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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EST

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egypt's top judges join the fight against president mohamed morsi with tens of thousands of egyptians now calling for the islamist leader to step down. hopes are high for palestine is bad for an enhanced u.n. status international support for autonomy gains momentum despite ston shop position from israel and the u.s. . and germany's political opposition lashes out of the country's leaders for lying about the true costs of the greek rescue as the german parliament is set to vote on the latest package for the struggling new member.
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fortunately live from moscow nine am in the russian capital i'm marina joshie and a further escalation of the crisis in egypt the country stop judiciary have gone on strike to protest president morsi decree that greatly enlarged his power morse's move set off a nationwide wave of violence rallies with tens of thousands of egyptians calling for the islamist leader to step down journalist bill truth has the latest from cairo and we've had two kyrie's major courts with the country's major courts the constitutional court and the appeals court say they are going to strike because the judges themselves are also used to on a partial strike the journey to see the kids and their own so cool strike two seeing really quite a lot of movement that the major sectors within egypt society which the president is really going to have to do with as things escalate on the streets as well these countries do continue between protesters and the police which started early last week police have firing excessive amounts of. takeouts and by chance the dozens of
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protesters who are still on the streets reporting from the seeing my colleague tom barton has moved here in the streets of central cairo the sights the sounds and the smells of protest and of civil disorder are very loud and very clear tucker a square is just over there and a large crowd of protesters are fooling stones at the police who are giving just as much back picking up stones themselves and firing back along with them as vans firing gas canisters into the crowds the stench of to gas is thick in the air the police are protest as everyone alike is as they are ice and noses will shrink from a list a cast there's more tough cocktails trying through the air as well all the pavements have been ripped up as have some of the branches of the trees it's a real street but these people absolutely determined the crowds of protesters that mohammed morsi was changing the way to make that declaration that he did once again
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so we think was last tuesday we will have to leave the mohamed morsi guy making democracy in this country but after within five five months since or since have more since starting to run runs this country has started to use disposable i'm collecting all of the poems this country to be on the side of the end of the stick with him but i don't know morsi is the president was nowhere close to what i think . just the first week i think i've probably already making that possible support of i hope they will completely rescinded that the relation. of tahrir square. now morsi is the fan of his edict saying it also protects the assam drafting egypt's new constitution and helps to speed up roses but critics fear of the islamist dominated body's attempt to complete the charter
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as early as thursday will lead to more violence blogger and journalist while eskandar says there's a growing feeling that real democracy is a long way off. the fact of the matter is that everything is going in the opposite direction of what the revolution is called for the constituent assembly itself is a reflection of how unwilling to share power the muslim brotherhood are and along with morsi. he says that he will get back hours as soon as parliament is elected but he's not allowing you to share in writing the constitution so this to me seems like a false promise about giving back power because the one thing he can do is allow the judges to write their own constitution and share power and he's not doing that the judiciary has been a tool for the mubarak regime but if you come to think of it when people protested mubarak they were protesting police brutality and we see that morsi is giving promises to the police that they will act with impunity and does not want to bring
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anyone to justice for the crimes they've done the palestinians are anticipating an upcoming un vote that could lead to the autonomy being granted statehood recognition international support for mahmoud abbas bid to upgrade palestine from observer status to nonmember observer state is growing the spy of the main opposition from israel and the united states artie's policy looks at what thursday's vote means for their rocky relations between tel aviv and the palestinian ministration. palestinian president mahmoud abbas still has to present his case to the united nations but his supporters already cheering a move that promises palestinians more legal count on the international stage they have to take and the punitive measures and unilateral steps against the palestinians it seems to me that we will have available international community and other means i told him that my comfortable and trying to this thing such an. illegal behavior but the applause hides the growing frustration on the palestinian
