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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EST

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if you are against president morsi in egypt kills a teenager in even more violent protests while the leader himself says sweeping powers he recently adopted are only temporary. actually it takes a step toward breaking away from spain as people voted in favor of separate is the party is promising to alter the public's opinion on independence. counterclaims from the front line in the battle for cyberspace as we kill a good drill in our son's releases a new book claiming the internet is being taken over by governments.
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international news live from moscow this is r.c. with me kulish above our thanks for joining us mass protests against what's seen as a power grab by the egyptian president mohamed morsi have now turned deadly that's after a teenager was killed on sunday and dozens injured it happened during an attack on the muslim brotherhood headquarters which by the islamic leader police fired tear gas at rallying cries for a fifth day with the opposition staging a sit in at tahrir square most of the decree one to him so we're paying posen tepper is temporary and has called for dialogue today is set to meet with senior traditional figures are made of partial to the strike and claims the legal system is being stripped of its independence by the small says backers and opponents are planning major protests on tuesday and middle east analyst amber ali believes the crisis is a deadlock. but
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you know i don't have a moment really it's anyone's guess because the room situation in egypt is love it's cause and it's very method politics is most of. it's not and also just. you want to have your own position so you have more than opposition but you've got on the side of justice which which are supporting morsi and some suspect that you politicize. i was asking. members what their supreme district council has condemned. by most and. the political divide in egypt has widened with the opposition forces raising pressure on president morsi it was true his to his joy his deeks which they say consolidate his powers and lawrence freeman from the executive intelligence review magazine says that press and egypt will continue until the people are granted a real freedoms. i think that president morsi is now on
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a slippery slope and it shows you how fragile and delicate this whole movement that was launched a couple years ago for democracy i sometimes say so-called democracy because they're not really giving democratic rights to the people unless the people are participating in the government and also the people are actually raising their standard of living i think more see the president has made some kind of arrangement with the military a few months ago i think he's also had strong backing from the west i think until the actual people of egypt like all these other countries have gone through the third tumultuous time until the people are given real economic development till they're given real freedom this is going to continue to be a problem people with still live in the state on demonstrations people did pummeled by police first on the mubarak now and the morsi it's not going to start until we
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actually have a real policy for the future of the country. catalonia could be on track towards a referendum on breaking away from spain that's not as separatists past has secured a majority and occasional election however catalonia as president saw some of his support drift away to a rival pro independence party as well she is and her family is an excellent for us and breaks down the results. well as expected arthur mass has been reelected as the cattle president albeit with a reduced majority but the result does at the end of the region's battle for independence and that's because mr mass will now be required to fulfill his pre-election promise of holding a referendum on to section and that would place the region and him on a collision course with the spanish government because they say any referendum would be against the spanish constitution and what's more the prime minister mariano horry will be desperate to keep hold of one of the country's wealthiest regions as he tries to stave off
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a european bailout why this all happened today and why people voted in this manner which probably because of the economic crisis for many cattle and this was the tipping point they say that their region is very wealthy it has an economy the size of portugal's but in terms of the number in terms of the size of taxes they pay it's much more to central government and they actually get back from madrid in terms of investments in schools and hospitals so they're annoyed about that and particularly when you consider that unemployment here is around twenty five percent so if a referendum does happen i suppose you could say that you would expect people to vote in favor of it although i say that those people who are against separatism do point out that if catalonia does draw from spain it could also mean it has to drop out of the european union and not many people in catalonia would be in favor of that if that turns out to be the case and maybe they would prefer the status quo so there are a lot of ifs and buts but what we do know as a result of today's election there is a growing sentiment of nationalism and
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a sense for independence here in catalonia. meanwhile spanish prime minister and mariana ho i want catalonia could be expelled from the e.u. if it again sovereignty. arc says here richard would be a vital part of the block. we have the opportunity to cast the boat to cast for our work represent and see the part of man with this objectively and is to start the institution a process for him that of those of us are only out which is a process those not all days in economic plan or do everybody may believe that actually the reason cited is what we want is the political wing that bonanza which means the one to decide about the political and the social political policies like immigration education commerce tour is called a chair except that i don't say that well we have to understand that that actually is spain now or get all the spanish state machinery out trying to fear come
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a pencil and so we are european city sounds and that there's not such process of that that the group could be out of the european union and sign a half million of people suddenly in a house that would be more difficult actually to manage to good order what is necessary to be out at it's not a consideration we don't believe we're going to be out of the european union like a scotland are not going to be outside european union just because we are exercising universal rights as you know us right of subnets nation we talk about democracy here. feeling aren't safe in your homeland shortly in the platform when you look at how the names of french populations being threatened by immigrants i'm great at not being given and decent way of life. plus the pieces shouted and the welsh bodies as locals express concern nothing near by testing of britain's costly clothes knowing the machines will be sent to cannes accord the details of trash heartbreak. and.
