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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EST

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abbas explosion in tel aviv brings the confrontation with gaza to the heart of a zero with four rivals hamas and fatah reportedly claiming responsibility. while dozens more israeli strikes on the occupied territory take the body count in gaza over one hundred forty destroyed lifeline tunnels and government buildings. and the you are sick lies and wavering support for israel after sinking a un resolution calling for a cease fire raising questions over the in the over own truce initiative.
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international news live from moscow this is all she with me thanks for joining us the harsh reality of war is being felt in tel aviv today were a bus explosion has left fifteen people injured already labeled a terror attack the explosion is said to have taken place near the israeli army's headquarters israeli authorities are now hunting for two people thought to be involved in the bombing. reports not far from where the blast took place. now the police have told us that what they think happened is that one of these two placed a bag with a bomb on the bus and then immediately ran off the whole of tel aviv is in shut down the schools are closed children are being prevented from going home because there's also growing concern that they could be a second law school at potential second suicide bombing that is being planned now it was widely anticipated that such a blast could happen not to say that people here are not shocked but there has been warnings issued for the past few days by both the police and the army for people to
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be extra vigilant that they are receiving bet that the police have been receiving threats of terror at the same time we do understand that the martyrs brigade which is the military wing of fatah has claimed responsibility although the blast has been welcomed by him us through the al aqsa television a mass has said that this is a victory from god they say that they bless this operation and that it is the natural reaction to israel's killings and operations in gaza city there are also people celebrating and dancing in the streets of gaza certainly this was the reaction when the news first came through that a bus bombing had happened in tel aviv the last time that there was a bus bombing in this country was back in two thousand and six so it certainly does seem to have the effect of torpedoing become and cease fire talks on the way the hopes of any kind of cease fire deal now be reached certainly not today seem to have been done and we haven't yet had any reaction from the israeli government but
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no doubt that the action when it comes is going to be harsh and increasingly it does seem now that instead of moving ahead with a cease fire we're going to be moving ahead with an israeli ground operation the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has finished a meeting with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas and she's on her way back to jerusalem and it is significant that when she met with him that meeting lasted a little less than an hour and they were no statements given afterwards by comparison when she landed here yesterday and before the israeli prime minister there was a press conference held at that. press conference clinton did say that did say that washington support for israel was rock solid and she's now in a way back to brief natanya who in terms of the latest talks but this briefing comes in the light of this tel aviv suicide bombing which has been confirmed to have been a terrorist attack by the israeli authorities so no doubt that briefing might take a very different way and a very different route to perhaps what clinton intended in the early hours of this morning but israeli offensive in gaza and as that second week with the by roger of
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missiles from and see still devastating the area more than one hundred forty people have been killed that many of them civilians according to gaza journalists how we fear those who are trying to report the conflict are also being targeted. gazans don't expect to see a cease fire they remember all too well the operation cast lead and what's happened in the last twenty four hours resembles increasingly. the reports of white phosphorus destroying off the bridge that connects middle north gaza with the south of gaza the isolation of the south of gaza israel has intensified the pounding of gaza particularly the targeting of governmental and police buildings and the biggest police station was totally leveled causing structural damage to nearby buildings some of the biggest governmental structures in gaza city were targeted including the biggest civil service building here in gaza. in the southern area of the gaza strip was targeted heavily overnight particularly the smuggling tunnels
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which gazans called the survival smuggling tunnels israel killed three media workers shorthand journalists two of them a cameraman for the t.v. channel another for the educational television channel according to israel these stations that these media workers work for are not legitimate journalistic enterprises and therefore susceptible to being targeted any time. israel is not winding down. and more will be. speak to young. journalists from. very welcome to the program and as this conflict has taken another ugly turn we've had the opinion that an escalation in israel's military support in the aftermath of this bombing is now i know one of a number voidable will do you think. i don't think it's unavoidable i think this terrorist atrocity which was expected by security forces is something that
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unfortunately we need. as country would have to factor in when we fact when we confront the jihadi regime of which is using the gaza strip as a rocket base and as a base for exporting terrorism all over the region having said all of that this bombing does not have to force a ground invasion it is one factor of many and the real question behind whether there will or won't be a ground invasion is whether hamas understood that it can no longer target a million israeli civilians living in southern israel indiscriminately with rocket fire as they have been doing over the past year if there is an indication that they were understood that message that a ground offensive may not be necessary if however on the other hand that message has still not been understood then decision makers in jerusalem may feel the need to head with a ground offensive but wasn't that always the danger that the holiday get pushed