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street it was a little more than a year ago that a bus but for full u.n. membership but failed young activists like mof muesli. after straighted that things have not changed a lot of people just feel betrayed this is a few this is the feeling of betrayal that's just been hurting us since. last march the main thing that we lost since also we had. to create people in forty years they were like in a way they were you know want people now twenty years after that almost twenty years after that. we have a lot of divisions within the society since the oslo agreement israeli settlement building has grown dramatically. that the despair palestinians across the board feel in the peace process talks are stalled and there's been no direct negotiations for two years every coalition that has been in place since the peace process began
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twenty years ago has had with one fundamental rule which is build and expand more and more israeli settlements it's a view echoed among the political left in israel the israeli government led by a minute is not ready to pay the price of going to the. way they are doing it now not because they are so happy to do that but because it is an outlet for them to achieve something in the international arena which they cannot achieve in the by literally. netanyahu wants to start at the beginning renegotiating issues like settlements borders and jerusalem but the palestinians say these have already been discussed and he simply moving the process backwards and with israeli prime minister netanyahu widely slated to win january's elections more and more palestinians fear that despite the fanfare in new york their reality on the ground
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in ramallah will not change anytime soon policy r.t. tel aviv. washington for its part has been trying to persuade mahmoud abbas to drop his u.n. bit earlier we talked to him. president of the minaret of freedom institute who explained why it's so important for the u.s. to have a palestinian state remains and recognized. my view washington is simply reflecting the position of israel or washington as far as american interests are concerned there is no real american interest per se national interest that is served by denying the recognition to the palestinians however there is a domestic political issue and that is that many of the members of congress believe that in less they stand by israel in its opposition to the recognition of the palestinian state at this time that they themselves would lose their seats so this is a matter of a domestic domestic politics for the united states rather than a question of foreign policy while the u.s.
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support for israel and its disputes with palestine seems unflinching when it comes to other regional matters washington must learn to say no just form a statement. you're not good. decisions. more on why he thinks america's friendship should be limited just ahead of the program. the latest greek rescue deal has been hailed as a breakthrough in brussels but now it's time for the agreement to pass through national parliaments in germany there is a growing chorus of frustration among lawmakers about the deal which is estimated to cost brillant hundreds of millions of euros peter all over reports the opposition members of the social democrat party. center right coalition this is not really a group of stumping service and if they want to push through this latest package they're going to have to prove to every piece it's in the best interest of germany
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what this latest package contains is a buyback scheme which would lower outstanding bones in private hands to thirty five percent all the euro though it would also you see lower interest rates on the that that greece has as well as the hunting over of profit from these what they're going to truly means is that it's. twenty thirteen germany is set to lose around seven hundred and thirty million euros due to implementing these latest measures all of that of course not making great reading for chancellor merkel she said time and time again that the german taxpayer would not be hit financially by germany giving help to greece now they have to admit that that is going to happen and this is all happening on the basis that greece can pay some of it back by twenty sixteen where it should be back on its feet almost considering the current state of the
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greek economy not an optimistic statement to make the opposition i mentioned the social democrats they are saying that any debate on restructuring for greece will have to wait until after the general election takes place here in germany so with the shadow of the election starting to come into view and. a century being politically embarrassed by having to go back on a promise she's made it's all stone to be a very interesting to pay when german politicians discuss the latest financial aid package for greece. it all reporting there now into our sound that's kaiser in state harbor and exposed bank looters damaging economies all the way from africa to england. the rebel surround central bank in goa they're looting the bank a un source said later another un source denied that there had been money in the bags insisting they were full of being a lot of the central banks are collateralized by beans that's similar to the bank
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of england mark carney is going to be arriving to the bank of england in a few short months and you'll find that in the vaults bags of beans and some of boris johnson's wigs but other than that there's nothing to collateralize his bank so yes of course you've got incredible similarities central banks are being looted the rebels whether they're in africa or in england. the motive is the same. now the syrian opposition based was in the countries accusing turkey of allowing foreign mercenaries access through its territory into syria to cause more violence the group also warned western and arab states against meddling in syrian affairs by backing certain rebel factions turkey france britain and persian gulf monarchies have given their full endorsement for
