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tv   [untitled]    November 21, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EST

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the bus explosion in tel aviv brings big confrontation with gaza to the heart of israel with a board of rivals hamas and fatah reportedly claiming responsibility. while dozens more was ready to strike on the occupied territory if the politics of the one hundred and destroying lifeline tunnels and government building. and the you are declared an unwavering support for israel are sinking a un resolution calling for a cease fire raising questions are the challenges of the increase in a. new
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song russia and around the world this is see with me hugh nash above all or thanks for joining us the harsh reality of war is being felt in tel aviv today where a bus explosion has left fifteen people injured already labeled a terror target the explosion is said to have taken place near the israeli army's headquarters israeli authorities are now hunting for two people thought to be involved in the bombing and she's point to clear reports now not far from where the blast took place. now the police have told us that what they think happened is that one of these two placed a bag with a bomb on the bus and then immediately ran north the whole of tel aviv is in shut down the schools are closed children are being prevented from going home because there's also growing concern that they could be a second lost or potential second suicide bombing that is being planned now it was widely anticipated that such a blast could happen not to say that people here are not shocked but there has been warnings issued for the past few days by both the police and the army for people to
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be extra vigilant that they are receiving bet that the police have been receiving threats of terror at the same time we do understand that the martyrs brigade which is the military wing of fatah has claimed responsibility although the blast has been welcomed by hamas through the al aqsa television a mass has said that this is a victory from god they say that they believe this operation and that it is the natural reaction to israel's killings and operations in gaza city there are also people celebrating and dancing in the streets of gaza certainly this was the reaction when the news first came through that a bus bombing had happened in tel aviv the last time that there was a bus bombing in this country was back in two thousand and six so it certainly does seem to have the effect of torpedoing become and cease fire talks on the way the hopes of any kind of cease fire deal now be reached certainly not today seem to have been we haven't yet had any reaction from the israeli government but no doubt
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that the action when it comes is going to be harsh and increasingly it does seem now that instead of moving ahead with a cease fire we're going to be moving ahead with an israeli ground operation the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has finished a meeting with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas and she's on her way back to jerusalem and it is significant that when she met with him that meeting lasted a little less than an hour there were no statements given afterwards by comparison when she landed here yesterday and we think the israeli prime minister there was a press conference held at the. conference contended that did say that washington support for israel was rock solid and he's now in a way back to brief natanya who in terms of the latest talks but this briefing comes in the light of this tel aviv suicide bombing which has been confirmed to have been a terrorist attack by these waiting for it he said no doubt that briefing might take a very different way and a very different route to perhaps what clinton intended in the early hours of this morning. the israeli offensive in gaza and the second week with
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a barrage of missiles from and face devastating the area more than one hundred forty people have been killed many of them civilians and according to the based journalist terry fear those who try to report the conflict are also being targeted . gazans don't expect to see a ceasefire they remember all too well the operation cast lead and what's happened in the last twenty four hours resembles increasingly. the reports of white phosphorus destroying off the bridge that connects middle north gaza with the south of gaza the isolation of the south of gaza israel has intensified the pounding of gaza particularly the targeting of governmental and police buildings in the biggest police station was totally leveled causing structural damage to nearby buildings some of the biggest governmental structures in gaza city were targeted including the biggest civil service building here in gaza. in the southern area of the gaza strip was targeted heavily overnight particularly the smuggling tunnels which
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gazans called the survival smuggling tunnels israel killed three media workers short john the two of them a cameraman for the t.v. channel another for the educational television channel according to israel these stations that these media workers work for are not legitimate journalistic enterprises and therefore susceptible to being targeted any time. israel is not winding down its assault on gaza. travels across the middle east and africa to mediate a cease fire the u.s. secretary of state has made it clear that israel has america's backing clinton rated her country's unwavering support for television but also called for a deescalation of the conflict in order to protect civilians but as all she's going to can report now it's not always. the crisis in the middle east probably like no other crisis reveals the double speak of u.s. foreign policy the u.s. basically gave
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a green light to any of their actions with regards to palestinians and israel has been taking advantage of that quite extensively because as president obama explained there is no country on earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders makes complete sense nobody should but one may ask what about all those countries that the us has bombed iraq afghanistan pakistan yemen and others or is it that when you refer to civilian deaths as collateral damage somehow killing civilians sounds more justified when it comes to the doesn't mean you usually hear u.s. officials speak along these lines of course in a conflict like this civilian casualties or inevitable but the u.s. is not always like that when the government was killing civilians the u.s. stood first to sympathize with the innocents there in most graphic terms but it appears in washington sympathy for softening ten be selected this is hillary clinton on syria the shooting death of
