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tv   [untitled]    December 1, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EST

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q a divided the opposition pledges a boycott of the parliamentary vote process slam a decree limiting voters' rights. over one hundred thousand protesters rally in egypt angry at a hastily pushed through draft constitution which many see as discriminatory. and israel's rush to approve thousands of new settler homes is seen as a provocation by the palestinians a day after they are given nonmember observer status at the un. and i welcome you watching r.t. live from moscow the opposition in kuwait is to boycott today's vote on
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a new parliament already the second this year it comes at a time of ongoing political unrest in the oil rich gulf state with anti-government protest announcing a road decree limiting voters' power as the opposition says the new rule discriminates against them and see this corruption by the ruling mana keep lucy cuff and off reports from kuwait. the uncertainty is one way to describe the mood here in way today as the highly controversial parliamentary elections take off now the opposition has refused to back down from a boycott of the voting in protest of what it sees as its authority period this opposition activists say that this is an attempt to produce a more compliant parliament that will allow the government to pass laws without appropriate oversight from the legislature thousands of feet he said taking to the streets in a largely peaceful protest to express their frustration with the. i urged . the gulf war there's also concerns about
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a potential clampdown on dissent as many activists who have spoken out both against the emir and the political situation here have been jailed now we got a chance to speak to some of the protesters and here's a look at what they have to say more than one person is in a community. you don't know those things to go because you know losing the ability to good good. good i think. the opposition hope that by the way that should result in a lower voter turnout which could in their abuse directly undermine the actual outcome of the elections and potentially hasten the dissolution of the most recent parliament we also spoke to opposition activists to say that they are going to be stationing their own observers at each of the polling stations in order to do an independent count of the voter turnout the rich country has seen in the island
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street battles between opposition groups and security forces which have used steerer gas stun grenades as well as rubber bullets in order to disperse the previous gatherings now western countries are of course keeping a close eye on. as well as the unrest here in kuwait of course as an opec member any sort of unrest on the streets is bound to have some sort of impact on oil prices as well as the pentagon's plans to use the oil rich nation as a hub for its get ground forces in order to build up a countering force to the perceived threats by iran of course kuwait is home to three u.s. military bases watching the stats increase in numbers here with all of the main withdrawal from afghanistan a closer look this is what you see captain of r t two eight. meanwhile protesters are rallying in egypt against what they call an oppressive regime firing to stop a new constitution seen as undermining democratic freedoms the draft was hastily.
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approved by the by an islamist dominated assembly on friday which added fuel to the political crisis sparked last week when president morsi ashamed sweeping new powers journalist truly explains why protest is are opposing the draft so strongly they say is that a first of all it's drafted by islamist dominated assembly it doesn't represent egypt on top of that of course is the sharia law and i've been to it although the initial wording is actually similar to the seventy one constitution the problem is the other articles defining sharia law even open to ultra conservative interpretation in addition to that a human rights watch actually. had a report today that highlighted the problems of women's rights within the constitution in addition there are articles saying things like you cannot insult an individual which can be widely interpreted and misused and of course one of the main issues is a military trials to civilians this is the practice is illegal under international law and when the subject of many campaigns by revolutionary forces and he's allowed
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in the constitution we expect a referendum in the next two weeks with this continuing disturbance on the streets and more protests expected really we're not sure how we should back before anything can go ahead certainly on to create the chance that i heard were against the constitution they were also against the president morsi power grab last week when he made this contentious constitution that duration which basically awarded him supremum powers but really people are saying they don't want this constitution they want morsi actually to leave at this point egypt opposition promised to step up the protests and claim they may also march on morsi is presidential palace to stop him from calling a referendum on the controversial draft as they gear up from the egyptian current party says if the new constitution passes a referendum it would even further cement the islamised grip on power. if it gets a popular vote that means it's more or less the constitution that we would have there's another critical mass that would allow for amendment however there's no
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mechanism to propose an amendment to the constitution after it passes through the referendum which means that there has to be enough change within parliament and the hands of the non islamic parties so that they can propose such a change which seems to be a question of. how the parliament of the previous parliament wisconsin constructed forty three percent of the muslim brotherhood in twenty seven percent of the salafist so even if there is a significant changes and you have a fifty fifty percent parliament. that still seems to be questionable that you would have such a change. fellow nobel peace prize laureates don't believe he deserves to stand side by side with past winners several previous recipients demand the block is
