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tv   [untitled]    November 20, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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hyo. it's the palestinian death toll for a week of shelling with more casualties feared israeli fighter jets leaflets warning gazans to evacuate in the face of an imminent invasion. that's a bit conflicting reports of a potential truce with hamas claiming that a cease fire agreement been reached while israel maintains its first needs to see a show of good faith from gaza. also the u.k. recognizes that you syrian rebels because the voice of the people pledging support the coalition despite a dangerous division in its ranks. and france again loses its cherished aaa credit scores ratings agency sound over the threadbare euro zone recovery.
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hello i'm kevin i mean this is our savior good evening chief you just joined us first this hour the number of palestinians killed in israel's offensive in gaza have risen sharply and standard run one hundred thirty half of the dead to civilians with local doctors saying the number of children among the casualties is alarming i spoke to journalist harry fear he told us more about what he's seen and . two reporters two media workers that actually usually cameraman working as cameraman here for the television talent channel will also targeted tonight as they were in a civilian taxi a taxi it clearly labelled with press the same sort of taxi that i travelled around the gaza strip and they were also killed here tonight and also a very high number of children entering the mall in the last few hours so we've
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spoken today with a volunteer doctor who's come from europe who's got a lot of reputation respect here in gaza as an emergency. he's come in the last couple of days to try and lend his hand in helping with all of these dead children coming into the mills will speak to him very disturbing number of children in the i.c.u. knowledge there are one two three four four or five miners on respirator with severe head injuries. you know they are civilians they should have been protected the international community should have protected that there are no shelters in gaza because the palestinians are not allowed to dig there are no desire eans early warning system so that they know when the incoming bombs are coming so this is one point seven million people who are absolutely naked as they are being confronted with the world's fourth strongest army a friend of mine was killed as he attempted to go to rescue some
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injured today he has a civilian forty two year old from the get out of family he has seven children full girls three boys and he was killed earlier today i just attended his funeral now he is a civilian in the strongest sense of the word there's been leaflets saying near the border with israel saying evacuate go to gaza city via these routes stay in these areas of gaza city but then there's been signals from the interior ministry of hamas here in gaza saying don't listen to these messages they are merely psychological wolf for. israel designed to further terrorize the population to give in more compromises for when a ceasefire comes so also was confirmed by a news agency today here in gaza that there were messages from israel to the guardian population saying that after nine pm local time anyone of any nature civilian or otherwise will become a target for the israeli military if they do not stay home
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a clear signal that the palestinians don't expect anything good to happen the palestinians are buckling down tonight not expecting any ceasefire to be realized. and we fear the journalists and documentary filmmaker following all developments for us inside gaza. the status of the potential cease fire between the two warring neighbors is also a matter of debate tonight this conflict. has claimed an agreement or been reached while israel is hinting that bargaining is still in full swing and it is paula slowly reporting on just where that cease fire stands. on the one hand we are hearing from a key spokesperson who says that the two sides have agreed to a ceasefire he says they're both hamas and israel agreed to the cease fire that was mediated by cairo but we're not hearing the same from the israeli side in fact they deny this they say that no cease fire has been agreed to they say that the ball is still in play but details are still being hammered out and in fact we're even
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hearing from some israeli officials who have said that they first want to see a period of twenty four hours of karm before they can give the nod to any kind of truce agreement and if this is not confusing enough we're also hearing from a senior hamas official who in fact is denying that any kind of cease fire has been agreed to he says that the agreement however is close but certainly not finalized and it is in this atmosphere of conflicting reports and confusion that we now see almost a week of fighting between israel and gaza there was also conflicts conflicting reports on the we're here we're hearing from the united nations relief and works agency that says that israel has lied on its twitter page you have seen from the israeli government on its twitter page is that the u n was and now we mustn't other militants could fire rockets schoolyards these are effectively our schools that the un monitors where the un flatly denies this and says that this is simply not true so again just
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a lot of conflicting reports it is in the context of this media war however that israel has always traditionally had an upper hand it does know how to use the social media and it certainly is using it to its benefit in this particular conflict have a look. while israeli politicians weigh up whether or not to send their army into gaza they've had a new here's a taishan in mourning after a p.r. machines into the social media battlefield for one israeli was killed yesterday in the attack from. my house took a direct hit israeli citizens experience indescribable suffering this video offers a sophisticated alternative to the diddly reality on the ground a growing civilian death toll in gaza at the hands of the i.d.f. a very is a battle a campaign online offline in the electronic media for the hearts and minds of public opinion it's very very important when the israelis killed her must lead
