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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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here moscow time the news tonight palestinians raise their hopes for a successful statehood bid at the u.n. in a few hours despite firm opposition from the u.s. and israel which claim the status upgrade won't improve life for the autonomy taken outlook plus britain's prime minister praises the long anticipated leveson report to suggest the government should tightly its grip over the u.k. media but david cameron says a new law could be going too far again we examine that one and unrelenting protests in egypt as christians and liberals boycott the vote on a new constitution fearing the document will only cement the presidents and therefore the muslim brotherhood's grip on power.
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could even kevin owen here they are to new center tonight first this hour it's crunch time for palestinians eagerly anticipating the un vote which may see them granted a long sought after statehood the autonomy is hoping to be upgraded to the position of a member observer state that's the crucial work well earlier i discussed the issue with artie's polis later in tel aviv a report at the un headquarters in new york. well palestine is expected to win its un bid by an overwhelming majority more than one hundred thirty nations of the journalist including at least fifteen european states are reportedly planning to full vote in favor of lifting the palestinian authority un status from entity to observer state now palestine only needs two thirds of the majority of the general assembly to win this resolution to win this vote now the u.s. has been aggressively campaigning against today's contentious showdown on wednesday
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u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton said that washington has made it very clear to the palestinian leadership the u.s. opposes palestinian efforts to upgrade their status at the u.n. outside of the framework of direct negotiations france on the other hand is expected to vote in favor of the palestinians and the u.s. has expressed regret over what it holds a clash between allies now with its elevated status palestine will be able to join the international criminal court this would allow palestine to press for investigations into israel's practices in the occupied territories the authority will also be able to seek membership in specialized agencies of the u.n. and the u.s. has publicly threatened to cut off financing to international organizations that it made it palestine as a member of our viewers may remember back in two thousand and eleven u.s. congress cut financing to unesco after it accepted palestine as
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a member now palestine did about fourteen months ago submit an application for full membership to the united nations this application was blocked by the u.s. it didn't even come before the security council for a vote because the u.s. threatened to veto a full membership for palestine and this is what leads us to the current a story that we're talking about today this vote this showdown that will be taking place within the u.n. general assembly in just a few hours. very closely israeli air let's give the israeli side of a paula slews in tel aviv paula what here's the reaction from israel towards this palestinian bid tonight. paul the israeli government is calling this a bad political theater saying it's a bad day for peace and a bad day for we conciliation essentially they have though toned down the kind of rhetoric the kind of threats of sanctions that we've been hearing coming from tel aviv over the past few days they were threatening sanctions although saying that
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the intention was not to anyway pull down the palestinian authority or invoke any kind of irreversible steps the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made the point that the resolution is one sided and that it will not advance any kind of peace efforts in fact he says it will do exactly the reverse netanyahu saying that the only way forward is for israelis and palestinians to sit down together in direct talks at the negotiating table and this is essentially the israeli position they believe that the palestinians are seeking statehood with out resolving some of the core issues that really are fundamental to the discussions and to the disagreements between israelis and palestinians and they want to see those kind of issues resolved first before they can be any talk of statehood fall asleep middle east correspondent let's talk to gaza based activist terry fear is joining me live for more people both in the gaza strip and the west bank are reacting to the statehood bid will be seeing
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a couple of. you witnessed didn't you been talking to us at length through the deadly israeli offensive on guards or earlier this month. looking back on it with a bit of hindsight as well i guess what impact do you think those events have had on the palestinian people's push for a stated that we're witnessing right now. but i think it's hard to maine the first strike is to consolidate and codify international support for the palestinians european states are forced. support palestinian requests like this statehood bid to a greater extent when israel launches such on the sufis horrendous assaults on the gaza strip so this actually helps the coniston in coolest in this respect in a second respect it has the effect of strengthening hardline groups in gaza the west considers hamas that controls the gaza strip governs the gaza strip a hardline movement and so an assault by israel as we saw recently it's alteration
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of the gaza war two thousand and twelve had the effect of consolidating and strengthening hamas is power hamas being at all ends with mahmoud abbas in the west bank the palestinian president historically over the last few years although hamas the government here has supported this push for the increased status of the palestinian people today we've seen widespread demonstrations across ramallah with hundreds of people in the west bank demonstrating supporting manifesting mass oppose this policy to try and get an increase say to us here in the gaza strip we've seen literally thousands of people supporting. mahmoud abbas's policy and this bid for statehood so here is a strong excitement that the wall will finally recognize the palestinians rights increased sense there is a minority here in the gaza strip the feels that this is not in the palestinian city long time interests particularly with respect to the palestinian refugees
