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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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at nine pm moscow time reports of tear gas fired a mass protest against egypt's president in cairo's tahrir square as leaders accused of staging a coup by granting himself pharaoh like powers. one palestinians killed and more than a dozen wounded by israeli gunfire near the border with gaza in the bloodiest violation yet of the fragile truce. and the leaders clash over the budget with some nations digging their heels in to avoid forking out more cash from their stare at me. for a good evening for me kevin owen if you just joined us this is our t.
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the top story this hour egypt's security forces have fired tear gas during a rally against president mohamed morsi in tahrir square thousands took to the streets across the country to reacting to calls for nationwide demos from opposition leaders the outrage is driven by a new decree by the president granting himself of wide range of powers his decisions can no longer be repealed by any authority clinton edition but lose could slam her as a coup against egypt timoci the opposition playing the president wanted to salvage it quote. meanwhile morsi is going to dressing his supporters in front of the presidential palace he claims he is only defending the results of last year's revolution which ousted the regime of hosni mubarak marco werman visiting professor of international relations at bill kent university an anchor told me the current president following in barracks footsteps. very suspicious of opposition he had a few kind words. today but he did say there are people demonstrating against him were paid for or must marry this is what barak used and he also said that he was
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watching what i fear the problem is as i say his interpretation of what marcos years is very much of the majority should rule and the minority should keep their mouth shut and do what they're told and so there's no sense of a role for alternative groups in society has no sense of direction and particularly all those liberal secular people in egypt fear that his muslim brotherhood partners the people who took him into office will now insist a constitution in trying to very strict islamic code and i think this should have been seen coming because many of the demonstrators against mubarak we tended to see on television spoke english seemed like just like cars but i think in fact in egypt they were a minority you can watch more not and what they fail to see was that a revolutionary control of our own rejection of any constitutional system and a kind of military coup got rid of him the way impact a new type aura terrence system which might be more popular but not necessarily morgan or democratic in the west. where you can follow the events and running in
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cairo on our website we're posting the latest photos videos for you at r.t. dot com. one palestinians been killed and all a dozen wounded by israeli gunfire in gaza today medics said the civilians came under attack for trespassing on the border area with israel however tel aviv claims its forces had fired warning shots the bloodshed comes just two days after the cease fire ended the armed conflict with gaza militants activist harry see who's in gaza says the terms of the truce that remain unclear. under the ceasefire most gazans see that the no go military buffer zone which israel had put imposed on palestinian terror john the palestinian side of the border had been erased and that the farmers in the area whose land had been taken away they would not be able to farm that so this morning a groups of palestinians went to what they thought was now again that palestinian territory one palestinian has been killed in that incident we're now getting reports that are processed following in the area in the cease fire particular line
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referring to this that over these coming hours and days there will be more detail different to this notion of the lifting of this siege blockade on the gaza strip but i think people here in gaza according to mind reading a very very skeptical about that actually being realized to one hundred percent extent that the blockade would totally be lifted and there have been two milestone easing of the blockade since it was first imposed but they have been tiny in relative terms i don't think people are expecting this cease fire to manifest in a proper proper and real lifting of the blockade of the gaza strip we've had so many injured over a thousand we've had over one hundred sixty palestinians killed and remember more are still being killed because they're dying all of the injuries that they. inflicted on them during the seven day war so the body count is still rising and
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the ministry of health here in gaza and the world health organization still have not given us the latest figures of how many palestinians were killed and so the scars are very much on the ground there on the mind and there on the bodies of some palestinians. very fear there were u.n. spokesman chris gunness spoke to me he's been working to bring much needed humanitarian relief to the palestinians he says the ongoing israeli blockade is a form of collective punishment that must be abolished. even before the current upsurge in financing there was a crisis in almost every aspect of life that. there was a crisis of education and we are in the process of building one hundred new schools because there was a cute overcrowding in schools in gaza there is a crisis of public health because for example ninety percent of all war in gaza is unthinkable millions of liters of rules that's flowing into the sea every day because the sewage system is not functional it's not touched all of the list
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goes on there's a crisis as i say it nearly every aspect of the economically it's are not good but we have to see what is going to happen as far as the regime is concerned we have always called for the blockade to be lifted you said that it's a collective punishment of one point six one point seven million people it has to end and we have to see what's in this new arrangement has been decided in relation to the blockade you hope it's good news all need look. the israeli bombing of gaza killed more than one hundred sixty people around half of them civilians including women and children however television maintains it caused minimal collateral damage . israel did the most possible not to hurt the civilians what we did is we pinpointed our operation just to the terrorist leaders and to their army and the ammunition but i do agree that they were once in a while there were civilian cattle casualties and we feel very bad about it but as
