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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EST

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for a conference he is in gaza and israel resumes that the bombardment of the besieged strip after warning of a possible ground operation a live update from our correspondent coming up. that's tried that you are just stuck with still because i'm trying to return to normality after millions of walks out of their jobs in protest against austerity only to been met with a heavy handed police response. and china's communist party like the new leader to steer the country's economy as part of a once in a decade and its change. this
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is coming to you live from moscow hello and welcome to the program israel has resumed its strikes on gaza with at least three palestinians reported killed this follows one stays by rodger of rocket attacks which left ten dead including the military leader of hamas israel has also warns that some ground operation is on the table let's now get the latest from told boston who is in tel aviv for us good morning tom so it looks like things are hating up with these fresh israeli onslaught bring us up to date. it does indeed overnight the bombardment continues from the air three people reported killed there this morning a militant group inside gaza said that those three people were from that militant group there's also reports confirmed by the israeli military of continued shelling via the israeli navy gunboats off the coast and fixed land based artillery pieces.
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from southern israel from hamas twenty five rockets were fired into southern israel over the night israeli anti missile defenses trying to shoot those down some of them land landing in in southern israel as well this immediate escalation in the fighting between hamas and israel came about yesterday afternoon with the targeted killing by environ airstrike of the the leader of hamas is military wing jobbery there's a bit there was a video released shortly after that of the missile striking his car and then a large scale aerial offensive. started after that over gaza loud explosions rocking all only the built up areas there about ten people reported
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killed including civilians there the great fear now that a ground invasion is imminent israeli sources have said that they're fully prepared to start a gun invasion if they deem it necessary and they have called up reservists possibly stuff yes and we've seen the tension escalating in the region over the past few weeks haven't we tom. we have hamas rocket attacks have been intensifying in the past couple of weeks hundreds of rockets fired from gaza into into southern israel and there was also an air strike by israel at the weekend which killed four reportedly palestinian authorities say including three children so that was the background to it that the escalating tensions the only time that we've seen the last time that we've seen any operation of this intensity was over the new year of two thousand and eight to nine when israel launched operation cast
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lead it pretty much following the same pattern as we've seen so far but with a ground operation following which went into gaza the same stated objectives as israel says now to destroy the terrorist infrastructure on the ground in gaza meeting heavy fighting there was a lot of civilian casualties and damage as a result that is also the fear now also diplomatic going to cations egypt has been outraged by this by this offensive as we've drawn it sound buses to israel and has demanded that they stop this immediately as has mahmoud abbas the public palestinian president other outside bodies such as the u.n. also calling for restraint on all sides. here now is that there will be a further escalation with ground troops going in as well. on boston in tel aviv tom many thanks indeed for that update. and you i think there is
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a council has held an adjunct closed door meeting after palestinians called for an end to israel's offensive and he's going to check our reports from washington the u.s. is supporting israel despite day escalating violence. well you know we had the u.s. response to the shelling of gaza was easy to predict and it says we stand by our partners in their fight to defend themselves against terrorism end of quote the u.s. representative to the u.n. susan rice has released a statement saying that it was expressing regret to the death and injury of innocent civilians innocent israeli and palestinian civilians caused by the violence there but made it clear that washington is clearly blaming the palestinians for the israelis shelling of gaza palestinians asked the u.n. security council to stop israel and quote what they call quote war crimes perpetrated by israel against the palestinian people israel is of course saying
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that the air strikes are justified response to the rocket fire from gaza into a sow's and it's worth noting that this wednesday while israel was storming gaza from air president obama was holding a news conference the president received no question about the gaza and it was almost nothing on t.v. about it that we were watching very closely these really defense minister who has indicated that this could be just the beginning mr brock head the last israeli ground attack on gaza four years ago the. operation in which more than one thousand and one hundred palestinians and twelve israelis were killed this wednesday offensive is almost certain to set up a new round of heavy fighting with gaza militants who are who are said to have a significant arsenal of rockets and missiles now the region may very well find itself in a devastating circle of violence we saw that happen in the past time and time again
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but essentially nothing has been done to address some of the root causes of this middle eastern tragedy it is a very complex situation and the u.s. has basically told israel whatever you do to the palestinians in gaza we're not going to. and the usual line is that is the one that we heard this wednesday we stand by our we freely park in their right to defend themselves against terrorism but does the word terrorism in this context justify all actions any action by israel because it very much seems like it that that is what the people don't understand but it's also interesting how often chooses which acts of parents will condemn this terrorism and which ones not to condemn for example suicide bombings which happened in syria on a regular basis the us does not hurry to condemn that as acts of terror so the word terrorism may have may at times have different interpretations here in washington
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and very often it means an act of terror may not be. if it's committed against someone designated by the u.s. . trade center political analyst full stop imperatives dulko things a disproportionate and violence will spin the owned guns as border. the rocket attacks that they what they call these rocket attacks are not causing any real harm to the israeli people regardless of what mislead which may say the reality is that these are minimal at best instead of that disproportionate response the most important point that people seem to forget is that israel has what's called a monopoly of force over gaza and yet israel is able to position itself within the public media as if they're constantly the victim constantly on the defensive i would say the timing couldn't be better with regard to the western imperialist ruling class if you look at the brookings institution paper titled assessing options for regime change in syria what you see is that israel is an integral part
