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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EST

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casualties in gaza these are all continues it's been bob until the siege the trip and also warning of a possible ground operation. in the region. the latest hostilities in gaza coming after weeks of escalating tensions with these strikes and commerce rocket attacks over the border. also the summit is trying to draw to europe to a standstill because i'm trying to return to normality of two millions and walks out of their jobs in protest against austerity only to be met with having come to the police response. to china's communist party that said you needed to steer the country to our house economy as part of a once in a decade political. international
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news live from moscow this is all she with me hello and welcome to the program israel is continuing its strikes on gaza with at least three palestinians reported killed this follows wednesday's. ten dead including the military leader of hamas israel has also warns that a ground operation is on the table barton is and tell of it. overnight the bombardment continued from the air israeli air strikes killed three more militants those belonging to the same militant group in gaza as jobbery the head of hamas his military wing who was killed in a targeted airstrike yesterday afternoon there's also reports confirmed by the israeli military of continued shelling via the israeli navy gunboats off the coast
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and fixed land based artillery pieces from southern israel from hamas twenty five rockets were fired into southern israel over the night israeli missile defenses trying to shoot those down some of them land landing in southern israel as well this immediate escalation came about yesterday afternoon loud explosions rocking all the built up areas there about ten people reported killed including civilians the great fear now that a ground invasion is imminent israeli sources have said that they're fully prepared to start a garden of asian if they deem it necessary and they have called up reservists possibly the last time that we've seen any operation of this intensity was over the new year of two thousand and eight to nine when israel launched operation cast lead pretty much following the same pattern as we've seen so far with
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a ground operation following the same stated objectives as israel says now to destroy the terrorist infrastructure on the ground in gaza meeting heavy fighting there was a lot of civilian casualties and damage as a result. the u.n. security council has talent agent closed door meeting after palestinians called for an end to israel's offensive and he's going next check our reports from washington the u.s. is supporting israel despite ask. the u.s. response to the shelling of gaza was easy to predict and it says we stand by our partners in their right to defend themselves against terrorism the u.s. representative to the u.n. has released a statement saying the u.s. expresses regret at the death and injury of innocent israeli and palestinian civilians caused by the violence there but made it clear that washington is clearly blaming the palestinians for the israelis shelling of gaza palestinians are asking the security council to stop israel and what they call quote war crimes perpetrated
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by israel against the palestinian people israel of course is saying that the airstrikes are a justified response to the rocket fire from gaza in two thousand as for all it's worth noting that this wednesday while israel was storming gaza from air president obama was holding a news conference the president received no question about gaza and there was almost nothing on t.v. here about it i've been watching very closely the israeli defense minister who has indicated that this could be just the beginning mr brock who broke the last this really ground attack on gaza four years ago this three week operation cast lead in which more than one thousand and one hundred palestinians and twelve israelis were killed the u.s. has basically told us well whatever you do to the palestinians in gaza we're not going to polls when i think intervene and the usual line is the one that we heard this wednesday and that is we stand by always really partners in the right to
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defend themselves against terrorism but does the word terrorism in this context justify any actions by israel because it very much seems like it from the u.s. point of view and that is what many people don't understand but it's also interesting how washington chooses which acts of terror to condemn this terrorism and which ones not to condemn for example suicide bombings that happen in syria on a regular basis the u.s. does not hurry to condemn. acts of terror so the word terrorism may have different interpretations in washington often an act of terror may not be condemned as such if it's committed against someone designated by the you was an enemy hamas has responded to the israeli assault was rocket fire reportedly killing three israelis and then my colleague spoke to israeli defense forces spokesperson lieutenant colonel of the taliban the child and he asked her if deadly actions were
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justified. i think that seven hundred rockets a year launched from gaza into israel do not demand justification we have one million israelis which are under immediate danger and they have between fifteen and fifty seconds this more than justifies this operation we took this operation in order to defend the people of israel and can you confirm that you continue this operation with ground invasion. ground invasion is an option we currently have an operational assessment following the assessment will decide how to proceed. all the options are currently on the table what do you have to achieve by an invasion as it's going to provoke a massive and just turned into a just a cycle of violence and death well since hamas encouraged the firing of the rockets into israel don't you think it's a bit late for that i mean we are here in the field of defense operation in
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order to protect three million israelis that are almost under this rocket fire we currently are continuing the operation a few hours ago we targeted underground tunnels and launching pads in these launching pads there were rockets of different types some came from iran i'm referring to the farther five these are rockets with a very long range that can merely reach the city of tel aviv we cannot allow this situation to continue our country deserves and has the right to defend its people statistically many would say that the rocket attacks on israel have had not as much on the facts as what's happening with the retaliate three attacks from israel against gaza we're getting reports of as you're civilians dying i spoke to an eyewitness earlier who were saying that even children were caught up in this what do you say about this i believe that there are casualties on both sides in the past decades now we don't have any intention to target people that are not involved directly in terror but hamas is the terror going to zation that shows. deliberately
