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tv   [untitled]    November 15, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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a new israeli invasion looms over gonzalez the palestinian enclaves battered with artillery and air strikes with allegations that white phosphorus is being used against civilians. gaza militants come close to hitting israel's largest city tel of eve with rockets as the israel's military says this is only the beginning of its offensive. bad news building just hours after a twenty four hour pan-european strike killed over twenty countries to a standstill new figures suggest the eurozone is back in recession. beijing ushers in the new top officials which will leave the country for the next decade and fifteen minutes we look at how the world might be changed by china's emerging
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economic might. not from the new center here in moscow this is r.t. with international news and comment twenty four hours a day the israeli military is converging on gaza as it continues to pummel the palestinians from sea and land the operation dubbed the pillars of defense is on the verge of turning into a new invasion as tel aviv says it's prepared to go all the way under the pretext of self defense three israelis and at least fifteen palestinians including children and a pregnant woman have already been killed tom is in tel aviv which has been targeted by return fire from gaza so tom tell us what is the latest on casualties on both sides and indeed the prospects of a ground invasion. quite bill a very tense situation here and
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a rapidly developing one the most immediate developments right here in tel aviv. garza militants fired two of their longest range rockets that they have available to them and narrow only missed israel's largest city one of them reportedly falling into the sea one of them reportedly falling into a field not quite sure on the exact locations not that that's particularly important at the moment as the sirens went off over tel of the wave of fear swept across the israeli people here and across the social networks as people reporting it with somewhat disbelief to begin with the militants could've fired rockets for the first time ever quite so far all of this especially important because of the fear now that this conflict could escalate further into a ground invasion by israel as we saw in the new year of two thousand and eight to
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nine what was then called operation cast lead and is now called pillar of defense the at the moment it's an intense aerial bombardment of gaza that's been going on over two hundred targets reportedly struck by israeli drones an aircraft also the navy and artillery pieces firing into gaza as israeli defense folks people say that is to destroy the militants in gaza both how mass and groups like islamic jihad that claimed responsibility for that attempted rocket attack on television to try and destroy their infrastructure they reporting considerable success in that despite spokesman earlier saying that they think that they've destroyed quite a large number of those longer range rockets and severely damage their capability that was however said before these rockets came. towards the eve and with the
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situation as it is comments such as those of the of the general in charge of israel's southern command that this is only the beginning of this operation those of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying that all measures necessary would be taken to secure the defense of the israeli people and another defense spokesman more recently saying that this was not going to be a quiet night ahead all of those points to the possibility that israel may be getting ready for that much feared ground offensive because of t's have been mounting in gaza and it seems that there is possible although yet unconfirmed evidence that tanks and troops have been moving south towards the garzon border a question on everyone's lips will this spill over into such a damaging and devastating ground conflict as happened back in two thousand and
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eight tonight what about the international community's response to all of this are they exerting pressure on both sides. they are indeed on the on israel side israel of course saying that it has the right to defend itself and that it will take all measures necessary the u.s. has come out and said that indeed it considers that israel does have the right to defend itself on the other side of course the palestinians mahmoud abbas the palestinian president has called for an immediate end to israeli aggression and to cut short his trip to europe. for a because of that outlay here egypt as well has said that it will probably open a rough crossing to allow those affected by the violence out they've also egypt's all said that it's prime minister and the delegation will visit gaza tomorrow on
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a mission of solidarity with the palestinian people and the egyptian president mohammed morsi has trying to put pressure on the u.s. to in turn put pressure on israel to try and stop these operations and they have denounced these strikes russia too has said that israel's actions are disproportionate to the amount of force being used so a chorus of voices taking various sides but all of them really not wanting this to have gone this far an interesting note also that one of the israelis instrumental in trying to try and broker a peace deal that was shattered by this this very outbreak an escalation of violence and he has said that it is very possible that a peace deal was on the verge of being signed when i made jobbery the head of hamas his military wing was killed by an asteroid yesterday and his words israel has made
