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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EST

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israel's relentless shelling of gaza and there is its seventh day killing over one hundred palestinians more than half of which are civilians. but hopes for a cease fire becoming bleak israel resorts don't line aggression to win support for its deadly strikes and a looming ground operation and. maybe because it's easy being the european central bank they'll just print the money. europeans question aware of the cash is coming from to fund the billion dollar h.q. for europe's central bank thousands of families across the struggle to keep a roof over their heads.
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is ten am in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshie israel's ongoing bombardment of gaza has put the number of palestinians killed over one hundred more than half of the victims are civilians and the number is rising sharply as israel increasingly targets heavily populated areas journalist harry fear is in gaza and describe to us the worsening plight of its people. the collateral damage toll is going up steadily and what is striking here in gaza is that the number of innocents being killed particularly children and women is of such a high proportion of the total destruction of the palestine stadium which is a football stadium here in central gaza city you also heard of israel targeting the ministry of use another child has been killed the hospitals here and the medical professors except for the ministry of health is saying that eighty percent more than eighty percent of those being arrived injured to the hospitals here are
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civilians the overwhelming majority of those women and children i mean talking to some of these terrorized gazan residents my head of we were safely sitting inside our houses and all of a sudden rockets and bombs fell upon us from everywhere children woman an old man with terrified the picture says it all you can see the destruction we tell the whole world no place is safe hearing gaza our house is a target our playgrounds a target the situation is horrific. yesterday just after midnight something unimaginable happened i always saw windows glass and shells flying here and there the houses around were destroyed and the sole target of the house identical to this one followed by the destruction of ten other homes what for i don't understand that house is empty there is no one living there and they know that but you know the engine arriving in all of the hospitals around the gaza strip
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in the last two hours as airstrikes are flecked in all of the gaza strip all of the usual places that have been hit over the last few days the situation is very critical in these last moments. now increasingly indiscriminate killings are seeing chances of a truce between israel and hamas grow slimmer talks are happening but despite that israel still warning gazans that its rocket fire doesn't stop within hours they'll be subjected to a ground operation argues middle east correspondent paul is leader is following the diplomatic wrangles. international community is warning tel aviv against launching any kind of ground offensive although the latest word from the israeli government is a thirty six hour truce in terms of which it says this is the deadline for hamas to come to the party and if it doesn't it is going to go ahead with a ground operation so we witnessing a lot of warmongering amongst the israeli leadership. who is one of the sons of a former israeli prime minister ariel sharon went on record as saying that gaza
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needed to be flattened like your ashima we're hearing from other israeli parliamentarians who've said things like all palestinians need to be mowed down but there are no innocents in gaza there's a school of thought that also believes that because the gazans elected him as he the ship everybody you guys are is potentially a target for the israeli army and the israeli transport minister went so far as to say that gaza needs to be bombed to the extent that everybody finis from gaza into egypt sinai peninsula another point that is also interesting and the point that we've been monitoring here at r.t. is the whole media war it's a wall that israel by and large has always had the upper hand of a war that it essentially has used through the social media to garner support for have a look while israeli politicians weigh up whether or not to send their army into gaza they've had new here's a taishan in mourning after a p.r. machine into the social media battlefield for israeli was killed yesterday in the attack from. my house took
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a direct hit is really citizens experience indescribable suffering this video offers a sophisticated alternative to the deadly reality on the ground a growing civilian death toll in gaza at the hands of the i.d.f. a very a battle the campaign online offline in the electronic media for the hearts and minds of public opinion it's very very important when news release killed her must lead a homage to bari last. week they didn't just kill him they instantly posted this video on you tube and then tweeted a warning to all his comrades that they could be next the ability of the poor longer active duty is also based on how it is being perceived internationally interestingly enough this war provides less pictures for example of the two thousand and eight million war which was taking place in gaza paradoxically it is cynical and it sounds like one of the reasons that there are less but i've seen
