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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EST

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egypt fires tear gas at a rally in crowds and great islamic president of the harwood wall so it was granted himself sweeping new. easter island hamas observe a shaky cease fire despite trading accusations of violations to several heads and a deadly blow to shoot take. on the he's treating you are a bunch of is still up in the air as leaders fail to agree on how much they want to this day. this is all see coming to live from moscow hello and welcome to the program egypt's security forces have fired tear gas at angry protesters running against the islamic president mohamed morsi and news
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a creed granting him sweeping powers has sparked demos across the country that position has started as protests in the higher square pleasuring to fight what it calls morse's powa grab on to cairo based journalist details for. what i really think is quite harsh tactics used by the police to stop protests from tahrir square you see a lot of tear gas on protesters throwing rocks down on protesters from the top of buildings and we've also seen molotov being thrown back and forth at the same time we've had demonstrations at the presidential palace in support of the president also across the country we've seen president the president protesters clashing in from to brother headquarters so there's been quite a lot happening is actually in a strange way united the opposition forces you've been quite divided recently there was mass uproar when the president announced his constitutional declaration. which
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essentially awarded him powers over the judiciary it also said that his decree and his that gratian is would be an appealable and this is something that's led commentators to call him the new pharaoh and to call the document in essence a coup so what we're seeing here is massive criticism of the president and actually quite a lot of fear but he's really becoming a new tactic a dictator because he actually has right now more power as the mubarak ever did the president does have a very large support base here was the hails from the muslim brotherhood which is a very organized organization and very able to get the protesters the members to the streets which is why we saw thousands in front of the presidential office in support of the president so really one of the oppositional forces can convince the people that that the president morsi is doing is wrong is to be seen. and president morsi has defined as the need to curry granted him powers and he told his supporters he was leading each other on
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a path to freedom and democracy but journalist ahmed fahour he believes military rule in egypt has simply been replaced by another king of the potato chip. what have mohammad morsi done mubarak in the height of his power could not even dream of achieving morsi is part of the muslim brotherhood and islam or fascist group they have control over their members and their supporters it is very simple and a country with more than forty five percent of its population are illiterate to control them in the name of religion gyptian is are now seeing clearly they have replaced the military fascist style regime of hosni mubarak into the religious fascist regime of mohamed morsi and the muslim brotherhood egyptians and they have undertaken a revolution back in january twentieth levon calling for three simple things bread freedom and social justice neither of these three. calls demands that
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they have called for and in the revolution have been achieved the state of the egyptian of qana me is in shambles this state of freedoms it's been marginalized people wanted to establish a democracy they wanted to establish solid at the here and to human rights they wanted to have social justice applied and not to turn it from the military to the religious fascism. strong was there from journalist five hey who was talking to us earlier from new york. and fragile ceasefire between hamas and israel remains intact and has now ended its said day that's despite accusations from both sides that they were violations of the trees with several riots and shootings near the border one palestinian was killed in one thousand nine hundred eighty injured when israeli soldiers opened fire at palestinians who entered and no goes at the border israeli defense forces at around three hundred people from going as i approached
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a security fence at different points on friday and warning shots had to be fine had a filmmaker and activist harry fear was a witness their friend said and continues working gaza believes that palestinians who entered the no go zone thought they could under the deal. under the ceasefire most gazans see that the no go military buffer zone which israel had put imposed on palestinian terror john the palestinian side of the border had been raised and that the farmers in the area whose land had been taken away they would not be able to farm that groups of palestinians went to what they thought was now again that palestinian territory one palestinian has been killed in that incident in the cease fire as a particular line referring to this that over these coming hours and days there will be more detail different to this notion of the lifting of this siege blockade on the gaza strip but i think people here in gaza according to my own reading a very very skeptical about that actually being realized to one hundred percent
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extent that the blockade would totally be lifted and there have been two milestone easing of the blockade since it was first imposed but they have been tiny in relative terms i don't think people are expecting this cease fire to manifest in a proper proper and real lifting of the blockade of the gaza strip we've had so many injured over a thousand we've had over one hundred sixty palestinians killed and remember that more is still being killed because they are. of the injuries that they. inflicted on them during the seven day war so the body count is still rising and the ministry of health here in gaza and the world health organization still have not given us the latest figures of how many palestinians were killed and so the scars are very much on the ground there on the mind and there on the bodies of some palestinians. polls show about half of all israelis thing that government should have pushed forward with the offensive that killed of one hundred sixty palestinians while
