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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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then i made everybody ready. you know.
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we're going up to san francisco we'll welcome but fifteen miles a day for sixteen days from here to san francisco that's right will arrive on march twenty seventh the third anniversary of cases this death.
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of cold. it's.
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been noticed that my name is fernando suarez dills so a lot of good for you i'm the director and founder of the whereto a stick up piece project i'm fighting against militarism against the war and my son alberto sweat as does a lot of us died on march twenty seventh two thousand and three he was not an american citizen no he was the first american soldier from mexico to die during the
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invasion of iraq i am i am. chase i'm fighting to avoid. the next war to keep other young people with hopes and dreams ceiling is going swaying. his friends like my son hey so saying i'm from being grabbed by the claws of american militarism. put some each i fight for peace he's part of the us. do mr. get it big will you. give me a gun if big will use it let me then use plain. so many of my lap you send down your back my son died in iraq i don't agree you don't agree we don't have to look for other names my son is in the marine i don't know what his craft we are going to be for you affairs. unit going to be leaving
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my sone at marine. and diesel fifi be original feel so. sorry about your size but he will always be remembered. i repeat. independent i support all the war in my opinion to work in the necessary that i support the marine corps specifically but please. thing for through the boys. that we will serve thanks you will often feel left out for the rest of us. think you are.
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because his source was an ordinary boy only korean to it after years he was mischievous. like to tease his sisters and was that he loved them a lot but oh let's get. his face us want to be a policeman in tijuana where when he was thirteen he met the military recruiters in san diego v.a. when i would see that yes the emphasis on the it was. a little they told him that if he unrolled in the us army later if he could join the drug enforcement agency and become an international police officer back. to the vision of it we made the decision to move to the us under pressure from places and alleviate the
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already. beginning for a wanted to join the us army and. to forward on issues he sold our home and our laundering business in tijuana and we started a new life here because i don't and archy. is she said but about he exercised kept his weight studied to get good grades and then when it's going to consume. you have forgotten the recruiter told him if he served for just one year got out of it qualify for the da. so i finally give my consent to feed him and he enlisted when he was seventeen and a half and all the shit james you. just don't get that he was
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a camp pendleton when nine eleven happened to give you. a maybe you have to know why you're like thousands of other parents we thought there will be a war. backstory just because i'm a. meeting february first he said to my father in four days i'm leaving for iraq. as an embedded journalist going to the unit i met his views on the very first day of the war to go. he was part of a two man sniper team just hours before the invasion he climbed
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a guard tower in the kuwait iraq border to search for a rocky mine layers on the other side. you know. i am going to get your. dad. to exactly one week after we shot this video zeus was killed when he stepped on an unexploded u.s. artillery. if if. later today i want to tell you about my son his source or so i mean you might identify with that. unless you're he was born here in t.o. wanna just he went to los alamos grade school. after that he enlisted with the
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marines before september eleventh. i had to give my written consent because he was just seventeen in the house. that's the legal age for enrollment in the us army. the iraq war began on march twentieth. on the twenty eighth just eight days later and three soldiers came to see me. you know they called me at work and i came home. and they said mr suarez your son is a hero but you know he died tonight in the battlefield the iraqi soldiers shot him in the head. i swear to those words destroyed my life.
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three days later a journalist called me. and you said mr suarez they lied to you and your son wasn't killed by the enemy so he was killed by friendly fire in here explained what happened. it is during the night of march twenty sixth. planes twenty thousand cluster bombs. anything to see it on march twenty seventh my son's unit marched on baghdad. and he stepped on an american cluster bomb. i mean nobody's paying me to talk to you no matter what i do will never come back. me my grandson will never see his father again. but in each of your faces i see hey so.
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it was he visited more than five hundred schools around the world. the next generation at the us. must have your say only you can save your life. thank you you. thank . to.
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speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world's top spots iffy ip interviews intriguing story for you. in troy salty arabic to find out more visit arabic don't all teeth don't call.