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a great mistake that will cost too many lives on both sides and it's yet to be seen just how severe. that mistake if indeed it is a mistake may be but the fear is definitely very very heightened at the moment this could escalate even further than a house already com thanks very much indeed for that. in tel aviv well american human rights activist joe is there in gaza and told us there's evidence to suggest that israeli forces are committing war crimes by targeting civilians with a controversial weapon late last night i witnessed what i'm pretty sure was the use of white phosphorus and in civilian neighborhood. i spoke as well this morning of the director of al schieffer hospital who indicated to me that he thought some of the n.g.o.s he had seen passing through their emergency room were consistent with the use of white phosphorus any also spoke of the fact that
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the mounting casualties coring into hospitals throughout the gaza strip are aggravated by the lack of essential medicines and medical supplies caused by israel's ongoing see it's not simply a matter of massive deaths and injuries horrific as that would be in and of itself there is also a lack of the basic necessities needed to treat them so it's a disaster here a manmade disaster in more ways than one. well earlier my colleague spoke to an israeli official who hailed the ongoing operation in gaza as a success despite the rising number of civilian casualties this is been so far one of the most surgical pinpoint military operations in modern military history i think again you will see that the civilian to militant casualty ratio will show up in israel to have unfortunately killed civilians but far fewer then than any other
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comparable military. action but you have a pin point operation you call this one of the most precise and exact and pinpoint military operations that israel's known in recent history and that can allow for what you might consider collateral damage the killing of children when you when you presented and you talk about civilians it's always said as all the civilian the israeli civilians being killed just today the three israelis who were killed but all of the palestinians who were killed seven are confirmed militants two to use the likelihood now you are you worried though that possibly you're just giving rise to anti israeli attitudes among palestinians let's let's have a listen to this quickly as the hamas leader that we spoke to just a bit earlier please stand by. the assassination of this great leader. clearly confirms that we are still in the heart of resistance with the israeli enemy the zionist enemy knows nothing but the language of killing and blood our battle with the enemy is an open bottle to god willing this battle will end with palestine and
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jerusalem liberated being what we should wait for our actions not in words and. we've seen their actions a situation which most often anywhere in the world could accept what would you do were just one missile to land in central moscow but we talk about missiles and lets the scarify here we're talking about more rockets that are being attracted over some might say that a mortar rocket from the palestinian militants compared to your. health fire inside why the missiles from your super high tech fighter jets oh well that's quite a big difference between fireworks and bombs. but the truth of the matter is that we have a situation where just today three israeli civilians were killed call the mortars call the missiles those are or did civilians we have a situation where in the recent past some thirty percent of these re the children in southern israel who diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder that israel was heavily criticized by a part of the world community i agree with you there i remind you and i point out that that was four years ago the lowest civilian to militant casualty rate in
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history twenty nine percent of those killed were civilians and i'm not belittling the death of any civilians but followers than any other military campaign in the last century i think that we will see something similar this time we're hoping to achieve a number of things first and foremost to significantly degrade the command and control and operational abilities of hamas the middle east analyst nathan freule believes the israeli government could be staging the conflict with gaza to show it's on top of its going has been a great deal of pressure on the israeli government which has looked very impotent during this escalation and this is not new a year ago in august two thousand and eleven kadima the opposition party was screaming at the top of its lungs that that likud was impotent and that that kadima knew how to handle this problem looking at a region in which israeli public feels imperilled they see mortars coming from from
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syria they worry about the conflict from syria spreading they worry about rockets from hezbollah and this was one thing that the israeli government could do to show that it is capable of protecting its citizens as as they desire israelis continue to to say that they're ready to to occupy gaza if need be and it's certainly a possibility. to stay with r.t. for the latest on the crisis in gaza you can also follow our live updates on twitter as well as our website r.t. dot com. europe sinks back into recession as we report later on this friday for a mega strike sweeps across the european union resulting in violent clashes with broad police plus. thousands of americans file online petitions for