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a one year old recently by the syrian regime's tanks and troops. is a very stark example of what is going on. one may ask what about those horrible shots of children dying in gaza is that somehow a less stark example of what's going on it seems america's world police mindset and standing up for the weak thing doesn't apply to palestinians instead we hear the same mantra from u.s. officials that israel has the right to defend itself which effectively implies that in the eyes of washington the killing of civilians in gaza is justified the u.s. is most recently blocked the u.n. security council statement calling for a cease fire in the israeli gaza conflict mean the statement unbalanced against israel just as the us has blocked all other palestinian related un resolutions in the past whether it was on israel continuing to build settlements on occupied territories or other initiatives put forward to ease the years long suppression of
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the people there by blocking all efforts of the international community to mediate a solution in washington contributes to the status quo and the status quo here is that the root causes of the crisis have not been addressed and is the root causes remain any cease fire looks temporary there was a major israeli assault on gaza four years ago to more than a thousand people did not solve the problem so one may argue the status quo almost guarantees that the cycle of violence will continue. israel's been bomb into gaza shows no time despite told of a pending ceasefire but the current stunned of the twenty israel and hamas goes beyond diplomatic wrangles even spreading to the internet. explains. the latest military conflict in the gaza strip may go down in history as the first war ever declared on twitter the official account of the israeli defense force announced the start of the pillar of defense operation and one of those literally
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told the enemy to run and hide but later hamas had their say using similar war rhetoric this exchange has been retreated thousands of times since and numbers do matter on twitter through hits likes replies and retreats more people than ever before turned to social media and the question is who is winning this online warfare and numbers speak for themselves according to the hashtags dot org website the guards are under attack crash tag is ten times more popular than israel under fire pray for gaza is twenty times more popular than pray for israel and gaza hash tag is almost twice as popular as israel in a nutshell this is the battle between a heavily funded state propaganda machine and citizen journalism from the outside looking israel's content is better produced more powerful shiny and glossy take these banners for instance which were posted on i.d.'s official facebook page how
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mars has also been manning the information war trenches some say clumsily as these tweets may suggest but the effect of social media boom on young palestinian activists in changing public perception of the palestinian israeli conflict has been huge younger the residents regularly rush to hospitals and take and upload photos and videos of tragedy and inhumanity and some of the pictures have become symbolic of israel's disproportionate use of force the graphic and vocal message in those tweets is perhaps the reason why palestinian citizen journalism is proving more effective and why israeli social networkers simply cannot compete with the content coming out of gaza where this first war started on twitter can become the first war lost on twitter is a question but one conclusion seems evident enough israel has not grasped the destructive power of social media as tightly as it's holding the people of gaza in its grip. and earlier i talked with
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a spokesperson for the israeli prime minister's office and he says that the bombing campaign against gaza is aimed at bringing peace and safety to israeli citizens we see the risks from the hamas terrorists they target on the civilians and this sea of big when the innocent people but why don't you till that will you're already amassed rockets on our civilians or only one knows to be in. the israeli government decided that we have to stop these attacks in our civilians and our children and our elders and that's why we target and we must stop these attacks and we really hope. for the right army invasion we really hope that it will be done but. of course you insist it's simply responding israel simply responding to attacks against hamas but let's take
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a look at something is more than seventy palestinian civilians killed in the past seven days whereas thirteen israelis have died in iraq rocket attacks actually from gaza since the last major israeli operation four years ago israel government's response disproportionate it's definitely big numbers and we do and we do know as this. continue hiding behind civilians so please if you think that it must start so we call upon all the international community and we call upon everybody who really doesn't want this violence first of all to pressure on the terrorist organization to stop this violence and to call upon them not to use civilians we just want safety for us. and of course we'll continue our coverage of the bloody standoff between israel and hamas after the break.
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culture is that so much different each musician has a price on the market the carnage continues in gaza israel claims its own farming of the gazans using self-defense at the same time denying the palestinians. will come to the future to look the world pass you by as the best and brightest take mites gather in moscow some came to work while others came to play to get up close and personal with devices that recreate masterpieces and scan russian treasures from inside and from space to keep us safe from oil spills and forest fires unleash your inner gadget geek as i see me just search for the next big thing in the computer world and rushes over giants world of numerous goodies cooping to take the fight straight to their competitors known jumping here on r.g.p. we've dumped the future of coverage.