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to locate its warehouses of rockets its facilities of terror its outposts right in the middle of the population the gazans shows hamas hamas terror terror is rocket fire we will not comply with this kind of situation. and the night right after the assault started. the documentary filmmaker and actually working in gaza and he sat palestinian people are terrified and expecting things to get what. we've seen and absolutely over bud's and hospital system health system here in gaza an emergency crisis status was launched by that within an hour of the operation being launched as you said we've seen at least three dead children at least one woman we've seen at least ninety injured in just one hospital we've seen victims many
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people giving. reports of white phosphorous maybe being used again here on the gaza strip we've seen naval attacks attacks i have to be honest with you the situation is very very grave and the palestinian gazan population are frankly being terrorized internationals in the gaza strip record an activist on the gazan people believe that this is the beginning of another full scale war akin to that of winter two thousand and eight winter two thousand and nine named operation costs so i have to tell you the situation is expected to get graver and graver. to get line mandates on the situation in gaza you can always log on to our website home will be closely following this story and stay with it. now the u.s. feeling the aftershock of violence antos terrace the press has some of the demonstrators and more than twenty countries joined forces coming out full take a little of the twenty four hours trying to spending council skybox when
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unemployment plunged europe into chaos. while food and present k'naan dissolve the u.s. campaign afghanistan are reeling from their involvement in a sex scandal but hear that much more serious crimes to investigate more details coming up after a short break. things are just getting too expensive in london many families just can't afford to live in the city anymore so because of upcoming welfare cuts the government is buying or rented property to relocate people outside of the city the maximum housing allowance for welfare will go down to four hundred pounds a month which is peanuts compared to the one thousand two hundred fifty pounds the pay for the average three room apartment expelling the poor from london seems
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a bit fishy to me so instead of say regulating prices are god forbid using the money from the welfare cuts to create jobs so people can earn a living for themselves rather than rely on handouts london has decided to make itself some official get to. what is to call a place where everyone from a certain economic classes forcibly shove to although this may sound like some sort of help from the government it seems to me like a means to get rid of the poor rather than trying to make the poor less poor but that's just my opinion. welcome to. science technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered.
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sisters. i miss him. my daddy. does a famous reuse dance and play of his own my save. my money ransom business.
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speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks of the ip interviews intriguing story are you. trying to see arabic to find out more visit our big teeth dot com. this is out see live from moscow welcome back the european union is reading from the twenty following mega strike that saw millions of workers across the debt ridden block take to the streets the day of function against austerity song. massive shutdowns travel chaos and to have
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a hundred police response to the protests some of the most disturbing scenes occurred in spain's two main cities where frustration was deepening recession spurred into violence in madrid in brussels thad rubber bullets and clashed with demonstrators over one hundred people were arrested and at least seventy five injured throughout the country that was at the forefront of the strike so our tastes our first reports now from this punish capital. staying. greece. italy. and portugal. europe's most debt ridden countries joining together with many others for the continent's first cross border mega strike from the beginning it was clear that emotions were running high in many places madrid saw violence early on and asked a brief car the storm broke the anger of those protesting is evident for various things between the protesters and the riot police as. almost three the moderates
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like you really get more symbolic candy for the huge divide the people say there are right now all across there are the three legged governments and between the people themselves this is where the austerity but. rather bullets and violent confrontations with the authorities of the coming in on to the millions sights the consonance leaders stand firm that austerity is a necessary evil to cut the sky high deficit only van but the fourteenth the people of europe seem to have formed a county union to fight back against the prevailing tide of a stereotypical ahead of next week's budget meeting brussels will have been watching closely as the scenes of police and protesters battling one another played out across the nobel peace prize winning euro zone imagery of the clean up operation is already under way only it was so easy for the eurozone to clean up. it finds itself in. the joy it's. all in all the way
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over the deepening spending cuts and soaring unemployment has swept through twenty european countries in portugal what the government plans to further intensify its diversity measures next year protests the threw rocks and bottles at riot and these guarding the parliament in the capital lisbon italy sold an aspiration standing violent as well as tens of thousands of students and workers clashed with police countries like france and belgium of been less affected by the financial crisis also so huge marches and carlos del close so. point five or a unified stand barcelona took part in one state's trying to and explained what's driving people to demonstrate. a protest isn't about a solution a protest is normally about something you don't want so in this case what they're protesting is e.u. austerity is cuts in social spending and cuts in social rights and the expansion of social misery people can make the argument that austerity is
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a solution to the current problems being faced by your citizenry and in particular by this other european citizenry the problem is what does that austerity mean is that neoliberal e.u. austerity where you cut basically all of those all of the social protection that keeps people from descending down to a sort of downward spiral of social misery and with all of that escalating conflict or do you leave social protection in place and in places where there really is overspending such as a bank bailouts and and and areas like these. go to europe's growing frustration with the stars as well as economists full costs are now website and also that the best pictures and videos from the mega strike so had to come to explore with.
