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tv   [untitled]    November 26, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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the ongoing fury of a president is sweeping new powers in egypt claims its first lives just as the leaders position to weaken. the separatists sentiment dominates in spain's richest region and catalonia has probably the parties with a majority of parliamentary seats possibly paving the way for a referendum. releases a new book that uses around the globe to stand up against in slave meant by government's. new center here in moscow this is egypt's president is making steps towards
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a compromise and has agreed to meet senior judges outraged at the seizure of power which has made his decisions untouchable it comes as the first blood in clashes over mohamed morsi as controversial decrees spelled the teenage supporter of the muslim brotherhood which stands behind the president has been killed in violent protests another man died overnight after he'd been critically injured in fighting . last week thousands of taking to the streets for his funeral procession in downtown. truth has been following events. seem very heavy handed tactics from the police excessive use of tear gas. when it should be given quite severe injuries to face the stomach. from the police and this is really not showing any sign of stopping anytime soon we mind it crashes happening literally just behind me. which is called by opposition forces continue. until most he backs down from his contentious concept of that duration
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which awards him sweeping powers including powers over the judiciary and makes all his declarations and decrease immune to appeal by anybody or by any means definitely this is unprecedented in terms of a unification of the liberal leftist forces they have seen some of the former presidential candidates like. he ahmed el baradei coming together in a cheap booming economy to save egypt they say so we're really seeing quite a strong i mean from the opposition forces to more of course we'll see even more protest by the opposition forces who are planning a million man march in korea today really unifying in addition we had quite dramatic scenes of the journalists in the kid yesterday i'm as a journalist who are rising up against they said decoration which they see to be oppressive condition the judiciary as well have staged a possible strike so really we're seeing a country rising up against this president which you could see see scenes that we
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saw last year during january february president morsi and has responded to these reactions from the opposition forces by saying that this decree would just be temporary and he's actually agreed to meet the judiciary who are holding a point possible strike however many see this to be not really enough of a measure. he's actually called protests tomorrow his organization is a brotherhood and many people believe this will actually result in further violence on the streets until improvements brotherhood supporters meet really people are asking for mostly to back down is his declaration that. which is really too strong to simply to say that is temporary people want this to actually and and they want him to show you signs of really being a democratic president rather than authoritarian dictator as he's proving to be. pro independence parties of one of parliament treat with dorothy in spain's catalonia although the region's president who is pushing for a referendum on breaking away from central government actually lost seats and now
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has to build a coalition and the spanish prime minister has repeatedly warned that separatism is against the constitution under former reports from a loner. the two biggest parties in the cattle and parliament are now separatists and i think that does send a very clear message to the spanish government people are unhappy at how the economy is being run in the steroids measures they are now having to endure what smaller the unemployment rate here is by the national average people have demonstrated on the streets of barcelona against the cuts they've also turned out in four to the prime independents rally over one and a half million people turned out on the streets of barcelona for that back in september so the message is pretty clear and people do feel as though that they perhaps could do a better job of managing the economy themselves if they were that own independent state and the reason why perhaps they are so frustrated is that the economy in catalonia is actually very wealthy it's a strong as portugal was but the fact is they give far more in taxes to the central government than they actually get back in terms of investment from madrid in things
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like schools and hospitals so the overall feeling is that they believe that separatism could well be the way forward after mass will have to try and fulfil his pre election promise of holding a referendum on independence from spain as you mentioned he did not get an absolute majority so he will not be able to push this through straightaway but luckily for him the second biggest party that was voted in was also pro independence so the feeling is they will be able to negotiate and between them they will have enough power to push through this referendum but the biggest sticking point for this referendum is that it is against the spanish constitution some commentators are saying it could actually lead to the arrest of aftermath he tries to push it through the spanish prime minister matter and one hundred has also said that he would be desperate to keep hold of one of the country's wealthiest regions of the time when he's also trying to stave off a european bailout so there are many factors here which mean that