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hamas rocket attacks killed six israelis and my colleague kevin. spokesman from the prime minister's office who now says israel's only goal is peace. definitely there are many people. that think the prime minister should. get more in or get more of this operation go in ground operations because these people don't believe but hamas will really stop firing rockets and fortunately unfortunately people israel cannot believe that the international community can. pressure in for is this ceasefire and that's why people are so kind of frustrated the prime minister started that peroration but again the fact the prime minister's peroration proved that we don't want to invade we don't want to hurt we just want stability and peace that sounds great on paper but the underlying tensions have gone away of there we could talk about this for a long time. and i'd like to ask you about that so while you're on the line an
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interested party course in all this looking on some officials there said that israel is showing weakness by letting a mass of the hook how concerned are you with terrans reaction well first of all i don't think israel was weak israel was the cause is needed to stop the rockets just let us live in peace we will not use force believe me because even though with those surgical attacks what we've heard the word described a lot over the last couple of days there were dozens of civilians in gaza killed including thirty seven children will anyone in your government or military be held accountable for those deaths do you think differently and we're really really sorry for these deaths and that's good what we want we want to target in heard only those who fire rockets on. north korea could be preparing to test a ballistic missile before the end of the game they say stop trying to pass this possible. through them. and no briefings to be suffering from its
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hospitality has radicalism among my friends is becoming a popular trend these health. e.u. leaders her have been battling over their common budget in brussels for two days have failed to reach an decision we can members who wanted to uphold subsidies and support programs while large contributors to e.u. those urged the belt tightening in line with the stairs here at home a new round of cash fights will now have to take place next year as r.t. sarafov reports. no deal for the budget talks as he said all simply ending in collapse is going to be pretty hard to put a positive spin on this nonetheless of course we're seeing the european leaders trying now i've got the statement in front of me at the moment from the european council and they're saying the bilateral talks are going to continue they're going to have to hammer out some kind of agreement by next year
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a lot of focus now is going to be or what exactly went wrong and of course what is going to happen next what we really saw happening over the past three days in the sort of crux of the failure was that you saw this widening divide between the big donor countries you have britain you had germany you had the netherlands you had denmark they were very much pushing for these big cuts in the e.u. budget is going to take us from twenty fourteen to twenty twenty and you saw on the other side of that divide countries like france and italy now ultimately what went wrong is the deal that was put on the table by the president of the european council the poor these countries including britain saying look that's simply not good enough and so alternately as we said they were able to overcome that stalemate and say this whole vehement this debate going to drag on internet this is very much a story of divided europe there were a number of countries that stood alongside britain in calling for those cuts david cameron very much would have wanted to give the message to people watching back
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home you know look i'm on your side as he said i'll be fighting for the very best deal for the british taxpayer now what he said is look we didn't get a deal but we didn't get an unacceptable daylight the prime minister is going to be returning to britain facing a country that never at any point in its history has really felt like its membership in the european union itself is so under question and really the talks of britain having an in or out referendum in the european union seeming more like a question. not if that will happen but when as we've been finding out. here you members will have to work harder next year to come to an agreement if they don't want to fall back on more costly annual budgets but robert oulds the director britain's largest here a skeptic think time says countries need complete control over their financial affairs to prosper if countries had the whites to manage their own economies as they see fit then we wouldn't have this awful austerity that we're seeing we would
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have had these unsustainable which happened in southern europe and ireland and of course we wouldn't have this enormous bust which is creating a massive unemployment if their countries had their own rights to manage their own affairs and set their own legislation to their own interest rates many german economies as they see fit without having to hand over billions each year to brussels as britain does would be generally a lot better off really the european union we're seeing is reached the limits of levels of integration there are moves to expand more powers to the e.u. to have more. control over national member states budgets even to have its own sources of income it's only you taxes that of course is pushing it too far it's gone far too far in the wrong direction which is centralization and it powers were turned i think the atmosphere in europe would be a lot better what of course in terms of the britain's own deficit and the debts
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that the u.k. has it is a small amount that the european union's asking for because the european union has already taken so much power people are just loathe to accept a situation where they're going to get any more money. why are you here a struggle to find a common way forward so regions are looking for ways to go it alone in spanish catalonia people are set to go to the polls to elect a regional government which could see a referendum on its independence on skis and your father has said he tells. there's a wind of separatism blowing through europe at the moment and it's reached the north eastern shores of spain catalonia is the latest region to officially our spare independence is something people here have long felt in their hearts but now they're feeling it in their pockets. i think it's a good idea to be in the band them for our. country. which is. really really bad situation it's a bargain for. the border for the cultural problem
