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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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at the negotiations in cairo israel agreed to stop bombing gaza and hamas promised not to fire rockets into israel however any tiny pretext to disturb the extremely fragile calm former russian ambassador to israel thought just take me says any truce is a temporary option the different bullets deadly has still it could be ended only if both sides make a fundamental move towards troops. who mistakenly work into the show thank you very much for being with us today. and my first question is about the current day the the today situation in the middle east both the i.d.f. and the and hamas would doing so which is from the from the gaza strip border but why do you think netanyahu didn't go for that because of the pressure because of the pressure from from the outside of why he might though that he meant that from
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the very beginning because the ground the duration story skee anyway. but i think in the new configuration the coming elections it's stories can because it's possible lawsuits from a dimension where you have really the coalition. and his party new called despite opposition inside the likud party. some of the leaders of the party insisted on continuing. their with their ration until you know it will be settled down the way they wanted to feet it was a wise decision to come under reason prevailed and i think that the partners they need a hole in the ruling coalition. played also the. role i will
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be surprised by the comments made by his minister for the liberal mom who was against grown the peroration. he made a special statement on this issue and also barak. holds to be a clear political winner if we speak about the perfectly for actions well as you mentioned the upcoming knesset elections in israel some people say that they the upcoming election. actually inspired the whole conflict but you say that on the contrary it made no ten yahoo sort of a hot the possible escalation of the conflict so so so it did influence the conflict but how even says that it. helped the ceasefire you know i don't think they lecture and. trigger the home ration and worry
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from from from things on the direction rather on the contrary. because you know i told you well the ground operation was the risky. they lection. they were not the major factor. which encouraged. to do what he has done in the gulf of the storm. i was in israel you know the lead and the problem with the lead in addition to many other problems that it was not stopped in time. despite the international pressure despite the voice of calm and. despite the opposition inside israel. and. yourself for your other a political price for doing that. italy but. all of different angles
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if you will train but you know as far as i know the israelis they they are always ready to vote for tough leaders for those who who who who are ready to to go. go all the way in. the conflicts around israeli border is including ground operations so even the two knew who said. high court that he's ready to fulfill the wish of those who insist on a harsher response if i must break the ceasefire do you think it's likely to happen . do you think the war is avoided or there may be a continuation it's a rather controversial situation because even though some polls in newspapers up to eighty percent of the population mostly located in the south. for the
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continuation of the ground operation but. you know speaking about elections the death toll would be a decisive factor. now likud and. our home for a long labor one party looks to be sure of in the coming election in case also they don't just need another boost yes they don't need they're ok the way they are. you know one way was over the above about you know the linkage between the operation and the expectations. regard for you know the elections and then the second factor which had to be into consideration. as you have a very correctly. it's going on in a new stage in
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a new regional stage after the arab spring the solution is very much different than comparison with. cast lead. and ground the peroration reader solidarity all over the region maybe all over the muslim. world no you know the voices calling for you know where the real condemnation you know of israel where restraint even the. discussions inside the security council were kept. at the acceptable distance for both parties well at this point let's take a closer look there at the eight long days of the israeli palestinian violence and report from spotlights healing is immediate. both sides blame each other for starting the conflict israel launched in their offensive against hamas on the
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fourteenth of november it claimed the aim of the operation was to stop palestinian rockets fired into the jewish state a days of intensive strikes by both sides followed violence true of the world's top diplomats to the region and the cease fire was eventually brokered by egypt on wednesday. i see that we are not against a truce because we did not start the war but specific demands that i have mentioned earlier should be met in brief to stop hooliganism attacks and israeli killings and to lift the siege on gaza. the week long conflict resulted in one hundred sixty palestinian casualties according to the center for human rights in the region almost one hundred of those killed are reported to be surveillance on these really sides five people were killed and two hundred forty injured according to the israel defense forces these really military announced that they managed to destroy over
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fifteen hundred terrorist sides and kill thirty senior operatives. goals were achieved and who hamas and islamic jihad received a painful blow jabari and dozens of terrorists senior commanders and operators were killed. the leader of hamas has led mashal who's the opposite view considering the cease fire agreement a major victory for palestine people in gaza city how the celebrations the day the cease fire was announced despite the truce israeli officials claim that over a dozen rockets have been fired at israel from gaza since the cease fire came into effect not analysts across the world they're making their predictions as to how long this ceasefire will hold. a one to know how long the seas for will hold and. we've mentioned about the new situation the post arab spring situation and you also mentioned that the council is part of
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the major world religion i say she knew what actually did you mean. first of all speaking about the ceasefire i hope it will last. because everybody interested in you know a positive solution on the field of problems which emerge. lately. in this part of the world as a pleasant surprise for everybody was a high level of cooperation of the egyptians. because. in both hosni mubarak era there was a big question mark about. how the gene transfer would behave on the critical situation that they behaved in full responsibility and that looks. like they behaved in a very efficient way. but now with second stage all the. at the
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box consultations because generally speaking the. the three directly get most of the need for all the friends who is a little help from the other of you mentioned but to decide a number of important steps and the future will depend the in the you know. a great lead on a little step so who are thought of staying the former russian ambassador to israel and one of the most competent newspapers the spotlight will be back shortly after we take a break so stay with us we'll continue this interview can withstand. we