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a referendum is not necessarily going to happen straight away after mass has said he will try and push it through during his next fall. so you can see that means that it's we can't expect this sort of thing to happen straightaway but even if it did those who are against separatism and this quite a number of them do point out that if catalonia to withdraw from spain it might also have to drop out of the european union and then reapply for membership and that's not something many cattle ounds are happy about and so if it did prove to be the case who knows many cattle and might prefer the status quo. in the arctic a spokesperson for a group dedicated to helping separatist movements believes a sovereign cattle nation could have a mutually beneficial relationship with the european union. we have to put city to cast the boat to cast for our representatives is the parliament with this objective and this to start the institution of process put in governance of its own yeah
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which is a process those not all day stephen economic plan or do everybody may believe that actually the reasons are because what we want is depleting getting that the nuns which means the one to decide about the political and the social political policies like immigration education commerce story is existed except to say that well we have to understand that that actually is spain now or de on the spanish state machinery and trying to fear campaign cancel and so we are european cities and no there's not such presence of that that the group would be out of the european union seven a half million of people suddenly enough how that would be more difficult actually to manage to good order when he's necessary to be out at it's not a consideration we don't believe we're going to be out of the european union like a scotland i'm not going to be outside the european union just because we are exercising universal rights as you know us are going to start it's nation we'll
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talk about democracy here. euro zone finance ministers are meeting in brussels as we report later on the future of greece is much needed next bailout tranche remains painfully under certain class. because you know the song just new book released today reveals help online freedom is under attack these stories and more coming right up after the break. waves of corruption are rocking russia hundreds of millions of dollars very much for apec building projects and russia's got an ass satellite project. a real estate scandal has also led to the defense minister being fired note i said fired in russia we hear a lot about corruption scandals and the reaction is usually a firing or forced resignation and maybe that would be ok another country but
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russia has big dreams in a big country that has big corruption spoiling all of those dreams a country can't survive with every infrastructural or scientific project is sucked dry from within whether the government is unwilling or unable to sternly punish these offenders is a huge topic by could tell you that if there's no real fear of punishment this will just keep going on for ever perhaps it's time to put a big asterisk for high level corruption next to the moratorium on the death penalty but that's just my opinion. line. would be soon which will brighten if you remove the song from funniest
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impressionists. starts on t.v. dot com. or one who. took one look. and. and. and.
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oh. and. wealthy british style. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report. of the life here in moscow news continues now he's holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london and wanted by governments in the west to. release a new book based on one of the editions of his exclusive interview show for on
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demand for the freedom of cyberspace looks bound to cause a reaction with reports you may be wondering what has been doing so. in embassy fanaa in six months well now you can see for yourselves because he's been writing a book the text is largely based on the program he made for t.v. an episode called the politics when he interviews his degree co-authors on a range of issues how to protect data copyrights in fourth meant this is in politics drones the list goes on but the authors are quick to point out it contains new material to cools the three. activists it's tourist on the google user who knows who your community. who you know what you're researching potentially your sexual orientation your. more than your mother it's
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a cosy conversation filled with the full rights of assisting in comfortable chairs jeremys the woman even says he insisted on a bottle of whisky and some cigars to make the conversation flow. more easily. i mean. we have. we don't see tanks coming into this maybe a special one hundred actually. most people don't see. normally or even even though. we try. to put it all we put it on facebook we communicate using we communicate using mobile phones which in our midst to the internet and the military has control. control that. far from comfortable for the cypherpunks and it's not seen as a coincidence following his apparent jeremy zimmerman was stopped at the airport
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while leaving the u.s. by two offices and interrogated about wiki leaks. and jacob appelbaum is no stranger to run ins with because of his involvement with julian assange since he represented wiki leaks at a two thousand and ten conference he's been repeatedly targeted agencies goes to court ordered for his twitter account seized a laptop a mobile phones and detained him no fewer than twelve toy the us border and also discussing the future of the internet how it can be safe individuals and transparent government and powerful institutions. one of the co-authors of the book jeremy zimmerman. the technology by itself is neutral and the internet and digital technology could be turned either into the worst totalitarian machine for surveillance and control of the people or into