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you know this is not an easy operation no military operation is but by any international standard the collateral damage here is pretty minimal amounts of civilians who died it's hard to say it this way it sounds very bad but it could have been much much worse if we weren't so surgical and if our pilots were not given instructions to be very very precise in to aim is specially at the military terrorist leaders. well at r t dog comb we've got the full timeline of the violence between israel and hamas an extensive analysis of the conflict for you. best to go to search several homes belonging to the russian army including that of an i told you so to call for former defense minister he was sacked by president vladimir putin earlier this month after corruption allegations most the details. police searched eighteen holidaying recreational cottages outside moscow used by
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former defense minister and italy sergio colvin eighteen other defense officials those courses were rented by another defense official himself arrested in connection with the defense contractor. and the possibility that it was involved with corruption involving the defense ministry this all comes after you have guinea a vastly over a high figure within the defense ministry and a close associate. she herself has been charged with embezzlement she was involved with a defense contractor of the wrong service and a few weeks ago the scandal broke that there possibly was alleged to have been a scheme to sell off eleven million dollars worth of defense property cheaply if she's convicted gania could face up to ten years in prison and unfortunately it goes beyond that as well possibly into russia's. satellite navigation system as
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well the company involved with building that russian space systems is alleged to have been burgled two hundred million dollars that's five point six percent of the total funding for that program all of this comes as a major blow to russia's defense ministry which was supposed to have been one of the ministries most pushing for reform in russia reform of the armed services and of the defense contracts that supply it but a mere putin has pledged an eye watering seven hundred twenty six billion dollars to defense for defense reform over the coming decades but there's also the government's push against corruption in russia and for the russian public to trust that their money is going but all this money is going to the right place these corruption investigation. we're going to have to try and put to rest scandals like this that in the past weeks have been rocking russia's defense establishment.
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security forces have fired tear gas at protesters railing against the muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi in tahrir square thousand taking to the street streets across the country as well reacting to calls for nationwide demos more position leaders has crossed like the egyptian capital to get the latest developments from cairo true well good evening you are out the scene there what have you witnessed today what i've already read is the days very heavy police tactics you see a lot to tear gas on protesters throwing rocks down on protesters from atop a building and we've also seen molotov being thrown back and forth so what i've really seen is quite harsh tactics used by the police to stop protests from tahrir square at the same time we've had demonstrations at the presidential palace in support of the president and also across the country we've seen president the president protesters clashing in front to the brother headquarters so there's been
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quite a lot happening today egypt feels very divided what is the general strength of feeling against those opposed to what the president's done. it's really very strong the opposition right now i mean this is actually in a strange way united the opposition forces have been quite divided recently there was mass uproar yesterday when the president late yesterday evening announced his constitutional declaration which essentially awarded him. powers over the judiciary it also said that his decree and his declarations would be an appealable and this is something that's led commentators to call him the new pharaoh and to call the document in a sense in essence a coup so what we're seeing here is massive criticism of the president announced the quite a lot of fear that he's really forming becoming a new tech to dictator because he actually has right now more power is the mubarak everything you said was a big strength of feeling very strong the strength of feeling is the. feeling on
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the ground that we could see a similar uprising which saw the previous regime fall. well we have it's a slightly different situation as the president does have a very large support base here mostly hails from the brotherhood which is a very organized organization and very able to get their protesters their members to the streets which is why we saw thousands in front of the presidential office in support of the president so it's a slightly different situation because of course the president is technically democratically elected people did choose him there is a strong support from his organization. so really whether the oppositional forces can convince the people that that the president morsi is doing is wrong it's to be seen more about things brings that. mr bell true. in egypt. from the middle east to the far east where a north korea is reportedly getting ready to test another one of its missiles are
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going to coming up tensions are building on the korean peninsula but the south holding military drills to. pyongyang two years ago. it's perched atop a jar and the view from the ball scrubland stretches as far as the i can see. for a city to siberia for centuries. it lost its economic importance even before it was bypassed by the child siberian railway but a spiritual. things like these are a yearly occurrence. also docks worshippers implicity water to commemorate the baptismal jesus.
