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tv   [untitled]    November 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good to guess is that they say they don't want immigrants i can't believe they come in without papers see but that is what they're welcome if they're willing to die for the united states whatever but advises fellow needles here's just one more idea that this is a moral and c.e.o. but only a military welcome our young people many of us i think it should go i get it let's remember that among the first casualties of the war along the march twenty fifth two thousand and three for just me that is the five soldiers more latinos and three of those five three were not american citizens like my son hazels alberto who admitted. that he would get one so that raises questions that welcome their heroes. by that is if one of their parents who work in the fields to feed the rich are not welcome frequent we deport them i knew of muslim give me those you've given to that. giving to among these heroes who died in iraq with and seven hundred who are latinos who didn't have their papers when
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they were enlisted you need. was it should i just or not thank you very much was. was was. to you my son died three years ago. i think more than two
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thousand three hundred soldiers have died since she along with hundreds of iraqi children. but is the sun going to win when would it be a chance that the same to make me sixty day but not good enough that we're going to find out if the let's move every day it is jewish to be imposed need to satisfy the do the the. human nature has this flaw we become indifferent we get used to things we've got used to this war. but. i. don't know we're no longer surprised when the news tells us that two or twenty or one hundred soldiers have died we don't react it becomes a habit. and doesn't seem strange. to
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me bring me some bandages. see what happens ten twenty five in the morning december first in iraq.
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on the road to baghdad we approach a checkpoint going to charge us. if we. get is a good look at us and if i had the opportunity to go to iraq and i went there would be end of ember two thousand and three. what is your name is louis louis louis good gas' a lot to me. bob i bring you this message on behalf of all let you know parents we are very proud of you be very careful please. this was done by cluster bombs last.
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eight hour why did i go to iraq i was full of hate. for you know the out ahead of bush because he stole my dreams you see on it when he took my son and his death destroyed our family. action of thank. the tradition in the mexican tradition we plan to cross when the loved one has died. in one of the cemetery where he died we believe this is where the soul remains.
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her there. was. one. was the way and. of course we're going to meet the mother of a soldier who died in the right. got her son was an american citizen but she
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doesn't have any papers. been able to dish it out but i've got to. get mother she's fighting deportation. is everything ok. you know but it's not so bad. how are you dying and you. what's happening laughing i don't even know they sent parents don't have rights. already are they deporting you. think yes i met them are say. on the list i am during her. senior year of high score he said. i want to join the
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army but if i do they offer me financial help. let me go. i said there was a war. they told him they wouldn't send him to the front so soon as they were ok but because he had to train first by the set up a man on his dream was to study for a career without falling into debt the lot of the song the recruiters choose to him day and night. they were after him at school. that goodly don't let up until they grabbed them. one of mr harvey on the i spoke to the day before he died the gulf war chill they really were scared i heard it in his voice i asked if he was sick they said no mom it's just death day relocated us and it's very dangerous here i am which as bombs go off all the time. i have bit worried but not sick or
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mostly your family but that dangerous place was baghdad. back. where on them there it's where my son. is this he told me not to worry because he'll be twenty one so i knew if the user goes there's a man in six months i'd have my papers yes i'd have my papers if you were alive. i wouldn't be waiting for these people to show some goodwill. is all york is all that is true as his mother it's my right to. earned it for me. but and his family. what we get paid
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a high price. please forget it. there must be thousands of parents in the same situation where you and the actual free and she does your. morally that they will be it's part of the mixed messages and immorality of the government has bothered us they say if a son has solid morals and money to support his parents he can pass a citizenship on to them when he's twenty one and even make it a year but only hope this will be only needs to be seventeen and a half to go to war if you fight for fly and die. on data.
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look. marvel at. the sergeant. you start. you thought.