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she didn't sorrow. and hope for escape. barely surviving longing for a godsend. they live in a search for gold. why doesn't it bring them wealth.
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this is the life from moscow welcome back we continue now thousands of students have taken to the streets of london protests and against a rising university fees and the law so financial support now is the second in about it's right here is the aspirations when prices trebled. is in the english capital for a very nice to see you so what's the mood like among the protesters now that. what a day for a cold wet and miserable unpleasant conditions the north is unpleasant some of the scenes we've been talking to say it's having to pay up to nine thousand pounds a year in jewish and they say we saw thousands of protesters take to the streets earlier old they want to move away past parliament square they gathered at the
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moment in coming to the park which is just behind me the weather sets the scene in this band a little bit chilly amongst the protesters themselves today we saw a little bit of disagreement the n.u.'s hadn't agreed rate that they were following and being as we said where we are heading there was a big a great big protest this he didn't want to march down that way he wanted to march into parliament square in front of westminster really make that point and that didn't happen that way way was completely blocked by the police a little bit of disagreement among the protesters themselves because he said you know a thousand starting out to take part in that was primarily against the he's tuition fees that rise that we've seen in the last few years and also it gets cut education costs as well give us some fun for exactly how much harder has it become to get a higher education. policy that i mean this is a promise by the lived before the last election that they wouldn't raise that you
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wish him to go see saw that eternal not when indeed tuition fees were a couple years ago you had each month of backlash and feed about that i mean it's very tough because they said at the time even up until the point they were bringing in the right situation fees that not every university was supposed to be other very much some of the mouths that nine thousand pounds a year i was actually what we seen is a lot of the universities are charging the top amount at the point where he said it makes a lot harder. every day people who don't have that sort of cash readily available to go to university i had a lot of concerns. well that you know this is sort of changing towards the american system they don't want a situation where you know if you're rich and stupid you can still get into university if you're very well educated are you really really want to continue further education he doesn't have the cash for that wait look talk to him there's
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a big concern that maybe we're going to see that happening so we have this protest movement grown that incensed twenty turned one the first students protest. to be honestly the figures they really much today are much much smaller turned out than we seen in the past we were speaking to the people who came today and to try and figure out exactly why that was a lot of the protests to see what the recent events the recent protests and that that that ketling the you see happening quite a lot with the police and london really first of all they don't really like that also you know of course the talk about these the tuition fees of already college in the city relates right now this is what people are paying right now so some of the people saying look we turned out at me and says and tens of thousands of people took to the streets and nothing changed that not listening but has us go something to do with less people turning out like you have seen a bit of a decline in the numbers that have come up with of course i think a lot of people saying that this now does need to be
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a why did debate one of the chants today amongst the protests this was the education is a right not a privilege well a lot of it said that that is something that needs to be discussed is the education something that should be available to everyone should it be and i think that's a discussion that needs to be had in the coming months and years. reporting there from london at a ceremony thanks andy. and let's now go bonkers our top story military conflict between israel and gaza and for their fences and they situation a zero following the bombing in tel aviv let's now talk to knesset member in our twelve and not well thank you very much indeed for joining us and now on the program so there airstrikes are well again all the airstrikes achieving all israel hope as they would. when israel went into this operation after more than ten years of unprovoked attacks and shelling rockets on its
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civilians and its towns it one for a very limited measures i'm sure you would find them quite basic we want something very simple we want hamas to stop shelling our civilians in our towns and we want our people to be able to lead normal lives without having to run to shelters every few minutes we have not come up with any major aims for this operation something very basic stop attacking us yes we are hoping that the operation will achieve its aims hopefully the cuomo see will be able to convince hamas that the need to do so. we are more than prepared to take other steps a right turn to not only rocket attacks continuing we see it now but now a bus bombing in tel aviv the first in six years and some suggest that the tracks
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and deaths in gaza have put israel under more threat or do you think. i mean certainly the situation is difficult just to day there has been a terrible attack intended directly at civilians something that israel never does on our buses in the middle of tel of the view and we are still willing the whites atrocious attacks to engage in diplomacy to bring an end to this i mean it's quite remarkable that so many people and good willing people are involved in trying to bring an end to this. as i'm sure you know especially with a lot of russian support for the butchery that's taking place in syria the world is no longer paying attention and i must say i do hope that very quickly the world will go back to looking at what's happening in syria and truly take care of the