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in the fifteen eighties the russians had only. just conquered siberia taking it from the muslims. surrounded by enemies to ball supposed to be their stronghold constructed on top of an older city but soon enough it became an economic hub siberian was the oil of its time bringing in a third of all russia's state revenue but the balls committed location of the shoes for the russians the russian heiress the crowds heard a revolt against the czar and eight hundred twenty five known as the decembrists will stand there in droves there they created a replica high society adopting the latest fashions as soon as they came out or at least once they made it from paris to siberia. but the city also serves up some bit of irony for the russian royal family after the bolshevik revolution this is the office where the tsar nicholas the second spend most of the last year of his life
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his whole family had been exiled here they were the fairly comfortable existence this was a big house but they weren't allowed to see visitors or go outside themselves leaving the ordinary normal countryside life style they even have those of a skate but within the year those are his family would be dead. one fifteen pm here in moscow good evening now european union leaders are failed to reach a deal after days of negotiating the blocks financial future of brussels mostly your members supported an increase in the budget while some including britain call for cuts claiming that in time of austerity nations don't have any money to spare let's go live to the show speak to r.t. sara for sara so kind of mentioned some of it there but why errantly did these
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talks fail. well no deal for that on that the budget talks as he said all similarly ending in collapse is going to be pretty hard to put a positive spin on this nonetheless of course we're seeing the european leaders trying now i've got the statement in front of me at the moment from the european council and they're saying the bilateral talks that going to continue they're going to have to hammer out some kind of agreement by next year look a lot of focus now is going to be on what exactly went wrong and of course what is what is now going to happen next what we really saw happening over the past two days in the sort of crux of the failure was that you saw this widening divide between the big donor countries you had written you had germany you have the netherlands you had denmark they were very much pushing for these big cuts in the budget it's going to take us from twenty fourteen to twenty twenty and you saw on
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the other side of that divide countries like france and italy now alternately what went wrong is the deal that was put on the table by the president of the european council by rome ploy these countries including britain saying look that's simply not good enough and so alternately as we said they were able to overcome that stalemate and say this whole game and this debate is going to drag on into the. british flyer cause problems today we can actually be stressed the importance of cuts becomes the future budget or current reactions are going to freeze domestically after the. well we saw that huge amount of pressure on him in the lead up to these negotiations whether that played a part. certainly looked like a man sort of struggling to keep control you saw him giving that statement this morning he looked very short and sharp and you know it didn't look like it was a comfortable position to be in no we didn't see britain going it alone he wasn't britain facing off twenty six countries as we said this is very much a story of divided europe there were
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a number of countries that stood alongside britain in calling for they've touched david cameron very much would have wanted to give the message to people watching back home you know look i'm on your side as he said i'll be fighting for the very best deal for the british taxpayer now what he said is look we didn't get a deal but we didn't get an unacceptable daylight well i mean ultimately translate that kind of sound bite we got is absolutely nothing which is what we began with the beginning of these talks i mean yeah it's going to be a little bit frustrating for people back home of course in britain at the moment we've never really seen that world anti you a sentiment really at the point in the history of our membership hasn't actually membership itself been so in question when they gave the press conference i saw a number of journalists they were tweeting about and saying that they don't see question david cameron whether that discussion about it in or out referendum back here in the u.k. has played a part put added pressure on his during these negotiations he trying to downplay
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that you know his message is the person really has a part in europe gave back to the european council statement that i've got in front of me here they said that in the build up we should be able to bridge existing divergences and of course they didn't do any bridge building in the last couple of days all we saw was that divide opening up and say you know a european union looking very much like its losses this in lost this way they're not coming up with a financial plan for the right now the struggle continues less easy. european union and more european and or i surf err thanks very much for thoughts from london smore comments to angela merkel maybe papered over the cracks over discussions of shona so there is sufficient potential for an agreement and as i was saying there the european council president herman van rompuy so hopeful a deal could be reached in twenty thirty let's get more thought should we talk to robert all the director of the brewers group a think tank based in the united kingdom probably even to you a correspondent have
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a say in their leaders of both the european commission and the european council insist the talks weren't a waste of time what do you think. well we do there's just so many different competing interests within the european union you as a continent is so very diverse with many different diverse economies that's why things like the euro don't work and of course budget negotiations when there's twenty seven member states in the european union just do not work because of course france wants an increase in the common agricultural policy funding other countries like germany don't want to spend more money on that and of course britain wants a general cuts in the amount of money that it gives to the european union and there's many different points of view towards the european central bank and the e.u. is turning around to countries such as italy greece and spain portugal and ireland saying oh you have to reduce your public expenditure whilst at the same time the european union is actually asking for more money to spend really these conflicts