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parents versus social workers docu nabby pm last stop in any new land stop kidnapping children have become prize used to find full why does the long threaten families of the social forward to seeing the film of the her right of the old woman email me faith in what they have any kind of for suspicion about the world war three of your children are often just better at bringing up kids than their own mom and dad. from what we have an industry that is so. concentrated on the other foot tree it's true. it was not the military i guess army announced today it signed
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a new contract with the unit of the huge contracting shop how awful it was not the operation to secure and rebuild the devastated country color for company field taxpayers for its contract work in iraq. it was the campaign for making billions of dollars out of her it's all reasonable and hard for to bills exceed one billion dollars iraq for sale. or profiteers going on cheap. we speak your language i mean some of the war not against. news programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you. the eternity bangalore stories. here. the spanish find out me visit.
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he will come back talk whistleblower a son it has released a new book on the fight against internet surveillance and the government's taking control of the web the weekly hasn't stopped his one despite having been cooped up in the ecuadorian embassy in london for some six months and his book on the freedom and future of the internet is expected to make waves with reports you may be wondering what has been doing coops are. in embassy for noyon six months well now you can see for yourselves because he's been writing a book the text is largely based on the program he made for t.v. an episode called the pug's when he interviews his three co-authors on a range of issues to balan's how to protect data copyrights in fulfilment this is
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in politics drones the list goes on but the authors are quick to point out it contains new material to i thought the schools the three. activists the surest and the google user who knows who your community. who you know what you're researching potentially your sexual orientation your more of those you have done you do it yourself more than your mother it's a cosy conversation one deals with the poor activist sitting in comfortable chairs jeremy is the woman even says he insisted on a bottle of whiskey and some cigars to. the conversation and more easily. i mean it's rather annoying is that we have. we don't see tanks coming into this maybe a special interest actually. most of most people don't see. normally or even even though. we. put it all we put it on facebook we communicate using we communicate using mobile phones which in
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our midst to the internet and the military has control. of control that they all. fall from comfortable for the politics and it's not seen as a coincidence following his apparent jeremy zimmerman was stopped at the airport while leaving the u.s. by two s b o offices and interrogated about wiki leaks. and jacob appelbaum is no stranger to run ins with the door of course not because of his involvement with julian ourselves since he represented wiki leaks at the two thousand and ten conference he's been repeatedly targeted agencies goes to court ordered for his twitter account seized a laptop a mobile phones and detained him no fewer than twelve toy the us border and also discussing the future of the internet how it can be safe to individuals and
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transparent government and powerful institutions. director of the center for investigative journalist journalism gave in america at gannett mcfayden says pushing for transparency is a tough measure and an exclusive interview to all she explains about the or deals the whistle blows are having to go through and that governments and corporations. usually surprisingly lose their spouses the husband or the wife leaves them because they can't take the pressure the financial pressure of courts police is very great . unless you have nothing or you have a great deal to fight if you're in the middle it's very difficult so to fight against a major opponent in a huge corporation for example is extremely difficult they have no numbers of lawyers they have millions of pounds to spend attacking you and they will now go after your private life to go after all kinds of aspects of your life the force of
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high the employment records to say that you were always a crazy person even if you've just been promoted they'll do all kinds of things to discredit you and that's very hard for families to take and often go to the players your employers and say you've got this terrible disreputable person working for you and so the pressures are high. and you can catch the full interview with gavin mcfayden later today at six pm g.m.t. to stand. for the french economy modern depression those a new bottle gaining momentum in society as outsiders have been living in harmony with locals for years and now becoming more aggressive blaming the native french for a lack of opportunities and a poor quality of life and asking reports. it's always busy at this market on a sunday and from the looks of it you could think this is to run obey route rather than the french capital this paris neighborhood stands just
