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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EST

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israel's relentless shelling of gaza and there is its seventh day killing over a hundred palestinians more than half of which are civilians and what hopes for a ceasefire becoming bleak israel resorts to online aggression to win support for its deadly strikes and a looming ground operation and. maybe because it's easy to be the european central bank will just print the money europeans question where the cash is coming from to fund the billion dollar h.q. for europe central bank as thousands of families across the union struggle to keep a roof over their heads.
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this is r.t. coming to life from moscow with me marina joshie israel's ongoing bombardment of gaza has put the number of palestinians killed over one hundred more than half the victims are civilians and the number is rising sharply as israel increasingly targets heavily populated areas journalist harry fear is in gaza and described to us the worsening plight of its people. the collateral damage toll is going up steadily and what is striking here in gaza is that the number of innocents being killed particularly children and women is of such a high proportion of the total destruction of the palestine stadium which is a football stadium here in central gaza city you also heard of israel targeting the ministry of youth another child has been killed the hospitals here and the medical professors except the ministry of health is saying that eighty percent more than eighty percent of those being arrived injured to the hospitals here ah civilians
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the overwhelming majority of those women and children i mean talking to some of these terrorized gazan residents. we were safely sitting inside our houses and all of a sudden rockets and bombs fell upon us from everywhere children woman an old man with paraffine in the picture says it all you can see the destruction we tell the whole world no place is safe hearing. houses a target our playgrounds a target that the situation is horrific. yesterday just after midnight something unimaginable happened i only saw windows glass and shells flying here and there the houses around were destroyed and the sole target of the house identical to this one followed by the destruction of ten other homes what for i don't understand that house is empty there is no one living there and they know that but you know the injured are arriving in all of the hospitals around the gaza strip in
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the last two hours as as strikes are flicked in all of the gaza strip all of the usual places that have been hit over the last few days the situation is very critical in these last moments. the increasingly indiscriminate killings are seeing an a chance of truce between israel and hamas gross lemmer talks are happening but despite that israel's warning gazans that if rocket fire doesn't stop within our sail be subjected to a ground operation artie's middle east correspondent policy or joins us now with the latest from tel and the of paula judging by what's emerged from peace talks in cairo so far is israel sending troops into gaza a far cry. well egyptian mediators are hardly trying to put together the general terms for a cease fire the idea is that both sides if they agree to a truce in theory then the specific details can be hammered out later why israel has said that if no ceasefire agreement is reached within the next twenty four
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hours it will go ahead with a ground offensive at a meeting late on monday night the israeli government decided to give cairo more time to try and reach a cease fire agreement and that is worth while today today tuesday they will be mediation talks happening in cairo those talks are expected to be decisive and what we're hearing from senior egyptian officials is that they're not fall from a breakthrough although they are urging the israeli side to show more flexibility at the same time however there are tens of thousands of israeli soldiers who are deployed throughout the make of desert they are both regular army soldiers as well as reservists who've been called up so the situation on the ground certainly is tense the u.n. secretary general ban ki moon will today be meeting with the israeli prime minister netanyahu and the palestinian president mahmoud abbas he has said that any kind of israeli ground offensive well merely is the situation. and how the israelis feel about the possibility of expanding their fans of on gaza. when most israelis
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by and large are in support of a ground operation in gaza largely because they feel that the barrage of rockets that has continued until today again this morning tuesday there was a big watch that hit southern israel that this needs to be put into having said that though there are statements that have been coming out from the israeli army that says that at least a third of the militants in gaza is short range missiles have been destroyed and that they have managed to destroy all round range rockets now this is a sign that israelis are greeting and will cause some israelis to question whether or not a ground offensive in the fact is still needed will also receiving reports that. three u.s. navy warships have decided to return to the eastern mediterranean should they be called on to help evacuate american citizens living in israel so that also gives you an indication that things are still pretty tense on the ground here there also have been no rockets that have landed in tel aviv sense
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a day ago in the last twenty four hours or so so this again is calming tensions as to whether or not the need for a ground offensive is still required having said that though there is still a lot of rhetoric that is coming from the israeli parliamentarians we heard from warren who is the son of the former israeli prime minister that gaza needs to be flattened in the same way that hiroshima was we also heard from the clown school minister that gaza needs to be bombed so that people they flee to the neighboring egypt in sinai i mean we've heard other comments that the people of gaza are not innocent that they convicted the hamas leadership and all of them are guilty and therefore entitled all deserve or should be on the receiving end of israeli fire of course alongside this there is another battle that's ongoing and as always that is the battle in cyberspace but here the israelis have an unfair advantage it's a severe that they know well it's a sphere but they've operated in for years have a look at one israeli politicians weigh up whether or not to send their army into
