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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EST

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car is locked in another day of protests today with the presidents of dictate to like a grab for power that's been described as a coup. spain's got the lonia prepares for a key regional vote which could potentially force a referendum on independence from central government. hamas says that there's no deal to stop the smuggling of weapons into gaza has a shaky truce with israel holds despite the sporadic violence. it's four o'clock here in moscow you're live with us on our t. with me to mom would say egypt's capital is experiencing a second straight day of clashes between opponents and supporters of president
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mohamed morsi and to regime protesters say they have no intention of leaving to here for at least a week having announced a mass sit in the at the symbolic square people flooded the streets across the country angry at the president's decision to grant him self controversial new policies that put him above other branches of government the opposition compared to move to a coup accusing morsi of paving the road to a dictatorship the demonstrations quickly turned violent as protesters clashed with security forces and proration activists journalist ahmed fanti believes the opposition's concerns over the future of democracy in egypt have solid ground. what have mohamed morsi done mubarak can be hard he told his power could not even dream of achieving morsi is part of the muslim brotherhood and islam will fascist group do not control over daughter members supporters it is very simple and. she was more
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than forty five percent of its population are illiterate to control them in the name of religion gyptian is are now seeing clearly they have replaced the military fascist style regime of hosni mubarak into the religious fascist regime of mohamed morsi and the muslim brotherhood egyptians have undertaken a revolution back in january twentieth levon calling for three simple things bread freedom and social justice neither of these three. calls demands that they have called for and in the revolution have been achieved this state of the egyptian arcana me is in shambles this state of freedoms it's been marginalized people wanted to establish a democracy they wanted to establish solid at hearings to human rights they wanted to have social justice applied not to turn it from the military to the
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religious fascism. more pictures of the brawls and skirmishes that have ripped through the streets of egypt the biggest cities as well as the expert comment on the crisis vailable in artie's website at r.t. dot com. the people of spain's maze prosperous and most tax region will choose a new parliament on sunday their choice could ultimately decide whether to cut the loony al will remain a part of spain or go it alone after being stricken by the financial demands of central government to andrew farmer has the story. there's a wind of separatism blowing through europe at the moment and it's reached the northeastern shores of spain catalonia is the latest region to officially aspirate independence is something people here have long felt in their hearts but now they're feeling it in their pockets. i think it's a good idea to be in the band them from. a country. which
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is. really really bad situation is a bargain for. it's a bargain for the good friday cats and i'm flags can be seen hanging from balconies throughout barcelona reflecting a growing desire for home rule under a drive to break away from the central government in madrid this weekend's local election is being fought on that issue alone catalan president mass has made it the centerpiece of his campaign this convergence union party vying to hold an independent referendum if they win and say a free catalonia would be a cure all for the region's economic problems that have seen unemployment top twenty five percent the economic context in europe and in the south of europe has been a catalyzer of this. movement we can see in the zones of people in total believe that with our own resources human capital economic resources we could be
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better off if not being in the spanish estate this is a reality that a lot of economic research has show many cattle and find it a persuasive argument it's one of spain's wealthiest regions producing a fifth of the country's economic output but it pays around sixteen billion euros a year more in taxes than it gets back in madrid which has in turn insisted public services into austerity cuts. this is not i mean we are the ones who're. doing our best in mccormick reasons we cannot afford the weight of this measure and the central government for us is the one who is spending the most in the last september barcelona witnessed one of the largest separatist rallies here since the nineteen seventies over one and a half million catalans took to the streets to call for independence but the path to becoming
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a new european state is far from smooth the proposed referendum is against the spanish constitution what's more withdrawing from spain could also force this region to drop out of the european union those against separatism believe it could do more harm than good. separatism for going alone or would be an economic disaster multi-national companies located in barcelona for access to the spanish work it and being in the e.u. that will be lost which more even of separatism does not happen just talking about it creates uncertainty and that is the last thing the economy needs during this current crisis. with poll suggesting after mass will win reelection barcelona and madrid looks set free. the president of the spanish military association sanchez has even suggested it might lead to another civil war political parties dismissed that as extreme rhetoric but remaining catalans you hope this weekend will mark the first step towards the break up of spain. andrew farmer.
