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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EST

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truce takes hold between israel and hamas bringing relative calm after the flare up in violence that's killed five israelis and scores of palestinians. bought amid the shaky cease fire we'll look at why brave u.s. agreements between the two have failed to stop bloodshed in the region. lost the battle of brussels where the european leaders set their bras sword over the trillion euro e.u. budget while the arab pub was back home angrily protests over staring. and watching r.t. live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program now more than
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a week of bloodshed on the gaza border has halted with a cease fire to an strikes which have killed five israelis and more than one hundred fifty palestinians the truce began shakily with several rockets fired into southern israel after the deal was sealed here's our correspondent in tel aviv policy or. the ceasefire ends some of the fiercest fighting we've witnessed two years between israelis and palestinians if indeed the truce holds it will mean that roughly one point seven million gazans will have a spike now from what we've seen eight days of heavy bombardment at the same time it brings with spikes to roughly a million israelis who live in the south of israel and who've been on the receiving end of constant but watches of rockets but i say if it holds because it is perceived as being rather fragile it certainly is a truce that came by surprise it followed a day of deadly violence in which some twenty eight israelis were injured in the first bus bombing in tel aviv since two thousand and six and there were massive
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israeli air strikes over gaza so the sense on the ground particularly in the hours leading up to the announcement of the cease fire was that israel was going to go ahead with a ground offensive and to know who has said that he is willing to give this truce a chance he says however he does hold open the possibility to reopen the conflict at a later stage he said and i'm quoting i know that there are citizens in israel that expected and more severe military action to be taken and perhaps we will need to do so there is criticism towards netanyahu particularly among people in the south of the country who would have supported a ground offensive and wanted to see a much harsher israeli reaction we've had protests in several cities in the south we still don't have too much information exactly what the terms of the cease fire do in fact say but i can tell you that israel for its side has committed to ending hostilities in gaza and at the same time stopping with its targeted killings and mass for its side has also said that it will stop firing rockets into southern
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israel and staging cross border attacks now there is a lot of questions still hanging over the whole issue of whether or not is what was left its blockade on gaza that has been in place for several years now we do understand that israel must begin talks re opening this for the border crossings and lifting the blockade and. easing restrictions on the movement of both people and goods the text does say that the whole discussion for the procedures for this will begin some twenty four hour was to the ceasefire was announced so while the ceasefire at the moment is holding a lot of tension on the ground and a lot of questions as to whether or not it will stand the taste of time doubts over whether the truce can hold out or fueled by the underlying dispute between israel and hamas that are far from resolved. brings us more and they are deeply divided relations and how previous deals have panned out. this ceasefire deal doesn't even begin to address the root causes of the conflict and as long as they remain the
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decades long cycle of violence is almost assured to continue by now most people lost track of all the previous cease fire agreements and more generally of where it all started and it became for the most part a chicken and egg conversation you have the years long suppression of the palestinians we saw the radical forces among them rising in striking it is well with is well coming back at them so hard that even most peaceful palestinian started sympathizing with radical forces without going too far back in history in two thousand and six the palestinians in gaza elected hamas that promised a more affirmative response to the story of the occupation in response israel put gaza under blockade the list of import restrictions among many many other things included things like cement wood cattle animal medicine musical lindstrom and notebooks at one point even lentils pasta tomato paste and chocolate were on the list of items not allowed into gaza it's not easy to gauge what the
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blockade meant for the people there and all the humiliation that went with it is well insisted that the purpose of the blockade was to pressure hamas into ending the rocket attacks the attacks did not stop they intensified in two thousand and eight is where launched a major assault on gaza operation cast lead killed more than one thousand palestinians and thirteen israelis did not solve the problem again it got worse. and officials keep repeating the mantra israel has the right to defend itself it sure does but the tragedy is that the palestinians to think they're defending themselves. israel's deputy foreign minister says most of those killed and injured in the barman of gaza quote deserved it because he claims they were armed terrorists palestinian health officials and human rights activists however insist more than two thirds of those who died were civilians with almost half of them children israel though says the ratio is lower than r.t.
