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tv   [untitled]    November 29, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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tonight's palestinian raise their hopes for a future state of despair because of the un general assembly opened proceedings in the run up to an imminent vote in the next hour or so whether to upgrade the official status of the autonomy these latest pictures through from ramallah tonight . also britain's prime minister praises the long anticipated leveson report that suggests the government should tight its grip over the u.k. media but david cameron says a new law could be taking it too far. relenting protests in egypt after a new draft constitution rushed through with a quarter of more makers boycotting the vote opposition supporters hope the document will help loosen the president on the muslim brotherhood's grip on power.
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hello it's crunch time for palestinians eagerly anticipating the u.n. vote which may see them granted long sought after statehood it's said to take place just one hour from now may potentially see the autonomy status of great to the position of known that member state of observer state that's crucial word state well earlier i discussed the issue with artie's paullus leader in tel aviv a report at the un headquarters in new york. palestine is expected to win its un bid by an overwhelming majority more than one hundred thirty nations of the general assembly including at least fifteen european states are reportedly planning to folks to vote in favor of lifting the palestinian authority one status from entity to observer states now palestine only needs two thirds of the majority of the general assembly to win this reza. lucian's to win this vote now the u.s.
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has been aggressively campaigning against today's contentious showdown on wednesday u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton said that washington has made it very clear to the palestinian leadership the u.s. opposes policy now for it's to upgrade their status at the u.n. outside of the framework of direct negotiations france on the other hand is expected to vote in favor of the palestinians and the u.s. has expressed regret over what it calls a clash between allies now with its elevated stallard status palestine will be able to join the international criminal court this would allow palestine to press for investigations into israel's prop disses in the occupied territories the authority will also be able to seek membership in specialized agencies of the u.n. now the u.s. has publicly threatened to cut off financing to international organizations that it made palestine as a member our viewers may remember that back in two thousand and eleven u.s. congress cut financing to unesco after it accepted palestine as
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a member now palestine did about fourteen months ago submit an application for full membership to the united nations this application was blocked by the u.s. it didn't even come before the security council for a vote because the u.s. threatened to veto a full membership for palestine and this is what leads us to the current a story that we're talking about today this vote this showdown that will be taking place within the u.n. general assembly in just a few hours. very closely it is really really sort of pulled out of the pull of what here's the reaction from israel towards this palestinian bid tonight. the israeli government is calling this a bad political theater saying it's a bad day for peace and a bad day for we can see the ation essentially they have toned down the kind of trick the kind of threats of sense. since that we've been hearing coming from tel
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aviv over the past few days they were threatening sanctions although saying that their intention was not to anyway pull down the palestinian authority or invoke any kind of irreversible steps the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made the point that the resolution is one sided and that it will not advance any kind of peace efforts in fact he says it will do exactly the reverse netanyahu saying that the only way forward is for israelis and palestinians to sit down together in direct talks at the negotiating table and this is essentially the israeli position they believe that the palestinians are seeking statehood with out resolving some of the core issues that really are fundamental to the discussions and to the disagreements between israelis and palestinians and they want to see those kind of issues resolved first before they can be any talk of statehood but we saw the scenes just now in the headlines hundreds of people flooding the streets of ramallah and gaza city in support of the bid submitted by authorities for the westberg. reports on why the success of the u.n.