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caterham flags can be seen hanging from balconies through barcelona reflecting a growing desire for home rule under a drive to break away from the central government in madrid this weekend's local election is being fought on that issue alone catalan president for mass has made it the centerpiece of his campaign this convergence union party trying to hold an independent referendum if they win and say a free catalonia would be a cure all for the region's economic problems that have seen unemployment top twenty five percent the economic context in europe and in the south of europe has been a catalyzer of this. movement we can see in the sense of people including the believe that with our own resources human capital economic resources we could be better off if not being in the spanish estate and this is a reality that
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a lot of economic research has show many catalans find it a persuasive argument it's one of spain's wealthiest regions producing a fifth of the country's economic output but it pays around sixteen billion euros a year more in taxes than it gets back in madrid which has in turn insisted public services enjoy austerity cuts. this is not fair i mean we are the ones who are. doing our best in the reasons we cannot have all the weight of this measure and the central government for us is the one who is spending the most and not in the last september barcelona witnessed one of the largest separatist rallies here since the nineteen seventies over one and a half million catalans took to the streets to call for independence but the path to becoming a new european state is far from smooth the proposed referendum is against the spanish constitution what's more withdrawing from spain could also force this
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region to drop out of the european union those against separatism believe it could do more harm than good. separatism for going alone or would be an economic disaster multi-national companies located in brazil for access to the spanish work it and being in the e.u. that would be lost which more even of separatism does not happen just talking about it creates uncertainty and that is the last thing the economy needs during this current crisis. with poll suggesting after mass will win reelection barcelona and madrid look set free. the president of the spanish military association colonel leopoldo sanchez has even suggested it might lead to another civil war political parties dismissed that as extreme rhetoric but remaining cattle and you hope this weekend will mark the first step towards the break up of spain. andrew farmer r.t. catalonia it's reference to spread throughout the gulf war and it's not political
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strife this time the mysterious respiratory virus claims and all eyes are cast in saudi arabia raising their son as they flew late in tel aviv deg reporter and that's what. i'll be here is actually two thousand and six the pressures around the world that's according to the self. is found a miscalculation by several guests for the birth of christ the question calendar what eight hours. waiting for you on our website. north korea could be preparing for a long range ballistic missile test that's according to japanese media citing a u.s. intelligence report american satellites picking up missile parts being transported told the launch pad in the north east of the country the north has been from such activities by u.n. resolution but says it is developing a peaceful space program south korea has backing to extend its ballistic missile range enabling it to try targets across the border and this comes two years since
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the deadly shelling by the north of a south korean island has left four dead soul marks the anniversary of the military drills and their ear wished young cold a provocation and peace campaigner ryan dawson says north korea remains as isolated as that. north korea is not going to listen to the u.n. nor do they care what the u.n. as the say i would north korea is suffering from pretty severe sanctions they need food aid they just recently opened up more tourism to china at least some form of revenue so they have no incentive to listen to any such demands from the u.n. because the u.n. and their national pressure already doing everything they can to squash and squirrels north korea's economy as it is for south korea has a lot more room to maneuver they're not so internationally isolated as north korea by their choosing to continue this tension with the north which has been going on since the korean war with the united states and there is nothing good to come of it
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i don't see why they're making these decisions to continually poke the bear. let's now take a look at some other stories making the news this hour police in thailand use tear gas and the first major anti-government protest against prime minister yingluck shinawatra a sixteen month old government around ten thousand poured into the streets and tried to break through a roadblock to get to their rally site they accuse the p.l.o. of anti monarchist tunnels and corruption. the syrian government troops are struggling to maintain control of key neighborhoods south of damascus as their battle with opposition fighters rages on the rebel forces which reportedly include members of al qaeda have also been facing kurdish militants near the turkish border syrian government forces it was drew from the country's north east in the summer and were quickly replaced by the kurdish contingent affiliated with take is kurdistan workers party. pakistan has suspended mobile phone
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services and possibly country until sunday over fears of law terror attacks the government says cell files are being used by movements to detonate bombs and almost all of the blasts that occurred within the past two weeks thirty seven people were killed and more than ninety injured in three separate bomb attacks targeting shiites and karrar tree catarrh and painting earlier this week. possibly u.k. already under deep flood waters are preparing for worse with forecasters are warning of dangerous rains and winds over the weekend the weather's already claimed the lives or one man after his car was trapped in rising waters under the bridge pulls a port disruption to hundreds of houses coal power cut power cause transport chaos and made more than one hundred people flee to safety. multiculturalism is on the rise in norway with many muslims among those