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a way of improving of selves and improving our societies with better democratic participation better access to culture and better sharing of knowledge between individuals much of people being monitored without their knowledge most people don't really know or don't really care that much about their personal data or their privacy because you realize the importance of personal data usually when you lose them but. moment of information that you give away to technical intermediaries of the internet such as google facebook is tremendous and what does aggregates of data will be used for in a few years is impossible to predict there are tools there are technologies to protect yourself against snooping against wiretapping of your communications those technologies are widespread but not used enough you have to learn to use it
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it's an effort and people should know more about those issues let's talk about the book a little bit the book says the world now has to decide whether the internet will free us all in slave us is a situation really that serious yes it is raining creasing number of counties you can see the internet being used to control the individuals to censor people access to communication you can see governments turning the internet into a tool of control and this is a very disturbing trend indeed so how do we fight that government control. first of all we fight it by information by spreading knowledge about technology by spreading knowledge about how our freedom. attacked online whether they're attacked by governments or whether for commercial purposes by private entities by informing each other by sharing their knowledge we can build tools to
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collectively act to participate in. public process to participate in democratic and then we can try to increase the political cost of taking this bad decisions that will lead to turning the internet into machine two to control the individual's eurozone finance ministers and the international monetary fund or convene in brussels to decide the fate of greece's next bailout payment to previous meetings failed to reach any agreement without the bailout cash greece is likely to default be forced to leave the single currency where patrick young writer an executive director of the investment consultancy devi advisors i spoke to a little earlier he believes whatever decisions made today the idea of a greek future in the eurozone is fantasy. right at the moment greece is on target even on the official dr frankly i don't believe but because i think it's far too conservative greece is on target by twenty fourteen twenty fifteen to have a debt of one hundred ninety percent to g.d.p.
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basically that is just ridges sixty percent is reasonable one hundred percent is a lot one hundred twenty percent is probably unsustainable but we can talk about the greek economy and the greek government and highlighted things but can you honestly reasonably expect your velo human citizens to spend the next eight years under swindling austerity they've already had several years there are all manner of terrible social problems within greece people can't buy medicines they can't afford to get food that is completely and utterly disgusting to see on the european continent in twenty twelve a.d. of course they can't survive until twenty twenty that's why ultimately the ural has a fundamental existential crisis i mean what we've got is a kind of kinetic energy of the european union level where they think that if they keep spinning and they keep talking and they keep telling us everything's ok and ultimately people are wandering around the central square in brussels then everything's going to be absolutely fine. the turkish military says nato officials
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are helping find a place to deploy patriot missiles along the southern border or has denied the move is offensive saying it only wants to shore up to counter possible threats from syria comes amid reports syrian government jets of the rebel headquarters of the free syrian army near the turkish border and other attack activists say ten children were killed after a warplane dropped a cluster bomb on a playground east of the capital damascus rebels have also reportedly captured a hydroelectric hydroelectric dam in the country's north seizing ammunition after taking over a helicopter base on sunday. israeli defense minister is quitting says he'll leave politics for good once a new cabinet is formed in three months previously served as the country's prime minister foreign minister and chief of general staff barracks announcement comes just days after israel agreed a cease fire with gaza militants amasses his resignation proves israel's military operation was a failure. already authorities dispersed
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a peaceful march with tear gas during muslim celebrations for the holy month of the holland this comes a month after the state public demonstrations position activists about to continue to find the until the demand for a democratically elected government has met bahrain's uprising has lots of for almost two years but activists calling for. better access to jobs and education from the sunny lead us. to other poor education or not at all for one small but when community outside jerusalem that's because the hearts which serves as a school in a settlement is under threat of demolition since it's considered illegal structure because there are reports locals believe there is more to this than a lack of building permits. it's the end of another school day but as these students scramble the difficult part home it's far from clear they don't have a school to return to tomorrow is all supreme court has decided not to demolish the building for now. now it's one of the ugliest petitions i've ever seen and there
