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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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nationwide action in egypt fails of outrage protesters in cairo keeping pressure on the president to cancel his power grabbing decree clashes with police reportedly leaving one protester dead we go live to cairo very shortly an r.t. . after years of uncertainty palestinians could finally find out what killed their leader yasser arafat his grave has been open. for clues about whether he was poisoned. also exposed to politics a former u.k. defense minister says dropping a neutron bomb could bring peace to one of the world's most troubled regions. and another default of the e.u. shells are cash for greece involving more pails in exchange for day shift austerity we get live reaction from germany on this latest development.
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on air online live from our new center here in moscow this is the nationwide protests are underway in egypt with thousands gathering in car as tahrir square to oppose president morsi is the latest decree morsi made himself and the islamist dominated upper house of parliament into any kind of oversight including from the courts and is in current and joins me now live with the latest tom what is going on at the moment what is the mood among the protesters where you are. well bill as i'm sure you can hear the sights the sounds and indeed the smells of protest and of civil disorder are thick in the air of central cairo tonight behind me in tahrir square us still. thousands of protesters waving their flags chanting to the effect
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that mohamed morsi the president has betrayed egypt's revolution and speaker after speaker was grabbing them the megaphones and are calling the crowds to call on mercy to reverse that declaration giving him sweeping powers last thursday in the streets around the area the sirens and the smell of tear gas tickets in the air large crowds have gathered there a lot more young and male in makeup and they are holding standoffs with the police periodic the police are coming in using tear gas and charging them with police vehicles which are then pelted with stones and bits of smoldering woods the crowds there lighting fires as well so it's very smoky in the streets around just trying to get into this studio to do this live report we had to come through clouds
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of tear gas ourselves and crowds of running protesters as well a real atmosphere of ferment in central cairo tonight all sparked by that decree that mohammed must say merci made on thursday clearly a very significant turnout of protests is there behind you tom has there been any reaction from the president or indeed the muslim brotherhood. has indeed the protesters behind me that you will see are largely representative of egypt's more liberal sections of society those opposed to mercy a lot of them opposed to him in the election that he won. back in the back in the spring. a lot of those people are very very shocked by that announcement and those are the people calling for him to reverse it completely but his supporters in the movement brotherhood have said. that they would not come out on their what they had
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called they wanted a million man march today they said that they're not going to hold that because they don't want to exacerbate tensions in the streets that's probably been a good move because there are still major tensions in the streets in central cairo the himself has been anxious to try and calm this outburst but it's being caused by by his decree he said this decrees only temporary the only reason that it's being done is so that this special committee that's been sitting trying to to poor its way towards a new egyptian constitution which is a process that's been dragging on interminably so that that can be done and can be done without info interference from the top judges in egypt the judges themselves among the most horrified by the announcement they have indignantly said that they're going to continue on on
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a strike until mercy rescind this declaration he though saying he's trying to work for a compromise with the judges this is for be the good of the of the revolution and that's really what is splitting if egypt those in the muslim brotherhood saying yes we can live with this it's for the good of the revolution and to try and give egypt a functioning government a constitution which is still has got its only really got a president and those other supporters those will live reporters saying no this is exactly the kind of behavior we would expected from hosni mubarak who we ousted almost two years ago tom thanks very much indeed for that live update in tahrir square in car no doubt more from tom throughout the day and freelance journalist bell true who was at his square a little earlier watching the protests i spoke to her there and she says the opposition is united like never before. is it divided feeling i mean is point to is
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actually on the square at the moment i think people are really feeling the finally the opposition forces their answer unites it's the main to criticism from the islamist forces or from the muslim brotherhood and towards the opposition forces has been that they are divided make consing to rally around one main focus really here in the in the in the square we're seeing all kinds of groups joining in creating different sects a citizen fairmont joining in addition to start this we have still had clashes of one corner of the square amman biomarker mosque which resulted in the death of a young protester a man in his twenty's who hails from one of the opposition forces behind today's protests people are also very angry so we're seeing mixed emotions of happiness of a few people being united the sadness about pass the tests a different kind the last few days and those of anger towards the president who is really supposed to be seen is that you know the first post revolution president
