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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EST

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hamas says israeli rockets have destroyed it has borders and guards are on a fourth day of deadly strike. massing along the gaza border as some seventy five thousand reservists are called upload to see all the details coming on. the syrian rebels advance by overwhelming support the u.k. gets it is looking at you on zimbabwe one of the front and center back here recognize the opposition group the major demographic. and britain's binds emerged unscathed by the powerful points and while the public would like to pick up that one one six to six pm pounds.
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international news and comment live from moscow this is aussie with me hello and welcome to the shot israel stepping up its assault on gaza targeting over one hundred fifty size overnight including the headquarters of hamas meanwhile israeli troops are massing on the gaza border with the number of reserve it's all standing by at around seventy five thousand. is following the developing conflict. the israeli air force has hit the headquarters of the hamas compound in gaza city and some strikes with i'm an eyewitness is reporting that there is extensive damage to the building now they were a number of explosions heard in and around gaza city on saturday this comes after the israeli air force struck a number of government buildings on friday including the interior ministry a number of police compounds several smuggling tunnels as well as a three school we building a mass has issued a statement in which it says that it will stand by its people so we are witnessing
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an escalation in tensions and muscles also said that in no way will it stick down the israeli air force has shared that it has hit some eight hundred targets in the gaza strip it says that this is part of its military campaign over the past four days that started back on wednesday when they took out the hamas military chief at the same time there are some four hundred and fifty rockets that have been fired by palestinian militants into southern israel and we're looking at a situation that the whole south of israel is in a state of high alert with some one million people who have been ordered to stay in bomb shelters the point that needs to be made that when we talk about how much we are talking about and look to government that was chosen by the people of gaza back in two thousand and six we're not talking about random fighters as i say these are legitimate representatives of the people be egyptian prime minister yesterday friday was a visit to gaza to assess the situation and there was
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a cease fire that was called for which israel and major broke and this is despite the fact that the israeli army denies this however we have heard there were at least some two people who were killed in gaza there are some seventy five thousand reservists who have been called out these troops are now amassing along the israel gaza border and speaking to his way he's here inside as well as outside the country you have israelis who are returning as they are called up for duty very much. that we are going to look at an offensive that will happen remarkably soon yesterday we saw the first missiles since nine hundred seventy targeted and then just before that there was at least two missiles that live not far from tel aviv so certainly the sense here is that these hamas militants now have long range missiles and this is an opportunity at least israelis believe for them to deal the situation in gaza once and for all they do believe that the prime minister here will call for a ground offensive you also need to remember that we're not that far away from
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elections for the parliament natanya who has always been a prime minister you know win support by showing a very strong so strong so he the mood here is that this is an opportunity for him to drum up support ahead of such crucial elections. at least twenty nine palestinians were civilians women and children among them have been killed since israel launched its assault on gaza on wednesday he is staying in contact with activists and documentary filmmaker. who's currently working in gaza and he says much of gaza's population is very young and that most people there are heavily reliant on the support of aid agencies. i've been to several sites to stream struck by israeli strikes and frankly being out and about in the gaza strip is the most dangerous thing to do this is our real us according to god's bridge most of the gazan population are under the age of eighteen seventy five percent youth unemployment sixty percent unemployment massive modern and most people in gaza
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refugee status most people over sixty. eight agencies are. just i do not started that so that is what the situation is like a normal day to day in these days during the war in gaza is big with drones with f. sixteen s with helicopters with nato. and so you can just imagine it's not going any better out of syria resistance groups of the ordered by the majority of gazans for the strong resistance in our battling israeli forces and so it's not looking at the malls in the palestinian narrative point of view that i actually got sense of hope that that forces her to what seemed to be very likely an imminent ground by its very defense forces and despite a number of civilian deaths in gaza israel has hailed its payload defense operation at such a trickle and claims it only targets military sites my colleague what we saw has been talking to alex l skit spokesperson for the israeli prime minister's office. i
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want to see that we have only one goal israel has to defend its citizens i'm sure that there is no state no state no russia and no state in europe and no united states of america can agree with this kind of situation you know our children our elders are fired by rockets on our schools on our civilians and on the terrorists with one very simple goal to stop this firing of rockets on our civilians and we will target terrorists until they stop would you care to explain why the palestinian interior ministry has also been targeted in fact that building is basically left in a state of rubble and ruin that's hardly a militant stronghold in fact the the interior ministry is where people get passports visas it's where journalists get their permission to go into the strip why go after why level the interior ministry the explanation is very simple