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china's vice president seems in pain and has taken over as the communist party leader and will become the next president and march announcement came as the government undergoes its once and decade political transformation with this central committee meeting to elect a new leaders and financial expert france's aloon is based in hong kong believes that with china's economic and military rise is the us that will suffer. new leadership showed china a very new stability and continuity above everything else so. where do. you to go economically what china would you do is to continue to strengthen its military restrain to richard poland don't go to china ok and can achieve parity with america. is that. i don't think america can throw its weight around the world with. a poll like why did this now you can't you
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can do anything you want but if china becomes. a real power on the parity with the u.s. there are things to change. with the election over in b. you are all americans are in a patrol to can move you from the websites we need more people in states around the country well to see accumulating thousands of electronic signatures demanding they got it. and also online is already a billionaire and now he's a comic who you wrote we haled problem becomes that some tripped over by the coke cartoon released in the you was telling they life story told the self-made russian . and let's now take a look at some other stories making news this hour and rebels say they taking control of the military checkpoints near the country's northeastern border with turkey at least eighteen government troops on three opposition fighters died in the bottle near the town of russell i.e.
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in which the rebels seized on friday meanwhile senior you care for shows and you to describe the growing violence including the option of a no fly zone this comes as friends became the first western official to record the opposition coalition in syria. a series of bomb attacks have swept throughout iraq claiming the lives of at least twenty six people and injuring more than one hundred the deadliest blasts occurred in koku couper three car bombs killed nine and injured dozens another car bomb targeting an army convoy blew up in baghdad while a police station and an army patrol were attacked in the state of deadly assaults happened in iraq prepares as iraq prepares to celebrate the islamic new year. two thousand people have protested on the streets of jordan's capital amman following a second day under arrest in different parts of the country the anger was part of a spike in fuel prices announced by the head of state in some such as crowds told
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stories of police who responded with tear gas protests just before the popular revolution and criticized king abdullah the second which is punishable by jail under. the u.s. campaign in afghanistan. suffered a miniature grave blow with at least eight channels of the intervention falling from grace after the resignation of the former commander and a cia chief and that the current afghan campaign k'naan day is now on day best acacia of e-mails with a woman links to both mad and an assistant at a set antiwar dot com as their own much worse crimes to look into when it comes to u.s. trails and sex scandals to try yes you know lead the surge in iraq and you know was the brainchild of the surge in afghanistan these are two policies which required retirement arming and training radical islamic fighters the afghan local police which the tree is described as the linchpin of the afghan strategy
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these are a group of people that have been accused of murder rape they were made last year they were accused of kidnapping a boy in hammering nails into the bottom of his feet through the use of torture in fact and the same type of thing that happened in iraq when you know the train organized a sunni civil war that ended in hundreds of thousands of lives and no reaction to all of that bloodshed and he was described as a war hero he was trading a positive light all it takes to be portrayed in a negative light in the american mind is a sex scandal if the cia director's emails private e-mails aren't safe from you know government spying then what does that say about our e-mails the government spying that has been going on in electronic communications has surged in recent years and under the obama administration. up next to lauren list to bring us up to
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date on what's happening where the walls of money and power collide compass an account is camille way out of the rain. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are all the de . resistance is not of politics but a culture. it's
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good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm lauren lyster here in washington d.c. these your headlines for wednesday november fourteenth two thousand and twelve u.s. president barack obama is reportedly looking for one point six trillion dollars and more revenue for uncle sam when he goes into those fiscal cliff negotiations on friday that's double what was talked about with g.o.p. leaders in the summer of two thousand and eleven according to the wall street journal so he is doubling down. and i'll bring everyone in to show that right away so we can give folks some short lived for the holy see. we shall see about that but in the meantime the fiscal cliff is surpassed the eurozone crisis as the top concern for business leaders but was there a decision made recently they diverted a pro long recession for western economies and we just haven't heard much about it
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chris whalen senior managing director of capital partners is here with an answer and to analyze impending threats and could housing be the antidote to the fiscal cliff it has been suggested as more and more seem to believe us housing is in a recovery our guest is here. for a reality check and bloated bureaucracy we complain about it when it comes to the government but does the problems bill over to public universities the numbers seem to say yes and some professors are revolting we'll tell you about in this change let's get to today's capital account.
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as you well know everyone is obsessing over the fiscal cliff from the press to politicians working on a deal to this seventy three percent of conference participants at the wall street journal's c.e.o. council in washington who reportedly said it is their primary concern now while everyone is focusing on how to avert a recession and have their eyes on president obama's press conference today for clues about averting the proverbial cliff was there another hearing on capitol hill that was far more under the radar but dealing with another issue entirely they could give us an indication of where the economy is headed the stronger capital standards in our proposal would significantly lower the probability of banking crises and their associated economic losses. maybe didn't look as sexy is obama's press conference or as the fiscal cliff discussion seems but that was.


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