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catalonia. where you can find out more about the cats along the movement of for independence on our website of the timeline of the protests and in-depth analysis of spain's economic troubles are waiting for a. friend also on line ever that's right or are responsible for the deaths of seventy seven people ran his prison conditions as in humane find out what a big is complaining about at r t v dot com. how much says a cease fire with israel does not mean an end to the smuggling of arms into the enclave hamas official denied media claims that egypt and the u.s. have secretly agreed to help stem the flow of weapons to gaza this comes on day three of the shaky truce with television even which is largely holding the spice several outbreaks of violence one palestinian civilian was killed in one thousand
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wounded by israeli gunfire on the border after desert trespass on the buffer zone sporadic clashes with several incidents also taking place in the west bank meanwhile hamas is hailing the ceasefire as a victory and some analysts say the militants have every right to celebrate. the israeli side i think netanyahu and his government have launched and or or i would pretty much put them in the category of the short term losers in this. just all really how israel has no long term strategy in dealing with the power of the gaza hamas by clinging so. hard to this a coup or to resist and of course. verging on. the to be honest with you just before the. attacks or. hamas popularity
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was pretty much at one going and now it's coming back again to the scene and. preventing. a ground invasion of how often you know pretty much defending at least that's what the public you know those things. early in my college heaven when interviewed a spokesman from the israeli prime minister's office. to the government last popular opinion over the outcome of the conflict which saw so-called surgical israeli bombings killed dozens of gazan civilians. you know definitely there are many people in israel that think the prime minister should. get more in or get more of this operation go in ground operation because these people don't believe but hamas will really stop firing rockets and fortunately unfortunately people in israel cannot believe that the international community can
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. pressure in in for us this cease fire and that's why people are so kind of frustrated that the prime minister started that peroration and i'd like to ask you about that so while you're on the line an interested party course in all this looking on some officials there have said that israel is showing weakness by letting a mass of the hook how concerned are you with terrans reaction well first of all i don't think israel was weak israel was poor is needed to stop the rockets we did you know very surgical attacks on terrorists and even now with very surgical attacks on terrorists we don't want to use force more than we need and that in every every case just let us live in peace we will not use force believe me there were dozens of civilians in gaza killed including thirty seven children will anyone in your government or military be held accountable for those deaths you think differently and we really really sorry for these deaths but you should know that hamas terrorists are behind civilians they fire rockets from
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schools they hide their rockets in hospitals they use apartments of people in order to fire rockets on our civilians you know when we hurt civilians we really regret that but come us target our civilians they see victory in hurting civilians when we do that unfortunately we're really sorry and we see a failure there and believe me if we do want the civilians will not be heard we call upon civilians and we. every time before every strike we call a phone surveillance now so be it round but there is a lot in not to lead the terrorists use the civilians and then nobody will and that's good what we want we want to target and hurt only those who fire rockets and i. know it seems to be suffering from its hospitality man as we reported late on
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with the radicalism fast becoming a popular trend among the country's growing muslim community plus. best day of the year which won thanksgiving or black friday the day after black friday exactly you love it yeah it's a great time of year to go shopping and travel people. our resident also the people of new york how they feel about the long awaited starts to the holiday season this is a much more coming your way to the shop three. texas wants to pull away from the usa in fact at least twenty states have started petitions for independence after obama won the election with well just a few voting irregularities but guess what suspicion will never happen it is a very easy thing to do to sign a petition and it is another thing entirely to leave us
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a little civil war thing that happened back then does anyone the usa honestly think that they are a governor has the ball determination to actual rebel i don't think there is a single george washington type among them well maybe just see for tour a kind of but he's out of office how do what makes it seem like revolution or succession is this fun cool easy thing to do with cool slogans a texan flag flying but the reality looks a lot more like the arab spring before you put your name on the dotted line to cede you should really understand what that means and what you're in for the founding father sure did but the show my opinion.
