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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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shelling. out for a sixth straight day. a quarter of fatalities the children. away from a ground invasion having to shoot him ass with a six point ultimatum in order to. there's a whole raft of legislation which stops you so what you believe that we don't have freedom of speech or. brits fight for their right to protest as a public order to even the most harmless of insult regardless of whether anyone is actually attending. class safe landing three international space station crew members in the snow. for four months.
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international news and cohen live from moscow this is a twenty four hours a day israel continues to shower there with rockets from both and see with the number killed in the strikes almost doubling within the past day the palestinian death toll reportedly exceeds one hundred around half of them civilians including women and children. tells us what he's witnessed so far. the building which roughly translates as the shot sunshine is home to various media organizations. here in the gaza strip it's known as such as one of the two principal buildings for this respect it was hit at the weekend already once and today just in the last two hours it's been hit
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a second time. we're hearing too many incidents of collateral damage here just today in the last while we've heard of the total destruction of the palestine stadium israel which is a football stadium here in central gaza city we also heard of israel targeting the ministry of youth and sport here in gaza today in the last ninety minutes another child has been killed so the collateral damage toll is going up steadily the hospitals here in the medical professors except for the ministry of health is saying that eighty percent more than eighty percent of those being arrived injured to the hospitals here are civilians the overwhelming majority of those women and children and what is striking here in gaza is that the number of innocents being killed particularly children and women is of such a high proportion i mean talking to some of these terrorized gazan residents in the last few hours ahead of we were safely sitting inside our houses and all of
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a sudden rockets and bombs fell upon us from everywhere children women and old men were terrified in the pictures as a tool you can see the destruction we tell the whole world no place to save here in gaza are houses a target in our playgrounds a target that the situation is horrific. yesterday just after midnight something unimaginable happened i only saw windows glass and shells flying here and there the houses around the were destroyed and missile targets of the house identical to this one followed by the destruction of ten other homes what for i don't understand that house is empty there is no one living there and they know that. but you know the engine arriving in all of the hospitals around the gaza strip in the last two hours as airstrikes are flicked in all of the gaza strip all of the usual places that have been hit over the last few days the situation is very critical in these last moments. as these civilian. death toll mounts so does
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criticism of israel for what many see as a disproportionate response let's not talk about that in israel's before the crisis with paul hirsh on his foreign ministry spokesperson joining me in tel aviv well just yesterday your boss and israeli interior minister called for gaza to be bombed into the middle ages that's what he said what do you mean by that. well if we're talking about my boss the foreign minister what he said is if we have no choice and we are forced into a ground operation then the israeli military needs to go all the way what he means is very clear we've set as a goal bringing a sense of calm and normalcy to the civilian population of israel in southern israel who've been subjected to years of of missiles incessantly and indiscriminately fired into our residential areas and what he means is a day sion of the command and control and operational capability of hamas and some
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of their cronies the palestinian islamic jihad and such what you just said the words go all the way he's mentioned the words middle ages that in effect could be interpreted as destroying infrastructure roads water supplies that is surely targeting an entire population that's against the geneva convention and amounts to war crimes as well. well that would be but that is absolutely not the case as to what is happening and i think you would agree with me that you know over one thousand four hundred military strikes in the last week. with a casualty a civilian casualty rate of said lee yeah tragic incident of forty seven civilian deaths in one thousand four hundred cases i think you'll agree with me that he's really only is operating in a way which is taking every possible step to avoid civilian casualties how do you account for the loss of save the children charity i will ask you here save the
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children charity they are saying families are running out of food and water eighteen hours of power cuts are making matters worse you are in effect targeting an entire population. no absolutely not. nothing of the sort in again i say to you you know fourteen hundred strikes have resulted in forty seven civilian deaths and i'm not belittling the last thing i want to do is belittle the death of any civilian on the other side of the conflict all for that matter in conflict the problem is that we face some us who essentially you know come us the word hamas is essentially a synonym for for a double war crime they deliberately tall that our civilians while at the same time with an element of pride hiding behind their own civilians but let me just ask you this. just recently in the jerusalem post get out sure on the son of the former prime minister ariel sharon he said that the residents of gaza and not innocent
