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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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trying to corporations rule the day. news from today and build week israel and gaza settle into an easy seize far after eight days of air strikes and rocket attacks but a long term peace deal is still to be agreed upon. crowds of protesters face tear gas in cairo as they marched out angry at the islamic president for granting himself sweeping new powers. leaders we've brussels with no decision on their trillion euro common spending with a new round of the budget battle and move into next year. meanwhile with financial troubles taking their toll on european regions it's separatist feelings that are dominating the local elections in catalonia.
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from our moscow headquarters you're watching the weekly here on our t.v. with me. the ceasefire in gaza that ended an eight day israeli offensive remains untapped despite the details of a lasting peace deal having yet to be negotiated more than one hundred sixty palestinians were killed in the assault while hamas attacks killed six israelis and reports from tel aviv many in israel are disappointed with the outcome of the operation and actually view the truce as a victory scored by hamas. alyssa and rachel are packing for the us a cease fire might have been announced but they're not waiting around to see if it works the women were part of an internship program to see what it's like to live in israel so they came they saw and now they choosing to leave this and very anxious living on us like knowing that at any moment the sounds like off i may have to go into a bomb shelter and like it's being scared of public transportation and staff.
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the streets of tel aviv are far cry from the streets of gaza when news of the truce was met with celebrations and fireworks the somewhat muted israeli reaction belies a growing disappointment in the way many here feel the government handled things but i do think that israel finished the operation just so and i think finished it very soon and i think we had a good momentum for this operation we have a very good start and i think that if we would have continued we could have achieved. more a better result from it's i do think that we could have put some more pressure on the organization of hamas. would probably keep us from further rocket attacks in the future i hope. the government has good reason to finish it now many military experts and commentators believe the
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ceasefire was a strategic victory for hamas for two hours off to officially came into force rocket fire from gaza continued it seems that the israeli government has given in to some of the demands of hamas and has made an agreement with a terror organization i think a lot of red lines have been crossed among the disappointed i viewed friedman a lone protester on television campus he's frustrated his army didn't into gaza and was one of the first to call his officer to volunteer it's important for our safety for our. so civilians safety and that's what we should do against it so i'm prepared to die for my country any day any time. but tel aviv insists its operation was a success enabling it to destroy a significant portion of the masses infrastructure hundreds of rocket launchers and dozens of smuggling tunnels by belief that the ceasefire in the day was just a means to an end and the end was peace and quiet however it came about is less
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important as the results and result hopefully will be peace and quiet a return to normalcy for israelis and also innocent palestinians on the other side of the border but hamas claims tel aviv capitulated to its demands especially by agreeing to ease its blockade on gaza the group also showed its military prowess as sending rockets for the first time from gaza to jerusalem and later to tel aviv capabilities that have made hamas a real hero of the palestinian resistance the conflict also managed to silence the more moderate palestinian government of mahmoud abbas which is why some of pointing out that israel has sent a very dangerous message to the arab world if you want to get something from israel you have to go to war policy r.t. tel aviv. well israel says iran append point operation that only target hamas militants but in reality refugee camps government buildings and media compounds also came under attack in gaza activist harry fear who is currently working there
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says the press lines don't guarantee safety for journalists who he says were targeted by israel. israel's military operation pillar of cloud has officially ended it started with the assassination of a senior hamas commander. buried here. more than one thousand two hundred palestinians were wounded overwhelmingly children and women and over one hundred sixty seven were killed half of them civilians including journalists israel says when it targeted the top and eleventh floor of this the show building and it was targeting hamas as operational communications and then did six when it struck the al could t.v. office just below here. at exactly one fifty three on sunday the occupying forces started bombing our office how the satellite channel located on the eleventh floor in the western side of the building and the three rockets hit us my colleagues and i was wounded one of the striking things about the eight day war was the number of
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journalists that were explicitly targeted by israeli forces three appeared to be deliberately assassinated. killed. on monday israel called major local news agencies ordering them to evacuate their premises then targeted a computer sent belonging to the al aksa t.v. channel based in the building in gaza city setting interplays killing two and injuring several stars this is what's left of the second floor of the building in central gaza city reporters without borders says that this building is known in gaza as the reporter's building. the targeting of any journalist or civilian and international law is a war crime and war reporting is explicitly protected under international humanitarian law the next day israel targeted a press car carrying two al aksa t.v. cameraman they burned to death to get that number up and i got in yesterday near