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rights of not being the palestinian diaspora refugees who live outside of the middle east who are refugees in the full of shit that's the big question is what is it going to mean tangibly on the ground we know what israel thinks about it just on this program last week we had spokesman speaking to us making it perfectly clear so what the palestinians think this will actually change. well if it if it's successful i'll be a manifest victory for the palestinian cause. it was in the respect that finally there will be some increased strength to the palestinian international representation asked for the us they will almost. spend all mahmoud abbas's presidency if. the states it is unsuccessful if it's on successful hamas will myself in addition and people will see nothing about his presidency i was very much weaker hamas will definitely
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strengthens here in the gaza strip something that israel the united states european states north american states generally speaking will be high you just made about harry thanks for being with us tonight harry fear there goes a place activist reporting on out tonight. palestinians are preparing for u.n. observer status recognition with the vote just hours away as i mentioned just now i spoke to an excel ski's press secretary for the israeli prime minister he told me that his country has never did rail the palestinian struggle for statehood. we called to mahmoud abbas for years to come and return to the table of negotiations and israel i want to. remind you that israel did everything israel could to proceed to give a chance to this to this process we stopped building stopped building in today in some area for turn months what no government before this
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government and at the end of the of this. of this step of israel nothing happened palestinians didn't get back to the negotiations they did back very symbolically and it was done in two weeks and it began failed so i think that israel done everything he could to bring back this process but again we have to provide security to israel. close vote and at the united nations is expected in about two hours time from now i'll still be here then we'll keep you fully up to date on the outcome of course on the team for the rest of the night and if you're still undecided yourself on the details want to check out a bit more informed plenty of information on a website or perspective there from all sides as well as plenty of analysis on the story too. the wide reaching reported the status of the u.k. press has suggested it should be regulated by a new independent body backed by legislation prime minister cameron's agreed that
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contact between politicians and media executive should be made public earlier i talked to our polly boyd have more insight into the story. lord leveson very damning in his report about the press ethics of some of the parts of the newspaper industry said that they ruined and wreaked havoc with some innocent people's lives also very critical of politicians cozy relationship that's how he called it with powerful media organizations and what his recommendations really boiled down to was that he says that the u.k. needs to create a new independent press watchdog that will be underpinned by new legislation did the government agree with the findings david cameron has just responded to lord leveson is recommend ations now he says he wholeheartedly agrees with the report he agrees that the system that we currently have in the u.k. of press regulation is badly broken and it needs a radical overhaul however he's concerned about creating new legislation in order
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to underpin a new watchdog he thinks that it's possible to make long lasting radical changes to the way that the press is regulated without changing the law let's take a listen to what he said in the house of commons the issue of principle is that for the first time we've crossed the rubicon of writing elements of press regulation into the law review. we should i believe be weary of any legislation that has the potential to infringe free speech what was the opinion of the other side of the barricades if you like from the journalists well we actually had the labor leader ed miliband responding as well he said that he agrees with lord leveson recommendations but actually he thinks that the law should be changed now the journalists and the press community they're not very enthusiastic about changing the lore and bringing in more stringent regulation that could be enforced by new
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laws they say that that could threaten the very nature of freedom of speech here in britain now we spoke to one journalist a little bit earlier and let's take a listen to what he said. the trouble with freedom of speech is that it's not like any other industry it's not like estate agents or lawyers in which you can drop regulations it's a fundamental thing that we all have and it's a natural right. so it's not something you can just sort of tinker with so it looks like whether or not you undependable new regulatory body by law is really going to be the bone of contention and the debate that's going to be raging on about it is only just starting. you. told me gosling spoke to me last believes it's not the press the should have been demonized let's leave aside for a minute the fact that lord justice leveson is a close friend of elizabeth murdoch not really the right person to do this job but what happened here is we've had an inquiry into the press where actually the
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problem that started all this was a criminal gang it looks like within the murdoch newsroom operating beyond the law and really the failure was not of the press it was of the police who failed to do their job for something like six years they had information about all sorts of phone hacking that was going on including people who were trying to help the victims of the seven seven london bombings having their phones criminally hacked boy the news of the world by the murdoch empire at the end of the day the journalists don't own the transmitters the journalists don't own the printing presses it's the proprietors and the editors who are really really culpable here i don't know if this is going to cause a lot of changes with the way that our press operates and i think that's because they're very rich very powerful very difficult for anybody but the rich to get access to justice when it comes to the british media but also to buy the transmitters and buy the printing presses to run the press in britain so you know the poor don't get justice at all. i'm kevin though in more news live from the new center of moscow after this quick break.