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people who are suffering there. from your colleagues in the israeli government that deferred to terence's a big part of this operation in gaza now what message are you trying to send to hamas using this strategy. a very simple message stall attacking us i'm sure your viewers would find it the most basic message for our children our families want to live in peace we have nothing in gaza we are not there we have left gaza more than seven years ago truly to never to return i do urge your viewers to open a map i'm sure they will notice that gaza has a direct uninterrupted where. people are under the midst. yes some people down under the mistaken impression that gaza is encircled by israel it has a direct border with egypt it can have a free life through its border with egypt that will happen is not if they got to do
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i would love to just stop attacking us right but ari i guess but did the same tock tick work last time in two thousand and eight for instance do you believe force will get the results you want. look we live in a tough neighborhood there is no mercy for the weak we need to understand that at the end of the day hamas is an organization that is ideologically committed to the idea that the jewish people are not equal they do not have the equal rights to have sovereignty and a state and self-determination in their homeland they deny the historic connection between the jewish people and israel they think we should have no right to be here and to be solver and to be equal this is their ideology we can only hope for several years of quiet we depend on being strong in an area where if we were only weak if we were to hand down our arms tomorrow israel would not exist we say very
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simply if hamas were to put down its arms there will be peace if we were asked to put down our arms there will be no israel so we need to understand that these are the people we are dealing with and we are asking something very simple please stop attacking us and we will be more than happy to live side by side but now is a not. and we're scholars yes absolutely but while israel is saying that it's trying to say that as adults we not true right but he had no such cool that is not true the response by all countries in the world has been defined not only as proportional what israel has been doing has not been done by any western country or even russia fighting. these countries when they go for attacks that are called surgical the number of people who are under the evolved to die is in the scores much higher but is a terrorist targets the moment and only for
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a true in asia are areas that in the early years are not hurt yet but i'm sorry but look at what we're spending on our money we're spending our money on defending our civilians making sure there are so. if and making sure that we can we do not hurt civilians when we go to war what the scum must bend their money on they spend their money on rockets to attack civilians intentionally and directly cowardly hide behind children and civilians when they are attacking us they are hiding behind television crews they are hiding behind journalists they are breaking every possible rule of combat and israel is doing something on paralleled in the history of warfare it making sure that people who are not involved are not killed the numbers are such that no country in history has ever
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been able to come close and israel is really been commended by all countries not just for having the right to defend its citizens but also for the fact that it is couldn't ducting itself in a way that is very proportional and very measured and israel is really doing everything possible in impossible circumstances in the region still most countries are holding. because i believe we are not equal here is because most most countries did call it disproportionate israel's attacks because israel attacks the most densely populated areas in the world all right twelve knesset member from the know that hamas is hiding in those areas be harmed families they are doing that and we are doing everything in our power just to attack military targets and you can compare it to any other combat taking place this is unheard of the way that israel
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is conducting that self with after most care well knesset member thank you very much indeed for that. and we're keeping our finger on the pulse of all the developments in the middle east both on air and online check out our live updates section at r.t. dot com for all the latest. and let's now go to some other international news in brief now amnesty international has condemned the brain saying the country hasn't delivered on promises to improve its human rights record a report claims the gulf kingdom has climbed down even harder on protesters calling last year's r.t. government uprising public rallies and gatherings have been banned while there are ongoing reports of torture the borrowing authorities say escalating violence has
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forced further clampdowns. two suicide bombers have attacked a u.s. base in afghanistan's capital kabul killing to are going to guard apparently tried to reach the gate by detonators their devices one police spotted them local reports say the taliban claimed responsibility for that attack couples trying to be far the city's security ahead of a holy day this week in. and some of the heat from the conflict in gaza comes to us he's crossed ochs studio only minutes away. the sun rises over what seems like analyst forest but here in new directions cry for hundred kilometers north of light of all stalk as in much of the world it's disappearing at a counter struck with great. markers both illegal and those finding
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ways to outsmart the system for filing down the forests of the region for them profit goes well beyond the future of our planet and the result could be an ecological crisis we are on the hunt for illegal loggers and it's not going to be easy the forest is enormous and our chances are slim now for now we can stay in our dreams but as soon as we find solid tracks we'll have to drop our wheels and get out silently in order not to scare the loggers off alexander someone in ca has been a ranger for over twenty five years he can spend weeks at a time tracking a single group of loggers easier to work when snow falls in autumn it's impossible to find human dramatics and even transport tracks are hard to see after hours of driving we get sent in the right direction by word of mouth you can see that the ground is soft here which means that the twelve the tractor trails are very fresh which in fact means that we need to be quiet in order to not scare them off as we get.


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