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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EST

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the body count rises among palestinians as israel pounds gaza again following a lot of the violence with more deaths and injuries among children. but a truth remains elusive for the palestinians accusing israel of stalling the cease fire. and as the u.s. pledges to work for call between the warring sides we'll look at why washington shows sympathy for innocent civilians being killed in some parts of the middle east but not so much in other words. this is actually coming to life from moscow with. israel's bombardment of gaza has
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intensified overnight despite talk of a pending cease fire bringing more death and chaos into the besieged palestinian territory. thank life plunged into darkness after one of the ny strikes caused a massive blackout the number of palestinians killed in the week long offensive now exceeds one hundred forty with more than a thousand people wounded as well as the residential areas being hit media compounds and reporters are increasingly becoming a target for israeli forces journalist harry fear is in gaza. to reporters to media workers that actually usually cameramen working as a cameraman here for the television talent channel well also targeted tonight as they were in a civilian taxi a taxi it clearly labelled with press the same sort of taxi that i travelled around the gaza strip and they were also killed here tonight and also
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a very high number of children entering the moves in the last few hours so we've spoken today with a volunteer doctor who's come from europe who's got a lot of reputation respect here in gaza as an emergency. he's come in a dos couple of days to try and lend his hand in helping with all of these dead children coming into the mill will speak to him very disturbing number of children in the i.c.u. knowledge there are one two three four four five miners on respirator with severe head injuries. you know they are civilians they should have been protected the international community should have protected that there are no shelters in gaza because the palestinians are not allowed to dig there are no desire eans early warning system so that they know when the incoming bombs are coming from so this is one point seven million people who are absolutely naked. as they are being confronted with the world's fourth strongest army
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a friend of mine was killed. attempted to go to rescue some injured today he has a civilian forty two year old. from the get out of family he has seven children four girls three boys and he was killed earlier today i just attended his funeral now he is a civilian in the strongest sense of the word there's been leafleting near the border with israel saying evacuate to go to gaza city via these routes in these areas of gaza city but then there's been signals from the interior ministry of hamas here in gaza saying don't listen to these messages they are merely psychological warfare from israel designed to further terrorize the population to give in with more compromises so when a cease fire comes so also was confirmed by a news agency today here in gaza that there were messages from israel to the gazan population saying that after nine pm local time anyone of any nature civilian or otherwise will become a target for the israeli military if they do not stay home
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a clear signal that the palestinians don't expect anything good to happen the palestinians are buckling down tonight not expecting any cease fire to be realized early on my colleague kevin allen talked to a spokesperson for the israeli ministry of the fans josh hammond and he said how is the only party to blame for civilian deaths on both sides the israeli defense ministry who i represent and indeed the israeli public a morning civilian deaths on both sides i've seen it running around the south from bomb shelter to bomb shelter dodging rockets hearing the cries of israeli civilians and the cries in the wells of the air raid sirens let me see the graphic footage in gaza of dead children being pulled out and dug out of collapsed buildings to maintain their deaths the hands of israeli israeli air strikes are the fault of hamas. so i can tell you they genuinely generally breaks
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my heart you think that we want to see dead children on any side as i said we mourn every loss of life hamas on the other hand a celebrating and they're putting their own civilians in danger i cannot tell you how much we desire quiet how much we desire true peace and calm in this region when we facing an enemy that is guilty of a double war crime whereby they hardly thrown civilians or shooting at our civilians for over a decade now we are in this predicament that however with the most strategically surgical precision pinpoint strikes when they're hiding beneath their civilian population there will be collateral damage meanwhile hamas blames israel for styling peace talks in cairo hopes that a cease fire agreement was a matter of hours were earlier aquash by israel's demand for more time to respond to proposals artie's policy or brings us the details. hamas was earlier insisting a key hamas spokesperson that the cease fire would be in effect on tuesday night we are subsequently hearing from the israeli foreign ministry who say that they want
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a low of twenty four hours they say that this announcement of a cease fire was premature that the military operation is continuing parallel to all the efforts on the diplomatic front they are is trying to gaza the death toll there was more than one hundred forty people killed while the whole south of israel is in a state of lockdown and there have been five israeli deaths to date israelis are saying that they do want a long term solution and they also say that they will be a decision within a day where they will not this cease fire will go into effect the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has held a brief press conference with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and what came out of bed conference was a lot of the same american with break we've been hearing she really emphasize that the u.s. was behind local israel that its support for what was essentially rock solid that it did not in any way condone any kind of rocket fire into israel and that the loss of everyday life was regrettable for washington's almost unflinching support for
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israel is raising doubts that the mediating missions taken upon itself will bring biased results plus america's track record and selecting word a push for peace and protect civilians isn't helping as i can now explains. the crisis in the middle east probably like no other crisis reveals the double speak of u.s. foreign policy the us basically gave a green light to any of their actions with regards to palestinians and israel has been taking advantage of that quite extensively because as president obama explained there is no country on earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders makes complete sense nobody should but one may ask what about all those countries that the us has bombed irak of ghana's them pakistan yemen and others or is it that when you refer to civilian deaths as collateral damage somehow fooling civilians sounds you more justified when it comes