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casualties is because israel would like to see this would have less pictures of the war israeli citizens are reporting rocket alerts on facebook and twitter long before the media and answers them it seems the more p.r. you put into promoting war the more justified it looks in the eyes of ordinary people the al qassam brigades militant group in gaza is happy to fight fire with fire posting videos like this one on youtube morning israel is there wherever they are they will be hunted down and killed in this group of arab students from tel aviv university are taking a break from the political science studies to discuss the politics of the media war . israel is lying to its people it is really reporters are inflaming the situation there is a huge incitement from army analysts say israel must demolish garza even if a rocket hits the target they don't see that. these really media is very rude they said that ten people from the same family died but they see that it is legal
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because they will be hamas members in the future where because there are rockets under the house the battle in cyberspace is well under way with a twenty four seven back and forth exchange on the likes of twitter between hamas and the israeli defense forces it seems the two sides who haven't yet met face to face on the ground have wasted no time confronting each other online policy r.t. television and paul is keeping an eye on ceasefire efforts you can always check her twitter feeds for the latest updates. now a member of the israeli parliament told r.t. that the government has a necessarily escalate a confrontation with hamas we have to believe in mind about all of us of. all how they are civilians. a normal life exactly the same here. so we are politicians in israel exert pressure on our government and we think this
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. has been engineered. we call it electioneering actually the leadership. lived with was a mutual shelling between gaza and israel for a long time chose this time to. assault on gaza. from this school for edition coming elections and is about. what we are following developments in the middle east conflict on air and online where we've got a dedicated section for a live updates and comments. by russia's efforts to break the un security council silence and find out why moscow is ambassador accuses a certain country of dragging its feet also read russia's proposed draft resolution online.
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france has been stripped of its cherished top credit score by ratings agency moody's another blow to the debt ridden european union and the blocks second biggest economy has been warned of further slumps renewed fears turmoil is slowly dragging in the giants crisis strategist says france and germany need to change track and quickly. the european union economically as it stands is an unsustainable organization it's an unsustainable financial and economic mess so with this downgrade actually i think it's pushing france and germany and some of the bigger countries to do is recreate the european union i mean staff who are doing some of the other economies such as greece cordial spain italy and you know kind of regroup and recreate european union in order for the european union
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generally and france to restate it so the economy and the people are going to suffer there will be significant shocks to their comfort to their pocketbooks to their households there will be a combination of both economic mess here and our security measures and meet seen across the european union and understandably so you know most citizens aren't ok with that so i do think we will there be war protests across france and while europeans are there in the brunt of buying a stare any measures that he has made financial institutions seems to be splashing out the european central bank is spending over a billion dollars building ambitious double tower skyscraper forts have quaters but as art is more even often the reports it's already become a symbol of that doomed future. at a time when many europeans are unable to pay their mortgages and a kicked out of their homes and spain's forced to approve
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a suspension of addictions after a woman killed herself in desperation the european central bank is preparing for a house warming party the european treasury symbolic new building will be the tallest on frankford skyline when it's complete but so far it seems the projects faced sky high criticism first of all for its ten digit price tag. we think the project is to shoot an ugly we lost but you see b. to use its money more carefully chum from taxpayers and trust it to them. stephen meisner from germany is part of reason doesn't see any reason to spend that much money on a piece of real estate but he says he sees a reasonable explanation of why the sky's the limit for the european union's economic monopoly they never run out of money it's just come to me and the other taxpayers they go you have to pay more you have to pay more of it more or maybe because it's easy to be the european central bank just print the money and while
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some may see an upside down logic here german m.p. mr scheffler explains it's more than just a piece of architecture. e.c.b. wants a palace a building to demonstrate his power through a million more million less makes no difference game is to make a statement about its power and credibility but that's a notion that's taken a serious not in recent times the seventeen nation euro zone's unemployment is at a record high brussels and seized on a stereo to measures which the government's cut spending and raise taxes increase in peoples and as well as euro skepticism here it is future european central bank headquarters here in germany and the building was initially supposed to be a symbol of integrity and competence efficiency and transparency of the e.u. main financial institution but many now gloat that the project that has already far behind shadow and over budget may be sending a slightly different message online cynics have compared the bank's future premises