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of the plan to destabilize and to destroy syria israel launching this attack on gaza is clearly going to magnetize the region and attract very. other extremists are so that they can then be turned around and sent over to syria the free syrian army and the various other extremists they're running out of manpower israel comes to the rescue creates a situation that galvanizes the people polarizes the region and perpetuates the conflict remember it is the united states israel and the western powers which benefit from continued conflict. every trace of that from stop and parent is called and will be closely following the situation and gaza for you to stay without. the european union is feeling the violent until saturday process demonstrators and more than twenty countries joined forces say twenty four hours trying to the
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spending conference cairo percent unemployment was met with a fierce response by the authorities plunging europe into chaos while annoyed more people in greece said turning to a not so political movement advocating violence. also lacing the program to the shall break change at the top as china names the need to hold the country for the next decade focused on it. but they imagine some power and its role in the world live reaction on the way to short break. things are just getting too expensive in london many families just can't afford to live in the city anymore so because of upcoming welfare cuts the government is buying or rented property to relocate people outside of the city the maximum
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housing allowance for welfare will go down to four hundred pounds a month which is peanuts compared to the one thousand two hundred fifty pounds need to pay for the average three room apartment expelling the poor from london seems a bit fishy to me so instead of say regulating prices are god forbid using the money from the welfare cuts to create jobs so people can earn a living for themselves rather than rely on handouts london has decided to make itself some official get. what else to call a place where everyone from a certain economic classes forcibly shove to although this may sound like some sort of help from the government it seems to me like a means to get rid of the poor rather than trying to make the poor less poor but that's just my opinion. mission and free accreditation free transport charges free. range and
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you're watching r.t. now the european union is reeling from the twenty four hour mega strine that saw millions of workers across the debt ridden block take to the streets the day of action against austerity saw massive shutdowns travel chaos and to have a hundred police response to the protests so some of the most disturbing scenes occurred in spain's two main cities where frustration with deepening recession spilled into violence in montreal and. he's fired rubber bullets and clash with demonstrators over one hundred people were arrested and at least seventy five injured throughout the country that was at the forefront of the strike on. spanish capital. playing. greece. italy. and portugal. debt ridden countries joining together with many others for the continent's first cross border mega strike from the beginning it was clear that emotions were running high in many
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places madrid saw violence early on and after a brief calm the storm broke the anger of those protesting it's evident various things between the protesters and the riot police is. almost three the moderates not really get more symbolic candy for the he's the by the people say there are right now all across there are three in their government and between the people themselves who have your therapy but those. bullets are violent confrontations with the authorities are becoming an auntie familiar sights the constant leaders stand firm the disparity is a necessary evil to cut the sky high deficits only event the fourteenth the people of europe seem to have. formed a county union to fight back against the prevailing tidal sterrett city ahead of next week's budget meetings brussels would have been watching closely as the scenes of police and protesters battling one another played outs across the nobel peace
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prize winning. imagery of the clean up operation is already under way only it was so easy the year is going to clean up the mess it finds itself in and. r.t. the dread all in or the way will anger over deepening spending cuts and soaring unemployment has swept through more than twenty european countries in portugal where the government plans to further intensify its terrorism measures next year protesters threw rocks and bottles at riot police guarding the parliament and the capitalist then italy sold us ration is turning violent as well as tens of thousands of students and workers clash with police countries like france and belgium who have been less affected by the financial crisis also assault huge marchers from all the media and the best pictures of the cross border mega strike go to our website r.t. dot com.
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meanwhile aware of recent and how serious the press has in greece has contributed to the popularity of the radical political party. golden dawn says it knows how to turn things around and more and more people are listening. to story for us. hunger joblessness and the feeling europe is ripping the country apart greeks are seeking answers today a crisis in increasingly extreme news the main form but this is the rise of the greek left but also a warning development in the. months has been the rise of the new forces. to be more precise than nazis or not the numbers don't lie at the last election in june golden dawn entered parliament with seven percent of the vote current opinion polls suggest an election today would see them take around thirteen percent
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they can offer some practical solutions to greek people and because they portray themselves as their one who is a status quo quality who are responsible for the christ but it's not just politicians they are accused of trying to punish and immigrant grandstanding is a key part of the greeks for the greeks manifesto which is seen them linked to violent attacks on foreigners clashes between their members and other politicians on discussion shows and their leader denying the holocaust on television or with serious allegations of violence leveled against them and certainly being no strangers when it comes to making a scene what do golden dawn's elected officials think that their party's policies can do for the greek people this is. a leading member of golden dawn who you may recognize as the politician we just saw a turkish fellow guest on a panel show. in power will revise the constitution money will go to jail.