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a homage o'barry last week they didn't just kill him they instantly posted this video on you tube and then tweeted a warning to all his comrades that they could be next the ability of the poor longer active duty is also based on how it is being perceived internationally interesting enough this war provides less pictures than for example and with two thousand and eight million war which was taking place in gaza paradoxically it is cynical and it sounds like one of the reasons that there are less specific casualties is because israel would like to see this would have less pictures of the war is wrong explained its operation and rocket attacks in this way reducing the deaths of more than one hundred civilians to a simplistic and slightly idiotic p.r. message israeli citizens are reporting rocket alerts on facebook and twitter long before the media and answers them it seems the more p.r. you put into promoting war the more justified it looks in eyes of ordinary people
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the al qassam brigades militant group in gaza is happy to fight fire with fire posting videos like this one on you tube mourning israelis there wherever they are they will be hunted down and killed in this group of arab students from tel aviv university. taking a break from the political science studies to discuss the politics of the media war . israel is lying to its people it is really reporters are inflaming the situation there is a huge incitement from. this israel must demolish gallows or even if a rocket hits the target don't see that and that these really need is very rude they said that ten people from the same family died but they see that it is legal because they will be hamas members in the future where because there are rockets under the house the battle inside the space is well under way with a twenty four seven back and forth exchange on the likes of twitter between hamas and the israeli defense forces it seems the two sides who haven't yet met face to
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face on the ground have wasted no time confronting each other online policy r.t. television. has kids perspective on the crisis from the israeli side i'm joined on the line by josh when a spokesman for the israeli ministry of defense the i.d.f. so thanks for being with us one hundred twenty six palestinians have died since the violence began i was half of them as we've been reporting civilians israel also lost a soldier today killed by a gaza rocket surely can understand why critics accuse israel of disproportionate aggression when you compare these figures no. so first of all i'd like to comment on your disproportionate reporting because you seem to preempted my whole interview by saying that everything i say will be part of our p.r. machine so what i'm going to do is i'm going to make a deal with you everything i say will be based on how mass is actions and how masses of words so therefore you can't blame any israeli p.r. machine based purely on the facts and the words of hamas themselves ok when you go ahead and do it. let's go so first and foremost let's see how much his
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response to civilian deaths on both sides the israeli defense ministry who i represent and indeed the israeli public mourning civilian deaths on both sides i've seen it i've been running around the south from bomb shelter to bomb shelter dodging rockets hearing the cries of israeli civilians and the cries in the wells of the air raid sirens and at the same time how massive been shooting our g.'s of markets rockets sorry of more yeah but it was mr no civilian is there is only israeli side. did you say no civilians that i mean is right besides our have you know the four israelis killed on the israeli side and it's also not in the interview i did with you the other day you showed masses of pictures of palestinian victims and one picture of integrating one picture of an israeli destroyed house not one picture this is the entire we are talking only soldiers like you to clarify civilians or soldiers or. i'm talking civilians i was in korea i'm
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a lucky we're iraq it came through a window and killed three civilians i'm talking about the civilian that was killed again today as well as the soldier was killed today i'm talking about the millions of civilians who are under direct rocket fire on a daily basis and the fact you don't know this it's reflective of the. problem and the information you are telling us will leave it ok now the un relief and works agency is accused. of lying when it claimed the un agency had allowed. rockets from its schools. so thought i'd like to again i promise you i would not answer the question based on israel's p.r. machine so this isn't the hamas is words i'd like to turn you to an interview by a hamas member of parliament back with five three hundred who said in two thousand and nine that we the hamas guys glorify death while the israelis glorify life he openly openly boasted about using human shields there were numerous you tube videos
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don't just look at the i.d.f. propaganda machine as you call it look at thousands of youtube videos where hamas nicks posted billions into the fire so they can shoot at israeli civilians with this protection this protection of human shields of their own civilians we value life and we mourn every single civilian lost on both sides i cannot emphasize that enough new look at the hamas response to the deaths in korea malaki the ones you conveniently forgot this week and they were celebrating the deaths on the israeli side. i want to go back to that. film the animated film being saying on the screen again the put the question again that the un relief and works agency has accused the i.d.f. you know organization of lying when it claimed the un agency had allowed hamas to fire rockets from its schools now has not abated film we've been looking at the film in question box with real footage of what you say is rocket fire at a school this is it now though from what we're seeing it looks pretty much clear