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a stone's throw away from the famous eiffel tower but hardly anyone imagined. twenty years ago that the native french population would be finding itself in a rapidly decreasing minority here this man moved from pakistan in search of a better life but this has not been a smooth ride i don't have a proper work i don't work here. because they don't speak french there were many unemployment in process and the prior friend people don't have as much work. now holiday give us work and this situation is like a ticking time bomb the jobless migrant population is getting more aggressive towards the native french which they believe to be the main cause of their troubles this is described as anti white racism says that he who wrote a book about the phenomenon. there's a real lack of authority in those troubled suburbs that there is not enough police
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force criminals are not immediately punished phenomenon is widely spread among young people at middle school it's mostly insulting people hell out of insults can happen at school if your district has a conflict between neighbors sometimes it ends up in a fight. but often it goes beyond verbal abuse the recent murder of a french teenager by his arabic schoolmates is just one example and use paper a poll suggested that the white french population and breezy in slums were afraid to take a natural ride home after dark. surreal goes on and says aggressive migrants in the neighborhood where he spend most of his life are one of the reasons he joined the nationalist party member i'm putting up my political ads and i hear some noise cars in circle and arab looking people in the cars tell us oh we thought you were the police so they're not interested in politics they are interested in drugs in the revenues from drug trafficking so they beat the police up there are
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a thousand lawless areas where the law of france is not respected in europe despite the concerns officials. reacting as if the problem does not exist is a poor relation ship was in a society which in a majority who holds the power or the political poured image up or the judiciary power and so on and different types of minorities within the society so if you talk about racism that would mean that words are a minority in their own society which is absolutely wrong in western europe which is many whites christiane whatsoever is absolute nonsense but with more and more cases of aggression towards the local french many brazilians are thinking what else must happen before the authorities stop turning a blind eye to what they say is a worrying trend. reporting from paris in france. and online china has it's a way to flex a whole minds but not without some of it military heritage and look at successfully
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mounted on the country. x. was the pride of china's a song they played sold to buy some time. else online contrave a confidential confetti new york baffled secret documents were used to take. parade winding pieces of paper containing rifles and security numbers out of the throng.
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download the official. language stream quality and enjoy your favorites. to watch. any time. conceived as a big enough transparency and prosperity there are things invited star criticism as a symbol of bankers greed in harsh economic times millions have already been spent on the european central bank's new h.q. in frankfurt but more being poured in and a laser driving the project down more if international went to investigate. at a time when many europeans are unable to pay their mortgages and are kicked out of their homes and spain's forced to approve a suspension of addictions after
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a woman killed herself in desperation the european central bank is preparing for a house warming party the european treasury symbolic new building will be the tallest on frankford skyline when it's complete but so far it seems the projects faced sky high criticism first of all for its ten digit price tag. we think the project is to shoot genetically we asked the e.c.b. to use its money more carefully something taxpayer is interested to them. stephen meissner from germany's party of reason doesn't see any reason to spend that much money on a piece of real estate but he says he sees a reasonable explanation of why the sky's the limit for the european union's economic monopoly they never run out of money it's just come to me and the other taxpayers they go you have to pay more you have more of it more or maybe because it's easy to be the european central bank just print the money and while some may see an upside down logic here german m.p.