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contributing to a rapid growth in population this counted in country but as the notion in our report was radical elements in the expanding islamic commune. increasing concern. tolerance is no is well known trademark maybe even to well known thirteen percent of the country's five million population or remembrance but it seems it may be suffering from its own hospitality rylan district near was like the area that we get so close to because they stopped to see it started as if it's immigrants i mean it's a population for years it's been home to a large number of outsiders who believe in peace and many locals treat it like it's besides it's not enough a while ago a radical islamic group demanded to make its independence from the city and the sharia law territory to feel literally. in a letter sent to some of the country's politicians and journalists and known
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extremists have threatened to carry out and nine eleven in no way if their demands are not met. that it's really something really. really to be taken seriously but this is not the first death threat coming from noways muslim community in this we do know a pakistani born in mom preaches those not praying should be brought to prison for those not fasting during ramadan is decapitated is it possible to kill here in the river yeah no problem or weapon is made to kill we hear concerns over how some immigrants bring part of their cultures to know we from the head of the country's hunting union. our something courses in this there were pending for muslims who seem to have more interest. in nature and helping attending courses is one of the two legal ways in no way to get a personal weapons license if you don't respect the rigid rules and you want to
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live. in norway and then you can go back to your country opposition. remember he himself came to no way as a political refugee in the late eighty's he says the ruling labor party is importing voters immigrants are indeed him on the party's strongest supporters but the prize is high how can you integrate minority when the minority actually the majority in a society who is going to learn from. such rhetoric is too familiar to every norwegian a homegrown terrorist killed seventy seven here last summer protesting against the takeover of muslim immigrants also one towards one of those on that island last july his comrades and friends were killed right in front of his very eyes he says he survived to fight for would brave it try to destroy the most important lesson is that. grounded well use for growth.
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it's a fight the fight for democracy. justice it's something that we need to focus on despite concerns of the threat to kill made by some immigrants may be a real noways unlikely to give up its taller and small toe in fact it's quite the opposite for many the only response to brave immigrants motivated massacre is seen immigrants embraced more than ever before. our t.v. no way. but take a dinner has had barely been digested this week before most americans turned their attention for thanksgiving to black friday has become one of the country's biggest shopping days of the get his new york resident has been to see what people actually think of the retaining hysteria. the holidays have the arrived in the united states but instead of talking about
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family and religion americans only to be talking about. why is that this week let's talk about that do you think that americans are aware. the irony of having a crazy frenzied shopping day the day after we give thanks for what we already have best day of the year which one thanksgiving or black friday the day after black friday exactly you love it yeah it's a great time of year to go shopping and trample people. the world's ending anyway twenty. calendar so we don't have to worry about fixing our consumerism we don't have to worry about shopping nothing do you think it's an american thing or do you think it's a worldwide thing. i think americans are probably worse than do you think americans are a little too obsessed with shopping for the holidays no i think it's great it's wonderful fun to get out but it's spending money on stuff you don't necessarily me that's how the holidays are about what's makes economy go round is that the most important thing you know we're having from a scrape are people obsessed with shopping where you're from well yes because we
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know the whole reason why we come here so we can show so we are obsessed and we count wife it's mara what does it say about us as a society as humanity that we're so obsessed with consumerism. i think it's very pretty sad why do you think americans are so crazy about shopping during the holidays. idea media you guys. tell everyone to buy set exactly and so they do i haven't seen one commercial for jesus i haven't seen one commercial for volunteers i haven't seen one commercial about the spirit at all but i've seen plenty for shopping why is that. cereal the material aspect of society there they push it and we fall into that trap so is it our fault fault for falling into the trap it's a combined effort and effort of non human humanistic to these with an economy in the tank a climate in shifts and
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a world at war it might behoove us off to focus less on consuming and more on what's really important this holiday season. child may well look a bit late has got inches from russian but it is along with a pair of new bruises and an alternative up stalled us into a break. he
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won't go into the future to look a little past you but as the best and brightest take my it's gather in moscow some came to work while others came to play get up close and personal with devices that recreate masterpieces and scan russian treasures from inside and from space to keep us safe from oil spills and forest fires unleash your inner gadget geek is the major's search for the next big thing in the computer world and russia's own joints well into his good he's willing to take the fight straight to their creditors no one jumping here. we've got the future covered.
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oh. hello and welcome to technology update here in moscow we're always on the lookout for the newest of the new and there's been no shortage of big announcements in the high tech world especially as the russian capital plays host to the open innovations forum. the first ever gathering under this name got kicked off at the end of october look to bring.


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