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hamas and the people of gaza would be more desperate they would become. well we have to remember that hamas in addition to being a terrorist organization is also a regime that means that it has interests it has a territory it has a power base which as carefully constructed since rising to power since throwing out of gaza why don't lean rising to power they've been carefully building up their power as a regime and that means that they have something to lose the minute you're dealing with a regime even if it is founded on jihadi drave concepts as we've seen it still can be deterred and this is the basic assumption behind the current operation and also had the opinion that a zero can't afford to agree to a cease fire on a week the chances of a cease fire now. well you know as i've said i believe that the decision makers will not be making the call on a ground offensive or not based on a gut feeling the decision will have to be made based on the evaluation of the
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intelligence evaluation of whether the message of deterrence has been understood in gaza war or not and the real test of that will come when this round of fighting whatever it ends and it will end at some point after that what will happen will the rockets have a period where the people of school in a stored and middle shelf of will they have a months and years where they can go to work in school that having to take cover from hearing sirens that will be the real test and that is now what is being discussed by decision makers yes just yesterday your paper they tour a slim post right along and these held out how israelis were concerned pets were being frightened by sirens what about people i it's really is really suffering to the same extent of the palestinians as tel aviv suggests. of course they are they are suffering more because the civilians in israel are being targeted deliberately whereas the air force here in israel is making every effort that it can to avoid
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heart harming palestinian noncombatants and unfortunately it can't always be successful in its mission when we have an enemy that is intent on using its own civilians as human shields which is openly declared that instead that bombs are more precious than children and palestinians are a nation of jihad these are the declarations coming out of hamas in gaza when you have that kind of cynical use of human civilians and human shields it just means very difficult but the air force has cancelled airstrike after airstrike when it's on the last minute civilians in the vicinity dropped leaflets phoned in warnings it's taking every step it can to try and avoid that whereas the people in southern israel are being deliberately targeted the palestinian rocket launchers are hoping the rockets so it's a completely different kind of situation. as a journalist you must have noticed that these rainy press and international press have a very different takes on this war how can israel hope to justify their support when
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they civilian casualty rate among palestinians to sell high. well again i think that any country that comes under sustained rocket fire indiscriminate rocket fire on major cities their homes hundreds of thousands of people we've had twelve thousand rockets since the israel pulled out of gaza in two thousand and five which is a mind boggling number i think that self-explanatory anybody who looks at this and would wonder well what would my country do if twelve thousand rockets were of were fired at my cities but i just sit back and hope for the best and wait for an air raid siren one warhead and hope that i don't get hit or what i expect cracked governments to try and determine the other side we're not talking about moving into gaza and toppling the hamas regime we're talking about trying to send a message of deterrence which is a very limited go and i think anybody who looks at that would completely understand why the government israel felt that it was time to take some steps to protect its civilians all right
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a young couple up in china to start the church thank you very much. thank you. and i spoke to the spokesperson for the israeli prime minister's office on excel scale and he says that the bombing campaign against gaza is aimed at bringing peace and safety to his right a sadist. we see the from the hamas terrorists they target on the civilians and the sea of victory when the innocent people but why do you feel that we will hear from us rockets in our civilians on low on our civilians in. the israeli government decided that we have to stop these attacks in our students and our children and our elders and that's why we target and we must stop these attacks and we really hope that israel will no need for further eight army invasion we really hope it will be done by diplomatic route of course you insisted simply
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responding israel simply responding to attacks against hamas but let's take a look at some think is more than seventy palestinian civilians killed in the past seven days whereas thirteen israelis have died in iraq rocket attacks actually from gaza since the last major israeli operation four years ago israel government's response disproportionate it's definitely big numbers and we do and we do know as i sit the. continue hiding behind civilians so please if you think that it must start so we call upon all the international community and we call upon everybody who really doesn't want this violence first of all to pressure on terrorist organizations to stop this violence and to call upon them not to use civilians we just want safety for. israel's been barmen to gaza shows no latter despite talk of
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a pending ceasefire but the current standoff between israel and hamas goes beyond that time diplomatic language even spreading to the internet. explains. the latest military conflict in the gaza strip may go down in history as the first war ever declared on twitter the official account of the israeli defense force announced the start of the pillar of defense operation and one of those literally told the enemy to run and hide but later hamas had their say using similar war rhetoric. this exchange has been retreated thousands of times since and numbers do matter on twitter through hits likes replies and reach weeds more people than ever before turned to social media and the question is who is winning this online warfare and numbers speak for themselves according to the hashtags dot org website the guards are under attack crash tag is ten times more popular than israel under fire pray for gaza is twenty times more popular than pray for israel and gaza hash