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gaza they've had new here's a patient the p.r. machine is into the social media battlefield. is really was killed yesterday in the attack from. my house took a direct hit israeli citizens experience indescribable suffering this video offers a sophisticated alternative to the deadly reality on the ground a growing civilian death toll in gaza at the hands of the i.d.f. today there is a battle a campaign online offline in the electronic media for the hearts and minds of public opinion it's very very important when news radio. killed hamas leader ahmed jabari last week they didn't just kill him they instantly posted this video on you tube and then tweeted a warning to all his comrades that they could be next. to prolong it sucked liberty is also based on how it is being perceived internationally interestingly enough
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this war provides less pictures for example of the two thousand and eight million war which was taking place in gaza secretly again as cynical as it sounds one of the reasons that there are less specific casualties is because israel would like the us would have less pictures of the war israeli citizens are reporting rocket alerts on facebook and twitter long before the media and else has them it seems the more p.r. you put into promoting war the more justified it looks in the eyes of ordinary people the alcove sumburgh rage militantly guard that is happy to fight fire with fire posting videos like this one a new chub warning his way he said whatever they are they will be hunted down and killed like this group of arab students from tel aviv university are taking a break from the political science studies to discuss the politics of the media war and israel's lying to its people how it is really reporters are inflaming the situation there is a huge incitement i'm sure many analysts say israel must demolish garza's even if
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a rocket hits the target they don't see that. these really need is really rude they said that ten people from the same family have died but they see that it is legal because they will be hamas members in the future when because there are rockets under the house the battle in cyberspace is well under way with a twenty four seven back and forth exchange on the likes of twitter between hamas and the israeli defense forces it seems the two sides who haven't yet met face to face on the ground have wasted no time confronting each other online policy r.t. television. meanwhile the un isn't a block over how to respond to the ongoing violence in gaza an emergency meeting of the security council brought little progress and led to russian expressed frustration over the food dragging art is a gorgeous cannot now reports. first the u.n. security council rejected a draft put forward by morocco for being one sided russia proposed
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a draft resolution to the un security council is still hasn't made a decision on that we have heard from moscow's representative to the un voiced outrage that the organization couldn't agree on a statement on the fact that it should go in as a q some members of the u.s. security council for dragging their feet they didn't specify which state exactly but he did hint at the us we have heard from the american representative to the u.n. has said that washington doesn't want to spoil the negotiations clearly going on between the israelis and palestinians in cairo but frankly speaking it's difficult to understand how they could be spoiled since obviously they haven't been very effective so far meanwhile income border russia's foreign minister lavrov has met with u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and has called on both the israelis and palestinians to put their weapons down immediately and get to the negotiations deeble at the same time he outlined that moscow is in talks with both sides off this conflict and he's called on everybody else to do the same to give way for all
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the possible diplomatic solutions to this in cairo or at the u.n. security council which pretty much reflects the main point all the draft resolution put forward by russia. and we are following developments in the middle east conflict on air and online where we've got a dedicated section for a lot of dates and common. house to look on this hour here in our team the formation of syria's new opposition coalition still fails to unite the rebels as the misfires in aleppo refuse to recognize the bloc while a growing number of western states see it as representing the. all syrian people. yeah the drone dilemma we're in wales where residents are wired by tests of
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britain's costly man aircraft knowing the machines will assist control killing abroad that's after a short break. if you're passing through rushes to be a region you really can walk on the wild side thousands of kilometers of unspoilt countryside make up an area where it's still possible to live off the land such spectacular scenery makes it a paradise for fisherman and provides a business opportunity for hunters there are defined hunting seasons in russia but lax enforcement means many animals are killed out of the allotted times which can leave young animals orphaned and unable to survive the heart of just us forest provides a sanctuary for the most famous beast in russia it's home to a group who rescue often bear cubs and raise them when they're old enough to fend for themselves the cubs a target taken to a remote location and released back into the wild but it's not just bears who find
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a haven here this is wolf island here wolf pups have been captured by hunters or bought from zoos have a second chance at life and conservationists have a unique opportunity to observe them these walls are all around four months old and they'll stay in this area for up to three years then most will go back to the wild for good just viewing them from the car was an experience in itself but then after a bit of a bumpy ride came an opportunity i just couldn't pass up. this is what i was hoping for when i heard i was coming to a place called wolf island a chance to get up close and personal with the locals and it's these guys are going to act as foster parents for the next generation will come here using the old awards as surrogate parents has already proved a successful technique. every year i place infant wolves with one year old wolf cubs his parental instinct is totally shaped and they take them as their own cubs
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it's going to continue to take time and money to rehabilitate the wolfs reputation in russia but the keepers here hope their research and dedication will mean that wolf island remains a place where visitors can truly understand the call of the wild. we speak your language as i think about the war not a day of. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you. it will turn into bangalore stories. you hear.