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that it's not coming from the school but trees in front of the school also your video there showing children involved in foreign those rockets how is that justifiable what do you make of this that we're seeing on screen now again again again sir please don't look at our videos look at all of the videos that the hamas is own videos the fact is they've been shooting for over a decade not only out of school but also out of mosques next to hotels where international journalists are staying they're shooting intensely populated areas and i know you're going to tell me gaza is one of the most densely populated areas in the world but they go directly into the. hot of the population to shoot at israel civilian population you know there are plenty of places they could shoot at us if they wanted to they're along beaches there are plenty of open yards but no they specifically choose the densely populated urban areas so they can use their own civilians as a protective shield against our precision strikes when we see the graphic footage in gaza of dead children being big pulled and dug out of collapsed buildings to
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maintain that their deaths at the hands of israel and israeli air strikes are the fault of hamas. i can tell you they genuinely generally breaks my heart you think that we want to see dead children on any side as i said we mourn every loss of life hamas on the other hand celebrating and they're putting their own civilians in danger i cannot tell you how much we desire quiet how much we desire true peace and calm in this region when we facing an enemy that is guilty of this double war crime whereby they hopefully to own civilians while shooting at our civilians for over a decade now we are in this predicament that however with the most strategically surgical precision pinpoint strikes when they're hiding beneath their civilian population there will be collateral damage and no one wants to see it of course no one wants to see it but unfortunately we're facing an internationally recognized terrorist organization recognized by the us recognized by the e.u.
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as a terrorist organization has been firing it over a million of our citizens over fifteen percent of our country for a decade for a decade in the last week alone in the last week alone over a thousand rockets have been fired into our civilian population we have half the country of the country under direct rocket fire just imagine if russia with a country of one hundred forty million population just imagine if russia had a situation whereby seventy million of their citizens within the direct range of an islamist terrorist organization foreign rockets at their citizens with the russians tolerate this with the russian people as well as you know. the answer sir please don't interrupt me because you don't let me finish my sentence the answer is categorically no would the united states take a situation where if one hundred fifty million of the three hundred million citizens were under direct rocket fire the answer is categorically no we have a right to defend ourselves and we will defend ourselves in the most surgical mount
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a possible to reduce civilian deaths on their side and to protect our civilians on our side. many palestinians especially in gaza continue to stand by mass bowl appearances they're going to do so until this violence do you believe will change their allegiance tonight. to say the woman times on the line is very poor and the day many palestinians especially in gaza continue to stand by hamas by all appearances it looks like they're going to do so until the violence ends do you believe that missiles will change their allegiance. so i haven't done any opinion polls recently in the hamas run gaza strip however what i can say is that the terrorists or the hamas regime must be restored no country can live in a situation whereby every single week in some places every single day there are rockets missiles and mortars being fired at their citizens and you know what i think the gazan population will also realize that quiet and peace and calm is in
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their best interests to just show you coming out of programs not making a position so clear josh when the spokesman for the israeli ministry of defense thank you thank you sir. i'm kevin though it was just a couple of minutes ago an ati. texas wants to pull away from the usa effectively twenty states have started petitions for independence after obama won the election with well just a few voting irregularities but guess what suspicion will never happen it is
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a very easy thing to do decide a petition and it is another thing entirely to leave the usa that will civil war thing to happen back then does anyone the usa honestly think that they are gov has the bow determination to actual rebel i don't think there is a single george washington type among them well maybe just see fit tour a kind of but he's out of office how do it makes it seem like revolution or succession is this fun cool easy thing to do with cool slogans and texan flags flying but the reality looks a lot more like the arab spring before you put your name on the dotted line is a seed you should really understand what that means and what your in for the founding fathers sure did but that's just my opinion. do least be cool language. programs in documentaries in arabic in school here. reporting from the world's top school stuffy r.p.