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looking at some dorks you simply do not believe they come speak and goodness how they can wrong oh. it's an international sled dog race with those driving the dogs. coming from as far away as a strand in canada and the us i come to russia and everybody is so very friendly they welcomed me with open arms and the scenery is so beautiful it's very much like a laska and so i felt at home the first sled dog was brought here from australia now let's try and come to this remote russian village to take part in the race it's not surprising they love it this trail are amazing but even more amazing is the story of how racing first started here atoll it wasn't the top. grazing who
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set the trail of place but a nun and for all phones who brought their dia to life. five years ago about a bill to dock kennel in the village kids from the local open h. came around to take care of the dogs and one day they state their life might seem extreme to some the boys wake up at six to feed the dogs before school in the evening they spend up to three hours training baffle legged friends but smother her schedule also encourages her kids to become depth hands on the computer and internet the boys who regularly updates their websites and they're in touch with the busy ma the twenty four seven on the phone. but children are the most important thing my only interests not play any rule any more and regardless of whether parsky has hoskins window race or not she hopes the competition will take place in the village next year. but called these dogs and the children it really is not the
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winning but truly just the taking part that counts. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't. charge for the big picture.
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egypt's national assembly is voting on a new constitution hoping to appease tens of thousands of protesters across the country outrage has been mounting for a week now after president morsi granted himself unchallenged powers although then promising to abandon them wants a new constitution and parliament are in place journalist trues got the latest from cairo. when this constitution is drafted and goes through referendum president morsi wrote in his controversial constitution that gratian his extra powers he's assumed will and to this is after the referendum however the real issue the heart of this debate is the constitution itself and the way that it's being drafted the
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opposition forces really see the constituent assembly to submit a body because at least a quarter of its members have staged a walkout including kiva presence tips from the church from liberal leftist forces for example so this constitution they really see has been drafted by president morsy supporters members of the muslim brotherhood and the other is the most groups still left in the constituent assembly so i'm afraid this document will be nothing really than to increase the anger of the opposition forces who at the moment are staging an ongoing sit in in tahrir square we have a protest called today by opposition and pro morsi supporters which if we if we expect to see quite a lot of clashes on the streets this is also already been very violent we've seen the death of at least one protester in these clashes between rival protesters as conscious continue on the streets surrounding cairo we go now to my colleague tom barton who has more from the scene. in the center of cairo where protests have
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emerged from around the side of this building in a cycle of to and fro battles with stones and tear gas with the police the police just stood over there and they keep emerging and firing tear gas canisters back at the protesters the protesters all morning have been rocking cars and trying to pull the doors off smashing windows throwing stones they've also been picking up the take last grenades of the police and throwing them back at the police some of the stones lining a bit closer now that the police come back and this has been going on for about two days now it back and forth back talk last night. they set fire to buildings and the police and the protesters dragging back casualties who have been with our eyes watching and choking on the tea gas and wounds head injuries and other injuries from the flying stones all of this set off by muhammad nurse's declaration last
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week he is now going to expected to make a television. a television address to the nation to try and explain why he took such unprecedented powers people into a free square haven't seen such violent protests there more peaceful i'm not allowed to protest as well they want to send a message rescind this rescind this announcement rescind these powers you've given yourself they're supporting largely the country's top judges to be on strike and they the judges say that they will not allow this measure despite mohammed morsi trying to say he is trying to find a compromise it seems likely this will go on until the situation can be diffused. and dodging the stones there doing his best to anyway let's get some analysis on the instability in egypt and how that's impacting the rest the arab world and talk to winnie mandela can see him on the line geo political analyst and author of myths lies and the oil wars. in the program tonight well look at by the last week two
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years was enough of a bear it was overthrow now the new democratically elected egyptian president telling people in the center of the capital that he wants all these powers it looks at the revolutions in a full circle doesn't it well i think we have was sunni version or how to look at maybe replace the shah of iran back in the late senate the seventies and talked about democracy and so forth but co-opted the genuine democratic movement that you had on the streets and in iran and created an islamic dictatorship you have a similar thing going on with with morsi and the muslim brotherhood and in egypt and i think the egyptian people feel betrayed. and double crossed as you surprised by it not at all not at all i wrote about this at the time that this was. the background agenda that was going to come come to emerge and it's happened in tunisia it's happened in egypt around morsi in the muslim brotherhood and what they