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unfortunately must. while they target our civilians they hide behind their civilians they hide behind schools now the i.d.f. our army wants only to defend our citizens targets only terrorists garson is an extremely confined area a very small area probably certainly overpopulated why are so many children being killed by israeli airstrikes if you're going after militants there are no children been heard by idea if only terrorists only terrorists are targeted while the visit of egyptian of the prime minister of egypt israel didn't try and didn't attack any target in gaz but a master is the target israeli civilians while the visit of the prime minister of egypt and i suggest you check the information because there it cannot be. well the
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visit of the prime minister of egypt because we didn't also only are certainly going to show you. you know you absolutely right according to the i.d.f. no airstrikes were carried out on the gaza strip juror during the visit of the egyptian prime minister although somehow two palestinians did manage to die the israeli army in the israeli government will do everything needed targeting terrorists only. to stop the firing of rockets on israeli cities but is really schools is really children and if we will need some ground. who will consider. the assyrians are continuing to ask world leaders to help put a halt to their sort the u.s. remains firm in its backing away its real president obama spoke to israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu on friday to return rate his support and to go about it must see a editor of news junkie post says the consequences that further escalation
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in the conflicts are not being properly considered. is well as the. just they have the intention of making a buck of his boat i personally think that either they betting on someone approach on the ocean which would normally be. all they are the new social you stupid because if there's one thing that you need to have mostly more than he's been seeing not only in most actually all over the world including in the us is about. something that is not well thought out because what could very easily happen is not. on these whale coming on leave are not also some annoy us enjoy all the one where
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you have about two million but is not as aware as there are some movement of the egyptian army that is really substantial so israel is basically applying was trying. and of course we'll keep updating you on the latest developments in gaza and israel to stay with us for that. britain is considering following france and turkey and recognizing the new syrian opposition group aiming to president assad and then we hear from one expert shortly who says western attempts to support the rebels not only take the war torn country deeper into chaos that's kind your way after the short break.
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catalonia wants to get its independence from the rest of spain locals feel that madrid texas of catalonia economic success is a way putting the region into debt trust me we're going are going to have it all taxed away is very aggravating i can see why people are frustrated but the people who want independence have a very odd slogan catalonia a new european state so let me get this straight you want independence but you want to stay in the e.u. is that what you mean what exactly would that change that's not really gaining independence that shifting dependencies stay in the e.u. means you won't have control of your borders you'll still be on the euro see all of your own currency you will be able to establish your trade standards those will be dictated to you by brussels and if you don't like the austerity measures from outsiders like in madrid then you might want have a conversation with the greeks because being an independent country in the e.u.
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won't save you from people messing with your finances all i'm saying is that big truly independent means answer to no one not madrid not brussels but that's just my opinion. you mean speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic in school here. reporting from the world's hot spots seventy ip interviews for intriguing stories are you. trying. to find out because it are a big. mission
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in free accreditation free zones for judges free arrangement free. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and a free media dog r t v dot com. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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here watching r t live from moscow the syrian rebels are gaining momentum as their national coalition towards western nations lobbying for support the u.k. is mulling officially recognizing the opposition movement and sending military aid to the airlines after a meeting in london britain wants to see a clear plan of political transition from the airlines before becoming next in line to officially recognize the new group the coalition will now hold talks with french president francois hollande on saturday after paris said it will also consider sending weapons to the rebels middle east commentator and blogger col shara believes however that the opposition movement is in disarray with no united voice to speak for the syrian people. in syria of course the process has been much slower
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the wave of defection that we saw in libya didn't exactly happen in syria and what's happening now in specifically in syria is that people there are going off to presenting a syrian uprising are not the people who are on the ground so we started hearing for example support from different rebel groups armed may rebel groups for the new opposition leadership but who knows the extent of or whether they would be able to exercise political control so what you really have to look at that there is a strong divide between leadership that is outside the country and doesn't have control on the ground and forces on the ground pretty much doing whatever they want after all we've ended with is to separate opposition bodies because the syrian national council still exists alongside the national coalition then you and i should correlation so it's a recipe for more division and kind of lack of a coherence to it for moving the country forward. for you this hour