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talked to one of the country's m.p.'s who says her government conducted the assault in a very measured way. israel is putting so much effort to ensure that civilians are not hurt. i'm sorry but look at what we're spending on our money we're spending our money and defending our civilians making sure they're safe and making sure that we can we do not hurt civilians when we go to war what this hamas spend their money on they are hiding behind television crews they are hiding behind journalists and israel is doing something on paralleled in the history of warfare in making sure that people who are not involve are not killed and israel is really been commended by all countries not just for having the right to defend its citizens but also for the fact that it is couldn't ducting itself in a way that is very proportional and very measured journalist and anti-war activist
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don de bar says a cease fire might save the palestinians from bombs but not from the consequences of the year long israeli blockade. their condition degraded from being storing to being starving and bombed and now the bombing apparently will stop and so that is a reason to celebrate as meager as it might seem in the face of starvation again the precondition to dealing with that is to give the people it's not just us at least you know enough to survive and have a decent life right now it's a million and a half people in open an open air prison camp without food without medicine without the material means of survival except for those crumbs that are allowed to pass through the hands of israelis and until that changes israel will not see peace while we're on day to day on the situation surrounding the cease fire throughout the day and you can get for way across the story with our coverage and analysis from b. outset at r.t. dot com.
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your leaders are sat for a major showdown in brussels where the are gathering to thrash out a budget deal while some states are calling for a reduction in spending those having to panadol funds are fiercely against any cuts britain is the loudest voice against a budget increase but as artie's laura smith reports the chances for it to strike a good deal are very slim. it's not shaping up to be a pleasant couple of days in brussels after three years of economic turmoil in the e.u. which is we can political ties stark divisions are emerging on one side northern europe and countries like the u.k. which are demanding huge cuts in spending to match of terror see at home that's
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making countries to the thout and east who are dependent on cash from brussels very uneasy e.u. president herman van rompuy is stuck between them he suggested seventy five billion euros in cuts to the more than trillion euros budgets but that satisfied no one britain appears to warm to the idea but really wants to cut two hundred forty billion old that means leaders from both sides of the budget divide are threatening . david cameron is heading to brussels on what many are calling mission impossible he's under intense pressure to cut a new budget contributions but the daily telegraph newspaper understands that his negotiating position is based on the e.u. budget the whole not the u.k. the budget that could leave to him signing a deal that reduces it as a whole but increases britain's coach abuse since that wouldn't be at all popular at home and could easily lead to another rebellion in cameron's own government but
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as the situation stands it's not clear at all whether a deal will be possible. and now there you had a grace world leaders are furious of the country being left in limbo european finance chiefs fail to agree on handing over the next thirty one billion euros athens filing needs to avoid insolvency leaving it straining to mean that their betters demands and with thousands of layoffs sparking even more protest economists santana's fratta says people there are on. well you have a scary old kind of blame game going on between the greek government and i met for the troika all together and if you want to kind of the dog ate my homework kind of excuses going on over and over again both of those were very disastrous so let's see if i get older results for people here on the ground people are really not buying into this kind of what is a very blatant lie going on who's going to excuses i'm just an example just to show you how many things are going on are not really being very much reporting total can
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three hundred twenty five municipalities across the entire country until yesterday and i may have already lost count two hundred i'm told to them not being ok by the old look by their workers who are refusing to just let go on this because these are the workers you're threatened with in egypt immediately. due to too late this kind of i could say i was working for the greek parliament should people really don't want to do it on a flight on the ground i was just about to get international media picking up a tiny fraction of the greek anger as well and are sued in the u.k. thousands of students here yes have rocketing tuition fees have marched through london as the government struggles to manage the country's finances we report on that later. bahrain's war and its sliding into a spiral of her oppression and violence by amnesty international which damns the country's ongoing human rights abuses and it's broken reform process forward that after the break.
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british live demo minister live featherstone said that since women have babies it allows men to pass them up on the letter to power such a children are set back for women who want to be successful and equal to a man so they want to give them the option of taking maternity leave or would that be paternity leave i don't know i kind of see the logic of her view but my question is first. it is why exactly is success in the corporate world the primary goal of life for men and women as a summer star i would think you understand that wanting to fight your way up a ladder to buy a big card or place your shortcomings is a very male way of judging success are women who choose to have families failures or at least unsuccessful in your book even as a man i know that my pocket is really empty after having the first of hopefully many kids but i don't see our child as
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a financial setback keeping me from buying an x. box guess what success is relative to the goal and maybe a corporate boardroom vision of success isn't for everyone women who have kids are failures in my opinion but then again that's just my opinion. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harkin welcome to the big picture.