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with the biblical story of the tower of babel it was meant to reach up to heaven but ended up instead abandoned left as a symbol of hubris and conceit if you look at it it's considered i guess modern architecture sort of looks like sort of like it's been flattened and squeezed and turn around and it looks like it might even sort of collapse on itself so it's kind of maybe a fitting symbol i think it's very possible that the euro itself the currency will even be around by the time. they finished building the construction is do you feel complete by twenty fourteen and it's already known that the president of the e.c.b. will have a room on the forty first floor some say he will not just see a breathtaking c.t. parama he'll also have a bird's eye view of the turbulent ops and downs of he's troubled empire the e.u. fated eurozone. refinish nazi germany. still have on the sour the
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formation of syria's new opposition coalition still fails to unite the rebels islamist fighters in aleppo refuse to recognize a bloc while a growing number of western states see it as representing all syrian people. and grown dilemma we are in wales where residents are white of by test of britain's costly and aircraft now wings of machines will assist control killing abroad that's after a short break. texas wants to pull away from the usa in fact at least twenty states have started petitions for independence after obama won the election with well just a few voting irregularities but guess what suspicion will never happen it is a very easy thing to do to side a petition and it is another thing entirely to leave us
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a little civil war thing that happened back then does anyone the usa honestly think that they are a governor has the ball determination to actual rebel i don't think there's a single george washington type among them well maybe just see for a tour a kind of but he's out of office how do what makes it seem like revolution or succession is this fun cool easy thing to do with cool slogans and texan flags flying but the reality looks a lot more like the arab spring before you put your name on the dotted line as a seed you should really understand what that means and what you're in for the founding fathers sure did but the show my opinion.
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do we speak your language of the will or not a day of. school music programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little tentative angles kidneys stories. are you here. to try to alter the spanish find out more visit i. won't come to the. good of the world passion but as the best and brightest take my eyes gather in moscow some came to work while others came to play to get up close and personal with devices that recreate masterpieces and scan russian treasures from inside and from space to keep us safe from oil spills and forest fires a leisure gadget geek is i.t. majors to search for the next big thing in the computer world and russia's own
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giant numerous goodies clipping to take the fight straight to their competitors known to him day here on on t.v. we've got the future of coverage. wealthy british style. time. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy. with mike's cancer or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to report on our. welcome back here with r.t. now the newly formed syrian opposition coalition which is being bad by europe has been rejected by islamist groups a schism that's splitting those trying to topple the regime the groups in aleppo
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say they're on their way to building an islamist state coalition was formed earlier this month the doha replacing the syrian national council which have long been criticized for its ineffectiveness it was immediately supported by gulf states and turkey was italy and france also quick to give it recognition followed by the e.u. that's despite claims that al qaida and radical islamists have infiltrated rebel forces. from the syria tribune says these countries don't know who they are dealing with. this pollution as they don't control anything on the ground and you know there was one of them to be the sort of cause of the us which to make sounds right after of france and turkey by the coalition has a leader of the sort of preserver from the syrian people. fucking groups and their leader is the release the video saying that this coalition but my figures out there that they are they would keep fighting until they reach their goal which is
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any drugs that is syria so i don't think that they would be able to prove that program therefore we cannot talk about the rebels marching under one flag the muslim brotherhood is important member of the coalition and of the same time the muslim brotherhood is the mean backer and so forth are all the you need to bring that for it's the same brigade of the future if there is something of that ever there it's really. not clear what its purpose are for the coalition at all. take a look at some other stories from around the world violence is once again wrong cairo with protesters throwing molotov cocktails and police responding with tear gas clashes broke out during anti-government rally with people also voicing their anger over the influence of the muslim brotherhood the protests came on the anniversary of last year's deadly clashes near the interior ministry which left dozens of people dead. as tempy during a religious festival in eastern india has killed at least fourteen people including
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six children injuring twenty more the tragedy occurred as hundreds of worshippers served towards the river ganges for prayers. during the country's holy festivals with nine people killed in a similar incident in september. in rural west wales there is a noise in the sky that is driving locals crazy but that same sound in the air elsewhere in the world is enough to strike fear into citizens explains what it is. for victims in tribal regions of pakistan yemen and afghanistan it's the last sound heard before bloodshed ensues a constant worrying that gets louder before it becomes visible but for residents of the quiet coastal town of abba porth in west wales the sound is synonymous with daily life this is the area where the r.a.f. tests its watch keep a drone from as you can see there's one taking off behind me as we speak in good