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you're watching our t.v. live from moscow three children have been removed from their four step parents in
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britain because of the political views of the couple leading to public anger the council branded the couple unfit for fostering because they are supporters of the u.k. independence party and we're looking off to f. make children for now let's talk alive all with polly boy who's in london polly i mean i've been reading about this story for a while now and i'm flabbergasted just like a lot of people are really just just give us the rundown of how did this all start who instigated this you know this remove all the children. hi there tabby yes well it all started with a knock on the door for this married couple very unexpectedly the local council came over and said that they've received a tip off that this couple were members of the u.k. independence party and that means that by fostering northern white children it wasn't the correct ethnic match because the local council alleged that you can't has racist policies now in this couple from what i understand is that they've
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previously been able to actually force other children for the past seven years if they can do this for so many years with i guess the political believes why is this affecting them now why the authorities only just realising that this is happening and what does that have to do with parenting anyway it's a very good question to have a lot of people are asking that question today because this by all accounts is a family with an exemplary fostering record they've been fostering kids for the last twelve years and why that membership of a political party a very mainstream political party should now a fact that it's unclear but it's the fact that this local council received this test of as they say that they are members of this party and that's the reason why the children were taken away so a lot of people very angry about that in the u.k. at the moment. if you think about it in one way it's kind of like it defeats the point if a couple wants to adopt a multi-cultural children and then you have
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a government to say well we don't want that but they're trying to foster multiculturalism how is that working i mean if madonna can adopt a kid in i don't know africa if you want to talk about the child's. cultural and you know believes in religious believes we can also argue that madonna may not be a fit parent. it's a very very strange shabby as i said these were. exemplary foster parents with lots of kids that they fostered before and why their membership of a mainstream political party by the latest polls up something like nine percent of the u.k. support you can't yes they euro skeptic yes. they want immigration to be curbed but a lot of people saying that this is a clear case of political correctness gone very wrong once again in britain with kids that need to be cared for taken away back into you know home perhaps from
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a very good loving home because of these political views that are very mainstream it's it's very peculiar indeed what's the rest of the general public saying about this i mean should we now expect all foster families to undergo scrutiny of political views if they're thinking of adopting or fostering kids. well the short answer is no tabby foster family should not undergo any sort of scrutiny about their political views there's lots of children that need to be fostered and these people do a very brave a very. courageous thing and the fact is that it's just a move has ruffled the feathers not of just are supporters of you kate but of people that campaign for fostering because they say that it's a very bad move that's going to put a lot of prospective foster parents that want to do a very good thing or potentially fostering more kids that really need to be re home
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so it's a very sensitive issue and as i said to ruffle the feathers of a lot of people i can imagine it's a topic that many will be talking about and i'm sure a lot of people will be torn between the two sides live from london. syria has condemned turkey for asking the two to do ploy patriotic missiles near the shared border the alliance says it's considering the request from ankara but insists it will be properly defensive at the move is seen by some as a prelude to foreign military intervention to r.c. assad regime syrian rebels are creating a no fly zone to help them hold territory against government forces that now have overwhelming air power on moscow believes nato has missile buildup could create threats and provocations that would end up in an armed conflict the west is backing the syrian rebels many of whom are islamic militants and political activist dr abdullah says foreign intervention could ignite an all out regional war. the point
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such missiles is not really going to be for defensive measure what do they need to defend against at least turkey has an army and they can defend against more tire for example this is clearly for a larger scale intervention where they want to secure a no fly zone area and we've been hearing the e.u. countries especially britain and france advocating such intervention recently where they've been talking about limited scale intervention however how how. comprehensive and how and all out war style this is going to be i think it is not going it's not going to be a war style it will be a war of attrition this not going to threaten the syrian government of a sudden intervention they know very well that this is going to ignite a. response from the syrian side that may trigger
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a lot of chaos and in the region. to some other world news now police in thailand to use tear gas to disperse are the first major protests against the current government around ten thousand poured into the streets and a group of demonstrators with tear gas when they try to break through a police barricade the protesters accuse a prime minister of an anti monarchy stance and corruption the prime minister has a sixteen month old government is on high alert and says it could call in the army support if the situation gets out of control. at least eighteen people have been killed by a gas explosion inside a coal mine in southwestern china many miners are now trapped underground with rescue teams trying to reach them incidents like this remain common in the country with almost two thousand mine workers killed at least killed last year alone. at least as seven people including four children are dead after a blast hit