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and they are other assets will be confiscated we will declare a greek economic zone to tap the resources and energy reserves which today are plain way foreign interests will bring security target prime and regrease of illegal immigrants those whose written extensively about the realities of the extreme right are adamant that golden dawn won't power through chaos. shows that they're winning despite everybody being aware of the violence they use and the rights they cause the other parties to fight among themselves so they can pick up voters out of the turmoil they want to war not true. propaganda propaganda this is black propaganda with the prospect of yet another election in greece in the near future golden dawn senses its chance to sway more voters. despite the shine to. continuing to hang over them.
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when they lection over in the us not all americans are in petrol seclude as a report on our website more in more people and states around the country want to see accumulating thousands of electronic signatures demanding. and also online he's already a billionaire and right now is a comic book hero and he'll prosper of becomes the subject of a biographical cartoon released in the us telling the life story of the south native washington. china's vice president seizing pain has taken over as the communist party leader and will become the next president in march that came as the chinese government undergoes its once in a decade political transform nation where the central committee meeting to elect new leaders henry morton has in beijing. well huge events happening at the moment here in china the world's most populous nation and the world's second largest
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economy a once in a decade leadership change over that process started over the last week with the communist party of charges congress the eighteenth party congress that closed on wednesday with president hu jintao stepping down as general secretary of the party china has been a real economic success story we've seen it in membership to the world trade organization it's now a very sort of prominent member of that particular organization we've seen its g.d.p. quadruple in the last ten years and is now the second largest economy in the world set to become the world's largest to overtake the u.s. by twenty twenty. makes up ten to twenty percent of overall global economic output is responsible for thirty to forty percent of overall global economic growth. the big question on everybody's lips now is how the new leadership will affect china's relations with its political and economic rival the us and donald lewis
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a research fellow at stanford law school says the next decade will see a nice to a shift in economic. what is currently occurring between the united states china and indeed the european union is a process of rebalancing in which the chinese economy is readjusted away from its very strong export orientation over the last two decades or so towards one that is more focused on growing domestic consumption and indeed moving somewhat away from manufacturing towards a more service sector emphasis so. indeed what we see here alternately really is the continued rise of china but very much a part of and interdependent global economy with three pillars really.
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the u.s. europe and including both china and japan. coming out after a short break is breaking the sats with. luck.
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live. i've. lived. live live . resistance is not a politics but
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a culture. is could. on it's own. cultures of resistance on our team. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images go forward has been seeing from the streets of canada after. china operations are on the day. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. play. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a donor night concludes the longest and while this campaign in our history of colors on the left well that may be changing for magically before our eyes that
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some traditionally red states time with all the twists and turns that have been the hallmarks of this campaign what you want. to do because you've never seen anything like this i'm told. the guys i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set this morning i learned that the israeli army has launched a major military operation against gaza defense israeli aircraft struck dozens of targets throughout the gaza strip killing top hamas military leader and as we know this afternoon as seven were dead two of which were children and egypt's muslim brotherhood has condemned israel's aggressive response to hamas rockets threatening to pull the egyptian ambassador from israel the muslim brotherhood's political wing via j.-p. said in a statement that israel's return to the. policy of assignation of leaders of the palestinian struggle groups shows that israeli occupation wants to drag the region
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toward instability the statement adds that the occupying state has to understand that the changes the arab region especially egypt have witnessed will not permit the palestinian people be put under the hold of the israeli offensive in the same way as in the past what's perhaps most troubling is the deafening silence from the obama administration just today obama gave his first press conference since being reelected where he touched upon a whole range of global issues and unsurprisingly there was no mention of the declaration of war against america's closest ally in the middle east unsurprising because it goes without saying that israel respond with full military force and they'll come out just fine look it's clear that neither side is totally innocent here but there is one thing i want you to consider the gaza strip exists under complete controlled occupation by israel the region is an open air prison where daily life is a constant struggle for dignity israel bombing gaza is like shooting fish in
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a bucket and the citizens of gaza are open air targets but literally no place where they can evacuate to the current administration won't stand up for this injustice it's up to us to do it so it's great to set. the world has ever seen anything like that. as the internet remains one of the last bastions of democracy we have the government is trying to find even more pretexts to govern it the way they do it well the same way they're able to pass every other law that erodes our fundamental civil liberties or the crap out of us about terrorism. indeed in today's world acts of terror could come not only from a few extremists in suicide vests but from a few keystrokes on the computer a weapon of mass disruption in the not too distant future we anticipate that the cyber.


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