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because they elected a mass therefore he's implying they are legitimate targets are they not and that is why civilians are now being killed. well civilians are not being targeted but they're. referred to if you're not sure on who you refer to is an evil jewel in every individual is entitled you know we still believe here in israel in the freedom of speech unlike for better or for worse in the gaza strip and he's entitled to his opinion and say that he doesn't represent the israeli government and it doesn't reflect at all what he's a very influential character imagine as close as of course sorry to interrupt it's not just him saying fairly disturbing. or issuing or referring to motives behind this bombing campaign the knesset member michael ben-ari he called for israeli soldiers to mow all palestinians down israel katz israel's transport minister he says the army should be bombing gaza until the population feed flees on mass i mean these are coming from fairly authority figures here and it's almost as
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if the true motives are now being displayed. you know you can come up with a lot of sometimes sometimes stupid and sometimes unacceptable comments by people on both sides we will see consistent comments on the other side for worse than that but the truth of the matter is you have to judge people by their actions far more than by their words the israeli military the air force the government of israel have taken tremendous steps to avoid civilian casualties tens of thousands of phone calls tens of thousands of text messages we have taken over the palestinian radio broadcast frequencies we've we've we've dropped leaflets on the population explaining to them what's going on warning them we know the come us military leadership is you know where they or ok way over the palace in broadcast facilities you of course targeted media center collateral damage was really quite significant without one cameraman we believe is lost and a leg as
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a result of that it seems to me that you are blindly attacking targets with little regard for civilians and indeed journalists now do you think public sentiment could turn against israel as a result. you know i'm glad you brought up the example of the media center ok and you can google it and you can see the you tube video clips of the of the strike on that center here is a classic example of the palestinian islamic jihad using the international media that you are using the international media as human shields what we struck today in the media center was operation center of the palestinian islamic jihad you use the word collateral damage which is a really ugly term but nonetheless that is the term that many people use there wasn't any for scene the operative of the palestinian islamic jihad were killed in that strike and nobody else and nobody else was injured in that particular strike where they are using use the international media as human shields who we saw the
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devastation we had the film which we showed yesterday the devastation to our office r r r r r t office yesterday it looked as if you were very very close to actually killing a foreign journalist there now that again could be classified as a war crime and if there is renegade too many risks. i beg your pardon are you taking just too many risks with this tactic. no i i don't think so although i will agree with you that war is a risky business it's a messy business it's something that we didn't want to be and. we were dragged into this i think you can see by the the response of the international community the democratic world first and foremost which is saying very clearly israel has the right to defend itself so thousands of genocide already and you know now civilians is not something any government could accept so what is next now there are
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obviously suggestions of a ground invasion an imminent one more see the egyptian president and said this could lead to serious consequences are you concerned what could happen could ignite a regional war now. well look i think that the truth is that these austere years consequences not that anything is going to lead to serious consequences if thousands of missiles rained down on on on our civilian population has led to serious consequences you ask where we're hitting right now we hope that we don't have to take this to the next step to the step of a ground operation but it's a very real possibility if some us were to stand up right now and say ok they will desist from what they've been doing for some years now and in particular over the last few weeks which is lobbing indiscriminately missiles and rockets into our civilian populations and if they will this is for a very very long time then there is no need to pursue this let me just ask you are
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mentioned the impact on the region of course syrian president assad his regime is clearly under attack now when his forces attack a populated area home to terrorism militants he's accused of slaughter by the international community you know when israel does it it's saying it's defending itself so where is the line there. but i didn't hear the last half sentence sorry where is the line there where we have a sad sad killing people in populated areas killing i'm sorry people yes so so what is the difference there tell us where you draw that idea and i'll tell you where the line is i hear you and i'll tell you where the line is you see again fourteen hundred strikes by the israeli military very carefully targeted the evidence is clear and again every civilian casualty on both sides every civilian casualty is