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our home a car with a press logo drove past with two young men inside and all of a sudden we saw a rocket hit the car and those inside were killed we pulled one of them out in pieces but couldn't get to the other one he was literally on fire of course it was the press what else can you say. and i'll could say are the most popular t.v. stations in palestine israel says they're not legitimate journalistic enterprises and that they're associated with the islamic jihad group and the quote hamas terror organization. only had a camera was the press was in european press with the talk of democracy these crimes are being committed against women and children all of this democracy is a sham. israeli airstrikes targeted media offices those targeted journalists according to israeli spokes persons neither press nor civilians at all therefore journalists are worried that the atrocities massacres perpetrated by the
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enemy in gaza will be concealed. israel's. bombardment campaign was aimed at wiping out infrastructure personnel and capacity gazan reporters say that they will never be deterred from reporting that side of the story. well filmmaker and eyewitness harry farah reporting from gaza they're like oh you have met kevin owen actually spoke to josh hantman who is a spokesman for the israeli defense ministry and he claims that hamas is guilty of civilian deaths and take a look. the israeli defense ministry who i represent and indeed the israeli public mourning civilian deaths on both sides i've seen it running around the south from bomb shelter to bomb shelter dodging rockets hearing the cries of israeli civilians and the cries in the wells of the air raid sirens when we see the graphic footage
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in gaza of dead children being pulled out dug out of collapsed buildings to maintain their deaths at the hands of israel and israeli air strikes are the fault of the mass. i can tell you they genuinely genuine breaks my heart you think that we want to see dead children on any side as i said we mourn every loss of life hamas on the other hand a celebrating and they're putting their own civilians in danger i cannot tell you how much we desire quiet how much we desire true peace and calm in this region when we facing an enemy that's guilty of this double war crime whereby they hotly to own civilians who are shooting at our civilians for every decade now we are in this predicament that however with the most strategically surgical precision pinpoint strikes when they're hiding beneath their civilian population there will be collateral damage. well bahrain looks set to for more protest rallies as we report a little later on the country's main opposition group valis to defy
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a government to ban the public gatherings that's despite tight back down by police as well as accusations of torture. and anger in the welsh valleys as locals expressed concern at the nearby testing of britain's costly drones knowing that the machines could be sent to kill all those details for you just ahead. this week the president of egypt signed a decree granting him sweeping new powers that sparked mass protests and actually split the country security forces fired tear gas to disperse angry demonstrators in cairo with morsy is opponents and supporters calling for more strikes egypt's judges have accused the president of stripping them of their authority and now the opposition says that it will continue with a sit in and talk or swear pledging to fight what it calls the islamic leaders power grab morsi though has defended the new decrees saying that he was leading the country on a path to freedom and democracy lawrence freeman from the executive intelligence review magazine says that egypt's political future is now being put to the test. i
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think president morsi is now. on a slippery slope and it shows you how fragile and delicate this whole movement that was launched a couple years ago for democracy i sometimes say so-called democracy be great is not really giving democratic rights to the people and it's the people who are participating in the government and also the people are actually raising their standard of living i think morsi the president has made some kind of arrangement with the military a few months ago i think he's also has some kind of strong he has strong backing from the west so till the actual people of egypt like all these other countries that have gone through these to mold to his time to people are giving real. it's to grow until we get real freedom this is going to continue to be a problem people risk their lives people stayed out of demonstrations people been
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pummeled by police first on the bar now in the morsi it's not going to stop do we actually have a real power for the future of the country you leaders of lost the budget battle in brussels where the decision on their trillion euro come on spending now moved to next year weaker members had rushed to safeguard support programs while those pouring in more cash into european coffers urged belt tightening and the u.k. was among the loudest voices in favor of coughing up last r.t. sarah firth explains. with the european commission in london but in a week that seeing the brussels budget debate olson italy ending in failure is once again britain's place within europe is back in the spotlight the european leaders ultimately failing to come up with a deal that would please everyone in the budget that would take us from twenty forty to twenty twenty that person very much wanted to be seen as leading the way
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in calling for the cuts indeed in the lead up to the negotiations there was a lot of concern that we'd see an isolated from the of the twenty six countries through sound cool who is the mediator these negotiations. to take person side an unlikely form of support perhaps she was very much adamant that person wouldn't be left to fight this alone an exercise that we saw happening in two thousand and eleven and so we saw those other dana countries getting behind britain in this now at the end of it the prime minister said the person didn't get a deal but they didn't get an unacceptable deal bit of calls that leads us back exactly where we started with nothing happening and so those countries are going to be left to continue the negotiations to try and hammer out some form of a deal that's acceptable to everyone but ultimately we're going to see this budget battle continuing now into the new year so you can dependants party has gained more
