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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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lol. but midnight moscow time police fired tear gas at thousands of demonstrators marched stone in cairo's tahrir square to protest against a decree granting egyptian president morsi sweeping new pharaoh like we've got the latest tonight. one palestinians killed more than a dozen wounded by israeli gunfire near the border with gaza in the bloodiest violation yet of the fragile troops. and the leaders clash over the budget with some nations digging their heels in to avoid forking out more cash for their a stereotype hit economy.
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a lot of real good morning to if you've just joined us it's kevin owen here at r t this egypt's security forces have fired tear gas at protesters rally against the muslim brotherhood backed president mohamed morsi in tahrir square thousands took to the streets across the country reacting to calls for nationwide demos from opposition leaders his courage true with the latest details from egypt's capital what i really want is today's very heavy police tactics you see a lot to tear gas on protesters throwing rocks down on protesters from the top of buildings and we've also seen molotov being thrown back and forth as what i've really seen is quite harsh tactics used by the police to stop protests in tahrir square at the same time we had demonstrations at the presidential palace in support of the president and also across the country we've seen a president and the president protesters clashing in front of their headquarters so there's been quite
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a lot happening today egypt feels very divided what is the general strength of feeling against those opposed to what the president's done it's. really very strong the opposition right now i mean this is actually in a strange way united the opposition forces you've been quite divided recently there was mass uproar yesterday when the president late yesterday evening announced his constitutional declaration which essentially awarded him powers over the judiciary it also said that his decree is that gratian is would be an appealable and this is something that's led commentators to call him the new pharaoh and to call the document in essence a coup so what we're seeing here is massive criticism of the president and actually quite a lot of fear that he's really becoming a new tactic a dictator because he actually has right now more power is the most direct evidence is the. feeling on the ground we could see a similar uprising to the previous regime for it's a slightly different situation as the president does have a very large support base here with the hails from the muslim brotherhood which is
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a very organized organization and very able to get the protesters the members to the streets which is why we saw thousands in front of the presidential office in support of the president so really whether the opposition forces can convince the people that that president morsi is doing is wrong is to be seen well true political unrest will continue in egypt until the people are granted real political freedom said lawrence freeman the executive intelligence review magazine . i think president morsi is now on a slippery slope and it shows you how fragile and delicate this whole movement that was launched a couple years ago or democracy i sometimes say so-called democracy because they're not really giving democratic rights to the people and that's that people are participating in the government and also the people are actually raising their
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standard of living i think morsi the president has made some kind of arrangement with the military a few months ago i think he's also has some kind of struck here strong backing from the west so until the actual people of egypt like all these other countries have done through these thirty two more to its time until the people are given real economics to grow until they give a real freedom this is going to continue to be a problem people risk their lives keep the state on demonstration people didn't commonly by police first on the rybar now in the morsi it's not going to start until we actually have a real power for the future of the country but we value to follow the events unraveling in car on our website there were posting the latest photos latest videos for us and r.t. dot com. from palestinians been killed more than a dozen wounded by israeli gunfire in gaza today medics say the civilians came
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under attack for trespassing on the border area with israel television claims its forces had fired warning shots the bloodshed comes just two days after a cease fire ended the conflict with gaza militants had to terry fator who's in gaza says the terms of the truce remain unclear. under the ceasefire most gazans see that the no go military buffer zone which israel had put imposed on palestinian terror john the palestinian side of the border had been erased and that the farmers in the area whose land had been taken away they would not be able to farm that groups of palestinians went to what they thought was now again that palestinian territory one palestinian has been killed in that incident in the cease fire there's a particular line referring to this that over these coming hours and days there will be more detail different to this notion of the lifting of this siege blockade on the gaza strip but i think people here in gaza according to mind reading a very very skeptical about actually being realized one hundred percent extent that