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tag is almost twice as popular as israel in a nutshell this is the battle between a heavily funded state propaganda machine and citizen journalism from the outside looking israel's content is better produced more powerful shiny and glossy take these banners for instance which were posted on idea of official facebook page how mars has also been manning the information war trenches some say clumsily as these tweets may suggest but the effect of social media boom on young palestinian activists in changing public perception of the palestinian israeli conflict has been huge youngers the residents regularly rush to hospitals and take and upload photos and videos of tragedy and inhumanity and some of the pictures have become symbolic of israel's disproportionate use of force the graphic and vocal message in those tweets is perhaps the reason why palestinian citizen journalism is proving more effective and why israeli social networkers simply cannot compete with the content coming out of gaza where this first war started on twitter can become the
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first war lost on twitter is a question but one conclusion seems evident enough israel has not grasped the destructive power of social media as stately as it's holding the people of gaza in its grip and we'll continue our coverage of the bloody standoff between israel and hamas later in the program to stay with us. usa.
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we have a full war lords will give him a note so we have a lot of the only groups the clothes and the sluices also argues in the right enough to find out it was like many of them out h. it wasn't forced my agents smadi when i was fifteen yes you can liberate their women and you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun only effective social changes can be the afghans themselves afghan men and women we believe going to spawn not to or to cross paths. but to fish on its chemical petition and at a construction stop people in the obama administration talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women
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of afghanistan. please speak to language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's when you hear. reporting from the will talks about six of the r.p. interviews intriguing stories for you here. in trying. to find out more visit our big teeth don't call.
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this is all see on the box our top story as hillary clinton travels across the middle east in an effort to mediate a cease fire the u.s. secretary of state has made it clear that israel has america's a backing clinton agreed to rated her countries in a way re support for tel of a but also called for a de escalation of the conflict in order to protect civilians but as aussies again that chicken reports it's not always so. the crisis in the middle east probably like no other crisis reveals the double speak of u.s. foreign policy the us basically gave a green light to any of their actions with regards to palestinians and israel has been taking advantage of that quite extensively because as president obama explained there is no country on earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders makes complete sense nobody saw it but one may ask what about all those countries that the us has bombed. them pakistan yemen
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and others or is it that when you refer to civilian deaths as collateral damage somehow feeling civilian sounds you know or just by when it comes to down the situation you usually hear u.s. officials speak along these lines of course in a conflict like this civilian casualties are inevitable but the u.s. is not always like that when the government was killing civilians the u.s. forced to sympathize with the innocents there in most graphic terms but it appears in washington sympathy for suffering tenby selected this is hillary clinton on syria the shooting death of a one year old recently by the syrian regime's tanks and troops. is a very stark example of what is going on. one may ask what about those horrible shots of children dying gaza is somehow a less stark example of what's going on it seems america's world police mindset and
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standing up for the weak thing doesn't apply to problems instead we hear the same mantra from u.s. officials that israel has the right to defend itself which effectively implies that in the eyes of washington the killing of civilians in gaza is justified the u.s. has most recently blocked the un security council statement calling for a cease fire in the israeli gaza conflict deeming the statement unbalanced against israel just goes the us has blocked all other palestinian related un resolutions in the past whether it was on israel continuing to build settlements on occupied territories or other initiatives put forward to ease the years long suppression of the people there by blocking all efforts of the international community to mediate a solution in washington contributes to the status quo under status quo here is that the root causes of the crisis have not been addressed and is the root causes remain any cease fire looks temporary there was
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a major israeli assault on gaza four years ago to more than a thousand people did not solve the problem so one may argue the status quo almost guarantees that the cycle of violence will continue. with death from both sides of the rise. passions among both israelis and palestinians and support for military action is an all time high with some public figures going so far as to call for the ethnic cleansing of gaza israeli political action history horrific rhetoric such such this has been a potential. we've seen. a good show on the son of the son of former prime minister shown on the. opinion article in the jerusalem post calling for genocide i mean you know i think it's i agree just not just that he he wrote this article but you know the editor is not of a distinguished newspaper and is really all really you know unknown right wing use paper but still and use the. newspaper that is part of the mainstream allowed him
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to to to air essential opinions people in rwanda people in the former yugoslavia were sent into the you know after every written words as cruel and inhumane as as as the ones they're going to mr shawn has has written and i have to say it's not an individual politician here and there i am very sad i'm ashamed to say that recent opinion polls were published in israeli newspapers i believe it recently have shown that they're nearly ninety percent of the populace. in the country supported this operation is supported but it is considered by many to be collateral damage. of get the killings of the children and women and the elderly. our finger on the piles of all developments in the middle east on air and online check out our live updates section at. the latest.