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that all teach spanish to find out more visit i. welcome back you're watching r t france has been stripped of its cherished top credit score by ratings agency moody's in another blow to the debt ridden european union and the blocks second biggest economy has been warned of further slumps renewing fears out the turmoil is slowly dragging in the jains crisis threat strategist margaret bogan reefs as france and germany need to change track and quickly. the you're seeing union economically as it stands is an unsustainable
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organization it's an unsustainable financial and economic. so with this downgrade actually i think it's pushing france and germany and some of the bigger countries to do is recreate the european union and i mean staff who are doing some of the other economies such as responsible spain italy and you know kind of regroup and recreate near kenya in order for the european union generally and france this it quickly to reset it so the economy and the people are going to suffer there will be significant shocks to their comfort to their pocketbooks to their households there will be a combination of both economic measures and austerity measures and needs seen across the european union and understandably so you know most citizens aren't ok with that so i do think we will there be war protests across france and while europeans are varying the brunt of buying a stare any measures that you use main financial institutions seems to be splashing
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out the european central bank is spending over a billion dollars building an ambitious double tower a skyscraper for its have quater spot as artie's marouf and often the reports it's already become a symbol of that you use doomed future. at a time when many europeans are unable to pay their mortgages and or kicked out of their homes and spain's forced approve a suspension of addictions after a woman killed herself in desperation the european central bank is preparing for a house warming party the european treasury symbolic new building will be the tallest on frankford skyline when it's complete but so far it seems the projects faced sky high criticism first of all for its ten digit price tag that we think the project is to shoot in and we ask that you see b. to use its money more carefully for changing taxpayers intrusted to them. stephen meissner from germany's part of the reason doesn't see any reason to spend that
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much money on a piece of real estate but he says he sees a reasonable explanation of why the sky's the limit for the european union's economic monopoly they never run out of money it's they just come to me and the other taxpayers they go you have to pay more you're paying more of it more or maybe because it's the e.c.b. the european central bank just print the money and while some may see an upside down logic here german m.p. mr scheffler explains it's more than just a piece of architecture. e.c.v. wants a palace building to demonstrate its power through a million more a million less makes no difference as to make a statement about its power and credibility but that's a notion that's taken a serious not in recent times the seventeen nation euro zone's unemployment is at a record high brussels insists on a sterrett immeasurable which the government cut spending and raise taxes increase
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in people on friday as well as euro skepticism here it is future european central bank headquarters hanged germany and the building was initially supposed to be a symbol of integrity and competence efficiency and transparency of the u. main financial institution. many now gloat at the project that there's already a fog behind shadow and over budget maybe sending a slightly different message online cynics have compared to the banks future premises with the biblical story of the tower it was meant to reach up to heaven but ended up instead abandoned left as a symbol of hubris and conceit if you look at it it's that sort of i guess modern architecture that sort of looks like sort of like it's been flattened and squeezed and turn around and it looks like it might even sort of collapse on itself so it's kind of maybe a fitting symbol i think it's very possible that the euro itself the currency may not even be around by the time they finish that building the construction is due
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for completion by twenty fourteen and it's already known that the president of the group have a room on the forty first floor some say he will not just see a breathtaking c.t. printer rama he also have a bird's eye view of the turbulent ups and downs of peace and troubled empire the fated eurozone. raef notion r.t. germany barty's kaiser report never misses a chance to take on shady banking and max's stacie are back in three hours. now the newly formed syrian opposition coalition which is being backed by europe has been rejected by islamist groups a clear schism between those trying to topple the regime and the groups in aleppo say they're on their way to build it and as a mistake the coalition was formed earlier this month in doha replacing the syrian national council which had long been criticized for its ineffectiveness and was immediately supported by gulf states and turkey with italy and france also quick to
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give it recognition followed by the e.u. that's despite my aims that all kind of radical islamist infiltrated rebel forces i'm a have from syria tribune says these countries don't know who they are dealing with . we don't want this pollution as they don't control anything on the ground and the west want them to be the sort of preserve the us which to make sounds drive through france after the early provides the coalition has a leader to her as a sort of figure for the syrian people the fucking groups and their leader is the release this video saying that this coalition does not exist out there have been that they thought they would be keep fighting until they reached their goal which is an influx did in syria so i don't think that they would be able to grow over that problem therefore we cannot focus. on the one black the muslim brotherhood is important member of the coalition and of the same time the muslim brotherhood is the main background support for all the yearly. brigade that's part of the same