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egypt's times democratically elected he's really let the people down in their opinion. said bill true talking to me a little earlier there from caro and khaled sharma he's editor of the old could be newspaper he believes the muslim brotherhood has lost all trace of public support by hijacking the revolution. divided egypt even bought a. civil war and fortunately this president is doing the very same things for which. before the. dictatorship this is what we are looking. people. looking at this crowd you cannot tell who is muslim or christian who is liberal leftist this is people of. religious fascism
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making the president above the law the president and the muslim brotherhood behind him have already lost their credibility they have promised so many things in the past we never kept their promises that's why most of these people are on the streets they were talking about over a million up till now because they are not happy with the. most his decision to assume absolute power as came just hours after he helped broker a cease fire between israel and hamas in gaza online right now we've got more on his crucial role and and the truce and how he gave the green light for the drastic action at home. international teams of medics helping to dispel the controversy surrounding the death of iconic palestinian leader yasser arafat eight years ago his body was exhumed so they could take tissue samples for the investigation into allegations out of that may have been poisoned his remains are now being repaired
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in ramallah artie's middle east correspondent paula. chouse day the body of the former palestinian leader yasser arafat was removed from it's more than where it's been for the better part of a since he died back in two thousand and four and since that time the question has never been on said to him exactly what exactly killed. this how this thing is believe that israel was behind his killing although israel has repeatedly and consistently denied this at the time of his day if there was radioactive material that was found on his being what we witnessing now is an investigation that is seeing a team of international investigators to take samples of these tissues they will any case occasionally various countries around the world will be told that it will take several months for them hopefully once and it will be an answer to the question as to what exactly killed the former palestinian leader when we talk about the death of yasser arafat is a lot of behind the scenes political maneuvering and repeatedly experts and critics
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and media analysts have pointed out that the old doozy of a network has been at the forefront of investigating what killed yasser arafat in fact they have spearheaded this whole investigation back in july they released a documentary that was entitled what killed now of course al jazeera is backed by qatar and qatar has made no bones of the fact that it's desperate to see some kind of changes within the p.a. qatar would like to see palestinian president mahmoud abbas pushed away from power and for more radical elements to come to power not only in gaza but also in the west bank and most notably here we're talking about hamas this would hope we could tarries meet their goals particularly in syria where for quite some time they have been pushing for regime change which was also witnessed a growing together in terms of relationship between qatar and how much let me just remind you that some two hundred and fifty million dollars were recently made by qatar to hamas to help palestinians in the gaza strip rebuild their homes in the
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infrastructure off to the operation. now what we also know is that israel stands to lose from all of this of course israel has been alarmed by the close relationship between hamas as well a society of arabia qatar and mohamed morsi coming closer together and expressing more vocal anti israel sentiment so there's a lot happening behind the scenes we're not just talking about the extermination of yasser arafat's body but we're talking about much longer deeper ramifications. political analyst among a sharpie says the investigation into the cause of arafat's death could be used as a tool to trigger rifts between rival palestinian political forces if there is a poisoning of president barack had someone must have put the poison in his food or must have put his poison on his skin and to do that it must be someone from his close entourage and to open this investigation would clear disputes within the fact that movement and within the clause people to yasser arafat who are now the closest
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people to mahmoud abbas so therefore the question is is there a political objective on the part of qatar to support such an investigation or is it just an investigation because people really want to know what happened to their leader and they want justice to be achieved. the current palestinian leadership submitted a draft resolution to the un general assembly in order to receive observer status and it's a bit as approved palestinians would have more of a chance of taking legal action against israel so believes journalist james corbett . if they are successful in this bid then they will actually be able to bring in the israeli government before the international criminal court to answer that for charges of war crimes etc and it is conceivable at least that they would be able to bring a case if it was proven that arafat was killed by israeli agents that they would be able to bring a case before the international criminal court on that ground if i may do manage to
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get this nonmember status upgrade but but again that's a that's a political long shot in a number of regards and whether or not the international criminal court would even be interested in hearing about the case is another matter entirely the vast majority of palestinians have always assumed that israel assassinated arafat if this goes on to confirm that it kind of throws in the face of the palestinians their helplessness in a situation like this and this was underscored actually just earlier this month when israel came out and for the first time military censors allowed information about the killing of five co-founder not just to yasser arafat but also khaleel with here was a co-founder of fatah he was assassinated by israel in one nine hundred eighty eight and for twenty five years basically there's been this secrecy over the killing and finally just that earlier this month israel has cleared that and the actual interviews with the commandos who killed carried out that assassination have been published. the life here moscow coming up later this hour courting controversy