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leaders of syria's kurdish population the country's largest ethnic minority have rejected the western backed rebel coalition earlier several islamist groups and they were going to grade their own state and want nothing to do with the blog that's as britain joined france and recognizing the opposition coalition as the sole legitimate what of the syrian people the european union has given viable backing to the rebel bloc but only two e.u. nations officially recognize the group they view us as the coalition must at last a fast provide its unity with its predecessor played by infighting and accusations of radicalism britain has also pledged one million pounds of communications support to the rebels peace activist jim this isn't too different from supplying them with
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weapons the u.k. interference is clearly based on the principle that they will decide who should all and shall not be the government of syria on all bases of historical process the only acceptable the british government ministry committed to using words in a very peculiar way in recent years they use words like. lethal. and you know warfare is the sword in the shield all kinds of warfare from antiquity to now have been the sword in the field if you provide a better shield that's not a defensive thing because he knew that this field means that your sword is more. to some other international news or brief now international has condemned bahrain saying the country hasn't delivered on promises to improve its your rights record the report claims they go down even harder on protesters calling last year's antigovernment uprising public rallies and gatherings have been there ongoing
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reports of torture the bahraini authorities say escalating violence has forced further clampdowns. to suicide bombers have a target a u.s. base in afghanistan's capital kabul killing two are going to god's power and they tried to reach the gate detonators their devices one police spotted the local reports a bit tired about claim responsibility for that couples trying to beef up the city's security but over holy day this week. india has hung the only surviving gun lot of probably two thousand a terror attack on mumbai. a pakistani citizen was one of ten attackers who laid a sixty hour siege to india's financial capital four years ago one hundred sixty six people were killed and their target was executed after india's president rejected his plea for mercy.
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and did a few minutes of violence against women in afghanistan. for instance to stop it. his day starts at five am even earlier in the winter tending to his flock of st hundred sheep in the mountains. thirty five years old it wasn't the life he told having studied accounting but you just. dictated that he would take on the care of these animals after his father. he's just made camp at their winter farm stage setting up his ute the traditional two fenian round tent made of diskin. his p.c. back amongst his family and his job is a lonely one and tough going out in all weathers braving streams of plus to minus forty degrees celsius is that obvious though there are certain difficulties there's
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not enough time for everything i'm almost alone my sister works with my mother my mother is seventy five she's very old and i miss mountains when i'm in town and i spend a lot of time here. so all most of us is simply carrying out the work that his father did and his father before him nothing has changed over many many centuries and that's half the problem it's hard work and many people don't want to come into the industry now and it's really fit there could die out altogether. it's difficult to manage everything alone i used to have people who helped me but they were no good they didn't take care of the sheep with all their hearts they hurt the cattle. with people leaving them coming to the countryside the region's government is having to act making the life of the herd and more attractive than promising largest subsidies for produce and livestock and organizing cooperatives for the sale of day put out to ensure the herd it gets
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a higher fair price i sympathize with those youngsters leaving for an easier more profitable life stay in the public's capital. but he no longer wishes to join them he enjoys his pastoral way of life now looking for a helper who shares his enthusiasm with more time on his hands he says matter of fact he can start to look for a new wife. and coffee as most are regularly and i should look up and involve. all of our. information. not only. that. but that you're done and your
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man. you have two schools they have that i too would do works with what's meant and the mystery is one that woman is asian enjoys i'm sure i'm i'm supposed to say that there were many factors building if you will still and felt.


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