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support from the public's disillusionment with a united europe the euro skeptics party's leader nigel farage believes and britain should pull out of the e.u. if it wants to prosper take a look. every time the big decisions for the next seven years come up there are always countries that are donor countries that are a bit reluctant and there are always recipient countries that are rather keen to push the budget up and of course the french always make sure that the common agricultural policy doesn't get reformed the difference this time is that the split isn't just over the budget the split is also about the eurozone as well because it's those northern countries that are members of the euro zone who are really becoming increasingly reluctant despite the fact that the u.k. is the world's sixth the biggest trading nation we are actually pretty hip it'd from having our own buy that we trade deals with any other part of the world that has to be done on our behalf so the ukip message is simple we love europe we want
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to get on with our neighbors we want to trade with them through a simple free trade agreement but then refocus british business to start concentrating on doing more deals around the rest of the world this european model this idea that europe is what matters and the rest of the world can go hang frankly is decades out of date. but your abs bankers are prepared to tighten their belts along with the region's taxpayers and the european central banks are building in frankfurt is heating up hundreds of millions of euros wanting anger projects that story and more for you just ahead. wealthy british style. time to find the money.
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i. music out of here with art well separatist feeling is dominating the regional election in catalonia as people prepared to go to the polls there more than half of catalans are now set to want to form the newest state in europe with
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a desire for sovereignty and exacerbated by the economic turmoil argues and reform or has more. there's a wind of separatism blowing through europe at the moment and it's reached the northeastern shores of spain catalonia is the latest region to officially our straight independence it's something people here have long felt in their hearts but now they're feeling it in their pockets too. i think is a good idea being that ban them from. a country. which is. really a really bad situation is a bargain for. it's a bargain for the cool cool to prague castle i'm flags can be seen hanging from balconies throughout barcelona reflecting a growing desire for home rule under a drive to break away from the central government in madrid this weekend's local election is being fought on that issue alone catalan president for mass has made it
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the centerpiece of his campaign this convergence the union party to hold an independence referendum if they win and say a free catalonia would be a cure all for the region's economic problems that have seen unemployment top twenty five percent the economic context in europe and in the south of europe has been a catalyst or. of. movement we can see dozens of people in cologne i believe that with our own resources human capital economic resources we could be better off if not being in the spanish estate this is a reality that a lot of economic research has show many catalans find it a persuasive argument it's one of spain's wealthiest regions producing a fifth of the country's economic output but it pays around sixteen billion euros a year more in taxes than it gets back in madrid which hasn't insisted public
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services into austerity cuts. this is not fair i mean we are the ones who. you are . doing our best in mccormick reasons we cannot have all the weight of this measure and the central government for us is the one who is spending the most not in the best way last september barcelona witnessed one of the largest separatist rallies here since the nineteen seventies over one and a half million catalans took to the streets to call for independence but the path to becoming a new european state is far from smooth the proposed referendum is against the spanish constitution what's more withdrawing from spain could also force this region to draw back to the european union those against separatism believe it could do more harm than good. symbolism for going alone or would be an economic disaster multi-national companies located in barcelona for access to the spanish market and being in the e.u. that will be lost once more even of symbolism does not happen just talking about it
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creates uncertainty and that is the last thing the economy needs during this current crisis. with poll suggesting aftermath will win reelection barcelona and madrid look set for a few showdown the president this spanish military association colonel leopoldo sanchez has even suggested it might be to another civil war political parties dismissed that as extreme rhetoric but the remaining cattle lands in this weekend will mark the first step towards the breakup of spain. andrew fowler. catalonia. then come and kal-l. president who is generally believed or chain has post has built his whole campaign on the promise of achieving sovereignty but the c.l.o. just car was death was believes that the man is going to have his fair hands all if you won the election. the issue that's kind of overarching throughout the elections is sort of cattle on independence however there's also. a lot of
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sentiment against the two of mass by people that are not in his party's i guess immediate ideological range i mean he just had a general strike against him on the fourteenth of november that's also drew nearly a million people into the streets so the problem with this is that between the the nationalist sort of sentiment and the anti austerity sort of majority view their opposition to it with us is either confused or doesn't really have a referential point. as in the form of a political party to vote against him so he sort of has the strongest group out of all the electoral formations. well on our website you can read all about the latest scandal which is hitting all the headlines in the u.k. where children are suffering from the political games of grownups in britain kids have been torn from their foster parents after social workers branded them politically unfit over questioning their support for the u.k.