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you know about the meanest. summers ok and if i didn't martin die in iraq the night . the coming out trace something but you know sometimes one of the fine if i did not address i think you know it you know have an honor for me to think that some research you believe is about your son probably won't be very happy with what you do and you can go and stuff up on my studies that if you got you understand you you can go a step out in your out in that you don't need to ask if you can go next i'm going to say i going to be true to you say i don't have time for the father if i look at you and i wrote him because women you can be cared for by the phone and i was trying to balance thank you ok now can i have oh no i'm in love thank you yes and information which is the other side of the story before making a decision you know one hundred dealerships ask about what's wrong himes you know saying so be careful if you're just now your mate i don't question maybe your only
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phone is cool except that i would get for. a way you that i never paid to fill it out of because for me. you'll be in the dominican that. the u.s. government will pay for funerals only in military cemeteries. so i raised money to help me cover the cost of a private funeral. it's
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only when you finish on. remember twenty three years old when a that's great. this is a very very poor neighborhood and this is very symbolic of what a large percentage of what tamala and also the world lives like it's a hillside slum a plum bella and what we're doing here is we bought this piece of land it was a band business where they where they used to throw dead caps and sewage and drainage water. so. we bought into our building a bomb tech school with a clinic a dining room and a dental clinic and many many classrooms seventy five percent of the kids in this neighborhood drop out before they reach the sixth grade primary. to give
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them the education here so they don't have to take the battle turn into it and yet there are bad alternatives throwing their lives away on a senseless war is a battle turning to. if you could imagine. if we spent one day expenses of what's being expended on iraq. on the war how many thousands of schools could we build with just one days of war expenses how many thousands of board tech centers could we build not just here but in every area that is like this that is how we're going to solve the problems we're not going to solve the problems by creating hatred animosity and ill feelings that are going to last for generations.
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you know i love the united states very much i love the country very much i think it's very strong and i think fundamentally it is very. very pure i think it is going to take the people as a body to stand up and say stop. there are people in california who are leading this effort to prevent army recruiters from going in and convincing seventeen eighteen year olds to go over and carry a gun and walk through minefields and be shot at by disease because they're not old enough and mature enough to make those decisions that. enough. the corrupt and criminal bush government takes advantage of our
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latin american brothers everywhere. but that's enough. happy. to. have you had much support during the march and it's been great. we've had thousands of people behind us didn't matter sometimes we walked alone. yet alston three thousand demonstrators showed up they voiced their support for our message just peace and love in a better world. happy .
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so it was a. thank you thank you very much we've been walking for sixteen days a cause california. here it's the best way to honor my son's death. only to decide to do. it well he bled for two hours before medics arrived i love you. know i can't imagine his suffering. to give my feet are in pain but this is nothing compared to his suffering.
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judgment all those young men and women of lost an arm or leg of also in jordan enormous suffering. those you hear. their stories show the stubborn violence is not the road to peace. lindsey most of us. that's all we mean to say with this march we want peace thank you lou thank you thank you thank. god it was that was that was there was a. body
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is in guatemala city is full. just where he wanted to be. you know where. he told us. he put his head on my shoulder and he said looking at the stars are we going to be there someday. i mean are we going to be there someday. that's where to . fish and seem a little piece of us is a symbol from the moment he died his memory belong to the world simply because he died in a war. to suit the stock yes he's a peace symbol only seem willing. was she one of the symbol of
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a young immigrant who loved his latin roots. and who died in pursuit of his dreams . but if this is why i keep visiting schools. even visit as many as i can look at. just one of you has listened and thought it over yet a couple of the biggest reward i could have just me but i knew i was going to get what you are really given you took it as boredom gallia perhaps my son's story will save your life. i would like some may laugh at me the family many say i'm pathetic let me put it doesn't matter to bush i don't know if i can save just one life was about to go if i save two i'll be even happier about a mass i can save more that's even better let a this is my son's legacy. this
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was the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and now it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution and the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spreading. continued to be more than hundred thousand people in. groups welcome the fact that children see the children. more likely to be born with birth defects and children. in the sea as little as five hundred dollars.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here's. see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know what i'm charging welcome to the big picture. to. cut. i've. played. it.


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