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one thing in the war now. i thank you. from tijuana to demand a ban on the dishonest school recruiting. stop the killing of young latinos was how each thousand people of santa was going to march to come together as one voice was. no more fear i no more fear
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you have the power. i thank ye i thank you who. my fight goes beyond the iraq war when young people should stay in school. that. they shouldn't become soldiers and fight for calls. these young people should not end up like him. the. day for the peace march that we began in tijuana on sunday. you can see
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ten to fifteen miles a day everyone's welcome not just latinos everyone who supports peace. how has. the who he. i i i i i i i guess. people around the world are very interested in us and chicanos and she got us why
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because a lot of us are fighting and dying in iraq right now a lot of our party and there's a you all may know are in the military is done with we work hard to create jobs so that latino's don't have to serve in the u.s. army i said recently that we try to tell the truth about military service. because the recruiters painted distorted picture of it. in one hour or so because his students who. are has. a hook. sleeper of his or literature and chicano studies about mexican americans in california. and i met fernando's warres dill so law in two thousand and three just after his
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son's death we will. that's when we begin to work on ways to counter military recruitment. i mean this means a lot somy because i'm a vietnam vet vietnam a slave it on the vietnam. locust them was in one nine hundred ninety doring the clinton administration the military realized there were a lot of young latinos and they could target for recruiting and in most books the most on us and want to. because i. could give iraq war put pressure on the pentagon to step up recruiting and quit force and not be that back because so they targeted people without immigration papers. in document thousands ickiness deep and. a lot of kids arrived without papers but
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they grew up here that ok santiago new cells will need an inclusive and they went to school here that he will there bilingual and bicultural somebody who died was. weak as the schools must give recruiters their students' names and addresses and phone numbers to be on this meet that was. like. the less as well as the sink in if they refuse and when they lose their federal funding. so the pentagon has direct access to all these young people. are going to be. there's no family privacy. the recruiters call them up every night we run meant they lost brothers he spun out a latino parents are up against recruiting drives all over this country. that
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was the last. i was was. i. was. one of the most but i'll stick to where in front of san a central high school. just three miles from here wanna that is me yes they left him dead according to quantum mechanical and military have an office inside you know if it's the nest delicacy don't. get it here ninety percent of the students are latinos. i did this of c.d.'s i stand shoulder to the elephant instructors encourage the kids to train as
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a junior reserve officers on my day off u.c.l.a. uni are there to be so many that if he is on that that means you're going to end recruiters finish the job and enlisting them in the army is for them out of going up on a slogan is using data now they have to. sort of memo said one of his studio pentagon figures tell us that latino's and african-americans as time served in the lower ranks of the u.s. military said reese's meet that is. the entry looked the medals got among the first soldiers to die at least three were hispanic and premier the first marine killed in iraq there was a guatemalan not a u.s. citizen.
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pono died for like total died for a war that should never have been fought for a cause that never existed. and for an enemy that was never there.
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been torn all left here is a young adult she went to the states looking for a change in exact moment status and he looked for a better job better life. what tonal was always looking for was family ever since i took tone on a game at seven years old he had this whole inside is hard that he was looking for family and it was it was it was it was bleeding in his heart because he was so. longing for his mother and for a father who loved him for his sister who had gotten separated with i think tono fell for the whole idea of joining the marines and i'll be one be proud be you know fall in love will give you a family. not only was he one of the first americans to die his killed by friendly fire. tony was a very smart boy who was a genius i mean he really was tonal was
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a genius tono was creative thoughtful pensive he wrote. one of the most incredible kids i've ever raised in raising eighteen thousand. and. my concern. was to get this good looking kids' health back to get him back into school and to me it was obvious he was living on the streets get him off the streets. the boys every now and then as i've been raising them through all the years they say wouldn't it be great to go to the states and i say no you're not going to get
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a visa you don't have land you don't have bank accounts you don't have a job you don't have family they're not going to give you a visa make your future here. and i always discourage that because it's very very dangerous and once you're there you're going to get the dirtiest lowest paying unskilled jobs that nobody else wants make you future here wait to hear what. tono threw out to me a couple of trial balloons that they were going to split and i said don't. another couple trial balloons don't. know where his tone i haven't seen him for a couple days. he takes. you probably hitchhiked up to the mexican border illegally crosses the mexican border from guatemala into mexico and keeps going.
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to. x. thing i know i'm in my office in bismarck north dakota and should my on line a comb my yahoo account. news flash first soldier killed the squad i'm on or. hope i didn't know. click on a picture comes up good looking. for centanni of materials. i just sent back and even just sat back and shot you think and. why did you do this why did you join the military why didn't you ask me why did you get killed. another heartbreaker the funeral is coming. i'm disinvited from the funeral. i'm disinvited from the funeral everybody grew up with tonal who knew tonal who were friends of tonal nobody's let him play who's at tunnels funeral. dignitaries people from the ambassadorial circle ministers officials government people people
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who didn't know him. they were friends on behalf of precious little george w. bush and we have for the rainfall a show that is well over two percent you will deserve to forgettable last year was naturalization given in recognition of your brother's bravery and the sacrifices he made for me. now i'm thinking there's. flash of anger isn't thinking you know mr ambassador. that's right i raised this boy and your tongue i can't go to my son's funeral i've got a file of letters that have sent to you in which this boy is calling me dear daddy dear papa you don't love your son tony. if you're disinviting me from this funeral . name are you.
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the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster. had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution of the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spreading. more than hundred thousand people. ten times more likely to be. seen as five hundred dollars.
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unpunished. for the. technology innovation. around russia.


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