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are ultimately inevitable when of course you have so many different competing interests and most are really reaching agreement will be very difficult playing into a lot of it as well isn't it robert your organization of course is against e.u. integration and do you truly believe that member states will be better off on their own. yeah most certainly do if countries had whites to manage their own economies as they see fit then we wouldn't have this awful austerity that we're seeing we would have had these unsustainable booms which happened in southern europe and arland in the earlier part of the century and of course we wouldn't have this enormous bust which is creating massive unemployment if their countries had their own wives to manage their own affairs and set their own legislation to their own interest rates many german economies as they see fit without having to hand over billions each year to brussels as britain does would be generally a lot better off really the opinion we're seeing is reached the limits of its
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levels of integration there are moves to expand more powers to the e.u. to have more e.u. control over national member states budgets even to have its own sources of income its own e.u. taxes that of course he's pushing it too far it's gone gone too far in the wrong direction which is centralization and it powers will return i think the atmosphere in europe would be a lot better off because david cameron has really been bound by the position he's found himself in or you are skeptics in his own party and of course the labor party who've been arguing for a comeback in a new funding one of the main reasons is because people are generally in bed up with the european union and the amount of power that has visibly the power of national parliaments so really this is a largely a symptom of the spreading of us skeptic feeding across britain has forced david
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cameron to be in a position where he can't sign up to giving me you any more money without facing a great deal of pressure at home so in a sense this is really a total me issue the money might not be that great in the greater scheme of things considering all the amount of areas where countries have spending and the amount of money that's that's available. course in terms of the britain's own deficit and the debts that the u.k. has it is a small amount that the european union's asking for because the european union has already taken so much power people are just loath to accept a situation where they couldn't get any more money i guess look at as one of the sentiments of the last few days how does the lack of agreement affect the likelihood now do you think maybe of a complete exit of britain from the e.u. knowing that the anti bloc sentiment maybe is gaining strength across the country that is becoming a creasing increasingly likely there was a recent opinion poll which showed that fifty six percent of those polled wanted to
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leave the european union many people in this country are very unhappy with the terms of membership and this just goes to show the fact that. agreement couldn't be reached in brussels at this meeting of the european council shows that really britain doesn't fit into these projects of having greater centralization is not something that many politicians let alone the british public in the u.k. actually want so it is beginning to dawn on people that it would be sensible to exit because we don't want to sign up to giving any more money let alone giving any more powers to the european union and that doesn't fit with what many people on the continent want so it's better if we were to recognise that the european centralization project isn't really fast and we'd be better off being being friendly towards our neighbors not bound by the institutions of the european union rules and she thought from the director of bridge group live from london. thank you . north korea could be preparing for
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a long range ballistic missile test that's according to japan's a saudi newspaper so the u.s. intelligence reports american satellite images appear to show missile parts being moved from a factory to a lot of part of the country's northwest the move is seen as a response to south korean military drills marking two years since the north launched shells to the south territory killing four people up time last month solved military was given a boost to buy a deal with washington extending its ballistic missile range. dawson says pyongyang remains though as isolated as ever. north korea's not going to listen to the u.n. nor do they care what the u.n. has the say i mean north korea is suffering from pretty severe sanctions they need food aid they just recently opened up more tourism to china at least some form of revenue so they have no incentive to listen to any such demands from the u.n. because the u.n. and their national pressure are already doing everything they can to squash and
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squelch north korea's economy as it is for south korea has a lot more room to maneuver they're not so internationally isolated as north korea by their choosing to continue this tension with the north which has been going on since the korean war with the united states and there is nothing good to come of it i don't see why they're making these decisions to continually poke the bear. surely on our team tonight i will transport you to world gizmos and gadgets for this month's latest technology update itself to the break. and the.
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culture is that so much a given to each musician how are you trying to hide the mark when actual ceasefire is over gaza after eight days of destruction and death what did israel actually achieve what about the palestinians. the oil industry claims the process is perfectly c. c c c it's clear says that in brings nothing but clean power and comfort but the environment knows better and the industry isn't telling the whole story. the goddamn liars. they're here to operate this land and make as much money as they can and get the hell out.
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hello and welcome to technology update here in moscow we're always on the lookout for the newest of the new and there's been no shortage of big announcements in the high tech world especially if the russian capital plays host to the open innovations forum. the first ever gathering under this name got kicked off at the end of october even looked to bring together high tech gurus and investors from across the globe more than ten thousand participants from dozens of countries want to the expo center along the moscow river to handle the influx the exhibition halls were decked out to fulfill all the attendees gadget driven needs the event build itself as a unique gathering of leaders in the fields of science business and government to encourage innovative development put in seven hundred speakers gave talks over the forums for days the schedule is jam packed with high powered conferences and coffee fuelled negotiations normally this time of year plays host to a different event but in two thousand.


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