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a foreign based opposition coalition pledging them more support from abroad in their fight against the government as the international community remains divided as to how and the syrian crisis keep a regional player iran is looking to play a greater role in resolving the conflict are his marine financial reports from tehran. the conflict in syria sees no end but iran a key regional power and indicated syria is continuing and since the final. resolution to shuttle diplomacy has been batted by the head of the. running column and ali larijani a very influential politician we're going to run known worldwide as a former chief negotiator for iran's nuclear program his recent stopovers have included meetings with president bashar al assad in syria hizbollah and lebanon and turkey is leader now he's in iraq iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad those after his by discussing how to bring peace to syria with it is over egypt and turkey at
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a recent summit in pakistan and just to underline the diplomatic mission to find no one violent and to the civil war on its doorstep dead on offer to host representatives from all sides of the fighting in syria at the closed door today gathering dropped no to violence yes democracy took his request for an aid to missiles to be deployed on its border with syria drew the scorn of iran's foreign ministry who said all that would do is aggravate tensions across the whole region and violence has actually already intensified following the latest interventions from western and some arab diplomats when the syrian opposition formed the syrian national coalition as and see it quickly received recognition as legitimate voice of the people from the likes of richmond france which even back its conviction by confirming it would send one of the help million dollars to get the new organization up and running the dividing line from inside syria have been played out and told the wider by the international community and its divided approach with
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no call to nation the ordinary syrians caught up in the crossfire don't know where these ten apart from the hail of shells and bullets are if national t.v. reporting from iran. iran is pursuing peace in syria it's still facing the threat of war on home soil over its nuclear program israel has long been threatening a military strike which alice sake of calm as early as january and this case israel shouldn't count on the u.s. support and that's the view of america's most renowned statesman zbigniew brzezinski who was speaking at a conference co-hosted by the national iranian american council. don't think there is any place of the united states. you know stupid. do you decide to start a war simply. to magically. i think it is the obligation of friendship to say well you're not going to be making decisions for us
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. meanwhile the policy director for the national iranian american council told us the u.s. may find itself drawn into of war with iran even against its question. whether the u.s. blindly backs israel or follows yahoo into a military conflict with iran i think that remains to be seen but i would say that the sanctions policies that we've seen the pressure policies some of the lack of flexibility in being able to negotiate has been driven by the influence of hawkish pro israel lobbies in congress and here in washington and that. you know for the u.s. and frankly for israel if that is not a policy that is is beneficial to their interests at the end of the day we're faced with either a diplomatic resolution to this standoff or we see the escalating pressure the
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escalating antagonism that cannot survive indefinitely that eventually is going to reach a tipping point and whether it's deliberate or it's accidental we're going to end up in a war. and you can also catch up more news online including losing lives for the big screen while thousands cheer of the much anticipated film premiere all of the hobbit activists claim not all the animals survived the filming lord more at r.t. dot com. plus what some fearing the earth my be on the brink of an apocalypse one chinese man as decided to blow he isn't tyra life savings to construct a modern day knows are more in line at r.t. dot com.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. wealthy british style. that's not on. the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars
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a report on our. or. her. clone welcome back you're watching r.t. live from moscow to fans team for a u.s. soldier bradley manning has accused of releasing secret army files to wiki leaks
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claims he was abused in detention at turning cabin zs believes manning started paying for his alleged crimes long before the trial for nine months he was held at a marine base in quantico which i mention remey because manning is in the army so i was already strained at this marine brig he was held in solitary confinement on a very restricted schedule he was not allowed to do exercise in his cell he was not allowed to lie down in his cell all day today where the sit up without lean back against the wall all day he got out one hour a day for exercise and so it was a very restrictive environment for no good reason at all the military says is that protect him and the bradley manning feels like that in his in his lawyer here that this was punishment for four crime which would violate the military code of justice so. there's a motion to dismiss has been filed and that's what's being argued this week to dismiss because of pretrial punishment. now it's been two years since we can leaks