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are so many ugly petitions against palestinians in the west bank the school is. made of tires and. it's about half a kilometer underneath the very front. of. the illegal structure was built three years ago entirely from tires held together with mud in georgia is one of about a hundred pupils mostly girls who are taught here it could be the only chance she'll ever get an education other schools are too far away and inaccessible. we are a very poor school in winter it's very cold and in summer it's very hard we have no air conditioners or heating and our children often fall asleep because of the heat and dust we also have no use for them to play in and you have to carry all the equipment here by hand the jungle and big one community has lived in this no man's land for sixty years they fled their traditional homelands in the negev desert
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during the one nine hundred forty eight war of independence but now israel which has occupied the area since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven wants them to move again. the settlers come with guns their main goal is to keep all the syria without palestinian lands so they can kill the dream of building a palestinian country aid hama says a father of seven like other bedouin farmers most of the herding grounds for his goats and sheep have been swallowed up by nearby settlements the state has never given him and others a building permit and the makeshift homes have no running water sanitation or electricity and now their children could be left out in the cold first of all it's a policy probably against education when you don't have an educated person you can easily manipulate the way they think so i think that's the focal point it's about demolishing that school or aiming their. against the school the case has been back
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and forth in the courts the demolition order instigated bicyclists is still valid and the community could be displaced at any time the settlers accuse the bad ones of building the school for political purposes a tactic they themselves often use but they ignore the fact that if the school is closed down these students will inevitably drop out of education and become an even bigger burden on the state policy r t outside east jerusalem. this is our to you live here in moscow and the tasha is here with the latest business update and natasha understand that. russia might soon be supplying britain with gas tell us more about that absolutely well in fact the media has been all abuzz with the story the talks are apparently underway and i'll have all the details in the business bulletin after of their short break.
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and fulfill the dearest wishes. virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago i was cornish quickly become a magnet for nature lovers and you will see cars but those used to five star pampering and maybe even for a surprise the arlington infrastructure has yet to catch up with the growing demand here quite some way from civilisation here accommodation on the island is very basic so you can forget about a t.v. or even run in water for most people tend is the only real option but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for. leave you a journey to buy coal can be unique trip of a lifetime and the locals say once you've seen it you'll be coming back again and
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again. it's twenty seven minutes past the hour you're watching business on our t.v. and b.p. is negotiating with gazprom to supply russia's gaz to grid by twenty sixteen that's according to the british press british prime minister david cameron reportedly discussed the idea with president flood doomer putin when they met during the london olympics under the plan b pm gazprom would jointly build a pipeline from russia to the u.k. to discuss this and more details let's cross over to the business desk point katie pilbeam is on top of the story so t.v. camera. are seeming to be playing their own game of ping
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pong aren't they exactly we know that who said he went over to london for the olympics and apparently it's then is where these talks took place between cameron and putin to do with the north train going to britain we know that gas from fifty one percent of that house was a choice because that is all a legit at the moment who got inside information on the head of b.p. russia david p.t. has apparently said that the talks already in early stages to do is going to be done and dusted by the middle of next year and hussein has also expressed a desire for gas from to have twenty percent of the british gas market which would put it just behind british gas well ok i can understand that vibe to feed seems like they just got out of russia why would they want to go back it just sounds absolutely crazy i know what i suppose some people are saying actually it's how we know the relationship b.p. the partnership it was to moche was to say the least but you know what it was a lucrative be paid they made money and when it comes to rock stuff they know what
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they do and they know what they're dealing with and right now we know that later they accumulated a twenty percent share in rostam so as far as money is concerned they know it hits be naive but to be v.p. already has laws nest as their new partner so why gazprom now well the first fact that they got out of the teen k b p partnership means that now they are free to do directly with gas prawn at the end of the day means that they can have their fingers in several russian pies right but i can see that money is a huge incentive but britain already sources its gas from elsewhere in the world why you know would they be wanting to do it from russia is a just pure economics i just don't see it that way well no that's the thing apparently politics is involved in this we are hearing the downing street the british government are apparently rather fond of this idea simply because i want to diversify british gas supplies away from the middle.


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