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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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elated bodies of four people were found west of baghdad near an area where u.s. fuel convoy was attacked on friday after that attack seven americans were reported missing including contractors working for halliburton a company that supplies fuel and other supplies to u.s. troops the families were notified. it had to have to you know interest. to. his death maybe. these men want to do the right thing so. bottom line they were totally taken advantage of
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and u.s. forces here are saying openly they're braced for more terror attacks more but a significant anniversary of the fall of baghdad we had a christian holiday and they converged to create what was an obvious day of danger i trust the company i trusted and this is a fortune five hundred company that i just don't believe it was to me down the road it was closer was going to have hostile activity for sure i just. didn't cross my mind halliburton k.b.r. had news from multiple sources including multiple sources in the military that the roads that day were under active combat operations and were black clothes and or red no civilians they knew. there was more than a good chance that they would be killed. why would they say this convoy in
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camouflage trucks down that road in the middle of battle is about contracts i believe fulfilling a contract and replacing us if we died there's a lot of different contracts being offered out there and tell about who wants most of them if they could have them all they would take a moment. and. they were to continue doing business with their r.v. whatever the risks were was nothing but the money there's no duty honor country. among anyone it how britain k.b.r. their contract with the army provided them literally billions of dollars of revenue every year that the contract profit and the contract profit that they may became more important than the labs of the men that they hired killed beg to
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replace people they tried to do with us and. they killed my friends. as far as i'm concerned. they try to kill me i know they know people talk about the way they gave their lives for this thing and i back and assure you they did not. they were stolen from them they were. screamin and didn't want to go. and there wasn't any thing greater glorious about the whole. scene or deal they didn't die they didn't pass away they were murdered. k.b.r. got billions of dollars worth of contracts in iraq without a bidding alan burton got the government contract without competitive bidding. in the case of power burn most of the contracts they've received to been sole source contracts which means they're either given the contract it's just offered to them
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or the only people to bid on it a lot of federal officials will defend the saying this is the only company that could do the work conservatives especially who favor a free market system should be outraged about the degenerate state of the lack of competition in defense industry one in china greenhouse a top contracting officer at the army corps of engineers alleges favoritism and rule breaking i walked into a process that was corrupt that was geared toward preferential treatment to k.b.r. k.b.r. wist pre-selected the duration of the contract was pre-determined. the most blatant abuse that i had experienced in my contracting career the american way is competition and i cannot sufficiently stress that in defense industry when it comes
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to the big programs there is not competition it's monopoly cartel behavior it is corrupt it is corrupting it is corrosive to our national defense. there is nothing there where is it coming up or your old who wants it and when they're. never worried about every morning. we get anything banned in three months it was. very cancer my name is a better word for halliburton my name's ben carter and within the first week of being in iraq i knew that that wasn't going to be the company that i wanted to be with halliburton was hired to provide clean safe. cooking cleaning shower water for the military one of halliburton's employees something wiggling in the water and his toilet bowl so i went and tested the water
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in our water storage tanks there was no chlorine in there and none of the water we showered in every single day was extremely contaminated and when i talk about contaminated water i'm saying malaria typhus. cryptosporidium i mean the list is really really long how barton is accused by its own employees of exposing troops to contaminated water in iraq and i tried to notify the troops but they're exposed to a serious health risk i was told to resign and my concern they were only concerned with making their profit and didn't care how it may affect the troops of the sixty seven water treatment plants that how a bird run sixty three of them were providing safe water and
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the marines were showered in it every single day. sorry. i was there to help them. there's a lot of soldiers over there they might come home without a bullet wound but there's a lot of them that are going to come home with pathogens in their blood because albert. and they don't even know to get tested for it. unless somebody tells them and i'm sure how britain is not going to be the company to tell . when i joined halliburton i knew i was going to work on something. we put out a few fires that were. once ran into a small challenge of getting supplies tracked through the biggest bank in our
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troops get all americans to. feel just a little closer to home. i would. never leave. the whole hour for food. please. tell me about that line over there well line them i like them and i know this for the. better you eat. several times were. all it takes is one iraqi to an insurgent and because they knew what times we were going to eat every day they knew when to expect to. and that happens because k.b.r. won't go to a twenty four hour feeding schedule where they just always have food that they won't do it because it saves them money. because they get paid by how many soldiers they now by how many soldiers they say feeding the troops the pentagon has found
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some serious problems work on that contract as well pentagon auditors found out i have a burton contract to provide food and housing for american troops at a staggering one point eight billion dollars in unsupported cost it was all a scam how burton was charging forty five dollars for a can of like coke or pepsi. center military free and. now these sodas were made it right there in the desert it's not as if they were brought over from the united states so those were made with arabic wraps you know coca-cola pepsico whatever right there in the desert so it's not as if they had transportation they had the little mobile units that we had to put on clothes and a lot of. how to burn one hundred dollars for a ribeye of clothes i washed.
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well the. latest technology innovation on the list of melamine flew around russia we've got the future covered.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.
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live. klyn.