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welcome back you're watching our t.v. live from moscow thousands of students have hit the streets of london broadcasting advance rising university fees and the loss of financial support it's the second anniversary of huge demonstrations sparked by the trebling up to wish and fees are the sarah firth reports. then launching the heights he was in face of the same put in place in the day and again as he tasted the most. parliament which was completely closed off by this is a promise by the lift and the full of the last election that they wouldn't raise
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the jewish and the ghostly soul of the eternal not a couple of years again. each month of backlash and students about that i mean it's very tough because they said at the time even up until the point they were bringing in the rice intuition that not every university with the taste of the other very much the amount that nine thousand pounds a year i was actually what we've seen is a lot of the universities are charging not. very good but the fact of the amount of people who have access to high level education in university that's going to be one of the main points of the students they're going to like space. x. prize there is always there to expose those screaming profits from people suffering and the kaiser report is coming up later today on r t but here's a quick preview. insider trading hedge funds shadow banking system accounting firms of committing massive pollution and fraud the austerity is right is a response because there's no leadership there's no government look at global
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insurrection against banker occupation continue billion people in the streets with torches hold down these bankers and do that the degenerate is scared. international human rights campaigners have slammed bahrain for renee on its promises of reform and for ramping up repression amnesty international accuses the gulf monarchy of failing to free political prisoners investing and investigate torture legations an emblem and political changes as prescribed by an independent commission that investigated a crackdown on protests the push for democracy has seen more than eighteen months of anti-government rallies deadly but unlike other arab uprisings bahrain is gone largely unnoticed abroad and is the international also weighed into the u.s. for failing to back up concerns over its ally with actions adding that washington risks enabling abuse and the charity only sees things getting worse. so we have
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to say that to me the situation is much or spend it was months ago it's where you terry right we're talking about at least twenty four people being killed after they were being dependent from firing issued its reports last year about i don't want protests at the i'm too fucked over an only a week ago there were occasional national to thirty one opposition activists were also talking about continuous harassment of human rights and one of them is not being the president of the fan center for human rights that was sometimes these some are two three years merrily for having exercise his right to freedom of expression that we consider him to be a prisoner of conscience and we are talking about hundreds and hundreds of allegations of torture that that's happening especially since the good enough took us one i'm glad and. international community has no pressure on that one. to ensure that. any independent commission of inquiry recommendations are implemented that
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we're it's quite we're not what we are that you or your. report was issued we have seen that that main welcome day shows that would ensure a come to justice for big teams have not been implemented well as now take a look at some other stories from around the world and pakistan has been rocked by a series of terrorist attacks that have left at least twenty eight people dead and dozens wounded the bloodiest assault took place in raul pindi when a suicide bomber attacked a religious ceremony the violence came just hours after an explosion destroyed a security hole in twin blasts outside a shia mosque and kharaj. congolese rattle's from the militant group and twenty three say they're ready to seize the country's capital the statement was made in the city of gone which the fighters captured on tuesday after asking un back government forces the rebel commander called on the people of the city to join them our john king shot of the toppled president joseph kabila the un security council
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earlier agreed sanctions on the rebel leadership introducing a travel ban and asset freeze. and say government rallies rock chile's capital santiago with at least four students arrested in clashes with police who used the toilet and water cannon to disperse the crowds demonstrators called for changes to the country's school system chile has seen pro reform protests since twenty one with students demanding free quality education. many tourist travelling to india are drawn by the low prices they pay for their comfort but as our british reader now reports even the most basic services they enjoy have a hidden cost to local communities. beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts may go on the western coast of india a tourist hot spot for people around the world really enjoy it we just arrived here couple of days ago so we really enjoy tourism drives the economy here and go up but it comes at a price a new study found that tourists actually use eight times as much water the local