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a tragedy. and we we regret it tremendously but fourteen hundred strikes with forty seven civilian casualties civilian deaths means that these rain the military has been targeting very carefully military military installations command and control operational to capability the difference is that in syria studies perpetrating deliberately genocide on its own people this is this is completely different and completely unacceptable what we are doing is as carefully as possible as carefully as possible avoiding civilian casualties but we are pursuing and we will pursue the com us military capabilities and the palestinian islamic jihad and a few others until such time as it's clear that they will this is from terrorizing our civilian population for a very very long time. portion we'll leave it there thank you very much indeed israeli interior ministry spokesperson joining me live there from united to be back
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thank you and the bloodshed could get worse in israel warns is hours not days before it intensifies attacks on gaza the state issued a thirty six hour ultimatum demanding that hamas stop firing rockets into israeli territory. brings us now the latest from tel aviv. those are the most ominous words we've heard so far that do suggest that the possibility of some kind of ground offensive could be imminent when we talk about the effects of what has been happening since wednesday three israeli civilians have so far been killed me around a dozen have been injured people have been talking about an imminent ground offensive since wednesday we know that roughly seventy five thousand reserve soldiers have been called up they and the regular army have been massing along the israel gaza border we have seen their movement of tanks and armored personnel vehicles for days now this certainly is a sense particularly because the army has closed all roads around gaza that there is something on the go there have also been four straight days of rockets being
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fired into tel aviv speaking to people here in tel aviv something has shifted i'm hearing more and more israelis say that they are supporting a ground offensive that they believe it's the only one and only way that militants in gaza can once and for all be dealt with the problem though is that tel aviv is widely aware that if infected launches such an offensive it will lose international sympathy it's one of these warnings particularly from the government of the u.k. but israel is relying on the united states as it has in the process to back it up we're also hearing more and more many israelis voiced the opinion that they believe that gaza is on not innocent and this comes from the point of view that we're looking at a rising civilian death count in gaza what i'm hearing israelis tell me is that it is gazans that you take to the hamas government and as a result they want to live with the consequences this is almost a justification for the israeli army getting a long so frequently in what it says all targeted killings that in fact when it lands uprooting and killing civilians will be back with more analysis on the bridge
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between israel and palestine in a couple of minutes stay with us for that. in this remote siberian village people still sing the sounds which russians sang in the media ages and they cherish things practice that our church before the seventeenth century the old believers here is sign the area are conservative community. that i may believe need here yet again i feel that i now am i correct that. i think. people here are happy to show their way of life to tourists and to show them how to dance in the local star.
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seventeen year old nadia is from the same village she now studies in the city and dances at a club. she puts on her costume and the traditional amber necklace only when she comes to visit her grandmother. ok i didn't ask on time for her to access because i want to keep up to date with this morning world but still i would like to hear of camp my background how my ancestors lawyer very attachment to the church brought his to this remote glen deflate by call more than two hundred fifty years ago they were exiled in pesach you to it for not agreeing to the orthodox who forms introduced in washing the sixteen hundreds the old believers still baal and cross themselves with two fingers not with three as they do in modern orthodox churches in russia and never knew when praying was more and more young people
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leaving for big city it's the fear is the old believers culture could be imperiled . plans to continue her studies abroad. the grandmother says wherever she goes as long as the jews are fresh in her memory. here in moscow returning to our top story israel continues to shell gaza with rockets from both and see where the number killed in the strikes almost doubling within the past day and now exceeding one hundred and the bloodshed could yet worsen as israel wants its hours not days before it intensifies attacks on gaza israeli schmidt from the palestinian center for human rights as a ground invasion is a terrifying prospect for those who remember the israeli offensive four years ago. there is widespread fear among the pa among the people here the prospect of
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a ground invasion is very frightening for people because it's inevitable that the civilian casualties will rise rapidly if that occurs and people here are still traumatized by the memory of operation cast lead which happened less than four years ago in which more than eleven hundred civilians lost their lives many many more were injured humanitarian crisis is imminent in relation to the hospitals and the supplies that they have i visited a hospital on thursday which was. this current escalation and spoke with the director general of the hospital there and he advised me that they. are sorry. we're just interrupted there on an ongoing basis. that. they are always short of regular medical supplies. because the situation has worsened their lack of lacking in such basic supplies on to buy off six i.v.