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the blockade would totally be lifted and there have been two milestone easing of the blockade since it was first imposed but they have been tiny in relative terms i don't think people are expecting this cease fire to manifest in a proper proper and real lifting of the blockade of the gaza strip we've had so many injured over a thousand we've had over one hundred sixty palestinians killed and remember more is still being killed because they're dying of the injuries that they. inflicted on them during the seven day war so the body count is still rising and the ministry of health here in gaza and the world health organization still have not given us the latest figures of how many palestinians were killed and so the scars are very much on the ground there on the mind and there on the bodies of some palestinians but it was spoke to a spokesman for the israeli prime minister's office see admitted the government's lost some popularity and recognized the broad criticism of israel so-called
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surgical strikes which killed dozens of palestinian civilians. you know definitely there are many people in israel the thing the prime minister should. get more in or get more of this operation go in ground operation because these people don't believe but hamas will really stop firing rockets and fortunately unfortunately people in israel cannot believe that the international community can . pressure in in for us this cease fire and that's why people are so kind of frustrated the prime minister started that peroration and i'd like to ask you about that so while you're on the line an interested party course in all this looking on some officials there have said that israel is showing weakness by letting a mass of the hook how concerned are you with terrans reaction well first of all i don't thing israel was weak israel was poor is needed to stop
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the rockets we did you know very surgical attacks on terrorists and even now with the very surgical it that some terrorists we don't want to use force more than we need and that in every every case just let us live in peace we will not use force believe me there were dozens of civilians in garza killed including thirty seven children will anyone in your government or military be held accountable for those deaths you think differently and we're really really sorry for these deaths but you should know that hamas terrorists are behind civilians they fire rockets from schools they hide their rockets in hospitals they use apartments of people in order to fire rockets on our civilians you know when we hurt civilians we really regret that but hamas targets our civilians they see victory in hurting civilians when we do that unfortunately we're really sorry and we see failure there and believe me if
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we do want the civilians will not be heard we call upon civilians and we are. every time before every strike we call points of view length now it's of be around the terrorist and lucky enough to lead the terrorists use the civilians and then nobody will hurt and that's a good bit what we want we want to target in heard only they also fire rockets on us we got some thoughts too from or through political analyst honey or he told me how mass has emerged victorious from the conflict despite suffering greater losses than israel. do they really side i think netanyahu and his government has lost in or out or i would pretty much put them in the category of a short term losers in this news fire deal just the whole thing sure that clearly how israel has no long term strategy in dealing with the palestinian people literally. hamas by claiming so so hard to it's approach to resist and of
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course it's. not verging on building more popularity and to be honest with you just before the attacks or to the war erupted how most popular it was pretty much a dwindling and now it's coming back again to the sea in. pretty poor areas and preventing . a ground invasion on the palestinians and pretty much defending them at least that's what the with the public in of those things. coming up later this failure to see eye to eye you talks on the future but you collapse so for me this clash over how much money should be given to the lock up that story and more after this break.
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texas wants to pull away from the usa effectively twenty states have started petitions for independence after obama won the election with well just a few voting irregularities but guess what suspicion will never happen it is a very easy thing to do decide a petition and it is another thing entirely to leave the usa that will civil war thing that happened back then does anyone the usa honestly think that they are a governor has the ball determination of the actual rebel i don't think there is a single george washington type among them well maybe just see victoria kind of but . he's out of office how it makes it seem like revolution or so session is this fun cool easy thing to do with cool slogans and texan flags flying but the reality looks a lot more like the arab spring before you put your name on the dotted line as a seed you should really understand what that means and what your in for the founding fathers shirt did but that's just my opinion.
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to be civil which brightened if you move from things to christians. whose claims don't tante don't come. we speak your language any time of the will not advance. news programs and documentaries and spanish matters to you breaking news a little turn a tip angles couldn't stories. you hear. the choice all to spanish find out more visit eye to eye all tito is calm.
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on the money with the business of russia business. sure is that so much of an. issue on the mark with actual ceasefire over gaza after eight days of destruction and death what did israel actually achieve what about the palestinians. more news today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. corp.