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are are when they're not in power that they have a moderate face that they put on in the united states in washington with various islamic organizations that they dominate in the u.s. but when they come into power they put a lot grip on power and as as a socially establish an islamic dictatorship in america was a big back you surely knew that didn't it. well i think some people in washington actually want this they think this is it a vehicle it's a internationalist islamic organization it's a secret society much like a masonic there will going to zation that. operate society untransparent and the cia has had dealings with the brotherhood since they brought them out of egypt into saudi arabia back in the early one nine hundred fifty s. and before that british intelligence so i think they they feel that they have a known entity in the brotherhood and they might be in for a stark surprise it's never sold like that to the great unwashed public that is at a cost and you know again standing by looking but we're also witnessing now these
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fresh protests in libya and tunisia the air to get any egypt there the countries of course where the arab spring kicked off all we have to pay is venturing a new phase doesn't it it certainly has and it's a very dangerous phase now you have an escalation with turkey and the us backed patriot missile batteries on the border with syria and reports that obama has given the green light for more active u.s. military intervention into syria i think the best possibility there are use the call by by the russian government. are all assad the president of syria to begin serious negotiations with the n.c.c. opposition. try to minimize the violence and in the turmoil they're not pressed for a military solution for sure has lost the military option at this point that's clear to me from all the reports i get from sources inside syria while in france from the program so my only time for a quick shot i'm afraid we're out of time william and go off thank you so much we
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don't think you. would make in terms of marks and stacey drawing a controversial similarities tonight between the central banks of london and. report after this short break. the legacy no one should be proud keeps of scrap metal littering pristine arctic landscape building stilton over their foundation pipes spewing black smoke over the snow covered peaks the traces of the soviet industrial activity on the spitzbergen archipelago don't make a pretty picture if the guiding principle here is the worse the better locals like to tell the story that back in soviet times when norwegians were visiting barons were they also an expressed amazement. at how prosperous this settlement was well times have obviously a change where they saw it lags they still attracting
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a region tourists are barons work and without cons much needed cash that's why when business bad they're ruining our goal is common as was uncovered here a few days ago instead of throwing it away the local administration decided to paint a venue and put it at variance work central square that in the nine hundred eighty s. there was a burgeoning mining community there the soviet union was determined to maintain its own costs to a degree located halfway between north america and western europe in archipelago is part of norway but a special status that allows other countries to set up industrial bases here in. the middle of the cold war it served as the useless hours westernmost outpost now it's one of the soviet union's last preserved relics. it is essentially a picture of what would have happened to the soviet union if it was cut off from any financial support for two decades it's
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a curious site for western tourists and i think it could be even more appealing for russian travelers to keep its presence on spitsbergen russia still maintaining a coal mine here but in terms of profit is far behind local shops. are a bill it is a big hit the defunct arne curtain still helps keep the money flowing. it's so rushed through in your words you can't. your local administration is increasingly under pressure to bring the infrastructure up to more than standards if these modernization efforts are not very popular with tourist operators if you come into a very authentic place like. it should stay the way it is that would be my wish i mean that's the part of the let you know authentic tradition here. i should not i would not like to have it in a shiny condition to be on the time to change even for the better is not always
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good for business something that even a local band has become attuned to when they try to add morning russian songs to die repertoire the audience called all they wanted to hear it was a song comfortably familiar. oh i max kaiser welcome to the kaiser report markets finance rev all i've got to add lines for this past week tell me if you notice a similarity similar headline one congo rebel surround central bank in goma. headline two goldman sachs takes over the bank of england notice
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a similarity about this m twenty three marconi m twenty three mark carney the news is not only repeating itself it rhymes statement yes max i've got my rebel outfit on here and the first headline is congo rebel surround central bank in goma congo rebels appeared to be looting the central bank in goma after refusing to withdraw from the city they captured last week and twenty three fighters surrounded the bank early this afternoon and were seen loading white bags into cars that armed rebels looked nervous and ordered the guardian to leave the area they're looting the bank a un source said later another un source denied that there had been money in the bags insisting they were full of beans a lot of the central banks are collateralized by beings that's that's similar to the bank of england mark carney is going to be arriving to the bank of england in a few short months and else line that in the vaults are bags of beans and some of
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boris johnson's winks but other than that there's nothing to collateralize his bank so yes of course you've got incredible similarity central banks are being looted the rebels whether they're in africa or in england and the motive is the same of course there are being encounters at the central banks in the west so goldman sachs takes over the bank of england this is mark carney of course he is from goldman sachs he was there for thirteen years and after that he was at the bank of canada and now he's at the bank of england now this headline comes with this map as you can see in the above map go government sachs stretches from the tip of crete now to the windy wilds of thirst so scotland now you see all the goldman sachs alumni who are now running europe whether it's poppy day most in greece or monte and italy but the one i want to point your attention to is mario draggy who is of course the head of the e.c.b. but he was that.


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