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during peak season sometimes only get access to running water for two hours every other day go ins used to depend on wells in their neighborhoods for water but the population in the small state triples during the peak tourist season and with no proper sewage systems in place many wells have become contaminated forcing locals to rely on the erratic public supply. for emergency. room have. sinned that plastic. and we have to keep otherwise there is no war. but while the locals access to water is draining. just down the road water flows freely in the resorts or tourists enjoy fountains fish ponds and splashing in the pools that's because hoteliers can afford to dominate the limited supply even if they do so illegally most five star hotels get
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water from tankers and most tankers operate without a license they take water from local wells in neighborhoods where extraction is banned by law what. sort of i know you. know what. the restaurant owner has to buy from the bank. no doubt but he's forced to buy the average tourist enjoying go as water feature is here for less than a week willing to pay off for short term fun but most are unaware of the frail future in this coastal community in my perspective i'm going to stay here only for. the. i would be most of the concern for those born and raised here the disparity is infuriating half the population relies on tourists for their livelihood although it's one that leaves them without access to a basic human right i first mover because i know i mean you've lived till you've
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you've grown up in this area so you can mostly live is this fear i mean is this just in the system to be a fair system especially to the good here so we'll respond to the question is who actually benefits from dualism that whose cost but with no limit on how much water can be bought at hotels will remain the highest bidder leaving the locals hanging out to dry preassure either party goer india up next cattle council or in leicester that's after a short break. in the glow of russia's no four way from civilization and history are one helicopter
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treat from the nearest village. so they still one family have been living here for a long time in tents made of reindeer skins. lodging runs in ada signal and then it's they also grew up in the two but left it at the age of six and never returned they now live in the city in apartment building but still remember their region's. couch was planted here as a dancing teacher. was. next
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to his dancing as he tells the stories about his motherland. laws in europe to now has a one thousand strong rangy heard when the enemy only saw the light can and most around it is gather the turns and move to another posture they travel hundreds of kilometers in winter and then children for them. but the two families have less of a chance to come across each other they belong to different worlds even though there's sometimes a similar. download the official application so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your
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favorites from alzheimer's l.t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your old low ball device to watch our t.v. any time. she did love her jury room was easy to believe in each most sophisticated radio which included lead does interviews with during the sound anything to change mission to teach me reason why you should care about human to. dish is why you should want your only. good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm laura in the store here in washington d.c. these are your headlines for once in a barber twenty first two thousand and twelve the vix is the stock market so-called fear gauge and this measure volatility is currently very low so does this mean that
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things are a ok well we'll hear from volatility analyst chris call on what a more complete picture reveals about a bull market in fear and the latest out of europe is that leaders have failed to reach a deal on cutting the greek government's debt according to bloomberg more just viewed over budget plans are expected to head so despite the turmoil the euro crisis is a known unknown for investors but how do you protect against the unknown unknowns how do you avoid being the turkey on thanksgiving we'll discuss plus in loose change with black friday the biggest shopping day of the year coming up in the u.s. this may be the type of thing that comes to mind when you think of wal-mart. right. totally crazy however this year you may see retail workers protesting what they deem unfair labor practices now we know public companies are focused on delivering
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quantifiable bottom line results but how do you value the unquantifiable of treating your employees a little better look at another example let's get to today's capital account. well our next guest has said ball attila is the market price of uncertainty so given these uncertain times with the u.s. fiscal cliff ahead europe on the rocks all dull by the novacaine of easy money why we keep hearing about how the vix the stock market's volatility index is low the wall street journal blog post puts it is this stock market so-called fear gauge remains fast asleep and as we will contend so david well it could be
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a much more complex picture but first let's be clear that there is more than one type of uncertainty there are things to worry about like this. is a risk the sovereign debt crisis could sprint and destabilize the global economy than any of the slowdown in china the latest sign of trouble in the world's second biggest economy is actually the first look the visuals are very inspirational that is coming i mean. so these are what our guys called known unknowns things we know we don't know and then there are these type of risks when i ask them what the heck is going on down here i don't know there is fear this is capitulation really radiation at the daiichi plant and fukushima got so high today they were forced to leave temporarily but now they're back on the job the only thing we can do create a weapon system and. we couldn't.


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