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secession from the united states breedlove analysis in just a couple of minutes. things are just getting too expensive in london many families just can't afford to live in the city anymore so because of upcoming welfare cuts the government is buying or rented property to relocate people outside of the city the maximum housing allowance for welfare will go down to four hundred pounds a month which is peanuts compared to the one thousand two hundred fifty pounds need to pay for the average three room apartment expelling the poor from london seems a bit fishy to me so instead of say regulating prices or cock for big using the money from the welfare cuts to create jobs so people can earn
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a living for themselves rather than rely on handouts london has decided to make itself some official get to. what is to call a place where everyone from a certain economic classes forcibly shove to although this may sound like some sort of help from the government it seems to me like a means to get rid of the poor rather than trying to make the poor less poor but that's just my opinion.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations to rule the day. resistance is not the politics but a culture. this could. all its own. cultures of resistance on our team. to the. technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia
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we've dumped those huge earth covered. here in moscow news continues now the eurozone has sunk into its second recession since two thousand and eight according to the latest euro stat data the report comes on the heels of a twenty four hour strike we saw people in more than twenty european countries take to the streets venting their frustration at spending cuts. report. saying.
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greece. italy. and portugal. europe's most debt ridden countries join together with many others for the continent's first cross border mega strike from the beginning it was clear that emotions were running high in many places madrid saw violence early on and asked a brief come to break the anger of those protesting every day for various things put out between the protesters and the riot police is packed right almost three thousand meter it's not going to get more symbolic can you for the feast of by the people say there are right now all across there are training their governments and between the people themselves this is why the austerity but. where the bullets are violent confrontations with the authorities are becoming an auntie familiar sights of the continent's leaders stand firm that austerity is
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a necessary evil to cut the sky high deficit own november the fourteenth the people of europe seem to have formed a county union to fight back against the prevailing title sterrett city ahead of next week's budget meeting for us is will be watching closely as the scenes of police and protesters battling one another played out across the nobel peace prize winning. in madrid the clean up operation is already under way only it was so easy that the euro is saying to clean up the mess it finds itself and sarah r.t. if you read some of the more well off countries like france and belgium also saw mass marches of striking workers called the dog loss a sociologist in barcelona who took part in wednesday's strike says stop the cuts but what they target triggers popular unrest. a protest isn't about a solution a protest is normally about something you don't want so in this case what they're
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protesting is easy to austerity is cuts in social spending and cuts in social rights and the expansion of social misery people can make the argument that austerity is a solution to the current problems being faced by your the european citizenry and in particular by the southern european citizenry the problem is what does that austerity mean is that neoliberal e.u. austerity where you cut basically all of those all of the social protection that keeps people from descending down to a sort of downward spiral of social misery and with all of that escalating conflict or do you leave social protection in place and cut in places where there really is overspending such as bank bailouts and and and areas like these. china's weeklong power transfer has come to an end with ping being annoying to the
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communist party's next leader he takes over from a fusion tower whose guidance led beijing through a decade of rapid growth and sort of take japan as the world's second largest economy. of the terri moulton as this report. that process started over the last week with the communist party of china's congress the eighteenth party congress that closed on wednesday with the president hu jintao stepping down as general secretary of the party keating ping currently vice president being named as who successor as head of the party over the last ten years china has been a real economic success story we've seen it gain membership to the world trade organization it's now a very sort of prominent member of that particular organization we've seen its g.d.p. quadruple in the last ten years however there are some problems with that economic success story we have seen enormous environmental damage caused by that runaway
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growth and we've also seen a huge gap opening up between rich and poor china has a million u.s. dollar millionaires but also one hundred fifty million people here living on less than a dollar a day and that is an issue that the incoming government knows that it needs to tackle. financial expert francis lund who's based in hong kong believes that with chinese economic and military rise it's the u.s. that will suffer. new leadership showed china a very you believe key and continuity above everything else so. what this means to continue to economically china we would do is to continue to strengthen its military to be serene to richard paul and china can can achieve parity with america and that is their keys and i don't think america can throw its weight