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a shia procession in pakistan's northwest the area is considered a stronghold of al qaeda linked sunni militants or have stepped up the terror in attacks during a major shia holiday this month over a dozen people have already been killed in violence in the last week. tolerance towards immigrants is something new something norway adopted countries centuries ago rather tens of thousands of people displaced by wars in their countries have found their way to the welcoming land of the vikings however some modern my friends are being accused of taking their new home for granted as marie of national reports. tolerance is nowhere is well known trademark maybe even to well known thirteen percent of the country's five million population a remembrance but it seems it may be suffering from its own hospitality rather than district near. green every week it's. hard to see the start of the streets immigrant dominated population for years has been home to
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a large number of outsiders have been. when it piece of money it was treated exactly so besides it's not enough a while ago a radical islamic group demanded to make its independence from the city and the sharia law territory to feel literally. in a letter sent to some of the country's politicians and journalists and known extremists have threatened to carry out and nine eleven in no way if their demands are not met. it's really something. to be taken seriously but this is not the first death threat coming from noways muslim community in this we do know a pakistani born in mom preaches those not sprain should be brought to prison for those not fasting during ramadan decapitated it isn't possible to kill here in the river yeah no problem or weapon is made to kill we hear concerns over
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how some immigrants bring part of their cultures to norway from the head of the country's one thousand union on our hunting course this there were pending for muslims who seem to have more interest. in nature and helping attending courses is one of the two legal ways in no way to get a personal weapons license if you don't respect the region rules and you want to. live in norway and then you can go back to your country opposition party member. himself came to no way as a political refugee in the late eighty's he says the ruling labor party is importing voters immigrants are indeed him on the party's strongest supporters but the prize is high how can you integrate minority when the minority is actually the majority in the society who is going to learn from. you are you going
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to integrate such rhetoric is too familiar to every norwegian. a homegrown terrorist killed seventy seven here last summer protesting against the takeover of muslim immigrants also one towards one of those on that island last july his comrades and friends were killed right in front of his very eyes he says he survived to fight for what brave it tried to destroy the most important. page ground. for ground. it's a fight the fight for democracy or. justice it's something that we need to focus on despite concern for the threat to kill made by some immigrants may be a real noways unlikely to give up its dollar and small toe in fact it's quite the opposite for many the only response to brave extend to immigrants motivated massacre is seen immigrants embraced more than ever before more if an option r t no way. the turkey dinners had barely been digested this week before most americans
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are turning their attention from thanksgiving to buying black friday's or become one of the country's biggest shopping days of the year artie's new york resident has been to see what people actually think of the retail hysteria. the holidays has arrived in the united states but instead of talking about family and religion americans seem only to be talking about shopping why is that this week let's talk about that do you think that americans are aware of the irony of having a crazy frenzied shopping day the day after we give thanks for what we already have best day of the year which one thanksgiving or black friday the day after black friday exactly you love it yeah it's a great time of year to go shopping and trample people. the world's ending anyway twenty two well that calendar is all going to end so we don't have to worry about
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fixing our consumerism we don't have to worry about shopping nothing do you think it's an american thing or do you think it's a worldwide thing. i mean merit cans are probably worse that or do you think americans are a little too obsessed with shopping for the holidays no i think it's great it's wonderful fun scared to get out but it's spending money and stuff you don't necessarily me that's how the holidays are about what's makes the economy go round is that the most important thing you know we're having from a scrape are people obsessed with shopping where you're from well yes because we know the whole reason why we come here so we can show so we are obsessed and we count wife it's from our what does it say about us as a society as humanity that we're so obsessed with consumerism. i think it's very pretty sad why do you think americans are so crazy about shopping during the holidays. idea media you guys. tell everyone to buy set exactly and so they do with an economy in the tank a climate in shift and
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a world at war it might behoove us off to focus less on consuming and more on what's really important this holiday season. coming up we'll explore what's behind the latest financial head. peter lavelle in the money. you can tell ordinary russian siberian in the blink of an. apologist. those days siberians were different clothes eight different food. different animals. but what about now my journey began in two men but the big city was all shiny all funded skyscrapers and shopping malls much like any other
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prosperous russian post. so i decided to. a small town just outside. many. dumplings came from here to dominate the russian cuisine but only in siberia . with cabbage and jam making sure you can have many as a starter main dish. although it may draw. most people in siberia see nothing wrong with hunting though only if you decide to participate.


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