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a look at the dark side of sanctions teenage boy you know ramadan is due to a shortage of mets and caused by this trip to the u.s. and bongos against islamic republic. also online is the pride of britain drowning i reports out of the u.k. a new its nuclear powered submarine fleet which cost almost ten billion pounds is a rustic kind of reliable. british taxpayers who helped a bailout two of the country's biggest banks at the height of the financial crisis may never see their money again and a group of influential m.p.'s how warned that the six to six billion pounds the government pays to rescue r.b.s. and lloyds t.s.b. may be lost for good. breaks down the numbers. this is all focused around the public accounts committee investigation into the sale of northern rock that was the bank that if you close your mind a couple of years back was one of the first to get the big banking bailout is
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estimated that for northern rock for type state is set to these around two hundred billion but that's not the worst of it because all b.s. and lloyds bank oh also had a lot of typos money funded into these bailouts and the taxpayers could be set to lease a staggering sixty six billion pounds on that is very very hard to wrap your head around those figures so we're going to try and compare it really the amount that was put into those bailouts to what we have in the moment spending on social welfare such as pensions education health care and defense these figures coming at a time when everyone here is struggling in a daily we're talking to people who are really struggling to survive in the country in the midst of this very very tough economic times and you kind of got this it was a good report very hard hitting report telling us that there was a monumental collective failure that the treasury was unable to hold the respond
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because they don't like children and standing so it really hurts a little bit of the billion story guys we've lost that sixty six billion you know are bad we weren't quite on the job one of the great the warning at the very beginning with the headline doing now but i can paint manager robert oxley thank you for joining us today these types of stories always make me so angry because you know every day we're covering stories where people are struggling with a living wage in the way they spots the pensions the unit taxes a rising all the time and then you have this report showing that you know sixty six billion could be lost i mean it's just chiefly responsible with taxpayers' money well this report is a. politician to spoil it there will be words. that we were going to make money out of the banks and that propping up the banks would be you know it would be ok and there was a chorus of people from both sides that was so you need to tell. people
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to pound basically allow politicians to gamble other people's money and lo and behold those politicians have got very good results as is always the case when politicians are spending other people's money it's incredible how often those in power manage to get every major crisis wrong and i think we're seeing the moment in a rejection of the way that our politics at westminster is out of touch the point here is that with the writing was on the wall whether any lessons will actually be learned of course remains to be seen but taxpayers they think they absolutely whopping losses at the moment at least a lot of people saying you know we saved the banks he's going to save us. and let's now take a look at some other stories this hour around true held after a train crashed with a school bus just south of the egyptian capital they exact number of fatalities isn't yet to clear a local doctor said that many of the victims were of kindergarten age between six because of the accident is being investigated there are some reports that the railroad crossing wasn't closed when it should have been. played out and stuff was
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really drilled in between supporters of the anti government demonstrators thousands of people have been pouring onto the streets since tuesday because lifting its fuel subsidies the move raised from us to gas prices by both the fifty percent would without a fuel calls going up. one person has been killed and around seventy five injured so far during the four days of unrest. security is on high alert in thailand following acts how it's hard to have a plan a visit by barack obama on sunday that's been at least one killed and many injured after a motorcycle bomb exploded in the south of the country setting five buildings on fire adama's in barking on a three nation tour of the southeast asia hoping to boost us in close in a region we recently enclosed by charlie. that's not going to american consulate in libya which left three people dead it was an actual coley death that's according
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to the battled for what cia director david petraeus on to the stand of capitol hill my dreadnought had earlier stated that the incident was out of us on time or is dire straits and against us made and to islam filled buttressed maintains that he resigned from his cia post because of an extramarital affair and not due to the deadly incident in bengazi. the lower house of the us congress has approved travel and finance restrictions against russian officials suspect of human rights violations it's the so-called magnitsky bill after russian law sergei magnitsky who died in a police. after three years about after being held for tax evasion russia has called the move a provocation and promised to retaliate meanwhile lawmakers in washington have voted to lift soffit and the trade restrictions but moscow but author and historian dr gerald horn believes u.s. actions well mean souring of relations. the message listening to moscow is that the research is. how russia quickly at that when one door closes another
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one opens what i mean is that the human rights situation united states itself it's quite terrible and i would hope that the russian duma and the russian authorities would begin to scrutinize carefully the human rights situation right here in the united states where for example dislike one example most many the black population is about twelve or thirteen percent of the population of about fifty percent of the prison population and they are disproportionately represented on death row those slated for execution by the state authorities for example why not a miniscule you know moscow that would pose visa restrictions on those businesses who would seek to do business with russia that are involved in violation of equal opportunity laws right here in the united states i mean i think there are a number of measures that could take that would be inappropriate to protect. to curation channels have returned home after you won court overturns their war crimes convictions for their actions during the nine hundred ninety s.