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weather the drones take off throughout the day and during the night and as you can hear the noise is so high pitched and dominating that local residents have called this area the buzz box. for local people the noise is a great disturbance because and whining noise is certain they fly over this area quite regularly the welsh government build it as a state of the art technology park that would create four to five hundred much needed jobs for the community the reality a half deserted site where the ministry of defense employs about thirty people to help test the watch keeper there is a sense of frustration in the area a number of people who were for in the beginning post to it because they didn't realise the level of nuisance that there was going to be there is behind the development of drones say it means less soldiers come home from war zones in body
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bags but civilian casualties piling up we know from pakistan that somewhere around two to three thousand people have been killed in drone strikes because of these unmanned systems it's a lot easier to go to war and therefore there will be much more war and the world isn't safe the british government has already spent two billion pounds on development but they're about to commit another two billion on a new armed drone called. it could be better spent it could be spent on hospitals and schools rather than on killing machines despite drastic government cuts on welfare spending financing for the drones isn't up for debate to the dismay of locals the daily testing along with the bloodcurdling noise drones on. r t west wales. our heroes and villains oval office cyber wars and finding huge debts abbie martin's breaking the sat for the.
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i holmes been home to ignore the rats local just laugh for centuries most still live off the land of cattle and fish every evening local villagers place their nets and in the morning the catch is always good. we always have enough here. if by coal is often called the pearl of siberia and horn is said to be the pearl of by call it's all end of fake forests. and vast staps. it's also a place of ancient traditions respected by locals and travelers alike. an economist turned adventurer has crisscrossed by called shores and learned its
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customs well. you see this and thought to have supernatural powers every traveler who comes here all the spirits to make the journey easier give them strength and fulfill their dearest wishes virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago i was cornish quickly becoming a magnet for nature lovers and you will see cars but those used to five star pampering and maybe even for a surprise the island's infrastructure has yet to catch up with the growing demand here quite some way from civilization here accommodation on the island is very basic so you can forget about a t.v. or even running water for most people a tent is the only real option but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for.
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you need to buy coal can be unique trip of a lifetime and the locals say once you've seen it you'll be coming back again and again. at michoud free accreditation free transport chargers free arrangement free. free. free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects free b.t.o. dog party dot com.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. here's mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call i don't know how you can claim it's the longest while this campaign in our history colors eleven world that changed dramatically before our eyes that some are going. with twists and turns in the whole bunch of this like the one i think we're about to do because you've never seen anything like this so.
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what's up guys this is breaking the set i've talked a lot on the show but the monumental shifts this recent election brought regarding gay rights indeed this country's come a long way but the struggle is far from over every now and again a story emerges that reminds me of just here's one example in a public high school in salina ohio twenty students were threatened with suspension for wearing t. shirts supporting the community they were to cite for offensive they were simply short same things like i support rainbow like this so you might say it's political i didn't take him for the student body that student should take a side on a controversial issue here's the real kicker the same school students from a pro-life organization are able to wear t. shirts promoting their cause book according to a two thousand and eleven national survey eight out of ten students are harassed
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and six out of ten feel unsafe at school for their sexual orientation this discrimination has to end algebra two students and more from their educational institutions they deserve not to be brought down by a school that's supposed to be building them up and that's why i'm breaking the set . on the last couple of shows i've been highlighting a lot of things i disagree with about israeli policy against palestine but you have to remember that it's not only me or millions of other people around the world it's israeli citizens as well every single military age citizen in israel are forced to serve in the israeli defense forces or i.d.f. and many of them like me are anti imperialists they do not agree with.


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