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is so important for palestinians. today we've seen widespread demonstrations across ramallah with hundreds of people in the west bank demonstrating supporting manifesting mass aport of this policy to try and get an increased status here in the gaza strip we've seen literally thousands of people supporting. mahmoud abbas's policy and this bid for statehood so here is a strong excitement that the walls will finally recognize the palestinians rights increased sense there is a minority here in the gaza strip the feels that this is not in the palestinian longtime interest particularly with respect to the palestinian refugees rights of our time not being the palestinian refugees who live outside of the middle east who are refugee in the forces well if it's if it's successful i'll be a manifest victory for the palestinian cause if it's on successful hamas will
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almost certainly be strengthened people will see passes presidency as very much weaker hamas will definitely be strengthened here in the gaza strip something that israel and the united states european states north american states generally speaking will be heidi dismayed about. press secretary for the israeli prime minister he told me that his country has never derailed the palestinian struggle for statehood. we called to mahmoud abbas for years to come and return to the table of negotiations and israel i want to to remind you that israel did everything that israel could to proceed to give chance to this to this process we stopped if buildings stopped building in day in some area for turn months what no government before this government and at the end of the of this. of this step of israel nothing happened palestinians didn't
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get back to the negotiations they did back very symbolically and it was done in two weeks and it again failed so i think that israel done everything he could to bring back this process but again we have to provide security to israel. when the key question is if the u.n. approves a palestinian state to drive is what it would be for the future of israeli settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem but my finkelstein's american political scientist now activist he told me the upgraded status may help palestinians in their fight for territory. won't be frozen but the palestinian authority will have the option of going to the international criminal court which are under the wrong statues statutes under the rome star choose which are the statutes of the international criminal court they state that the settlements are a war crime and the palestinian authority will have the opportunity if they get it
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when they get the observers there is to go to the international criminal court for israel's criminal behavior in the occupied territories. well go to the united nations coming up within the hour keep your course up to date on the outcome if you still decide on the details as well you can always check out our website we've got perspectives from all sides as well as plenty of analysis on the story. the wide reaching leveson report into the standards of the u.k. press has suggested it should be regulated by a new independent body backed by legislation while prime minister cameron didn't look very happy about the idea of a press regulating law he deputy pm but the initiative earlier talked about his police more insight on the story. lord leveson very damning in his report about the press ethics of some of the parts of the newspaper industry said that they ruined and retaliate quite some innocent people's lives also very critical of politicians cozy relationship that's how he called it with powerful media organizations and
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what his recommendations really boiled down to was that he says the u.k. needs to create a new independent press watchdog that will be underpinned by new legislation but the government agree with the findings david cameron has just responded to lord leveson is recommend ations now he says he wholeheartedly agrees with the report he agrees that the system that we currently have in the u.k. of press regulation is badly broken and it needs a radical overhaul however he's concerned about creating new legislation in order to underpin a new watchdog he thinks that it's possible to make long lasting radical changes to the way that the press is regulated without changing the law let's take a listen to what he said in the house of commons the issue of principle is that for the first time we've crossed the rubicon of writing elements of press regulation into the law. we should i believe any legislation that has the potential to
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infringe free speech what was the opinion of the other side of the barricades if you like from the journalists well we actually had the labor leader ed miliband responding as well he said that he agrees with lord leveson recommendations but actually he thinks that the law should be changed now the journalists and the press community they're not very enthusiastic about changing the law or in bringing in more stringent regulation that could be enforced by new laws they say that that could threaten the very nature of freedom of speech here in britain now we spoke to one journalist a little bit earlier and let's take a listen to what he said. the trouble with freedom of speech is that it's not like any other industry it's not like estate agents or lawyers in which you can drop regulations it's a fundamental thing that we all have and it's a it's a natural right. so it's not something you can just sort of tinker with so it looks
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like whether or not to underpin this new regulatory body by law is really going to be the bone of contention and the debate that's going to be raging on about it is only just starting at a very good chat about this very subject with u.k. based investigative journalist tony goes that he believes that it's not the press that should have been demonized. let's not leave aside for a minute the fact that lord justice leveson is a close friend of elizabeth murdoch is not really the right person to do this job but what happened here is we've had an inquiry into the press where actually the problem that started all this was a criminal gang it looks like within the murdoch newsroom operating beyond the law and really the failure was not of the press it was of the police who failed to do their job for something like six years they had information about all sorts of phone hacking that was going on including people who were trying to help the victims of the seven seven london bombings having their phones criminally hacked
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boy the news of the world by the murdoch empire at the end of the day the journalists don't own the transmitters the journalists don't own the printing presses it's the proprietors and the editors who are really really culpable here i don't know if this is going to cause a lot of changes with the way that our press operates and i think that's because they're very rich very powerful very difficult for anybody but the rich to get access to justice when it comes to the british media but also to buy the transmitters and buy the printing presses to run the press in britain so you know the poor don't get justice at all coming up with me kevin belgrade accuses the hague of bias after war crimes tribunal acquits of former cos of a general of killing and torturing student ninety ninety two you can. live feels the bailout heat with the media of lawmakers blasting chancellor merkel could see only the true cost of saving greece we reveal more on that after this break.