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whenever we got our laundry back it felt worse than when we turned it in everything was still grimy and i was told by my chain of command that i was not allowed to wash my laundry on my own i had to take it to k.b.r. to have it washed even though we all knew that they were doing a horrible job because they get ninety nine dollars. for a bag of laundry that i could do at home for three dollars a legal way a statement from the goldman or tax payers money down auto. company is overcharging taxpayers. company bill taxpayers for its contract work in iraq it is your money that's being used these contracts have managed to cost plus which is the opposite of trying to save money it guarantees that everything that you buy will be paid back and read if it's justified and
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you'll be given a profit edition. critics. say the more taxpayer dollars halliburton the more halliburton. cost plus encourages you to run up the cost of the program because you are going to get a percentage of the end result has so there is no incentive to stay at motel six states. in kind of folks the places they chose for orientation the way it was a huge resort set right on the ocean. so it was better than the window. it was faint save marble floors mahogany what were those just beautiful they had seen. and you could go in ridgeway verner's play in the water they were running wave runners and we got paid by the hour to do it i was told this don't question and enjoy it several government agencies are currently
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invest. gating of halliburton overcharge for work already completed in iraq. and i had five star meals catered to him every day it was so lavish oros the vegetable platters beef platters fish platters cost plus contracts k.b.r. looked at it the more money we spend that's more money we get our pockets we have made over there compared to military when those guys were living in tents and we had our condition private which is the telephone we were staying on were completely malty everybody was getting sick well thrust the transactions are getting paid millions of dollars why can't even give us attempt. to look when. the soldiers are sleeping mom these little cars in the middle of the desert one of these k.b.r. executives are driving these forty thousand dollars vehicles they and their secretaries are driving at least a thirty to forty thousand dollars vehicle with everything imaginable all of that
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you could put on rome ramzan leather interior and cd players and all these extra minute these are you know you don't really need more time why do they need an h two hammer why do they have cadillac escalates in iraq how important managers what is the purpose. they get the wrong equipment ordered the wrong stuff. pewter still in boxes new vehicles push them out of what they called burn pits and i just set it on fire climate as a was to get more money for the right equipment or the right stuff they needed why would you need to order some biases roman quipping just because i'm a patient to do it and you burn it. and destroy it. you got brand new trucks over there and then there's not even oil filters so when
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the motor blows what do you do by. new truck and bill the government said. they wouldn't have a spare tire created and we had a blow to and they didn't care how. much by ford and these are maybe eighty thousand dollars vehicles maybe one hundred thousand dollars you know they're expensive trucks we're burning fuel in front of the iraqi people we're not really doing anything to help we. entire convoy is where every flatbed truck was empty the allegation come from twelve truckers complaining that the company was wasting government money by running empty trucks on the convoys and billing the government for them. and taking a chance. when there was no purpose when you went up. to make a better life for my family always have a roof over their head not to worry about where their next meal is coming from but
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then you know you look and you go up and down a road. and your butt is getting healed for. for no cause at all not even as much as a band-aid. that's how i can kill him i can your money. cues to hundreds of millions of dollars in improper charges pentagon auditors have found potential over charges of sixty one million dollars now the numbers are apparently even larger than previously thought it's unreasonable and unsupported bills that exceed one billion dollars if anybody's overcharging the government we expect him to repay that money has been proven so many times that halliburton is over build them. and then the pentagon still pays them anyway i don't know who it is that is protecting halliburton i don't understand why the military would protect
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them if you look at their board of directors they've got contacts in the state department contacts in the military. people who worked for halliburton once worked for the military. when you hire top pentagon officials and when the vice president is your former c.e.o. you're going to get the access that other people don't get is reportedly not a coincidence that vice president dick cheney's old company got a huge contract to help rebuild iraq time magazine's that is gotten a hold of a pentagon e-mail saying cheney's office coordinated how important a multi-billion dollar deal all the revelations came out about how the burton getting all these fancy no bid contracts there was not a single hearing in the congress house or senate about the mysterious bidding processes around iraq and halliburton. that's ridiculous the oversight responsibility belongs to the united states congress it belongs here and it's not happening here the senate should spend
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a little less. advertising allegations of wrongdoing and spend more time talking about what is going right if anybody believes that the contracts handed to how a bird for iraq were. you know the moral equivalent of insider trading. you know i've got an ocean in the middle of kansas and i'd like to take you surf and it's just phenomenal i mean course they were insider deals of course it was payback for old old friends and political supporters and campaign contributors they're very strategic and how they allocate their political contributions you'll see most of their money going to the committees that oversee military matters and funding for. when you pay influence money in the form of campaign contributions it means people look the other way the u.s. army announced today it signed a new contract with
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a unit of the huge contracting firm. and stock has quadrupled in value since the war began and taxpayers are being ripped off. the people in charge say we want to give to contractors because they can do it cheaper but lo and behold the evidence is now coming in and it isn't cheaper and we're not actually getting what we're paying for. we were writing contracts with. how the burden others to do things the iraqis could have done better and far far cheaper and by the way we would have got iraqis off the street and give them jobs let us stop the war profiteers learn to say no to them and learn to say if you continue to you're going to go to jail because that's where you belong my remember what stopped that. there hasn't been a single major piece of contracting oversight legislation passed by the congress
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since the war began not even a significant amendment has been passed despite all the enormous amounts of fraud and waste and abuse there needs to be a special committee established a bipartisan committee take a look at waste and fraud and abuse the amendment is not agreed to them and is not adopted and the leahy in them many if not take retail. lol m. leg.
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length. lens. i've. told.
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that leg. length. so. that's a leg. the
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. motion soon which brightened if you are about to move from funds to pressure. he screams don't talk t.v. don't come.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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