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brigade of the future if there is something of that not ever there it's really. not clear but it's not a good start for the coalition at all. now take a look at some other stories from around the world violence has once again cairo with protesters throwing molotov cocktails and police responding with tear gas clashes broke out during anti-government rally with people also voicing their anger over the influence of the muslim brotherhood the protests came on the anniversary of last year's deadly clashes near the interior ministry which left dozens of people dead in. a stampede during a religious festival in a street in india has killed at least fourteen people including six children injuring twenty more the tragedy occurred as hundreds of worshippers surged towards the river ganges for prayers deadly stampedes are common during the country's whole week nationals with nine people killed in a similar incident in september. and in rural west wales there is a noise in the sky it's driving locals crazy but that same sound in the air
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elsewhere in the world is enough to strike fear into citizens explains what it is. the victims in tribal regions of pakistan yemen and afghanistan it's the last sound heard before bloodshed and see you use a constant wiring that gets louder before it becomes visible but for residents of the quiet coastal town of in west wales the sound is synonymous with day to day life this is the area where the r.a.f. tests its watch keep a drone from as you can see there's one taking off behind me as we speak in good weather the drones take off throughout the day and during the night and as you can hear the noise is so high pitched and dominating that local residents have called this area the buzz box. for local people. because.
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they fly. the welsh government build it as a state of the art technology park that would create four to five hundred much needed jobs for the community the reality a hof deserted site where the ministry of defense employs about thirty people to help test the war. there is a sense of frustration in the number of people who were for it in the beginning. to it because they didn't realize. that there was going to be there is behind the development of drones say it means less soldiers coming home from war zones in body bags but civilian casualties piling up we know. that somewhere around two to three thousand people have been killed in trying strikes because of these unmanned systems it's easy to. be much more and the world isn't safe for the
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british government has already spent two billion pounds on development but they're about to. another two billion on a new armed drone that is spent they could be spent on hospitals and schools rather than on killing machines despite drastic government cuts welfare spending financing for the drones isn't up for debate to the dismay of locals the daily testing along with the blood curdling noise drones on. our t.v. west wales. and overhead it's our interview show spotlight stay with us for that. richest law often enough and knows that to ride
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a horse you've got to catch it first. for him it's a daily routine that your soft as a horse breeder on the island of a horn at the heart of bike all his life on an isolated farm is about blue sky green grass and horses what sometimes it gets lonely here but horses have become part of me now i've fallen off so many times sometimes that bites as well it's part of my every day life. i holmes been home to it make brats locally just laugh for centuries most still live off the land of cattle and fish every evening local villagers place their nets and in the morning the catch is always good. we always have enough here.
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if by call is often called the pearl of siberia and horn is said to be the pearl of by call it's all end of think forests. and vast staps. it's also a place of traditions respected by locals and travelers alike. an economist turned adventurer has crisscrossed by called shores and learned its customs well. you see pillars like this and thought to have supernatural powers every traveler who comes here asks. spirits to make their journey easier give them strength and fulfill their dearest wishes virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago quickly become a magnet for nature lovers and few real cigars but those used to five star
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pampering maybe end for a surprise the island's infrastructure has yet to catch up with the growing demand here quite some way from civilization here accommodation on the island is very basic so you can forget about a t.v. or even running water for most people tent is the on the eruption but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for. you believe that you don't need to buy coal can be unique trip of a lifetime and the locals say once you've seen it you'll be coming back again and again.
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hello again along with the wildlife the interviews on the art scene i'm now we're not and today my guest on the program is sort of the been there called barack obama's reelection and wasn't born to be welcomed by more people some hardly noticed father's expressed fear that the u.s. economic policy to leave the country toward it now the great recession these fears even made the dollar. news of. today however the dollars. back again. still there. are many others. there is however an optimistic point of view and i hope to hear it now my guest on the show today is russian deputy minister of economic general.


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