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to down to the situation you usually hear u.s. officials speak along these lines of course in a conflict like this civilian casualties are inevitable but the us is not always like that when the government was killing civilians the us for us to sympathize with the innocents there in most graphic terms but we did in washington sympathy for suffering tend to select it this is hillary clinton on syria the shooting death of a one year old recently by the syrian regime is tanks and troops. is a very stark example of what is going on. one may ask what about those horrible shots of children dying in gaza is that somehow a less stark example of what's going on it seems america's world police mindset and standing up for the weak thing doesn't apply to palestinians instead we hear the same mantra from u.s. officials that israel has the right to defend itself which effectively implies that
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in the eyes of washington the killing of civilians in gaza is justified the u.s. has most recently blocked the u.n. security council statement calling for a cease fire in the israeli gaza conflict deeming the statement unbalanced against israel just goes the us. has blocked all other palestinian related un resolutions in the past whether it was on israel continuing to build settlements on occupied territories or other initiatives put forward to ease the years long suppression of the people there by blocking all efforts of the international community to mediate a solution in washington tribute to the status quo under status quo here is that the root causes of the crisis have not been addressed and is the root causes remain any ceasefire looks temporary there was a major israeli assault on gaza four years ago to more than a thousand people did not solve the problem so one may argue the status quo almost guarantees that the cycle of violence will continue and gaza sentiment is growing
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within israel with some politicians going as far as calling for the area to be flattened like israeli born political activists you're horace told us the country's rather it is becoming more cruel. we've seen. a good show on the son of the son of former prime minister. in an opinion article in the jerusalem post calling for genocide i mean i you know i think it's a grievous not just that he he wrote this article but even to the editors of of a distinguished newspaper an israeli albeit a you know unknown right wing newspaper but still and use the you know newspaper that is part of the mainstream allowed here to to to areas such opinions people in rwanda people in the former yugoslavia were sent it to the hague you know after having every written words as cruel and inhumane as as as the ones that mr
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sharon has has written and i have to say it's not it's not an individual politician here and i'm very sad i'm ashamed to say that recent opinion polls republished in israeli newspapers i believe in recently have shown nearly ninety percent of the populace. in the country support this operation and support but it is considered by many to be collateral damage. of get the killings of children and women and the elderly and violence on the ground and diplomatic wrangles are not the only battlefields in the middle east they are also online and they're proving decisive explains the latest military conflict in the gaza strip may go down in history as the first war ever declared on twitter the official account of the israeli defense force announced the start of the pillar of defense operation and one of the us literally told the enemy to run and hide but later hamas had their say using
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similar war rhetoric. this exchange has been retreated thousands of times since and numbers do matter on twitter through hits likes replies and reach weeds more people than ever before turned to social media and the question is who is winning this online warfare and numbers speak for themselves according to the hashtags dot org website the guards are under attack crash tag is ten times more popular than israel under fire pray for gaza is twenty times more popular than pray for israel and gaza hash tag is almost twice as popular as israel in a nutshell this is the battle between a heavily funded state propaganda machine and citizen journalism from the outside looking israel's content is better produced more powerful shiny and glossy take these banners for instance which were posted on i.d.'s official facebook page how mars has also been manning the information war trenches some say clumsily as these
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tweets may suggest but the effect of social media boom among young palestinian activists in changing public perception of the palestinian israeli conflict has been huge youngers the residents regularly rushed to hospitals and take an upload photos and videos of tragedy and inhumanity and some of the pictures have become symbolic of israel's disproportionate use of force the graphic and vocal message in those tweets is perhaps the reason why palestinian citizen journalism is proving more effective and why israeli social networkers simply cannot compete with the content coming out of gaza where this first war started on twitter can become the first war lost on twitter is a question but one conclusion seems evident enough israel has not grasped the destructive power of social media as stately as it's holding the people of gaza in its grip. now another virtual war is being fought in the u.s. with caught a virtual anti muslim ads being posted across the country the campaign is sponsored
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by the american freedom defense initiative it's had claims they are targeting extremists a model saya co-founder of existence is resistance says that the victims of that campaign are american citizens who peacefully practice. i believe in freedom of speech but i'm going to say these ads are hate speech she tried to say that you must if you don't support israel you are a savage but as we see what's going on now in gaza it's what it's what israel is doing is savagery against people in gaza the palestinians there's nothing civilized about bombing homes and hospitals and schools and occupying a whole people that's what these ads are basically about to justify is really colonialism against the palestinian people i believe is a double standards of the was the opposite of you know muslims putting up anti jewish ads i don't believe will be tolerated as much that's the point i want to make that there may be freedom of speech but what is tolerated what is not it seems like if you're targeting one group of people they'll justify it on the free speech but if you target another group of people they'll say no this is anti-semitic this is racist this is not allowed this is unacceptable in our civilized society these
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ads are instigating hate crimes and violence against american citizens who just happen to be muslim or look like they're from another country different than what these people want them to be and that's unfortunate and that's why these ads are dangerous i'll stay with r.t. for our full coverage of the gaza conflict with updates. now so i have for you this hour here in our avoiding asked miss syria's opposition coalition is one step away from full recognition by us in the e.u. as they wait and see the blog deserves complete backing. and as you can a family struggling to keep their homes there is cold comfort from power gine still cleaning profits from soaring energy bills.