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first published classified cables gathered by the west a department from its diplomatic missions all over the world looks now at the top ten high profile stories revealed by the whistle blowing website number ten corrupt it corruption in egypt one of the first major revelations came as no surprise to many international observers systemic corruption was a mainstay in the mubarak regime. the government routinely took selective actions against journalists and bloggers who held negative opinions of cables also uncovered the strained relationship between the u.s. and egypt. number nine syria gate one of the latest releases featured documents relating to syria among the revelations were ties between italian industrial giant finmeccanica which supplied fifteen million interception prove communications used by military police number eight palestine willing to play ball in an attempt to streamline the peace process wiki leaks cables revealed just how much the
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palestinian authority was willing to concede surprisingly the palestinian authority was willing to give up land in exchange for an end to further settlement building their evolution angered some palestinian hardliners but ultimately showed israel's all or nothing attitude at the negotiating table. and the same one of the sea joining us on has been in the ecuadorian embassy for nearly six months in london this despite being granted asylum in ecuador. the british response to the asylum threat to overrun the embassy and forcibly take a while their rhetoric has cooled down in the confrontation demonstrated something about the british mindset despite international law and that being at their side authorities in the u.k. don't really value embassy raids. number six violence in mexico the war on drugs has long been a difficult problem to tackle especially because cartels in mexico have a foothold among police army and the mexican government wiki leaks released a u.s. cable concern that narco money and fired. are playing an outsized role in the two
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thousand and nine musical gubernatorial and state elections in mexico for the first time the mexican people saw the u.s. as critical judgment of its leaders and their corruption in the cables ultimately influence the election. number five. president obama has yet to keep his promise to close guantanamo bay and wiki leaks revealed that most of the so-called dangerous criminals imprisoned are low level foot soldiers or altogether innocent afghans and pakistanis are in the wrong place at the wrong time number four concerns over karzai the war in afghanistan continues to rage on and while the u.s. continues negotiations with afghan officials over troop presence post twenty fourteen it wasn't that long ago that the u.s. was expressing concern over the country's leader president hamid karzai going from quote a paranoid and weak individual unfamiliar with the basics of nation building no word yet on whether popular opinion has changed among u.s. officials. number three across the globe the battle over genetically modified
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foods has been at the ballot box in the u.s. but most voters didn't know that the u.s. embassy in paris suggested back in two thousand and seven that d.c. start a trade war with european union countries that did not support the use of genetically modified crops cables also show that u.s. diplomats regretted that the pope who allegedly supported the use of g.m. crops had not made his opinion public. and number two spies like us it's never too late to become a spy that's what several u.s. diplomats found out when under instruction by the state department to collect information on key officials this included everything from basic contact information like business cards and cell phone numbers to credit cards and even fingerprints. and a number one collateral murder by now you've probably seen this video of a u.s. apache helicopter shooting at iraqis like they're in a video game. without concern that they're shooting at international journalists
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this video put wiki leaks on the map and showed the real face of war apathetic teens unaware that they're shooting at real people. now look at some of the stories from around the world in tunisia up to two hundred people have been injured and a second day of clashes between security forces and protesters traders gathered up to ten thousand people to demonstrate against the lack of job opportunities of poor government handling of the employment situation tunisia's economy has struggled since the revolution that ousted president ben ali at the beginning of last year. file reports the phone hacking case against former british tabloid newspaper the news of the world is to be published by inquiry chairman lord justice leveson on thursday prime minister david cameron has already seen the findings without saying whether he supports tightening press regulations the year long investigation led to charges against high rank officials and executives and caused debate over the
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future of freedom of speech in the u.k. . hundreds of protesters have gathered outside of the world series to demand justice as the trials of so-called death flight pilots began in argentina the pilots are among sixty eight suspects charged with participating in torture and murder inside argentina's largest prison during the country's dictatorship in the ninety's seventies and eighties death flights were apparently carried out by the military taking political prisoners onboard with reports they were drugged and thrown alive and to see. more international news for you in about thirty minutes time coming up in just a few moments our special reports iraq for sale. wealthy
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in recent years as we have been active for a of be engaging and war. thanks the government used to do is now being done by private companies food laundry now and similar services provided within the military.


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