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a lovely quiet morning a family jet li sleeps in district maryland with fifty armed f.b.i. agents stormed the house guns drawn. despite the family pleading that they were unarmed the law enforcement agents opened fire on a weaponless teenager my asian huli thankfully sholay suffered minor flesh wounds but the key issue is that it remains unknown as to why the house was stormed so here in america for no reason guys in black uniform storm someone's house a loaded some rounds and left with no justification or explanation yes the family still doesn't know why this happened the f.b.i. is remaining silent you know i understand that there are some very bad individuals out there doing some very bad stuff at home but if you don't even really know whose house you're storming or why you're storming it then maybe you should lay off the
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siege for a while you know what take a few minutes to think it over have a cup of coffee and maybe even do a little google search about the fourth amendment but that's just my opinion. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images group world and seeing from the streets of canada. change corporations rule today. mission free credit patient free in-store charges free. range month free. three stooges free.
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national assembly voted for a new constitution hoping to appease tens of thousands of protesters across the country opposition attempts to limit the president's term in office to two four year states could see morsy supporters take to the streets and jenna spell trues in cairo she joins us now live with the latest bell well what is it about this new constitution is really i get the opposition that. call this course a few off the coast quite contentious now being discussed today as they were read out whilst the members in. constituent assembly who are voting on them one in particular is article four which awards they are as high as the highest islamic authority legislative scrutiny another one is article ten which gives the state the
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ability to maintain moral behavior against quite unclear in addition military trials for civilians are still being allowed in the constitution this is been an ongoing campaign by revolutionaries since january of two thousand and eleven because it's actually illegal under international law and the practice of trying to be in front of many to judges and be seen to be very unethical. there's already been over a week of protests that we've witnessed on the streets any sign of them dined tonight. i'm sitting on them we still have behind the sit in that they said they will not leave to the constitution that duration has been revoked in addition they have been ongoing clashes now directly below us just off the square as you continue now on the corner leash and my colleague tom parker was that earlier today and he has this report. we still did in the center of cairo a protest as have emerged from around the side of this building in this cycle of to
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and fro to battles with stones and to gas with the police the police just stood over there and they keep emerging and firing tear gas canisters back at the protesters the protesters all morning have been rocking carson trying to pull the doors off smashing windows throwing stones they've also been kicking up the take aspirin age of the police and throwing them back at the police some of the stones lining a bit closer now the police come back and this has been going on for about two days now and back and forth battle last night they set fire to buildings on the police and the protesters dragging back casualties who have been with our use were cheering and choking on the tea gas and head injuries and other rings. from the flying stones all of this set off by muhammad nursed his declaration last week he is now going to expected to make a television. a television address to the nation to try and explain why he took
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such unprecedented power as people in top three square haven't seen such violent protests there more peaceful on the logic protests as well they want to send a message rescind this rescind this announcement rescind these powers you've given yourself they're supporting largely the country's top judges to be on strike and they the judges say that they will not allow this measure despite how mohammed morsi trying to say he is trying to find a compromise it seems likely this will go on until the situation can be diffused. to a political analyst and the author of myths lies moyle war. told us it's only now that the muslim brotherhood's revealing its true intentions. i think the egyptian people feel betrayed and double crossed essentially it's happened in tunisia it's happened in egypt around morsi in the muslim brotherhood and what they are are the
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when they're not in power there are there are moderates face that they put on in the united states in washington with various islamic organizations that they dominate in the u.s. but when they come into power they put a lot of grip on power and as as a socially establish an islamic dictatorship and the cia has hurt you in the brotherhood since they brought them out of egypt into saudi arabia back in the early one nine hundred fifty s. and before that british intelligence so i think the they feel that they have a known entity in the brotherhood and they might start surprised check out a dot com our website their footage of an obscenity laced performance which caused an international outcry when reporting that could be banned from the internet in russia one of the stories got a lot of clicks and i even find out why the country's authorities now have decided to block eric says to video clips of the notorious punk band pussy riot we're reporting on it r.t. dot com. and a chinese man blows his entire life savings on
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a construction project of biblical proportions what is that we'll find out what's behind a sink or swim on patients and hearty they'll call. the hague tribunal for war crimes acquitted kosovo's former prime minister and to his aides for a second time deny was accused of the murder and torture of stew in the brutal war in yugoslavia at the end of the one nine hundred ninety s. said his presidency already slammed the acquittal of saying the courts biased against his country angry said staged a protest to kosovo's border international criminal defense lawyer. michael connor of a says the hague school system was abolished from the stuff. i think by and large this tribe you know was set up more or less the private servers they had
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trying so i'm one of them's bosniaks from one of the bombardments of growing up. and of course when it came to congress and move very very few i don't think it should be that surprising and big there is a political element to these international pride holes you know who gets charged what they charge we're. out of there of how they will be caught i cry in the sentences that they were all committed we received and i think when you look at the history of all of the legacy of this probe you know you will see that the serbs were targeted more than any of the other groups and that's why i think it's one of the behaviors of this particular crime you know. because it does. look at there's a political element to it. news continues live from the new center mosque just a few minutes from that.