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a man accused of releasing secrets to wiki leaks says he was abused in pretrial confinement we have live expert analysis on this very soon here on r.t. . but first a former u.k. defense minister has come up with an extreme way to curb violence in afghanistan and pakistan he wants to drop a neutron bomb on the country's border one other aspect. in london about the unconventional suggestion. he is a lord and quite the gaffer has come out with a not one you'd expect from someone who has had such high government positions in the process this lord gilbert he was a defense minister under tony blair he was a member of the security and intelligence committee so privy to a lot of information sort of an expert in the defense field and he'd think he'd come up with some rather more constructive suggestions than what he's come up with bill but that's clearly not the case what has he come up with what did he propose exactly. well you want to kill but quite literally suggested threatening to drop
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a neutron bomb on the pakistani afghan border in order to crack down on terrorism in the region now a neutron bomb is a nuclear weapon is designed to kill everybody in its wake and but it will leave physical structures intact so that's his bizarre suggestion and it was made during a debate in the house of lords during none of that it was a debate on the topic wait for it nuclear disarmament let's take a listen. here's the boards that's going to produce all of those we divvied up if you go. even if you. are going to be some. video there's a place to. go that. we reduce your problems. through through through sugar once. he's talking about
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a quarter on sunday tab that could effectively be created by. this threat of a nuclear attack on this remote mountainous region where according to lord hill but nobody lives apart from a few goats and they're. rather a bizarre idea and a very dangerous one i just told was his proposal received funding. well as you can expect to there's such a crime that it's been condemned by everybody in the house of lords of course the government spokesman in the house of lords is very quickly said that lord rumbustious view isn't shared by the government on this topic a lot of people quite angry that he's come out and said this and of course everyone even outside of politics have heard all of this comment that he's made saying that this is really the kind of thing that makes a mockery out of the british establishment understanding of the problems that in the very. it's a problem is that in the region and
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a mockery of the house of lords ultimately. moscow police are on high alert as nationalist riots we report about why a case involving a dead student and a mixed martial arts fight amaze spill into violence all that and much more coming your way later here on r.t. . which is slow often enough and knows that to ride a horse you've got to catch it first. for him it's a daily routine that your soft as a force breeder on the island of horn at the heart of. his life on an isolated farm is about blue sky green grass and his horses work there sometimes it gets lonely
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here but horses have become part of me now i've fallen off so many times sometimes big bites as well it's part of my every day life. i home suburban home to it neat bratz locally just laugh for centuries most still live off the land cattle and fish. is my call is often called the pearl of siberia and horn is said to be the pearl of by. it's all end of think forests. and vast stops. virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago i was horny as quickly become a magnet for nature lovers and if you will seekers you're quite some way from civilization here accommodation on the island is very big. six so you can forget
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about a t.v. or even run in water for most people a tent is the on the eruption but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for. in journey to buy coal can be unique trip of a lifetime and the local say once you've seen it they'll be coming back again and again. wealthy british style. spot on the. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our. little beasts which brightened if you remove the song from phones to freshen it's. nice clean start totty dot com. if you live here in moscow off to three years of trial and error the eurozone finance ministers say they have now found the key to saving greece aside from agreeing to hand over more bailout cash the e.u. also vowed to ease up on loan conditions that is so. long as athens keeps pushing
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more storage he wants now get some german perspective on this deal joining me now is member of parliament klaus peterbilt from the christian democratic union in berlin how do you feel now greece has been given more money but with arguably more lenient conditions. where you know against this bailout policy from the first day. it's not good news but it's what i was expecting from the first day that. there would be two and now we have three with another forty three billion going to greece why are you against it you want greece out of the euro zone out of the european union. didn't understand your question to me why you are against it do you want greece to be kicked out of the eurozone out of the european union where. you go. quite convinced that you have. the chance to develop in a proper way within the euro which is
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a strong currency their competitiveness is very weak. making a lot of efforts to. better it to make it better but. quite sure that won't work within the euro zone so it would be. to. be a good for. those who are bailing out now and those who try to fade out be bailed out to make a new start your stance is very different to the leader of your party angela merkel and she was playing hardball with greece to begin with but now she seems to be softening in her stance. such a policy with bailing out you know where you're coming. slope down here. you start giving money into that.