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european union leaders have failed to reach a deal after days of negotiating a book financial future in brussels most e.u. members supported an increase in the budget will some including britain call for cuts claiming that intel of nations just don't have any money to spare. first reports. no deal for the sun that the budget talks as he said all simply ending in collapse is going to be pretty hard to put a positive spin on this nonetheless of course we're seeing the european leaders trying now i've got the statement in front of me at the moment from the european council and they're saying the talks are going to continue they're going to hope to have around some kind of agreement by next year a lot of focus now is going to be or what exactly went wrong and of course what is going to happen next what we really saw happening over the past few days in the
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sort of crux of the failure was that you saw this widening divide between the big donor countries you have britain you had germany you have the netherlands you had denmark they were very much pushing for these big cuts in the e.u. budget is going to take us from twenty fourteen to twenty twenty any so on the other side of that divide countries like france and italy now alternately what went wrong is the deal that was put on the table by the president of the european council ploy these countries including britain saying look that's simply not good enough and so alternately as we said they were able to overcome that and say this hold you meant this the base going to drag on internets this is very much a story of divided europe there were a number of countries that stood alongside britain in calling for those cuts david cameron very much would have wanted to give the message to people watching back home you know look i'm on your side as he said i'll be fighting for the very best deal for the british taxpayer now what he said is look we didn't get
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a deal but we didn't get an unacceptable daylight the prime minister is going to be returning to britain facing a country that never at any point in its history has really felt like its membership in the european union itself is under question and really the talks of britain having an in or out referendum in the european union seeming more like a question. not if that will happen but when as we've been finding out. exclusivities security and all the added perks it was once the club everyone wanted to be a part of the britain's place within the european union has never before seen so you uncertain. support for the flagging we've come to one of the u.k.'s top members clubs to find out just how you run a successful club and more importantly how do you keep those members happy i think the key thing to be successful in the members club is to listen. i think if you
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start with listening listening to your membership and what they're looking for you could have educate them sometimes you got to inspire them right you've got to build long term relationships based on loyalty enormously but fundamentally you need to have a vision. europe's visions become blurred in recent times as reality has set in huge unemployment to sweat the e.u. the stereotype hits hard in large scale protests and now a common occurrence in britain an anti e.u. political party ukip has seen a rise in support from people who feel britain would now be better going it alone my party you kind of plan this party is quite happy with friendship cooperation and try which is the way that this has been sold to the british people over the decades but it's not about that it's always been about creating a centralized political state united states of europe in a sari in reality if not in nine and that's where it's going wrong because that
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isn't what people want so you just want to be people once party conducted it's a mini referendum asking the british people if they were given the vote today whether they'd vote in all out i'd like britain to be part of europe it's good for trade it's good for business and if we're outside of it then we're going to resell it's just a lot easier when everything is in the you know passports needed ok. i don't think we should be in the e.u. because that way we'd be free to make up our own laws and follow them ourselves the process of minuses there's no absolute answer to that i feel artie's results were inconclusive it seems whether you're the prime minister you're a skeptic a member of the public all just a reporter trying to judge the outcome of a possible future referendum is next to impossible right now the recent newspaper poll found more than half of these asked would vote to leave the e.u. in a referendum what's clear is that if britain is to remain a part of the e.u.
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things are going to have to change how do you keep everyone happy. that's the trick it's a trick and a magic that people everyone happy is for treating them as individuals not true as numbers whether it's the sums money of. any finally agreed upon in the budget debate or the final count of the referendum the u.k. have won when it comes to britain's feature in the year a club numbers it's clear will play a very big part so i think london robert oulds who's the director of the bridge group people leaves all of the european lawmakers problems are caused by the desire for unity if countries had the whites to manage their own economies as they see fit then we wouldn't have this awful austerity that we're seeing we would have had these unsustainable booms which happened in southern europe and ireland and of course we wouldn't have this enormous bust which is creating
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a massive unemployment if their countries had their own rights to manage their own affairs and set their own legislation to their own interest rates in many german economies as they see fit without having to hand over billions each year to brussels as britain does we'd be generally a lot better off really the opinion we're seeing is reached the limits of its it levels of integration there are moves to expand more powers to the you to have more . control over national member states budgets even to have its own sources of income it's only you taxes that of course is pushing it too far it's gone far too far in the wrong direction which is centralization and it powers were turned i think the atmosphere in europe would be a lot better what. moscow investigators have searched several homes belonging to the russian army including that of an attorney so to cough the former defense minister he was sacked by president vladimir putin earlier this month following corruption allegations is artie's tomba. police searched eighteen holiday in
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recreational cottages outside moscow used by former defense minister and italy sergio colvin eighteen defense officials those cottages were rented by another defense official himself arrested in connection with the defense contractor. and the possibility that it was involved with corruption involving the defense ministry this all comes after you have guinea a vastly over a high figure within the defense ministry and a close associates. she herself has been charged with embezzlement she was involved with a defense contractor all the wrongs service and a few weeks ago the scandal broke that there possibly was alleged to have been a scheme to sell off eleven million dollars worth of defense property cheaply if she's convicted gania could face up to ten years in prison and unfortunately it