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i never thought i could earn a living this way. natale issue of oil is the norm or should test small arms so those photos to machine building plant not are the sourced count of all the weapons she's fired over the past twelve years. i got so used to it sometimes my friends ask me to join them at the rifle range and i say no wait i'm so tired of shooting. the clowns history goes from making firearms doing world war two to ballistic missiles from nuclear submarines during the cold war the bulk of the soviet industry was moved here in the 1940's to flee the advance in germans so if you were also became the heart of soviet military production closed off to foreigners for hoffa's century it thrived on the message of the soviet military when the u.s.s.r. collapsed but life here was shaken to the core but some adapted to better than
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others. this is the fuel truck factory bush's number one truck made for girls a look at how well the workplace is organized everything's done to make sure the workers don't waste time waiting there was so production is booming the factory has largely managed to get on to civil rails these johnsons sold around the globe hit a base of brand new be no way to be delivered to acquire seventy trucks like this one roll up the bronx conveyor belt every day look at about this things that absolutely huge. well i'm no formula one pilot but hopefully if i can get up that. what can go far to drive. well that was. to get one of these to travel to whatever in the morning let the cost of about forty thousand dollars i should start saving money.
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all you need to devise watch r t any time. this is r.t. international again chancellor angela merkel's being called to account in germany over why she signed off on seven hundred thirty million euros with the concessions for greece a hefty bill that will be footed by german taxpayers paid all over in berlin the opposition members of the social democrat party. center right coalition that's is not really a rubber stamping service and if they want to push through this latest package they're going to have to prove to m.p.'s that it's in the best interests of germany what this latest package contains. buyback scheme low interest rates on the debts
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that greece has as well as the hunting over profit from the. truly means is for twenty thirty germany is said to lose around seven hundred thirty million euros due to implementing these latest measures all of that of course not making great reading for chancellor merkel she said time and time again that the german taxpayer would not be hit financially by germany giving help to greece now they have to admit that it is going to happen and this is all happening on the basis that greece can pay some of it back by twenty sixteen where it should be back on its feet almost considering the current state of the greek economy that's a mistake statement to make the opposition i mentioned the social democrats they are saying that any. debt restructuring for greece will have to wait until after the general election takes place here so with the chancellor of the election
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starting to come into view and. century being politically embarrassed by having to go back on a promise she's made it's all stone to be a very interesting to pay when german politicians discuss the latest financial aid package for greece. over there just minutes as well as tell you what's coming up next mark skies and stacy herbert here they see similarities between the central banks of congo and britain you have me right there speculate not just what's filling their vaults. the rubble surrounds central banking goma they're looting the bank a u.n. source said later another u.n. source denied that there had been money in the bags insisting they were full of being allowed in the central banks are collateralized by bands that's similar to the bank of england mark carney is going to be arriving to the bank of england and i can assure mom said he'll find. in the vault bags of beans and some of boris
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johnson's way exist but other than that there's nothing to collateralize these banks yes of course you've got incredible similarity central banks are being lit the rebels whether they're in africa or in england. the motive is the same. here whether it's bales whether it's bags whether it's butts whether it's somewhat of what your business is natasha of course my business department here. he got to know who he had to give businesses deals with and that's the big story of the day isn't it absolutely i'll tell you all the details and then just a moment after a short break.


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