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stripped of the award as its values don't fit with what palfrey nobel had in mind this story just ahead for you plus us closing the door to high tech innovators from abroad despite foreigners previously spearheading the country's digital revolution . the palestinians have accused israel of an immediate provocation by approving settlement expansion directly after the un recognize palestine as a no member observer state three thousand new settlers new settler homes have been given the go ahead in the west bank and east jerusalem less than twenty four hours after the un vote israel has accused the palestinians of seeking you out for recognition not a solution through talks the palestinians in turn demand that all settlement building is stopped the full negotiations resume one hundred thirty eight states voted to upgrade palestine status with nine including the us voting against forty one abstaining political analysts for this then he says the palestinians could now
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take action against israel global institutions. this gives one more indication that for israel the settlement construction process is thoroughly political this in this case it was designed explicitly to punish the palestinians for having the audacity to go to the united nations something that ironically the israelis call a unilateral act when of course going to the un is the ultimate act of multilateralism but i think that what we're looking at is really a continuation of what we've seen all along the settlement construction that has gone on for many many years in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem there are now over six hundred thousand illegal israeli settlers living on occupied territory which means they are they are breaking the law. every morning simply by waking up that hasn't changed this is going to make it worse what this does i think is two things one we heard earlier it will give the palestinians the possibility of going
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to join either the international criminal court which could allow some level of accountability for israeli war crimes additionally it means they could have the possibility to join the international court of justice as a member as a state in which case they could do what countries do in the international court of justice all the time bring a lawsuit against another country in this case the state of palestine could sue the state of israel for its illegal occupation the u. doesn't deserve its nobel peace prize that is according to several former winners who are demanding the block is stripped the award they have written to the foundation saying the e.u. doesn't fit with the prizes values and the committee has lost its found his vision r.t. sarah firth he explains. in that letter they said that the twenty seven nation blocks getting this award contradicts the valley's safety ated with the
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pricing was a once already happening is the one point seeing million dollar prize money not be awarded this year and they all say said the clearly not one of the champions of peace a consensus here among signatures and indeed among many many people when this award was announced it was really the awarding of the prize you have to me we're not in the keeping of the spirit of the nobel peace prize the prize was awarded at a time when the e.u. is they think the biggest crisis it's face since its creation we're seeing huge social unrest and you know what a lot of people are saying is that the european union at the moment is really for a lot of people. come to represent divisions within society we see those divisions between the rich and the plough poor between those who employ it those who run employed you know the people that we've spoken to in these countries really feel very very let down the vision of the european union with about peace and democracy
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and that's certainly not what people feel that they're getting now the committee praised the voting after the second world war and spreading stability to former communist countries promoting peace and stability within the e.u. you know it's not all bad the does provide heat amount in a day nation but i think i will be seeing happening in the e.u. in the last year really has been very far from the idea of you know a peaceful new year two thousand and nine we saw were awarded to see president obama many people feeling that was being awarded the peace activities he might do that some point in the future again very much not in keeping with the will we are to have actually got some reactions of their own to this latest piece of information about it being contested we had an m.e.p. tara back in say it's highly devious was even fulfilled the rules under which the award should be given i mean really very strong reactions to this prize being awarded as he said a project that many people feel represents the total opposite the peace. well you
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find all these stories on our website plus much more including supermarket sweep a lottery ticket one italian job could get you full time employment details online plus in this day approaches some russian entrepreneurs cashing in on the ancient mines prediction log on to r.t. dot com to learn more about surviving the end of the world has been a collective sigh of relief relief in athens is german or makers support trimming greece's overwhelming debt aside from releasing more cash the deal slashes interest rates delays payments and even pushes back or stereotyped deadlines but is artie's peter all of an i reports those footing the bill aren't all that happy. germany will be giving more financial aid towards greece we saw m.p.'s voting with four hundred seventy three saying yes to this aid package one hundred saying no and eleven stand shin's now what this does mean no and it's been talked about
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throughout the week is next year alone it could cost germany over seven hundred million euros but we are seeing the politicians at least giving their support financial support towards greece but that support isn't being particularly backed up by some of the electorate here people on the streets of germany suggesting that perhaps greece should be left to its own devices. that is enough because we won't see this money ever again. at some point it should be stopped it's high time they were capable of helping themselves we're ok for now but some day we could also go broke there's arlen specter to vote this is all use we have already given at least so much more and they should start going on the starboard side and there's nothing more. well they were people speaking just outside of the reichstag but that seems to be reflected across the country a recent poll taken by a german television station says that for. thirty six percent of germans want to