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welcome back you're watching live from moscow britain has joined france in recognizing the new syrian opposition unity group as a soldier them a voice of the syrian people the u.k. has also pledged more practical support for the rebels but the wider e.u. block and the us stopped short of giving full endorsement to the coalition with washington saying the body must first prove its worth after its predecessor was dogged by feuding and. accusations of business domination peace activist john it's how much support the foreign based opposition and its western backers have was in syria. i think many of the people on the ground below called noting committees have never liked the business of western intervention they've made it a point in their statements in their press releases and the things that they don't like that they don't think they're genuine pollution can come. above the western assistance and certainly by its military and so i think there are very very many
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people mcgrath who want representative but the danger is as we saw in iraq and in other places unrepresentative groups once they get the support of the west can come to dominate large numbers of people on the ground. i'm on a set of size and u.s. handheld missile launchers for us nearly a hundred million dollars to power up its army jason dates from antiwar dot com says the gulf monarchies shopping for political perks from its supplier. i can't find a single incident of the omani military ever having fought a tank in its entirety we simply don't need that many us course extorting sixty six billion dollars annually in weapons a lot of it going to this region to countries that simply don't need it and seemingly buy it only for the diplomatic benefits that it confers with huge ministration it just destabilize the entire region i'll take a look at some other stories from around the world the un security council has
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unanimously decided to sanction armed rebels in the democratic republic of congo whose fire is have easily capture the resource rich eastern city of gone there and twenty three groups formed after accusing congo of flouting the peace agreed after a decade of calls like neighboring rwanda which saw up to five million people die but the un statement failed to mention randa or uganda which congo claim supported the rebels. india has executed the lone surviving gunmen from the two thousand and eight terror attack by a pakistani citizen was one of ten gunmen who laid siege to india's financial capital four years ago killing one hundred sixty six people was hung on wednesday morning after india's president rejected his plea for mercy. argentina's capital and several other cities in the country are now in the grip of union strikes hundreds of flights have been canceled and on the ground lines have been closed the unions are voicing their anger over the state of the country's economy rising crime
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and corruption the rally is the second in two weeks against president cristina fernandez de curtis government. and the u.k. millions are said to be left in the cold this winter as cash strapped families struggle to pay gas and electricity bills as artie's laura smith reports there is little comfort from the energy giants but the race for profit in full swing. it's a bitter winter's day in london and inside this plot it's not much warmer single mother of four julie has only one thing on her mind as the cold bites how is she going to pay her ever rising energy bill i decided to take few libel from the ceiling and i only use one in my. room i use just one light and in the passage one. and in my son's room and only one libel on my daughter's room trying to cut down. the bill next time but in regard to bill.
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we spoke to julie last winter when she was already struggling and we've come back to see how she'll face this is even bigger challenge five of the six big energy companies have announced price rises of around ten percent according to use which whose business it is to help people reduce their bills it will drive more into an increasingly common form of poverty poverty is where you spend more than ten percent of your net income on your energy bills and we've seen these recent price increases pushed three hundred fourteen founts and people into fuel poverty that's on top of an estimated seven million people who already have. one in four of us are in fuel poverty and that's this really concerning one survey ahead of this winter found energy prices were the biggest concern for consumers ninety percent said the
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cost of energy was their main household worry ahead of rising costs for food petrol and mortgage payment julie shows me her energy bills carefully conserve to chart the inexorable rise since she moved in in two thousand and seven she's afraid that this winter. children's health will suffer again in a way that when accomplice or his extra blanket his socks and the two don't just put it on the move cold two thousand and ten and two thousand and eleven there was sick because i tried to be mean. while julie's children are getting sick the energy companies are profiting british gas whose prices are up six percent is on track to make one point four billion pounds in profits this year and e.t.f. with the highest price rise of ten point eight percent announced profits of one
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point six billion in february we know that customers will not welcome this news and do not want to see prices going up we've taken extra measures to make sure the most vulnerable benefit from the best deals and we continue to help customers reduce their bills with energy efficiency measures small consolation food juli and more than seven million like where are you going to find the extra ten percent that's going to go when you go from them but what i don't know laura smith london and of making ends meet is also a major headache for an increasing number of people in greece but there is a little relief on the horizon with a proposed cut of twenty two thousand more jobs through a downturn mistake by the i.m.f. so i had to r.t. dot com for the whole story. fox bearing all is sure to draw attention but staging a provocative protest has earned several feminist activist some unwelcome attention from french protesters. and in just
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a few minutes violence against women of ghana stand in the futile foreign attempts to stop it. culture is that so much of a given to each musician as opposed to trying to market the carnage continues in gaza israel claims its own farming of the gazans in self-defense at the same time denying to palestinian. kids in sorrow. and hope for escape. barely surviving longing for a godsend. they live in a search for gold.
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