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fluids. very basic medical supplies that they require in order to keep this we're. looking after the palestinian people who are being continually injuries and severely severely wounded so this situation is very grim in relation to the hospitals. you know rival palestinian party felt on the face of the escalating is really threat that's amid growing skepticism over the possibility of cheating. in the region. i think it's extremely likely that if a ceasefire is reached right now and the terms are the kind that have been discussed so frequently which is essentially calm for calm the same kind of ceasefire that has been brokered repeatedly in the last couple of years. than that of course it is not sustainable and it will be broken just as the previous ones had and egypt and the u.s. and israel and hamas everyone will find themselves in this situation again very
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shortly the latest israeli palestinian violence is also enough to protest across the world activists and demonstrators in a number of countries of running to decry the deaths and demand in the media and to the crimes. plus russia pledges to raise the mater's guards are offensive of the un more efficient and public reaction and ongoing coverage of the situation both in israel and gaza but our website right now. when it comes to speaking their minds the british are finding it harder than ever to voice their opinions a campaign to overturn a stifling public order act is heating up with critics saying it denies people the basic right to free speech. reports. printer announcer the sarcastic sense of humor here in this country we love a good provoking to debate so you would think that free speech to be protected and we'd be able to sell our opinions from the rooftops right. there's a whole raft of legislation which stops you so what you believe it we don't have
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freedom of speech anymore and one piece of blue in particular is section five of the public order act one the suppose this causing big problems was a slower has been used for two particular why use force to stifle inconvenient political views so views which are against islam which are against christianity which are against the quality of homosexuals so people who say that sort of stuff can be arrested the second way it's been used by the police. to arrest you if everything else fails they see being called house includes someone who insulted scientology by calling it a dangerous cult and wait for it someone who called the police. under section five of the public order there's no requirement to praise that the person intended any negative consequences from something they said are dead and only has to be likely to have caused offense so i could be prosecuted for saying or doing
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something even if no one was actually offended but the who's probably got a very pretty quickly these on the receiving end of this law have had to live with the consequences or try to court cases many of which are eventually thrown out as appeal before costing the taxpayer a pretty penny i've been a victim to when i protested against islamist extremists who were advocating killing gay people and women have sex outside of marriage i was prosecuted for this alleged crime. really in a free society insults are not nice but they shouldn't be criminal offenses when it comes to defending free speech many feel what we're actually talking about is protecting our right to a fair. the essence of democracy your sense of democracy some people wondering around. these and smiling at one another it's about informed debate about a whole range of issues and nothing should be off limits increasingly designed cases where the section five bills being led to a huge public outcry and
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a campaign to get a little changed. whether it hurts people or it insults before speech must be free is the fact that so many people in this country believe that we see in such a fierce fight defending our rights to say whatever we want whenever the. artsy. three crew members from the international space station have successfully returned to earth after spending four months in space thomas has this report. but i can say that i'm a zero five am has landed safely and it has brought with it the s.s. expedition thirty three crew with them sunny williams from the usa actually hoshi to from japan and yuri malenchenko from russia. you know making it from space to earth is an exact science but it's never routine in fact let me tell you a little bit about what happened the undocked about two twenty six am moscow time fire the rockets at four fifty eight which brought in nearly just under an hour
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long process of fall to the earth through the atmosphere from about sixty three miles in above the earth's surface in a rare pre-dawn in the dark a landing in the. step where it's extremely cold and there is snow on the ground and that landing happened at about five fifty three moscow time now what happens is when that capsule hits the ground it launches a series of ground vehicles about twelve helicopters and three fixed wing aircraft to go looking for the crew they have now been recovered and are safely back and earth after one hundred twenty seven days in space while in space they did educational work as well as scientific and medical experiments they even did maintenance on what is a space aquarium with actual fish in space and they docked with a commercial spacecraft as well as performed at three different spacewalks so never a dull moment always something to do up there in space at the international space
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station. but i'll be back with news in just over half an hour from now before that it's sports with kate after this break. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard welcome to the big picture. download the official ati applications to cell phones choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from odd such l.t.v.
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it's all here on. reporting from the world's hot spots seventy ip interviews intriguing story for you. then try. to find out more visit our big teeth don't call. hello welcome to the weekly s'pore round up with me take partridge and here's what's coming up. talking points desk update and cause free neal to stay top of the russian premier league was a neat awaits the fate of the man whose goalkeeper is hit by a flare. plus on the other russia draw with the usa but coach fabio capello finishes the year on being in charge on course for brazil twenty fourteen.
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and blades of glory we look at the top action. alexandrovitch can shine during the n.h.l. lockout. so let's kick off with the latest football where it says stay top of the russian premier league but a flat hitting did i was goalkeeper dominated the headlines as constantine put up off reports. the crowd trouble that more exonerates match or do nama and the consequent fallout has overshadowed all other events from last weekend the match at the him karina was abandoned after thirty seven minutes with denominating one new things to long range effort the nama goalkeeper on junction was then stand by where thrown from the stand behind him continues in need fans in the referee stopped the game shooting was diagnosed with a burned cornea and will be out for ten days while the result will be decided this week.


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