infrastructure research projects one point five billion euros worth to be paid to italy poland and spain to help victims of flooding and job cuts to the show there were over the long term budget plan for the next decade which is up for discussion later this month. well it's four more years in the white house for us president
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barack obama than but the tight race on an expensive elections left some voters less than satisfied. mistakes a political pulse check in the big apple taylor. the u.s. presidential election is finally over now what this week let's talk about that did you vote are you happy with the outcome. what do you expect to change in the next four years. i guess i was. expecting for you me because. i was going to choose i didn't vote i didn't really care why not i didn't even know like what anybody stood for just not something that interests me i just go with the flow so you don't think it affects your everyday life i'm sure it does. i'm sure it does but do i have much control over it and it really feel that what voting is the only way that you can control i still in feel
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like i had that much control no i didn't why not i was torn between the. figure to be in my own interest but there were more than two running you could have voted for someone else and no i do think there were more the people that were running for the presidency and you didn't even know it. those two parties are too strong and they're entrenched and i don't think you can change that but what about if we start really trying to separate money from politics or put solutions like that on the table. or we'll have the right to vote full people out do you think that there might be room for a third party come two thousand and sixteen. well i focus on whatever i can hoping they can do something but it's you know it's a tough road to go you know what's it going to take for the american people to wake up and realize there's more than two parties. i'm not sure i sometimes think we put a lot of pressure on the president and
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a lot of the change has to come from with us as well you know we can't rely on him one hundred percent you know you got to you got to get up in the morning and you've got to work for your country yourself you can't rely on one man to do it all for you oh i. i think the only people in this country that have ever really been able to make a difference usually end up dead. that is so sad sad but true but. do you think it'll ever changes. i would hope it would i don't know what the catalyst for that will be but do you think you and i can be a catalyst don't you think that people can demand more and make a change. i'd like to think that so do you think that we can make people more aware in these four years that we have until the next election i think so how do we do that. that's a good question we're doing it right now we are whether or not you expect anything to change in the u.s. the bottom line is real change is probably not going to start with the president in visioning it it's going to start with the people demanding it.
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the resident has spoken yet again causing great programs lined up to much causes here very soon to make mincemeat of the world's financial playboys it's our next program in fact. flying north with me in this old soviet work or so the holocaust his doctors london near brodsky and his team from the region's medical aviation service we head across ever more barren tundra higher and higher into russia's arctic far north until eventually we see our landing spot with the arrival of this tiny village after crossing hundreds of kilometers of snow we will do this as a boy here suffering from fever and the doctors are going to see what they can do
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but. inside a small building not one but two babies and that parents are waiting for us the doctors inspect them. but can't make a diagnosis and decide to bring them to a regional hospital for better care spread lana doesn't like taking her baby away from home but she's been before and agrees to go that's the usual practice with those who live in atlanta they keep mothers with their newborns in hospital for a month. on the way back another stop to check on the health of some native minarets reindeer herders out in the tundra it can take many hours to reach the nearest village so all medical problems simply fixed here in the tent. they used to be but now we can go to civilized places so we call for emergency help. back at hospital other patients helped by the air ambulance are being treated the service costs fourteen million dollars a year to run and there's been controversy with some claiming that locals
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exaggerate or make up health problems and use the helicopters as a free taxi service accusations vladimir firmly dismisses your brother is not true usually the calls are perfectly justified sometimes we even reproach locals for waiting too long before calling us he's been working as a doctor now for forty three years but vladimir is confident the diva now after he retires his helicopter doctors will remain a lifeline to the peoples of the russian far north. by their imax kaiser one of the kaz report you know government a banker is around the world are invincible.


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