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it's not enough you say oh i have that much. already in it i can stop it now but quite sure that that won't work because the fundamental data our terms of economics are against it. calls real intention to save greece to save the euro zone or really to save her political career the blogosphere as being committing a lot of there's a lot of response saying she's actually there to secure her reelection is not about europe and not about greece. well it's a bit it's a bit of germany we don't have any alternatives. and crean they want euro bonds they want to make all the euro so responsible for each other in terms of financing which would be worse. than what we are doing now but anyway
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i am trying to fight for our initial sign of the euro we said no one will cry and we take care for the deficit of another country each one has to take care of all he said and this has been broken which is a pity because we are going we're getting deeper and deeper into that we're having is germany two point one trillion. it's over in depths to people who think we will pay this back when you're talking about greece i don't really know anybody who thinks they really are able to pay it back plus privilege member of the german parliament thank you very much indeed for joining us live from berlin. there were. and despite nearly all of europe suffering from a stir the symptoms aren't always the same few things green crisis like
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supermarkets locking up even basic foods an effort to deter those on the losing side in the age of austerity a report on that later in the program. the man alleged to have given secret u.s. government documents to wiki leaks says he was punished while in confinement waiting for trial bradley manning who's giving pretrial testimony said he had been subjected to often brutal mistreatment well for more on this i'm now joined live from new york by chase made our he's a lawyer and author of the book the passion of bradley manning do you think there's any chance that money will ultimately be found innocent. well but i hate to ruin the suspense but i think there is really no chance bradley manning will be acquitted it is that there is a chance that the most serious charge which is also the most ridiculous aiding the enemy will not stick in the court martial that's scheduled for february but.
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he will be convicted to at least fifty years and i think that is a great injustice this is an act of civil disobedience and it should be seen as such but he's accused of leaking thousands of classified documents should he not face punishment for risking lives and indeed national security. so excellent question i think the real risk to our national security as we've seen time and again in vietnam and in iraq the two greatest disasters of u.s. postwar foreign policy were caused not by leakers and whistleblowers but by extreme government secrecy and distortion and winds and the real threat that we face is the overclassification the hyper classification and the way the government classifies ninety two million documents a year when we make poorly informed decisions then we really have national security
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problems not just and you've got a fairly interesting insight into the security implications when working on your book you spoke to some members of the military but what do they actually say about then manning's alleged actions. both opinion in the military and intelligence and law enforcement is quite divided about this i am not going to lie most people in the military have a very strict by the book attitude towards many of the rules not all of the rules but many and would like to see many convicted but i have talked with infantry one of whom who is caught on camera in that infamous collateral murder helicopter video who sees bradley manning is a hero who sees the leaks of the iraq war logs including that helicopter video as an unqualified good because now americans finally see how that war is actually going in for the afghan war logs. there are also people in the f.b.i.
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who think such a thing is we can weeks is very good for national security including the former director of the minneapolis office of the f.b.i. only roundly who is the time magazine person of the year in two thousand and two and i have a long interview in my book with the former top cia analyst ray mcgovern who also sees this public knowledge of this benefit to the public debate about or it's to be in in measurable good so there is disagreement that the military and intelligence communities about this chase what did you write the book is this a way of winning public support full bradley manning what will the saying. but there are certain many incredibly important issues that collide just in this individual case issues of how we assess and mess assess threats to our security do we think it's leaders that are the problem or is it really secrecy what power does information really have and there's the issue that's been discussed today of solitary confinement bradley manning was put in an extreme in punitive isolation
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confinement for nine months before his trial the un special rapporteur on torture is declared this to be cruel and inhumane he stopped short of calling it torture and this condition is absolutely scandalous i do have to say that is a condition that gets meted out to thousands of american prisoners after their convictions we have between seventy and one hundred thousand prisoners in the u.s. who are doing some kind of long term solitary confinement which is properly seen as torture has made a lawyer and author of the book the passion of bradley manning great to talk to you thanks for your thoughts thanks for being with us. thank you both. a syrian rebels got a helping hand from france's paris pledges to send to the nation of more than one and a half million dollars that despite criticism that it could actually feel violence that story still to come.


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