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see greece left to default left up to its own devices however the politicians in here in germany have voted through this next round of financial aid but it wasn't smooth sailing we saw a very confident looking angle a merkel posting her vote but that belies some rumblings of revolt within her own party and own coalition the worst people saying no no no we are just going to rubber stamp any things put before us you've got to prove this is in the best interests of germany of course all of this coming around as we enter what will be the campaigning season ahead of a general election here in germany next year so it does seem that the german politicians at least are on the side of angela merkel and trying to give more financial aid to greece an increasing amount of the electorate who seem to be suggesting they should be cut loose. with the french economy mired in depression unemployment figures are at their highest in
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a decade in this artie's. reports the financial hardship is putting pressure on usually harmonious relationships between the immigrant community and of course. it's always busy at this market on a sunday and from the looks of it you could think this is tehran obey route rather than the french capital this paris neighborhood stands just a stone's throw away from the famous eiffel tower but hardly anyone imagined just twenty years ago that the native french population would be finding itself in a rapidly decreasing minority here this man moved from pakistan in search of a better life but this has not been a smooth ride i don't have a proper work i don't work here. because they don't speak french. many went in france and french people don't have as much work. holiday very give. and this situation is like
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a ticking time bomb the jobless migrant population is getting more aggressive towards the native french which they believe to be the main cause of their troubles this is described as anti white racism. who wrote a book about the phenomenon. there is real lack of authority in those troubled suburbs there is not enough police force criminals are not immediately punished phenomenon is widely spread among young people at middle school it's mostly insulting people elephant cells can happen at school if your district has a conflict between neighbors sometimes it ends up in a fight. but often it goes beyond verbal abuse the recent murder of a french teenager by his arabic schoolmates is just one example and used paper poll suggested that the white french population and breezy in slums were afraid to take a metro ride home after dark. to real blows on a says aggressive migrants in the neighborhood where he spent most of his life are
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one of the reasons he joined the nationalist party member i'm putting up my political ads and i hear some noise cars in circle and arab looking people in the cars tell us oh. we thought you were the police so they're not interested in politics they are interested in drugs in the revenues from drug trafficking so they beat the police there are a thousand lawless areas where the law of france is not respected in europe despite their concerns officials are reacting as the if the problem does not exist racism is a poor relationship within a society so between a majority who holds the power or the political power to meet up or the judiciary power and so on and different types of minorities within the society so if you talk about auntie rights racism that would mean that words are a minority within their own society which is absolutely wrong in western europe which is many wides christian whatsoever is absolute nonsense but with more and more cases of aggression towards the local french many brazilians are thinking what
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else must happen before the authorities stop turning a blind eye to what they say is a worrying trend. of ski r.t. reporting from paris in france. meanwhile silicon valley has long been the symbol of all things high tech in the united states and the rest of the world and while the majority of those who helped create the digital haven foreign entrepreneurs america has become increasingly reluctant to welcome new talent from abroad medina coach never reports what's the silicon valley. lots of sharing helping each other even competitors will help each other some of the biggest brands on the planet and all and so she says whether america and surprisingly the majority want created by foreigners. jerry yang who was born in taipei surrogate britain whose parents came from russia when he was six or pierre
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omidyar an iranian born in paris silicon valley has thrived thanks largely to immigrants people who came here with their dreams and had the drive to make them a reality they transformed this place into an unrivaled for high tech development the birthplace of global pioneers one person who helps those outsiders to get a foot in the door is german born and how it could blend struck she says the valley moves so fast that it seems skilled foreigners springing up left right and center that she average day and there is a simple reason such success is coming their way so many of the of the indians and chinese that come in the others they make these great companies and then they hire people so they are really giving work and i think they're hungry for the words they want to succeed they're driven the valley's biggest rice came with the boom of immigrants in the ninety's that brought innovations in software and internet services the numbers speak for themselves just over half of the companies found it
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in silicon valley from the mid ninety's to the mid to thousands had founders born abroad believe this research says there is a case to one for him born inventor behind three quarters after a new page and and like for many others getting him payton for his startup is what brought julia to palo alto her project is called smart wall and works is a messaging tool for those who want to avoid social networks most of the people that are that i see are foreigners and also there are a lot of americans that are not from here so they're also coming it's it's not a matter of nationality here is a matter of the real skills that you have but there are some clouds on the california sky currently over half of foreign born inventiveness face visa hurdles the end. knowing economic recession has broad deep fears at home and about much