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goes beyond that as well possibly into russia's. satellite navigation system as well the company involved with building that russian space systems is alleged to have been burgled two hundred million dollars that's five point six percent of the total funding for that program all of this comes as a major blow to russia's defense ministry which was supposed to have been one of the ministries most pushing for reform in russia reform of the armed services and of the defense contracts that supply it but a mere putin has pledged an eye watering seven hundred twenty six billion dollars to defense for defense reform over the coming decades but there's also the government's push against corruption in russia and for the russian public to trust that their money is going but all this money is going to the right place
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these corruption investigation. we're going to have to try and put to rest scandals like this that in the past weeks have been rocking russia's defense establishments . russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has criticized nato as potential deployment of patriot missile systems at the syria turkey border plans to install the arms were put forward for requests by ankara alliance officials claim the systems will only serve defensive purposes and it comes amid reports of intensified shelling in damascus suburbs by syrian troops attempting to advance on rebel held areas as opposed to political activist dr years and i've told me missile deployment is clearly not a defensive measure. mr lavrov said today it was interesting to listen to his. analogy today where he said that if we see a gun and the first act in theater then of the play then it's very likely to shoot by the third act and and deploy in such missiles is not really going to be for
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defensive measure what do they need to defend against at least that turkey has an army and it can defend against more tire for example this is clearly for a larger scale intervention where they want to secure a no fly zone area and we've been hearing the e.u. countries especially britain and france advocating such intervention recently would have been talking about limited scale intervention how about how how comprehensive and how a normal out war style this is going to be i think it is not going it's not going to be a war style it will be a war of attrition it's not going to threaten the syrian government of a sudden intervention they know very well that this is going to ignite a. response from the syrian side that may trigger a lot of chaos and in the region. north korea could be preparing for a long range ballistic missile test according to japan's a save newspaper citing
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a u.s. intelligence report american satellite images appear to show missile parts big move from a factory to a launch pad in the country's northwest the move seen as a response to south korean military drills marking two years since the north bomb shells in the south territory killing four people last month solved military was given a boost to buy deal with washington extending its ballistic missile range campaign dawson says program remains isolated is evident. north korea is not going to listen to the un nor do they care what the un has the say i mean north korea is suffering from pretty severe sanctions. they need food aid they just recently opened up more tourism to china at least some form of revenue so they have no incentive to listen to any such demands from the un because the un and their national pressure are already doing everything they can to squash and squirrels north korea's economy as it is for south korea has
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a lot more room to maneuver as they are not so internationally isolated as north korea by their choosing to continue this tension with the north which has been going on since the korean war with the united states and there is nothing good to come of it i don't see why they're making these decisions to continually poke the bear. the last campaigning for the word spain's catalonia region ahead of sunday's election one of the hardest for decades the governing party six of monday the hold a referendum on independence month after one and a half million people took to the streets of barcelona to support a breakaway artes to farm reports. catalonia is one of spain's wealthiest regions and it will choose a new government on sunday however the elections could also trigger a constitutional crisis in spain and that is because the careful and president aftermath has promised to hold a referendum on independence if he's reelected and that will put him at loggerheads with the spanish prime minister mariano at a forward who says it would be against spain's constitution and also against the
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national interest during this time of economic hardship what kind of loans have long harbored feelings of separatism historically they do have their own culture and their own language but they say it is this economic crisis which is which has acted as a catalyst for this latest drive for independence the region as a whole pays more in taxes to the spanish government and it gets back and that really rankles the residents here with unemployment rates at around twenty five percent there are those who are against separatism some people do say that the region's economy could suffer if it is forcibly draw from the spanish market and potentially the european union market however straw polls do suggest the majority of people are in favor and that aftermath will be reelected on sunday and therefore give the spanish prime minister a headache you would rather not have as andrew farmer there could not join him when it's past midnight here in moscow this early saturday morning thanks to a company where we're watching around the world you can see the next to me must
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mean business or shortly after the break you know we know what you're talking about here there's good news for the russian economy there is also doing good going on at the moment we europe us school cliff but as far as russia is concerned they've just been polled second in a financial times thursday yeah exactly for political political economic will say it's all good and i'm going to be explaining exactly why they got that place in the business person after the break of a journey that took away. in this remote siberians in which people still sing the sounds which russians sang in the middle ages and they cherish the ancient rituals practiced by the will set up church before the seventeenth century the old believers here is sign the area are
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conservative community they're known as the simi skia a word which refers to family. either way i believe there yes i feel right. now i'm the first that i know. people here are happy to show their way of life to tourists and teach them how to dance in the local star. use of prayer and the bill and a girl needs to watch her legs don't go up too much during the dance she must be a modest. seventeen year old nanda is from the same village she now studies in the city and dances at a club. she puts on her costume and the traditional amber necklace only when she comes to visit her grandmother.


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