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breakup of yugoslavia and to go to vienna and london more previously jailed for atrocities against hundreds of subs for twenty four and eighteen years respectively historian and you voice and knowledge believes the initial guilty verdict was a classic case of double standards. that court has no credibility to start with and it shouldn't have had any credibility for years the fact that people are protesting the verdict now as a miscarriage of justice is actually lending the court credibility how would you why would you be offended by a decision. that is made to be moved presently in line with what the courts are just because i could stand there which is to blame the serbs for everything that the court of the tribunal did exactly what it was supposed to do we made a show trial it made a show verdict and then overturned a show verdict when its usefulness was in the end aeration was greenlit to join the e.u. aster different addicts now all of a sudden the verdict so longer necessary these guys can go scot free and everything's just fine and dandy and killing serbs is not
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a crime in fact service is almost a requirement to join civilized society the way the define you these days. because i sound coming out shortly so i count was learning this to talk about. the legacy no one should be proud. heaps of scrap metal littering pristine arctic landscape building stilton over their foundation pipes black smoke over the snow covered peaks the traces of the soviet industrial activity on the spitzbergen archipelago don't make a pretty picture if the guiding principle here is the worst the better locals like to tell the story that back in soviet times were norwegians were visiting barons were they also an express lanes when it was free and how prosperous this stuff was
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well times have obviously a change when they saw a black guy say it still attracting new region tourists or barons word i've heard that cons much needed cash that's why when business bad they're ruining our goal is common is what i would call it here if you'd. go and start growing in a way. where that can do nine hundred eighty s. there was a burgeoning mining community. determined to maintain it all costs. halfway between north america and western europe bergen archipelago is part of norway but a special status that allows other countries to set up bases here in the middle of the cold war it served as the western most outpost now it's one of the last preserved relics. of the soviet union if it was
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a financial support for two decades curious. think it could be even more appealing for russia. to keep its presence on spitsbergen russian film and mine here but in terms of profit is far behind local souvenir shops. is a big hit the defunct arne curtain still helps keep the money flowing. the local administration is increasingly under pressure to bring the infrastructure up to more than standards. for its a not very popular with tourists. that would be.
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the time to change even for the better is not always good for business something that even a local band has become attuned to when they try to add the morning russian songs to their repertoire the audience called wanted to hear it was a song. comfortably familiar. good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm lauren lyster here in washington to d.c. and today we have a very special show for you combining some of the great on air to eggs are some of our best recent interviews first stephen called bear is the latest to take on high frequency trading the twitter sphere is been abuzz over his segment on the colbert
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report earlier on our show this week you heard how c a t c commissioner chilton wants more regulations for h f t but today hear what he says to the argument that regulators just need to enforce what's on the books plus author and professor of behavioral economics dan ariely breaks down why executives at wall street firms may feel better about cheating customers if their primary responsibility is to deliver for shareholders and in loose change the wall street journal reports with elections coming up japan's main opposition leader is stepping up pressure on the good old central bank to ease more and get the country out of deflation and oh politics let's get to days capital account.
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so stephen colbert there recently took on high frequency trading on his show this week in a way only he can here's a highlight. in hollywood frequency trading computers can move millions of shares around in minutes earning a tenth of a penny off each share and that adds up to serious money when they finally take it down to the wall street coin store. and he's not the only one you may recall see f.t.c. commissioner bart chilton has been out talking about the need for more regulation to address the potential risks of h f t including on our show he was talking about it now the rules he proposes would require that firms register test their software programs he require kill switches and punish those who violate the law by the second he also told us that two thousand and ten flash crash.


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