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needed jobs going into hands that have come from abroad making it hard for many to understand that foreigners can actually bring benefits to times when america so desperately needs them but i think that's something that white america doesn't get they don't understand why. because they don't because i think that a lot of the fears are still oh they're taking our jobs away america prides itself on being a melting pot of a country where thousands flocked for a better life but u.s. immigration policy may put an end to all that i do not question artsy. well let's take a look at some other news making headlines this hour and i warn you we are about to show images that do contain very graphic content syrian rebels have reportedly uploaded a video showing them executing ten unarmed men prisoners busting pleading for their lives before being shot one of the gunmen is heard referencing an al qaeda linked group responsible for several suicide attacks in the country pro-government forces
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have meanwhile been fighting near a damascus airport which disrupted flights while a large scale internet and telecommunications blackout in the country is now into its third day. tension is mounting being used in slovenia ahead of sunday's runoff presidential election as protesters clashed with authorities after trying to storm the country's parliament demonstrators threw rocks and firecrackers at police who responded with tear gas and water cannon thousands also gathered at the keys and the prime minister and his cabinet of fraud and corruption and demanding their resignations the country is facing one of the worst recessions of the seventeen nations in the euro. more than thirty people have been killed after a cargo plane crash landed in a residential area in the capital of congo the aircraft was attempting to land at a nearby airport in skidded off the runway into houses in the bar before ending up in a ravine the accident appears to have been caused by
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a violent storm reports claim all crew members on board were killed along with up to thirty people on the ground. american soldier bradley manning charged with giving thousands of classified u.s. documents to wiki leaks has told a pretrial hearing that his detention conditions made him feel like a doomed caged animal and prevent suicide all thought he was speaking publicly for the first time since twenty ten about his time in confinement waiting for trial the army court was shown a noose made from the bed sheet which manning admits he made his lawyers claim the charges should be dropped because of his jail or deal. well manning's notoriety was caused by cable gate two years ago when wiki leaks released a number of american diplomatic documents on the anniversary of the project artie's laurie half an east has taken to the streets of new york to see if there's public support for the disclosure of top government secrets.
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it's been two years since wiki leaks released with now known as cable gate the world's largest leak of classified u.s. material so has it changed the world much this week let's talk about that i'm kind of a thought what i don't know doesn't hurt me so if your government is killing innocent people you're ok with that i'm not so you're ok with. i know i'm contradicting myself but i obviously don't want my government to kill innocent people but in the same boat. how do i know they're innocent but the government full of people we should know what's going on would they do and what a code when they keep secrets the secret is only for them i think is only going to benefit them they're not acting for our best interest in doing so i don't think so if you run the government and you lead or you run a business associate business and you lead everyone from your employees to the person who's the janitor know everything about your business something's going to come back and haunt you and so maybe you shouldn't do anything that would haunt you
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. that. you have a good point knowledge is power right so we found out some information so that's a positive thing but i don't know if it's changed anything you don't think it's changed the way the governments might act i think if they broke through some sort of firewall to get this information they probably built a new firewall that they can't break through quite as easily they have to do what they think is best for the country and if this is going to upset people and cause a lot of it had to be done i think but do you think we have a right to now if we're doing if they're doing things like holding people that are innocent. well i guess i think i just know that so i don't think it's changed anything i think the government is going to make it more of a secret you know as long as there is money power involved i don't think anything's going to change the information has since the printing of good will burke in the fortune century. the public is allowed to have information what about the
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government are they allowed to have information about us certainly yes so what about the people who protested that the government is using the internet to spy on us. well if you want to spy on each other just look at today just to minutes ago syria just closing the internet so is that a government the i think every government especially the world in america is the one who is ultimately is going to. whether or not we feel like wiki leaks has changed the world the bottom line is governments might now feel like they have their own big brother watching and hopefully that's a good thing. we're going to take a short right now but when we come back we will have a tribute to all things cost in our special feature report stay with.
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in lines of three arms length apart word march. in the provincial french town of montrose life is taking its usual laid back. but today are in for a surprise russian troops from the napoleonic wars have heard it's a great day. the likes of these men have not been seen here for the past two hundred yes it's almost as though a full parade has traveled through time. of the weapons but with typical of the day. russian cossacks are here again marching towards.


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