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mr scheffler explains it's more than just a piece of architecture. e.c.v. wants a palace a building to demonstrate his power through a million more million less makes no difference to make a statement about its power and credibility but that's a notion that's taken a serious not in recent times the seventeen nation euro zone's unemployment is at a record high brussels and seized on a stare at him. there is which the government cut spending and raise taxes increase in people's minds as well as your skepticism here it is future european central bank headquarters here in germany and the building was initially supposed to be a symbol of integrity and competence efficiency and transparency of the e.u. main financial institution but many now gloat that the project that there's already far behind shadow and over budget may be sending a slightly different message one line cynics have compared the banks future
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premises with the biblical story of the tower of babel it was meant to reach up to heaven but ended up instead abandoned left as a symbol of hubris and conceit if you look at it it's that sort of i guess modern architecture that sort of looks like sort of like it's been flat and squeezed and turn around and it looks like it might even sort of collapse on itself so it's kind of maybe a fitting symbol i think it's very possible that the euro would solve the currency may not even be a rout by the time they finished building the construction is due for completion by twenty fourteen and it's already little president of the e.c.b. will have room on the forty first floor some say he will not just see a breathtaking c.t. parama he also have a bird's eye view of the turbulent ops and downs of his own troubled empire the e.u. fated euro zone. notion r t germany. let's now take a look at some other stories making news around the world authorities involve rain
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have used gas to disperse a peaceful march during muslim celebrations of the holy month of her run the kingdom maintaining its strong stance after banning all public demonstrations in october the country's main opposition activists meanwhile said they will continue to defy the ban until they demand for a democratically elected government is that. the night assault rebels in syria claim they've seized an important air base. east of the capital damascus they posted a video online claiming to show rebel fighters assessing the wreckage of two military helicopters on the same day but it has also been released which is said to be of the free syrian army blowing up a mosque in the city of aleppo despite claiming it was pro assad forces that are sized up in constantly trading of positions of atrocities past the bloody conflict . and also england and wales have been hit by severe rain storms which have resulted in at least two deaths and flooded over eight hundred homes so roads and
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train services have been shut down with many people forced to evacuate their homes in the hardest hit area is the sister of rains are expected to continue north east england and northwest wales. the worst controversial use of unmanned drones in hotspots around the world looks set to go on with the british government now developing a new technology but as always he's poly boy found out some locals close to the testing ground don't share their government's excitement. for victims in tribal regions of pakistan yemen and afghanistan it's the last sound heard before bloodshed in syria as a constant worrying it gets louder before it becomes visible but for residents of the quiet coastal town of abba porth in west wales the sound is synonymous with daily life this is the area where the r.a.f. tests its watch keep
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a drone from as you can see there's one taking off behind me as we speak in good weather the drones take off throughout the day and during the night and as you can hear the noise is so high pitched and dominating that local residents have called this area the buzz box. for local people the noise is a great disturbance because. and whining noise is certain they fly over this quite regularly the welsh government build it as a state of the art technology park that would create four to five hundred much needed jobs for the community the reality a half deserted site where the ministry of defense employs about thirty people to help test the watch keeper there is a sense of frustration in the area a number of people who were for it in the beginning now opposed to it because they didn't realise the level of nuisance that there was going to be there is behind the
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development of drones say it means less soldiers come home from war zones in body bags but civilian casualties piling up we know from pakistan that somewhere around two to three thousand people have been killed in drone strikes because of these unmanned systems it's a lot easier to go to war and therefore there will be much more warfare and the world isn't safe the british government has already spent two billion pounds on development but they're about to commit another two billion on a new armed drone because. it could be better spent it could be spent on hospitals and schools rather than on killing machines despite drastic government cuts on welfare spending financing for the drones isn't up for debate to the dismay of locals the daily testing along with the bloodcurdling noise drones on. r t west wales. and shortly will bring you the stories of children taken
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from their parents by a social workers often without solid proof their home environment could be harmful that report after a short break. to me speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic in school here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of the c.i. p. interviews intriguing stories are you. been trying. to find out more visit our big teeth dog called. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are all today.
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for a child to be taken for something really serious extraordinary must happen in. social services here or in a new way of course when the finish system has decided something there is nothing that can be done it's not a mistake of them it's just how they want. they don't take away a child without reason a child does not belong to his parents but to the states. when they bore me here the policeman asked me many times did your mom abuse you said no you didn't.


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