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interviews intriguing stories are you. still been trying. to. visit. wealthy british style some time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy which might stronger for a no holds barred global financial headlines tune into a report on our. wall we have. groups. all.
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right you know. it wasn't. just maddy when i was. here can. certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun only effective social changes can be the afghans themselves afghan men and women. but. it's. stuff people in the obama administration talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's one. true they don't care about the women of afghanistan. the u.k. has become the latest to you nation to recognize the recently formed coalition of
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syrian opposition forces as the sole legitimate representative of the people it follows official recognition by france and italy in a joint statement as appalled by the foreign ministers of his laura smiths in london with the details. they've called the formation of the coalition a major breakthrough that's what william hague said in his statement earlier and he's now recognizing the coalition as the sole the just not representative of the syrian people now that alone brings with it major political clout that along with it he's also introduced what he calls a significant increase in practical support they're going to invite a political representative to come to the u.k. so that's especially essentially establishing a diplomatic front inviting an ambassador from the this coalition to come to london but also and this is a thing that's going to give people most pause for thought he's going to commit another one million pounds in what he calls communications support he mentioned a couple of things internet hubs satellite phones to enable the opposition to
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communicate where and when they're in the field but of course when we say the field what we really mean is the battlefield so people are will be worried about what those communications equipment to going to be used for and basically they'll be saying that the how you use communications in the field is essentially to more effectively target bombs and other ammunition the problem with the syrian opposition for western countries has always been a lack of unity western countries have always said you know get yourselves together and then we'll talk about supporting you more closely and it's true that this coalition does represent a coming together of those various factions and forces that have been very old with each other in the past and they've pledged also to let more factions joy if they so choose but importantly there are fourteen all groups in the city of aleppo where there's been a lot of fighting who rejects the coalition wholeheartedly they say that it's a conspiratorial project and their reaction to it seems to be that they've upped
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their desire to set up an islam based state in syria so that will worry western countries and it should give them pause for thought because of course it will increase fears that any arms that are eventually possibly sent to aid the opposition could end up in the wrong hands so one can only hope that that will give western countries just a little bit of course but thought. but another but they for the eurozone with france stripped of his treasured aaa credit rating for second time this year there's talk of the great came from moody's who had should condemn the bloc second biggest economy a stud with an exposed crisis strategist margaret spoken rich says the time is running out of euro zone johns to act now the european union economically as it stands is an unsustainable organizations an unsustainable financial and economic not so with this downgrade actually i think if you're seeing france and germany and some of the bigger countries to do is recreate the european union i mean stats
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cording some of the other economies such as greece portugal spain italy and you know kind of regroup and recreate european union in order for the european union generally and france italy to respect it so the economy and people are going to suffer there will be significant shocks to their comfort to their pocketbooks to their households there will be a combination of both economic necessary and austerity measures and to meet seen across the european union and understandably so no you know was the distance ourselves paved with that so i do think we will there be war protests across france . because report up next.
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