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download the official application to choose a language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch all its heat all you need is your mobile device to watch r.t. any time of the. welcome back to spotlight not been just a reminder that my guest in the studio at today's stagnate former russian investors . israel and one of the most competent middle east experts we're talking about
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before is the situation in and around the gaza strip. me israel claimed that it has reached its goals killing several hamas commanders and destroying the launch site well at the same time hamas as we saw held a huge celebration the day they celebrate victory over israel in the same war so was it really somebody is victory was it a win win situation maybe a lose lose situation what was it i think it was a with. militarily you know it's not so different than don't compare five therefore the differently for two reasons one called refused to fix the human life was. you know self-sufficient. by itself so. far. from politicians or. maybe much more than for the people who are not involved directly in the ring. but
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now during this second stage of the context of significant things a number of important questions dealing with. they say some. sort of poisonous things between the palestinians and israelis should be discussed it will be logical the whole of the they will be discussed the crossing the crossings of the border. must be easy. the blockade of gaza which was a gruff old reason maybe for disloyal of college of you would risk elation it has to be discussed and there are some signals. on really started to. listen for reason speaking
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a bit more loudly than in the past and i think that we have you know all the right to connect the music changed the situation in the region i should mention also twenty ninth of november that will be a milestone. for us no member. non-member state. you know if the israelis. will be ready to limit reaction but restrained in the damage. it will be one thing to ration a very full feel promise if not before a threat about a nickel asian or fourthly agreement it will create quite a different situation and it will put everybody in very awkward position your since you were talking about a new situation you are absolutely right
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a bad about the new situation in the region in the world but if we remember the the the former the late prime minister of israel is building players who said once that they have the conflict will be over. only when the the arabs will learn to love their children more than they hate the jews when we think about it we find ourselves. in a world living in the same situation that it was when these words were pronounced don't you agree. you know. if you want me. to make an assessment you know. my opinion well the. you know it's a symbol of. the period in the history of the middle east giving this quote this group. i hope or so you think this is what i was asking about using. my own experience something
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is changing because the world is changing. because. all of us share the same values of democracy of freedom of speach. liberal economy. and that's why for the fourth time come on the political and really the from the ground to try to build a new future for our children and. try to learn to love the children of all open that's not the free fall as much as the love of children so you remember when the british rock star is staying made he made a discovery sharing into the world that the russians love their children do so so you think that we should make this discovery about the arabs it's time to realize
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that they also love their children i just as we and this is this is changing right for wishful thinking ok let's let's have a bit of optimism because there are chances because the literature of that does give us the originals and because of subjective reasons because everybody and all of the patrons. hold forth about that ok but then a question about about hamas not arabs but specifically hamas who reportedly put their missile sites in the. areas that are densely populated that they're actually there they are accused of using using human shields so so do you do you think this is true though is this done on purpose. it may be thrown because you know it's a conflict between the full site israel is much stronger militarily
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much well organized state and. even not. not a state they have to use the possibility through which they possess though. i cannot restrain from them in any. kind of even legitimate self-defense from behind the backs of women children it's not acceptable but speaking about hamas i think that. we can see positive changes and the limitations. take care of the. statements yes they celebrate the victory as much as in some songs and c.d.'s of israel they celebrate the. end of fighting and. any week that your
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claim for three as many fathers as we used to for you to russia as we used to say russian but i think that. chances. are a scene to try to reconstruct the relationship result in the principles of both sides and this chance to be see you quarter will win situation and indeed the latest before ending. the islamists unprecedented political recognition with foreign ministers from turkey and several arab states visiting which which is a sharp contrast to hamas' past or a solution south do you think it's an important sign. is it is it is it a warning to israel that. it was you know quite a crowd. in the region i can add the couple of visitors here she didn't mention
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like with the rally the venture one foreign minister or. a delegation from the arab league. there are two interpretations of the diplomatic if they routinely around the ceasefire talks. first of all they speak too much i think about the differences between sunni and shia. and. i saw a chance or a unit. uniting. the block headed by egypt hopefully. turkey. iran. and the reason for noor of qatar is reaching you full money to gaza also the you know what's considered a step in the direction i should say is that maybe if we.
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try to start a new chapter in the history of the middle east and it's a history of flaws the parties that this. will try a little above you know. you buy. this kind of problem let's try to do something together let's not play at the goal differences confessional differ because this kind of policy might trigger bigger trouble here you mentioned you mentioned egypt well actually mubarak was a great mediator he was one of the gurus of the political process going on in in the region in africa and how now today once again egypt. managed to to to to to play the made eating real do you agree that it was a great opportunity for colorado to try to regain restore the status of
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a regional power. joe politically egypt is the heart is this something of. a realization so the new configuration of. influential countries of the world is being under construction. but they speak a lot about the persian gulf saudi arabia they think the role but encouraging encouraging positive trends. in the region a lot will depend on how the situation in syria will be felt. if the reason prevails. of sense prevails and the right will begin with the people of syria the bold the future it will be you know
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a positive element. in all assessment the bold the future if not. thank you thank you very much for being with us and just a reminder that my guest today was pure stagg former russian ambassador to israel and the most competent middle east experts and that's it for now from all if you want to your saying spotlight someone in launching the plane crash then walk to morrow to drop me a line. on t.v. don't are you and let's to spotlight interact move back with more friends comment on what's going on maybe next door to live on our team and ten years as a national. team
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