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around the world with out a poll like why did this now you can't you virtually can do anything it wants but if china becomes. a military power on the parity with us then things change other world news in brief turkey has recognized seriously over this route the next mission as the main representative of the country's people it follows france the first nations to recognize in arms which is now also mulling over officially sending weapons to the rebels meanwhile syrian forces say they've taken control of the key military checkpoint of the country in order to turkey local officials say as many as thirty people have died in fighting in the town of us since monday. to libya where twenty new ministers have been sworn in leaving seven more seats in the country's new cabinet yet to be filled the government was approved by the general national congress in october now this is the. stability of the country libya has been highly
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volatile ever since last year's popular uprising resulted in the el sting and the death of colonel gadhafi. the u.s. and afghanistan are beginning talks have a new security arrangements the focus is on how big america's presence will be after twenty fourteen when most nato troops have withdrawn discussions come amid a climate of mistrust with the thought as to shubin whether u.s. soldiers should be given immunity from prosecution under afghan law is loosely covered off with the details from kabul. the u.s. and afghanistan have kicked off talks on thursday tough talks about the security framework agreement that the two countries will maintain after most of the nato combat forces withdraw from the country at the end of twenty fourteen now these are expected to be rather controversial contentious talks they come amid a climate of suspicion and mistrust between the two countries one of the biggest
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issues on the table here we expect this to take about several months to complete and of course the afghan government has long complained about the conduct of u.s. forces operations on the ground here in afghanistan some of the issues that they are not happy with are for example the controversial u.s. special forces strikes night raids that end up killing many civilians also at the issue of sovereignty here is a top deal i mean the afghan government insists that american soldiers who are accused of committing crimes here in afghanistan are trying within this country under afghanistan's legal system american troops say no they want their men to be tried in the united states and of course this issue has taken on a rather. more urgency in light of the massacre that took place in march where an american soldier was accused of going essentially on a shooting spree killing sixteen civilians in the kandahar province issues like this really do resonate with the public it's a very visual example of sort of misdeeds by the u.s. forces and of course the illegal murder of civilians is certainly something that
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should be tried under afghan law according to the officials here this also comes amid a climate of mistrust by afghans after certain cultural missteps for example the controversial video that showed u.s. marines urinating on the corpses of afghans as well as of course the notorious cases of clothes on the burning sort of indicating the climate of social insensitivity that unfortunately exists on the ground here with u.s. troops and what we've seen is instances of for example taliban plans ending up in the ranks of afghan soldiers who end up turning their guns against the american trainers. well as other afghans who may or may not be happy with the conduct of certain soldiers and end up turning their guns on the americans as a result of that and so what this really reflects perhaps a policy that hasn't necessarily played out very well. this is a. business they dimitri a little earlier reporting on those changes in the chinese leadership now they're
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facing some serious economic challenges that's right china's economic growth which has been robust in the past couple of years it's been slowing down and unless they want to see a hard landing so-called hard landing so they need to go ahead with a lot of reforms a lot of work needs to be done tell you all about that in a couple minutes. mission free credit taishan free transport charges free. range and free. free. to tide free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and free media oh god r.t. dot com you. may
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miss it's in. my daddy. does a famous phrase benson claim is oh my saved and my money ransom business. please speak for language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world's hot spots fifty ip interviews intriguing story for you. then try. to find out more visit our big teeth dog called. good laboratory tool mccurdy was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot
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which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything turns mission to teach the creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only on the dog.
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i. don't know when welcome to business now as we told you earlier. excuse me china has changed its leadership in times of slow economic growth and demands for fiscal reforms now after decades of juggernaut grofe the world's second biggest economy is facing troubles that could frustrate its wrong as.


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