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independence party. also for even mapping out a controversy china's new passports are causing regional concerns after maps printed on its pages stake china's claims to disputed territories for you on our website that's r t v dot com. the opposition in bahrain has vowed to resume peaceful street protests and she defied a ban on public gatherings that was imposed in that country last month now the ruling family had claimed the restrictions which sparked criticism from abroad were necessary in order to restore order the uprising in bahrain has been ongoing for some eighteen months of shiites calling for more rights and democratic reforms in the sunni regime on wednesday a court had sentenced twenty three medics to three months in prison for treating injured protesters and for taking part in rallies now a un team is set to arrive in box for the next week in order to assess progress towards its promised reforms it's a follow up on
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a similar mission last year this comes after a report by a leading human rights group which found torture and oppression in the country is on the rise. now. that's actually the situation is much more stunning was months ago where you terry right we're talking about at least twenty four people being killed after they were being dependent. issued its reports last year about i don't want protests at the un to folks over an only a week ago there were occasional national to thirty one opposition activists were also talking about continuous harassment or human rights and one of them it's not just the president of the fan center for human rights that was sometimes these some are too. we are seeing increased marilee for having exercised its right to put them off expression and we consider him to be a prisoner of conscience and we are talking about hundreds of hands and hundreds of allegations of torture that that's happened especially since the beginning of two thousand and eleven until now international community has not enough pressure on
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the bahamian government to ensure that. any independent commission of inquiry recommendations are implemented we're into squad who are in on what we are seeing is that a year after that b.q. report was issued we have seen that that main commendations that would ensure a country we can to justice for victims has not been implemented. ok well let's take a look at some other world news making headlines right now the death toll from a fire at a garment factory in bangladesh has soared to at least one hundred twenty one dozens more have also been injured in the blaze as the search goes on for those who could be trapped on the upper floors of the nine story building the cause of the blaze is not yet known but fires from short circuits and cold wiring are common and the country is closed and. the basque separatist group e.t.a. has announced it is ready to put an end to his campaign it wants talks with the spanish and french governments in order to negotiate the total handover of arms and they were charter bus prisoners from the northern basque region the decision to
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disband comes almost half a century after almost half a century of armed struggle for independence the e.u. and the u.s. consider the group a terrorist organization saying that it claimed more than eight hundred lawyers. four people have been killed and dozens wounded during celebrations of the muslim holiday of assura in the capital of sana in yemen unidentified assailants threw a grenade into the crowd of shiite worshipers observing the gathering authorities suspect sunni extremists linked to al qaeda of being behind the attack. rebels in the democratic republic of congo are refusing to surrender the key city of goma and to lay down their arms this despite pleas from african leaders the country is facing a growing humanitarian crisis with around five hundred thousand people displaced since the rebellion began back in april the m twenty three group accuses the government of failing to honor the terms of a two thousand and nine peace deal that had incorporated them into the national
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army. as the syrian opposition looks to gain more support from the west we'll see if the rebel forces have the real power to oust president bashar al assad and look as a country that story and lots more poignant after a short break. it was not the. contract with the. contract. it was not the authorization to secure. a. contract. it was the campaign for making billions of dollars for. forty. eight billion dollars. for two years.
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